Answers to important questions about your

Answers to important
questions about your accounts
and services
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About Valley National Bank .......................................................................... 1
General Account Questions .......................................................................... 1
Telephone, Online Banking and Mobile Banking ........................................ 5
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers ............................................................... 7
Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers .............................................................. 7
Outgoing International Wire Transfers ......................................................... 8
Incoming International Wire Transfers ......................................................... 9
Foreign Check Collections ......................................................................... 11
Foreign Drafts ............................................................................................ 11
Loan Payments ........................................................................................... 12
FDIC Coverage ............................................................................................ 13
Personal Banking Solutions ....................................................................... 13
Business Banking Solutions ...................................................................... 14
Branch Locations ....................................................................................... 16
About Valley National Bank
Valley National Bank (Valley) is one of the largest commercial banks headquartered
in New Jersey with executive and regional offices in Manhattan and over $18 billion
in assets. Valley is a full service commercial bank which offers an enhanced line of
business and personal banking solutions and operates 224 branch offices in 167
communities, serving 24 counties throughout New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn,
Queens, Long Island, and now Florida. Like 1st United, we share a dedication to
exceptional customer service and are pleased to have you as a customer. We will
continue to provide the expertise, resources and services to help you achieve all of
your business and personal banking objectives. Our conversion team is working hard
to make this transition easy and convenient for you.
When will the systems conversion take place?
Although 1st United Bank merged with Valley on November 1, 2014, the systems
conversion takes time and is scheduled to take place on February 21, 2015.
What additional Personal Banking Services will be available after the merger?
As a Valley customer you will enjoy a robust line of personal banking products
and services that include residential mortgages, home equity loans/lines of credit,
automobile loans, consumer loans, mobile banking, mobile deposit, text message
banking, a 24/7 Customer Service Center and in the near future, a multitude of
investment, trust and insurance services. You will continue to receive the same
exceptional service from the 1st United Bank management team and staff
members that you already know and trust.
What additional Commercial Banking Services will
be available after the merger?
In addition to the great commercial banking products and services offered by
1st United, Valley will be able to provide greater resources and custom tailored
banking and financing solutions.
Will the banking hours be changed?
No. All branch offices will continue to operate the same hours. Additionally, you
will be able to enjoy the convenience of banking at any Valley branch office located
throughout northern and central New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long
Island and Florida. To find a branch nearest you, please visit
or call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at 1-800-522-4100 or 1-305-539-3400
for international customers.
Will my 1st United account number(s) remain the same?
Yes. Unless advised otherwise, your account numbers will remain the same.
Will I be able to use my 1st United checking account
checks and deposit slips?
Yes. Unless advised otherwise, there will be no interruption in your check writing
privileges. Please continue using your existing supply of 1st United checks and
deposit slips.
Will any of my deposit account fees change?
Most of the fees will remain the same except for the following:
ATM Services
If you use a Valley ATM machine, there are NO FEES for these services. We will
continue to rebate up to six (6) non-Valley ATM transactions and your account will
be credited on the first business day of the following month.
Dormancy Fees
Checking accounts with no deposit or withdrawal activity for a period of twelve
(12) months will be charged $15 per month. In addition, standard service charges
for your account type will continue to be assessed.
Savings accounts with no deposit or withdrawal activity for a period of twentyfour (24) months will be charged $9 per quarter on balances less than $1,000.
In addition, standard service charges for your account type will continue to be
Will my minimum account balance requirements
and account maintenance fees change?
No. The minimum balance requirements and account fees on your personal and
business banking deposit accounts will remain the same. However, some of our
product names will change as follows:
Old Product Name
New Product Name
Personal Accounts
1st Checking
Easy Checking
1st Silver Checking NOW
1st Checking Plus NOW
1st MMA
1st Premier MM
1st International Checking
1st International Plus NOW
1st International MMA
1st Savings
1st Kids
1st International Savings
Silver Checking NOW
Checking Plus NOW
Personal MMA
Premier Money Market
International Checking
International Plus NOW
International Money Market
Personal Savings
Kids Savings
International Savings
Business Accounts
1st Commercial Checking
1st Business Checking
1st Business Checking Plus
1st Business MMA
1st Premier Business MMA
1st IOTA
1st Business Savings
Commercial Checking
Business Checking
Business Checking Plus NOW
Business MMA
Premier Business Money Market
Business Savings
Terms and conditions of these products will remain the same.
Will the existing funds availability policy be modified in any way?
No, in fact, in some instances it is improved as per Valley’s Funds Availability
Policy which will be in effect beginning February 23, 2015 and is as follows:
Description of Deposit
When Funds Can Be
Withdrawn By Check
Direct Deposit
Day of scheduled payment
Wire Transfers
Same day
Cash, U.S. Government Checks,
Checks drawn on Valley National
Bank, Federal Reserve Bank
Checks, Federal Home Loan Bank
Checks, and Postal Money Orders
(if payable to the account holder)
The first business day after
the day of deposit (cash only
deposits made in person to a
Valley employee may be made
available same-day)
Local State and Local
Government Checks, Cashier
Checks, Certified Checks and
Money Orders (if payable to
account holder)
The first business day after the
day of deposit if accompanied
by a special deposit ticket
(see a Customer Service
Representative for more
All Other Checks
The second business day after
the day of deposit
Longer delays may apply in certain cases
We will notify you if we delay your ability to withdraw for any exceptions to
Regulation CC and we will tell you when the funds will be available. They will
generally be available no later than the seventh business day after the day of
your deposit.
Cash withdrawal limitations
We place certain limitations on withdrawals in cash or by similar means (i.e.
cashier checks, wire transfers, etc.). In general, cash withdrawal availability is
extended by one (1) business day from our normal availability schedule. The first
$200 of a deposit is available for withdrawal in cash on the first business day
after the day of deposit. The next $400 of a deposit is available for withdrawal
in cash on the second business day after the deposit. Any remaining funds from
the deposit would be available for withdrawal in cash on the third business day.
The time of availability for cash withdrawals will be no later than 5:00 PM EST on
the day of availability. (Note: All funds that make up a deposit would be available
for withdrawal by check on the second business day after the day of deposit,
provided the account is not on extended holds, if the check is presented to us
through the Federal Reserve System).
When will I receive my next checking account monthly statement?
Your final 1st United checking account statement will be generated in February
and will include your transaction history through Friday, February 20th. You will
receive your first abbreviated Valley checking account statement soon after,
depending on your statement cycle. Both Personal and Business checking
account statements will continue to be cycled at the same time during the
month as they are today.
When will I receive my personal or business savings account statement?
Personal and business savings account statements will be processed at the
end of each month or quarter, based upon electronic activity in the account.
If I have direct deposit, will it continue?
Yes. If you currently have direct deposit set up into a 1st United account,
it will continue uninterrupted.
Will I be able to continue to use my 1st United Debit Card
or Business Debit Card?
Please continue using your 1st United Debit Card or 1st United Business Debit
Card until further notice. A letter with your new Valley VISA® Debit Card or Valley
VISA® Business Debit Card will be mailed to you in February with instructions
for its use.
Will I be able to conduct banking transactions at any Valley office?
Yes. Beginning February 23rd, you will be able to conveniently transact
business at any one of our 224 convenient branches located throughout Florida,
New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. However, if you are
in New Jersey or New York prior to this date and need to conduct a transaction,
please stop in any branch and one of our professional, knowledgeable staff
will be able to assist you.
What happens when my Certificate of Deposit (CD) matures?
If your CD is automatically renewable, it will renew at the current rate available
for that specific CD term. If you have a non-renewable CD, you are invited to stop
by any convenient branch office to reinvest the funds in another account or CD
product of your choice.
What penalties will be assessed if I withdraw the
funds from my CD early?
The following early withdrawal penalties will apply for all new accounts opened
after close of business on February 20th and for maturing accounts that roll
over after close of business February 20th:
• Less than 1 year–90 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn
• 1 year but less than 2 ½ years–180 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn
• 2 ½ years but less than 5 years–365 days loss of interest on the amount withdrawn
• 5 years and greater–540 days interest on amount withdrawn
Existing 1st United accounts will maintain their existing penalty structure
until maturity.
Will Banking-By-Phone access continue uninterrupted?
Yes. Banking-By-Phone will be available until Friday, February 20, 2015. Beginning
Monday, February 23, 2015, please call 1-800-522-4100. For customers calling
from outside of the U.S. with a Tax ID Number, please call 1-973-686-5018 to
access Banking-By-Phone.
As of February 23, 2015, in order to access Banking-by-Phone, press “1” on
your telephone keypad and enter the information requested using the Personal
Identification Number (PIN) which will be mailed to you separately. Once you access
Valley’s Banking-By-Phone for the first time, you will be prompted to change your PIN.
When is Banking-By-Phone updated?
The system is updated immediately for debit card transactions, cash deposits and
cash withdrawals. Check deposits will be adjusted in your ledger balance at the time
of the transaction, but will not be reflected in the collected funds information. Loan
payment transactions will be posted within 24 hours.
How will I access my accounts online?
Valley offers two different online banking solutions. All customers will have access
to VBankWorks® Online and Mobile Banking with Bill Payment which includes
online and mobile banking, mobile deposit and text message banking. These services
connect you to your accounts anytime, day or night using a computer, tablet or smart
phone. As of February 23rd, you will be able to access VBankWorks by visiting our
website at and clicking “Online Banking.”
VNB Connect Plus® is a robust online banking, bill payment, wire transfer and
treasury solutions system which is designed for high transaction, high balance
businesses. If you utilize ACH and online wire transfers, you will also have access
to this service in addition to VBankWorks. VNB Connect Plus® includes many
capabilities to make it the most efficient method to obtain all of your banking
information, streamline your daily operations and maximize your cash position.
As of February 23rd, you will be able to access it by visiting our website at and clicking “Treasury Solutions.”
What is my VBankWorks® user identification and password?
Your current 1st United User Name will be your User ID on VBankWorks. Your
temporary Password will be mailed to you separately on or about January 30,
2015. If you are using your Social Security Number as your User ID, you will be
required to change it for security reasons. For enhanced security, you will also be
required to enter a phone number to receive a verification code either by a voice
call or text message. Once you receive the code, you will be required to enter it in
the field provided. If you are logging in from a trusted computer, you can register
your computer as “private” and will only be required to enter the code once to
verify your identity. If you login from an unrecognized computer or device, you
will be required to obtain a verification code.
How can I enroll in VBankWorks® online bill payment?
If you are currently using bill payment today, you will automatically be enrolled
and your payees and payment history will be automatically converted. If you
have a checking account and do not utilize bill payment, you may enroll for free
online bill payment by clicking on the “Bill Pay” tab once you have access to
VBankWorks. Bill payment is only available for use from a checking account.
Will I continue to receive my statements electronically?
If you are currently enrolled in electronic statements for your personal checking
or statement savings accounts, you will automatically be enrolled in eStatements
through VBankWorks for the same accounts. We recommend that you download
and save existing statements as they will not be available after conversion.
All other accounts will receive a paper statement delivered to you by the U.S.
Postal Service. Additional disclosures including the terms and conditions for
eStatements can be found in Section M of the VBankWorks Agreement located
By continuing to receive eStatements you agree to these additional terms
and conditions.
How can I enroll in VBankWorks® SMS Text and Mobile Banking?
SMS Text and Mobile Banking are free to all VBankWorks users. After you have
enrolled in VBankWorks and logged in from a computer, click the “Additional
Services” tab followed by the “Mobile Banking & Alerts” link. Click “Activate” to
enroll in text banking and follow the three simple steps. If you are currently using
Mobile Banking today, you will automatically be enrolled.
When using Mobile Web Banking, you will be able to access your accounts,
transfer funds, deposit checks and pay bills by going to or by
downloading our Mobile App for free. Valley’s Mobile App is downloadable for
iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ smart phones and Kindle Fire™ at the Apple App
StoreSM, Google PlayTM Store and Amazon™ App Store. Data rates may apply;
please contact your wireless phone provider for details. Mobile deposit is only
available using our Mobile App.
Mobile Deposit offers the convenience of depositing checks using an iPhone,
iPad or Android smart phone by taking a picture of the front and back of a check
for deposit. The availability of funds is consistent with the Bank’s Standard Funds
Availability Policy. Deposits made using the Mobile App will be credited up until
6:00 PM EST on the same business day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and U.S.
Holidays. Please refer to the Mobile Deposit Services Agreement for additional
terms and conditions regarding Mobile Remote Deposit.
Will I be able to continue to make transfers between
my accounts using VBankWorks®?
Yes. You may transfer funds between your Valley checking and statement savings
accounts. You may also transfer payments to your Valley mortgage, line of credit
and personal loan accounts. You may make immediate transfers and schedule
transfers as recurring or future dated.
How can I send an outgoing domestic wire transfer?
You may send a domestic wire transfer by visiting a local branch or by using
VNB Connect Plus® online banking.
What are the fees associated with outgoing domestic wire transfers?
The fees will remain the same. Please refer to your local branch for
Valley’s fee schedule.
What is the cutoff time for outgoing domestic wire transfers?
The daily cutoff time for domestic wire transfers is 4:00 PM EST,
Monday through Friday.
What is Valley’s routing code or ABA Number for incoming
domestic wire transfers?
Valley’s routing code or ABA Number for incoming wire transfers is 0212-0138-3.
What instructions do I need to receive an incoming domestic
wire transfer to my account at Valley?
Wire transfer funds from the remitter’s bank needs to be directed to Federal
Reserve Bank (FED) for further credit along with the following information:
Valley National Bank
ABA 0212-0138-3
Your account number
Your full name and address
The name(s) and address(es) of the remitter
The remitting institution
How do I access Valley’s online banking transfer system
for domestic wire and/or foreign wire transfers?
Beginning February 23, 2015, all domestic and foreign online wire transfers will
be processed through VNB Connect Plus®. You will be able to send wire transfers
from anywhere you have internet access. To access VNB Connect Plus®, visit our
website at and click “Treasury Solutions.” Additional
information about VNB Connect Plus® will be sent independently to existing wire
transfer and ACH origination customers.
How can I send an outgoing international wire transfer
in a Foreign Currency or in U.S. Dollars?
You may send an international wire transfer by visiting a local branch or by using
VNB Connect Plus® online banking.
What Foreign Currencies are available?
Valley offers 125 different local currencies for wire fund transfers. Please note
that some countries require specific information which may not make it possible
for us to remit a wire transfer. For information on a specific currency or for more
information, please speak with a branch representative.
Are all local currencies offered using VNB Connect Plus® online banking?
No. The following currencies are available if you are using VNB Connect Plus®
online banking to conduct wire transfers.
• Canadian Dollars (CAD)
• Euros (EUR)
• Japanese Yen (JPY)
• Swiss Francs (CHF)
• Sterling Pounds (GBP)
• U.S. Dollars (USD)
Please contact a branch representative for any other currencies.
Do I need to include the beneficiary’s bank SWIFT Code
with the payment instructions?
Yes. It will help the payment arrive more quickly.
Is an intermediary bank required to send an outgoing
international wire transfer?
No, but if it is available, please include the information with the wire instructions.
What is IBAN?
• IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard for
identifying bank accounts across country borders. IBANs are currently used
primarily in countries that are members of the ECU (European Currency Unit,
or Euro). The United States does not participate in IBAN and consequently
Valley National Bank customers do not have an IBAN.
• An IBAN is composed of three parts:
1. A two-letter country designation code
2. A bank designation code
3. Your account number
Below is an example of an IBAN:
DE is the country code for Germany, 76543210 is the bank code and
123456789 is the sample account number.
What do I do with the IBAN?
The IBAN is placed in the beneficiary account number field on the Funds Transfer
Form. The full IBAN is the preferred account information for European payments.
What are the fees associated with outgoing international
funds transfers?
The fees will remain the same. Please contact a local branch for the fee schedule.
What is the cutoff time for international wire transfers?
Online using VNB Connect Plus®: 2:30 PM EST
Branch Assisted Walk-In Customers: 3:00 PM EST
What are the payment instructions to receive international
incoming wire transfers?
The following information is required for incoming payments for them
to be properly credited to your account:
Valley National Bank’s SWIFT Code – MBNYUS33
Your account number
Your full name and address
The name(s) and address(es) of the remitter
The remitting institution
What is Valley’s SWIFT Code and do I need to include
it with the payment instructions?
Valley’s SWIFT Code is MBNYUS33 and it needs to be included with the payment
instructions for incoming wires to ensure quick delivery and proper credit.
Instructions for international incoming wire transfers are:
Bank Name
& Bank
Code (BIC)
For Further
Credit to
For Final
Credit to:
U.S. Dollars (USD)
Bank Trust Co.
Valley National
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Euro (EUR)
Bank AG
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Great British
Pounds (GBP)
Westminster Bank
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Swiss Francs
Bank AG
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Canadian Dollars
Royal Bank of
Canada, Toronto
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
Japanese Yen
Bank of Tokyo
Mitsubishi, Tokyo
National Bank
Your Account
Account Name
Account Address
For Wire Transfers (Incoming/Outgoing)
Equal or Greater to $3,000
Transmittals of funds equal to or greater than $3,000 (or its foreign equivalent)
are subject to the BSA Travel Rule, regardless of whether or not currency is
involved. In addition, transmittals of funds governed by the Electronic Funds
Transfer Act (Reg E) or made through ATM, or point of sale systems are not
subject to this rule.
BSA Travel Rule’s requirements: All transmitters financial institutions must include
and send the following in the transmittal order: The name of the transmitter; the
account number of the transmitter, if used; the address of the transmitter; the
identity of the transmitter’s financial institution; the amount of the transmittal
order; the execution date of the transmittal order, and; the identity of the
recipient’s financial institution.
And, if received the following must be included: the name of the recipient; the
address of the recipient; the account number of the recipient, and; any other
specific identifier of the recipient.
How do I collect a check payable overseas?
Canadian Checks, either in Canadian or USD may be deposited directly into
your account.
All other currencies including USD foreign checks drawn on foreign entities, must
be presented to a local branch customer service representative who will process
the check for collection.
Are there fees associated with foreign check collections?
Yes, your local branch customer service representative will inform you of the fees
associated with your foreign check collection. Additional intermediary/paying
bank fees may also apply.
Does Valley offer the issuance of foreign drafts?
Yes, Valley offers drafts in the following currencies:
Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Euros (EUR)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Swiss Francs (CHF)
Sterling Pounds (GBP)
How may I purchase a foreign draft?
A local branch may assist you in purchasing a foreign draft.
What are the fees associated with the issuance
of a foreign draft?
Please contact a local branch for the fee schedule.
When do I receive the foreign draft?
The foreign draft is disbursed from our New York City office and will be sent, as
directed, to your branch of account or to the address associated on your Valley
account, within three (3) business days.
How do I make my loan payments online?
You will continue to make online loan payments, as you do today by visiting our
website at and click “Make A Loan Payment.” This
option is applicable for all types of loans.
How do I make my commercial loan or mortgage payment?
All commercial loan, commercial line of credit and mortgage customers will
receive a monthly statement that includes transaction history, payment amount
and payment due date information. Checks for loan payments are to be made
payable to Valley National Bank and may be made at any one of our convenient
branch locations or mailed to:
Valley National Bank
Loan Operations Department
1700 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 650
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
For customers whose payments are set up for automatic debit, your 1st United
checking account will continue to be debited without interruption.
Personal line of credit customers whose loans include check writing capabilities
will receive a new supply of checks in the mail prior to the system conversion.
Any outstanding checks at the time of conversion will be processed; however,
unissued checks are to be destroyed when you receive your replacement supply.
How do I make my residential mortgage loan payment?
All residential first mortgage loan payments will receive monthly statements
approximately fifteen (15) days prior to their due date. Please make all loan
payments payable to Valley National Bank and include your account number. If
your loan payment is currently made using an automatic payment, your payments
will continue uninterrupted. Optionally, you may continue to make payments at
any convenient branch location.
How do I make my consumer loan payment?
Automatic loan payments being applied to an automobile, personal or home
equity loan will continue. All other automobile, personal or home equity loan
customers will be receiving a coupon book approximately two weeks after the
system conversion which is scheduled to begin on February 21, 2015. Please
destroy your 1st United coupon book upon receipt of your new coupon book.
Payments are to be mailed to:
PO BOX 953
WAYNE, NJ 07470-0953
All home equity lines of credit will receive monthly statements and payment
information will be included on the statement. Optionally, you may continue to
make payments at any convenient branch location.
How do I make my Homeowners Association payment?
You may continue to make your Homeowners Association payment, as you do
today, by visiting our website at and click “Make
HOA Payment.”
Will my FDIC coverage be affected if I already have
$250,000 on deposit at Valley?
The FDIC will provide separate insurance, in addition to FDIC Insurance of your
current Valley deposits, for at least a six-month period on all former 1st United
deposits that have been assumed by Valley. The FDIC provides separate insurance
for the assumed deposits for a six-month period beginning November 1, 2014, or
in the case of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and Individual Retirement Accounts
(IRAs), the earliest maturity date after the six-month period.
For CDs and IRAs which mature during the six-month period following November
1, 2014, and which are renewed at the same dollar amount and for the same
term as the original deposits, the separate FDIC insurance is applicable to the
renewed deposits until the first maturity date after the six-month period. CDs and
IRAs which mature during the six-month period following November 1, 2014, and
which are not renewed or which are renewed on any other basis, are separately
insured by the FDIC only until the end of the six-month period.
After the term of the separate insurance has concluded, all former 1st United
and current Valley deposits in the same ownership capacity will be combined
when determining your total FDIC insurance coverage. Our customer service
representatives will be available to work with you to help explain how you can
allocate the ownership capacity of your accounts to maximize your FDIC insurance
coverage. For your convenience, we encourage you to visit the FDIC’s Electronic
Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) at to help you
know how the insurance rules and limits apply to your specific group of
deposit accounts.
Personal Banking Solutions Designed to Help You
Achieve Your Financial Goals.
Personal Banking Services
• Checking, Money Market and Savings Accounts
• Innovative CD and Investment Products
• Health Savings Accounts
• Kids Savings
• Free Online and Mobile Banking, with Bill Pay, eStatements,
Mobile Deposit and Text Message Banking using VBankWorks®
• Foreign Currency Exchange
• Residential Mortgages
• Shop, research, and apply for a mortgage by visiting our website
• Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
• Automobile Loans
• Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
In the near future:
• Investments
• Advisory Services
• Financial and Estate Planning and Trust Services
• Life, Health, Home and Auto Insurance
Card Services
• Visa® Debit Card
• MasterCard® and Visa® Credit Cards
• Visa® Gift Card
Business Banking Solutions Designed to Help You
and Your Business Succeed.
Commercial Banking Services
• Business Checking, Money Market and Savings Accounts
• Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit
• Asset-Based Loans and Lines of Credit
• Automotive Floor Plan Financing
• Equipment Financing
• Interest Rate Hedging
• Association Financing
In the near future:
• Commercial Property and Liability Insurance
• Financial and Retirement Planning
• Investment and Advisory Services
• Payroll Services
International Services
• Letters of Credit - Import, Export and Standby
• Documentary Collections
• Foreign Check Collections
• International Wire Transfer Service in U.S. and Foreign Currency
• Foreign Currency Exchange
Commercial Mortgages - Investment and Owner Occupied
• Purchase
• Refinance
• Construction
Small Business Loans Up to $750,000
• Business Loans and Lines of Credit
• Owner Occupied Mortgages
• Association Financing
Healthcare Financial Services
• Medical Equipment Financing
• Leasehold Improvements
• Practice Acquisition Financing
• Commercial Mortgages
• Physicians’ Malpractice Insurance Premium Financing
Treasury Solutions
• Business Online Banking with VNB Connect® or VNB Connect Plus®
• Payroll Direct Deposit
• ACH Processing
• Lockbox/Remittance Processing
• Account Reconcilement Services
- Positive Pay
- Remote Deposit
• Controlled Disbursement Accounts
• Funds Concentration
• Corporate Payment Notification
• Zero Balance Accounts
• Sweep Accounts
• Escrow Account Management
• Federal and State Tax Payment Origination
• Wire Transfers (both Domestic and International)
• IOTA Accounts
• Escrow Accounts
• Merchant Services
Retail Small Business Lending up to $100,000
Business EZ Lines
Business EZ Loans
Card Services
VISA® Debit Card for Business
VISA® Business Credit Card
All fees are subject to change. All accounts are subject to Valley National Bank
Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is available at each of our branch offices.
Branch Locations
Bogota, 325 Palisade Avenue*
Edgewater, 46 Promenade,
The City Place
Elmwood Park, 80 Broadway*
Englewood, 145 South Dean Street
Englewood, 80 West Street
Fair Lawn, 20-24 Fair Lawn Avenue*
Fair Lawn, 139 Lincoln Avenue
Fair Lawn, 31-00 Broadway
Fort Lee, 1372 Palisade Avenue*
Fort Lee, 2160 Lemoine Avenue
Glen Rock, 175 Rock Road
Hackensack, 20 Court Street
Hackensack, 111 Hackensack Avenue*
Hasbrouck Heights, 284 Boulevard*
Hillsdale, 24 Broadway
Ho-Ho-Kus, 18 Sycamore Avenue
Lodi, 147 Main Street*
Lyndhurst, 456 Valley Brook Avenue*
Montvale, 24 South Kinderkamack Road
Moonachie, 199 Moonachie Road
North Arlington, 629 Ridge Road
Northvale, 151 Paris Avenue
Oakland, 350 Ramapo Valley Road
Oradell, 350 Kinderkamack Road
Paramus, 80 East Ridgewood Avenue
Paramus, 410 Bergen Town Center
Paramus, East 58 Midland Avenue
Ramsey, 10 South Franklin Turnpike
Ridgefield, 868 Broad Avenue
Ridgewood, 103 Franklin Avenue*
River Vale, 670 Westwood Avenue*
Rochelle Park, 405 Rochelle Avenue
Tenafly, 85 County Road*
Waldwick, 67 Franklin Turnpike
Wallington, 100 Midland Avenue*
Wood Ridge, 207 Hacksensack Street*
Wyckoff, 356 Franklin Avenue
Belleville, 22 Bloomfield Avenue*
Belleville, 237 Washington Avenue
Belleville, 381 Franklin Avenue*
Bloomfield, 548 Broad Street*
Bloomfield, 1422 Broad Street
Caldwell, 15 Roseland Avenue
Cedar Grove, 491 Pompton Avenue
Fairfield, One Passaic Avenue
Fairfield, 167 Fairfield Road
Livingston, 66 West Mount Pleasant
Livingston, 73 South Livingston Avenue*
Livingston, 270 South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, 531 South Livingston Avenue
Maplewood, 142 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood, 740 Irvington Avenue
Millburn, 183 Millburn Avenue
Newark, 167 Bloomfield Avenue
Newark, 289 Ferry Street
Newark, 784 Mount Prospect Avenue
Nutley, 171 River Road
Nutley, 371 Franklin Avenue
South Orange, 115 Valley Street
Upper Montclair, 539 Valley Road
West Caldwell, 1059 Bloomfield Avenue*
West Orange, 637 Eagle Rock Avenue
Bayonne, 522 Broadway
East Newark, 710 Frank E. Rodgers
Boulevard North
Harrison, 433 Harrison Avenue*
Jersey City, 311 Marin Boulevard
Kearny, 72-80 Midland Avenue*
Kearny, 110 Central Avenue, Suite 100
Kearny, 256 Kearny Avenue
North Bergen, 8901 Kennedy Boulevard
Secaucus, 40 Meadowlands Parkway
Union City, 4405 Bergenline Avenue*
West New York, 5712 Bergenline Avenue
Edison, 2084 Route 27/Lincoln Highway
Milltown, 94 North Main Street*
North Brunswick, 1100 Livingston
North Brunswick, 2818 Route 27 North*
Piscataway, 501 Stelton Road*
South Plainfield, 100 Durham Avenue
Woodbridge, 540 Rahway Avenue*
Atlantic Highlands, 1 Bayshore Plaza
Freehold, 3495 Route 9*
Highlands, 301 Shore Drive
Holmdel, 2124 Highway 35 South
Keansburg, 201 Main Street
Keyport, 416 Main Street &
Route 36 East
Little Silver, 140 Markham Place
Manalapan, 801 Tennent Road
Middletown, 760 Highway 35*
Oakhurst, 777 West Park Avenue
Red Bank, 74 Broad Street
Sea Bright, 1173 Ocean Avenue
Shrewsbury, 465 Broad Street
Budd Lake, 202 Route 46 West &
Mount Olive Road
Budd Lake, 342 Route 46 West
Butler, 1481 Route 23 South*
Chatham, 375 Main Street
Chester, 2 Main Street
Denville, 6 Bloomfield Avenue
Dover, 100 East Blackwell Street*
Florham Park, 187 Columbia Turnpike
Jefferson Township, 715 Route 15 South
Landing, 115 Center Street
Lincoln Park, 31 Beaverbrook Road*
Mine Hill, 271-273 Route 46 West
Morris Plains, 51 Gibraltar Drive
Morristown, 10 Madison Avenue
Mount Olive, 342 Route 46
Parsippany, Arlington Plaza,
800 Route 46 West*
Parsippany, 320 New Road
Succasunna, 250 Route 10 West*
Whippany, 54 Whippany Road
Clifton, 6 Main Avenue
Clifton, 505 Allwood Road
Clifton, 925 Allwood Road*
Clifton, 535 Getty Avenue*
Clifton, 1421 Van Houten Avenue*
Little Falls, 171 Browertown Road*
Little Falls, 115 Main Street*
Little Falls, 126 Newark
Pompton Turnpike
North Haledon, 5 Sicomac Road
North Haledon, 475 High Mountain
Passaic, 128 Market Street
Passaic, 211 Main Avenue*
Passaic, 506 Van Houten Avenue
Passaic, 545 Paulison Avenue
Passaic, 615 Main Avenue*
Paterson, 490 Chamberlain Avenue*
Pompton Lakes, 516 Wanaque Avenue*
Totowa, 100 Furler Street
Totowa, 55 Union Boulevard*
Wayne, 64 Mountain View Boulevard
Wayne, 200 Black Oak Ridge Road
Wayne, 1200 Preakness Avenue*
Wayne, 1400 Valley Road*
Wayne, 1445 Valley Road
Wayne, 1445 Route 23 South*
Wayne, 1501 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, 1504 Route 23 North
Bound Brook, 466 West Union Avenue*
Green Brook, 302-306 Route 22 West
Hillsborough, 323 Route 206 North
North Plainfield, 1334 Route 22 East*
North Plainfield, 672-6 Somerset Street
Andover, 57 Decker Pond Road
Branchville, Branchville Square,
1 Wantage Avenue
Franklin, 288 Route 23 North*
Fredon, 410 Route 94 at Willows Road
Sparta, 7 Woodport Road
Vernon, Vernon Plaza, 538 Route 515
Clark, 68 Central Avenue*
Cranford, 117 South Avenue West
Hillside, 1300 Liberty Avenue
Mountainside, 882 Mountain Avenue
Roselle Park, 1 West Westfield Avenue
Scotch Plains, 1922 Westfield Avenue
Springfield, 223 Mountain Avenue
Union, 1432 Morris Avenue
Union, 2784 Morris Avenue*
Westfield, 801 Central Avenue
Belvidere, 540 County Route 519,
Suite 9
Blairstown, 152 Route 94 South*
Hackettstown, 105 Mill Street*
Bay Ridge, 7726 Third Avenue
at 77th Street
Bensonhurst, 6117 18th Avenue
at 61st Street
Bensonhurst, 2054 86th Street*
Borough Park, 4501 13th Avenue
at 45th Street*
Brighton Beach, 207 Brighton
Beach Avenue
Homecrest, 2902 Avenue U
at East 29th Street
Midwood, 1212 Avenue M
at East 13th Street*
Midwood, 1505 Avenue J
at East 15th Street*
Sheepshead Bay, 1633 Sheepshead
Bay Road
62 West 47th Street between 5th
& 6th Avenue
90 Franklin Street at Church Street
93 Canal Street between Christie
& Eldridge
111 Fourth Avenue at 12th Street
120 Broadway at Cedar Street
159 Eighth Avenue at 18th Street
275 Madison Avenue at 40th Street
295 Fifth Avenue at 30th Street
350 Park Avenue between 51st
& 52nd Street
450 Broadway at Howard Street
776 Avenue of the Americas
at 26th Street
924 Broadway between 21st
& 22nd Street
1040 Sixth Avenue at 39th Street
1328 Second Avenue between 70th
& 71st Street
1569 Third Avenue at 88th Street
Garden City South, 339 Nassau
Jericho, 501 North Broadway
Mineola, 222 Old Country Road
New Hyde Park, 699 Hillside Avenue
Oyster Bay, 135 South Street
Port Washington , 960 Port Washington
Rockville Centre, 41 Front Street
Westbury, 1055 Old Country Road
Flushing, 75-20 Astoria Boulevard
Kew Gardens, 76-09 Main Street*
Maspeth, 64-01 Grand Avenue
Middle Village, 69-20 80th Street
Ozone Park, 107-01 Liberty Avenue
Rego Park, 94-05 63rd Drive
East Setauket, 234 Main Street
Farmingdale, 27 Smith Street
Hauppauge, 740 Veterans
Memorial Highway
Holbrook, 4250 Veterans
Memorial Highway
Huntington Station, 580 East
Jericho Turnpike
Barefoot Bay, 1020 Buttonwood Street
Cooper City, 5854 South Flamingo Road
Coral Springs, 2855 N. University Drive,
Suite 100
Ft. Lauderdale, 633 South
Federal Highway
Tampa, 2514 West Kennedy Boulevard
Sebastian, 1020 US Highway One
Vero Beach, 1717 Indian River
Miami, 1001 Brickell Bay Drive,
Suite 100
Coral Gables, 2121 Ponce de Leon
Boulevard, Suite 130
Doral, 8484 NW 36th Street, Suite 100
North Miami Beach, 15801 Biscayne
Winter Park, 1720 Lee Road
Boca Raton, One North Federal Highway
Jupiter, 185 E. Indiantown Road
Palm Beach, 335 South County Road
North Palm Beach “PGA”, 11811 US
Highway One, Suite 100
West Palm Beach, 307 Evernia Street
Clearwater “Countryside”, 2605
Enterprise Road East, Suite 100
Dunedin, 1352 Main Street
Palm Harbor, 32700 US Highway 19
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