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Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis (Heine-Medin Disease?) with Unusual
Cerebral Manifestations: Clinical and Pathologic Report of a
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Dementia Paralytica : Effect of Continuous Intensive Therapy with
Tryparsamide and Bismuth on Cerebrospinal Serologic Reactions
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Cells of Origin of Fibers of Corpus Callosum: Experimental and
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Diffuse Progressive Leukodystrophy in the Adult, with Production
of Metachromatic Degenerative Products (Alzheimer-Baroncini).
Ludo van Bogaert, M.D., and André Dewulf, M.D., Antwerp,
Sweat Secretion in Man: V. Disturbances of Sweat Secretion with
Lesions of the Pons, Medulla and Cervical Portion of Cord. Carl
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Case Reports:
Cerebral Calcification in a Case of Chronic Progressive Chorea.
Daniel M. Lipshutz, M.D., San Francisco. 1128
Resection of Longitudinal Sinus Posterior to the Rolandic Area
for Complete Removal of Meningioma.
George L. Maltby,
M.D., Boston
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Abstracts from Current Literature. 1145
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Book Reviews
Cumulated Index of the Archives. 1202
General Index .1203
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