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Managing Cleft Palates
3D Printing and Modern Digital
Dental Technology
James works as a laboratory manager and maxillofacial
technician at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital where he
is involved in the care and management of children with cleft
palate defects. A multi-award winning professional and renowned
national and international speaker, James is also deputy president
of the Dental Technologists Association and in 2014 was awarded
Fellowship of the British Orthodontic Technicians Association for his
contribution to the profession.
Presented by: Ed Attenborough
Orthodontic Appliances Uses and Construction Techniques
Denture Characterisation - Table Demos
Presented by: James Green
Presented by: Daniel Shaw
Daniel heads up the Maxillofacial & Orthodontic Department
at Mexborough Montagu Hospital in South Yorkshire. Taking time
out for Tech Show, he will demonstrate the uses and construction
techniques of a range of orthodontic appliances as well as
explaining the tips and tricks that help him achieve the desired
treatment result.
A Workshop on Achieving Precision in
Digital Dentistry
Presented by: Wilky Bunyan
Trained in practice in Harley Street, Wilky grew up on the high
demands of the sharp end of restorative dentistry, later working
with some of the best technicians and clinicians in Italy. He now
runs courses on technical and aesthetic dentistry and is Scientific
Editor of Dental Technologies magazine.
The year’s finest technical line-up
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CAD/CAM Unwrapped, The Naked Truth
Presented by: Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian
Vanik is an internationally respected technician,
with twenty years of experience in digital
computerised manufacture, he has vast knowledge
of the most successful techniques available. His
lectures will teach everything there is to know
about modern methods of production and we are
delighted he can join us at Tech Show 2015.
Managing Overdentures on Implants
CDT Workshop
Presented by: Bill Sharpling
A highly experienced technician, teacher and
examiner, Bill is an enthusiast about dental
education and believes that ‘hands-on’
demonstration and interactive discussion is a great
way to learn. His workshops for CDTs at Tech Show
will offer just this approach. Bill’s post-qualification
teaching credentials are second to none and his
roles include CDT Director of the London Dental
Education Centre and Senior Clinical Teacher at
King’s College London Dental Institute.
Lifelike Ceramics
Presented by: Mark Bladen
Mark is one of Europe’s most talented ceramists who
has never lost his interest in producing highly aesthetic
restorations. Mark has worked internationally
demonstrating his artistic abilities to many fellow
technicians and clinicians. This is a rare opportunity to
watch a master at work, to learn and improve, and
pick up many of his techniques.
Embracing Technology: Innovation and
Presented by: Stephen Green
Stephen has embraced the concept of digital
dentistry and integrated it into his modern
laboratory in Nottingham. Stephen will take
us on a journey back to his introduction to
computerised production techniques and discuss
the factors which have influenced his decisionmaking, concluding with his vision of the future
potential of digital technology.
Aesthetic Techniques
Ed has been a pioneer in the development of digital dentistry
and now offers a lab-to-lab service for his advanced
CAD/CAM and 3D printed restorations. Demonstrating new
methods and equipment incorporating these new sciences,
Ed will broaden your knowledge on current and future trends in
this technological revolution.
Presented by: John Wibberley
John is a truly dedicated technician, and now highly qualified CDT,
having recently completed a two-year course at UCLAN. At his
practice near Manchester he combines his technical know-how
and new qualification to restore patients’ teeth to a remarkably
high standard. His knowledge of all areas of dental technology is
unmatched and he is without doubt one of the industry’s foremost
thought leaders.
Success with Chrome Frameworks
Presented by: David Jones
David returns to Tech Show to demonstrate his expertise and
obvious enthusiasm for the design and construction of metal
partial dentures. David oversees metal prosthetic production at
Phoenix Dental Laboratory and meets a demanding workload,
from both clinicians and technician laboratory owners, who need
his speciality services.
Ceramics - Capturing the Natural Look
Presented by: Rob Storrar
Presented by: John Hubbard
Rob runs a highly successful laboratory in Essex and has shone
on the dental scene since his initial training in Harley Street. He
has gained a deserved reputation for smile design and ceramic
aesthetic makeovers and continues to work closely with his clinical
colleagues to ensure patient satisfaction. Rob will be available to
talk with and learn from throughout Tech Show.
John Hubbard has been instrumental in the promotion of
technician education and development for many years. He is
passionate about his craft and has put together what promises to
be a masterclass in dental ceramics exclusively for Tech Show.
And there’s even more to see at Tech Show 2015!
Profitable Conversation
Tech Talk Live &
Cranio-maxillofacial Prosthetics:
Shade Selection
& More
GDC Standards Update
Modern Concepts
Simon Tucker
David Smith
Mark Cutler
Marco Beschizza
See It.
Touch It.
Use It.
Tech Show has something for everyone. 3-D printing,
CAD/CAM, ceramics, maxillofacial, orthodontics,
occlusion and Cobalt-chrome all presented by
highly experienced technicians keen to pass on their
knowledge and insight. So come along and show your
support for your profession.
FREE to attend, register now!
BDIA Tech Show is organised by the British Dental Industry Association, Mineral Lane, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 1NL.
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