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The Courier • Tuesday, FeBRuaRy 3, 2015
The Bestseller List
By The Wall street Journal
1. “The Girl on the Train” by
Paula Hawkins (Riverhead)
2. “diary of a Wimpy Kid: The
Long Haul” by Jeff Kinney (amulet
3. “all the Light We Cannot
see” by anthony doerr (scribner)
4. “saint Odd” by dean Koontz
5. “Gray Mountain” by John
Grisham (doubleday)
6. “I Love you Night and day”
by smriti Prasadam-Halls (Bloomsday Usa)
7. “Burned” by Karen Marie
Moning (delacorte)
8. “First Frost” by sarah addison allen (st. Martin’s)
9. “Hope to die” by James Patterson (Little, Brown)
10. “Cold Cold Heart” by James
Elliott (dutton)
1. “Zero Belly diet” by david
Zinczenko (Ballantine)
2. “The 20/20 diet” by Phil
McGraw (Bird street Books)
3. “G od, Gu ns , Gr it s , a nd
Grav y” by Mike Huckabee (st.
4. “ K i l l ing Patton” by Bi l l
O ’ Re i l ly a nd M a r t i n d u g a rd
(Henry Holt and Co.)
5. “streng ths Finder 2.0” by
Tom Rath (Gallup Press)
6. “The Life-Changing Magic of
Tidying up” by Marie Kondo (Ten
Recently born at Blanchard Valley
Hospital, as reported by their parents:
• Noah James Reese, boy, Jay and
Brittany Reese, Rawson, Jan. 20.
• Zayden Caine Rose, boy, Zane Rose
and Jessica Coffman, Findlay, Jan. 20.
• arden Grace Inbody, girl, and
Ethan Michael Inbody, boy, Nick and
diana Inbody, Jenera, Jan. 20.
• Gracelynn Hope Hartley, girl,
Walter Hartley Jr. and Jayme Barfell,
Findlay, Jan. 22.
• Rylee Kadence dixie, girl, Cameron Jay dixie and Marisa Kaitlyn Guerrero, Fostoria, Jan. 22.
• alanzo Neal Martinez-snowden,
boy, angelo Martinez and shannon
snowden, Fostoria, Jan. 23.
• sophia aislinn soto arroyo, girl,
Jose Luis soto Orbe and Francisca Lili
arroyo Campos, Ottawa, Jan. 23.
• Maria Kimberly Bockrath, girl,
Nick and Nicole Bockrath, Ottawa, Jan.
• Cristeta Marie Turner, girl, Bryce
Turner and Eden LaCourse, Fostoria,
Jan. 23.
• Gabriella Jean deLaRosa, girl,
Gabriel deLaRosa and Kayla Hackworth, Fostoria, Jan. 25.
• dahlia Rae Louise Cramer, girl,
Jesse Cramer and Holly Benard, Findlay, Jan. 25.
• Liam Jay Winings, boy, Jeremy
Winings and Cassie Miller, Findlay,
Jan. 26.
• Charlette Noel Gross, girl, Kyle and
Noelle Gross, ada, Jan. 26.
• Leo douglas Burkin, boy, Patrick
and Jessic Burkin, Findlay, Jan. 26.
• Elijah James Robert Williams, boy,
ann smith, Findlay, Jan. 26.
• Oaklie Marie Ludwig, girl, Jennifer
Ludwig, Findlay, Jan. 27.
• Patrick anthony Russell Jr., boy,
Patrick a. Russell andapril R. Ramsey,
Fostoria, Jan. 27.
• Matiys aabrum Josaph Hohman,
boy, Bryce M. Hohman and Terriany M.
Haas, Fostoria, Jan. 28.
7. “american sniper” by Chris
Kyle, scott McEwen and Jim deFelice (William Morrow)
8. “Being Mortal” by atul Gawande (Metropolitan)
9. “Jesus Ca lling ” by sarah
young (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
10. “Minecraft: The Construction Ha ndbook ” by scholastic
1. “The Girl on the Train” by
Paula Hawkins (Riverhead)
2. “Burned” by Karen Marie
Moning (Random House)
3. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn
(Broadway Books)
4. “Big Little Lies” by Liane
Moriarty (amy Einhorn Books/
5. “all the Light We Cannot
see” by anthony doerr (scribner)
6. “Fifty shades of Grey” by
E.L. James (Vintage)
7. “The Escape” by david Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing)
8. “One Night stand” by J.s.
Cooper (JMC Creations)
9. “Love Me sweet” by Tracy
Brogan (Montlake Romance)
10. “ Unlikely P ilg rimage of
H a rold Fr y ” by R achel Joyce
(Random House)
1. “american sniper” by Chris
Kyle, scott McEwen and Jim deFelice (Harper Collins)
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
2. “Maude” by donna Mabry
(donna Mabry)
3. “Unbroken : a World War
II story” by Laura Hillenbrand
(Random House)
4. “Wild” by Cheryl strayed
5. “Clapton” by Eric Clapton
(Crown Publishing Group)
6. “The Boys in the Boat” by
da n iel Ja mes Brow n ( Vi k i ng
7. “Heart of Everything That Is”
by Bob drury (simon & schuster)
8. “The Life-Changing Magic of
Tidying up” by Marie Kondo (Ten
9. “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca skloot
(Crown Publishing Group)
10 . “ E u ro p e T h ro u g h t h e
Back door 2015” by Rick steeves
(avalon Travel Publishing)
Nielsen BookScan gathers data
from about 16,0 0 0 location s,
representing about 85 percent
of the nation’s book sales. Printbook d ata p ro vi d e rs in clu d e
all major booksellers and Web
retailers, and food stores. E-book
data providers include all major
e-book retailers. Free e-book s
and those sold for less than 99
cents are excluded. Audio books
are excluded. Refer questions to
michael.boone @
Honor Roll
St. Michael
st. Michael school has
announced its honor roll for the
second quarter.
The following students received
all a’s:
Eighth g raders — Claire
Bishop, Tori denike, dane Budke,
aubrey Buford, sarah Gerardi,
andrew Gilgen, Josh Kreinbrink,
Maddie Kreinbrink, Lexie Layne,
ashley Puthoff, Jacob Reindel,
abby Rey nolds, Olivia sellers,
Kristin streacker, Kendra Wurm,
Izzy Zalat.
seventh graders — Jack Conrad,
Claire doepker, Caitlin Elseser,
abigail Hatch, Holly Heck, Zoe
Horne, Justine Hunt, Chloe Kin,
Eva Meyer, Madeline Parmelee,
Lucy Reed, Braden Richards, Riley
Russell, Lindsey shaw, Leah stall,
savannah Thiel, ava Welch.
sixth graders — declan adkins,
Madison altenburg, Grace Barto,
Ga nnon Ba hn, Wesley C asselman, Tyler Gurney, Leah Himebaugh, Mya Lunguy, Lexi Nag y,
Josh Reindel, Luke Reuille, Kristen scherger, Kirsten selhorst,
Clayton skulina, Lauren smith,
See Honor roll, Page T3
Guidelines For Your ‘Celebrations!’
Welcome to Celebrations!, the place for your non-commercial announcements of nearly every kind. We encourage you to write your own announcement, but we can help
you with a traditional one.
When? Celebrations! is published Tuesdays. Your announcement will appear in one Celebrations! printed edition, and online at www. for one week.
Your deadline is 3 p.m. Wednesdays, at The Courier, for
the following Tuesday’s edition. Earlier is always better.
A form is helpful, but not necessary. You can pick one up
at The Courier, 701 West Sandusky St., Findlay, from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. weekdays; download a PDF from, or call Celebrations! at 419-422-5151
and we’ll work with you. For engagements, weddings and
anniversaries, you can submit forms online, with payment
following. See
How big and how much? Use a ruler to help.
• 1 column (2 in) x 5.5 inches: $30.
• 2 columns (4.1 in) x 2.75 inches: $30.
• 1 column x 11 inches: $50.
• 2 columns x 5.5 inches: $50.
• 2 columns x 11 inches: $90.
• 4 columns (8.4 in) x 5.5 inches: $90.
• Half page, 5 col. (10.5 in) x 5.5 inches: $105.
• Front page, full color, 1/4 Page ad: $85.
• Center pages available in full color, call for information
• Additional art (special borders, symbols): $5 per announcement.
Good photos wanted. Photos should be at least walletsized. Glossies help. Prints can be emailed, mailed, dropped
off, or put in the mailbox near our front door. Photos for
weddings, engagements and anniversaries can be submitted online. Photos will be returned by mail with your selfaddressed, stamped envelope; or pick them up within two
weeks or they may be discarded. The Courier assumes no
liability for your photos. A limited number of color photo
opportunities are available in Celebrations!
Want a lot more impact? Put your photo on the cover of
the print and online editions, and we’ll publish your information inside for free.
Legal stuff. Poems and copyrighted photos must include
the creator’s name and permission to reprint. We can reject
any announcement for any reason. This edition is copyrighted by Findlay Publishing Co., which reserves all rights.
Special pricing for ANY active Duty Military Celebrations! ads. Front page of Celebrations! - ½ off, plus free
inside ad up to 11”.
Scholarships and academic honors, including dean’s list
honors announced by students, relatives or friends, should
be placed in Celebrations! Scholarships announced by civic and other organizations are treated as news stories.
We will print free, very-short announcements of engagements, weddings, anniversaries (50, 55, 60 years,
etc.), birthdays (90 years or older), and dean’s list honors
and graduations. They should be mailed or e-mailed to Examples:
Engagement: Jane Smith, of Findlay, and John Doe, of
Philadelphia, plan to marry Sept. 14 at St. Peter’s by-theSea Episcopal Church, Cape May Point, N.J.
Wedding: Jane Smith and John Doe, of Philadelphia, were
married Sept. 14 in Cape May Point, N.J. She is formerly of
Anniversary: John and Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate
their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 14.
Birthday: Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate her 90th
birthday on Sunday.
Dean’s list: John Doe Jr., Findlay, son of John and Jane
Doe, University of Findlay.
Businesses should contact their Courier advertising consultant.
Questions? Please call Celebrations! at 419-4225151 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, or e-mail
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
Honor Roll
Continued from page T2
andrew stechschulte, Katie suermann, alyssa Touhalisky, aubreigh
The following students received
all a’s:
Eighth graders — Ethan Camiscione, Kathryn Gerschutz, Brianne
Greer, Paul Hansen, sophie Johnson, Emily Klein, Grant Morman,
Jacob Murphy, Lilly Myers, Lauren
Reitman, Maggie Rupp, Lauren
selhorst, Ian starn, Zach Thomas,
sean Trenkamp, sophia Weaver,
Lauren Wolf.
seventh graders — Lillian Clay,
Grant Conley, Emma Cook, Gavin
Coutinho, ana Gabriela diehl,
a lex is do e, C a it l i n Ko omen,
Chloe Korecky, Michael Kramer,
Margeaux Lazar, Jennifer Longo,
Casey McCauley, dominic Mora,
anthony Moyer, Meghan Quaid,
Nate Routson, Ethan spradlin,
Joseph Wohl.
si x t h g raders — M at t he w
B e rge r, Ty le r B i h n , Jac k s o n
Farmer, Nathan Garcia, amber
Gerschutz, Virginia Harr, danny
Kelly, Gianna Kreuz, Kieran Lay,
adam McKinniss, Olivia Miehls,
Hannah Mueller, Bryan Phung,
ainsley schroeder, Cole sprague,
Larkin Warner, Reed Warner.
Glenwood Middle
Glenwood Middle school has
announced its honor roll for the
second nine-week grading period.
The following students were
named to the distinguished Honor
Eighth graders — ammar alahmad, Morganne atchison, Grace
Blatnik, Kellyanne Bunkley, Harmony Cag ney, Jordan Carman,
alyssa Cassata, Eve Cramer, Chase
Ebanks, Brendon Egler, Emma
England, aleah Feasel, Katelyn
Foster, Caitlin Fraley, Jacob Goble,
Jamison Halliday, Blake Hatlay,
Hayli Herrera, spencer House holder, shelby Howard, savannah Hummel, Lauryn Humphreys,
aliza Johnson, Taylor Jones, ami
Kondo, Eden Lasley, Ian Laws,
Christian Lee, analese Lutz, Taiga
Matsubara, Margaret McGhee,
sofia Mendezlxcot, Megan Miller,
Madison Misna, Roman Nikolaev,
Ryan Nunn, Erin OKelley, Leah
Ragland, Colton Ross, siera selick,
Claire short, sandy sonexarth,
abby souaysanga, Lauren spaeth,
Kaylor stocker, Blaine Thom, Katie
Thomas, dylan Turner, Christina
Turney, Tyler VanderEnde, Madeline Woodhull, sherri yambor,
and Brian yeo.
seventh graders — Brian ajala,
Branson Barker, Kylie Bates, Jessica Bow man, K laudia Brow n,
Megan Cassata, Nolan Clouse,
Michael Copeland, Jadyn dawson,
Ethaan Engrissei, Elizabeth Fetterman, steven Fletcher, Madeline
Fulk, alaya Fuller, david Hackenberg, ashlee Hamm, Kathryn
Harp, ashton Harris, Gra ha m
H a r t m a n, H a leigh Heck a m a n,
Em ma Hel l ma n, Lydia Hol lis,
austin Hosler, Brady Irela nd,
Celia Johnson, andrea Kalani,
K ira K a m meyer, a l l ison Ken nard, Gregory Konecny, Nicholas
Kramb, Emma Lammers, Jennifer
Lim, alfredo Maldonado, Raeleigh
Martinez, Lei Melick, Colin Miller,
Wyatt Miller, Olivia Montgomery,
Elizabeth Moyer, antonio Munoz,
Cade O’dell, Ryohei Okamoto,
abagayle Omlor, Kianna Potter,
M a k ayl a R awl , Rob er t Re e d ,
deidra Rose, Carl Rupp, destiny
saltzman, Grant schroeder, Brianna searls, Romel singkham,
Tanner Timbrook, ashlyn Tong,
Jord a n Trac y, K asey Wag ner,
Justin Wilcox, dalton Williams,
sierra Williams, Zedric Wilson,
Emma Wright, Brooklynn Zahler,
Carlos Francisco Zaragoza, and
Ella Zawisza.
s i x t h g r ad e r s — B r i a n n a
albert, Mariah ametrano, Emilee
asbury, Emily Barberree, a lex
Beasley, Jonathan Beck, Zachary
Beier, Kylie Britton, McKenna
B r u n i , M acken z ie C a r p e nt e r,
Grace Cobb, sierra Cosart, Carson
da le, Isabel la doncyson, L ev i
E dwa rds, a lyse Fisher, Ja lyss
Fisher, Marsha ll Frankforther,
Makenna Gatchell, Zachary Geiser,
Micah Gremling, Nicole Hadley,
Kennedy Harris, Justin Hartman,
Olivia Hartman, adam Hellman,
danielle Johnson, Jordan Keckler, Jack Kenny, shannon Klotz,
Khushil Lalji, Grant Lane, Jordan
Lane, Trinity Lee, Zachary Martin,
Kyley Mauger, Kelsey May, sara
May, Lillian Meier, Nathan Meier,
Kenneth andrew Melton, sydney
Mil ler, Bla ine R ader, Haylea h
R hodes, sa muel R ied, abigail
Robosky, allison Robosky, Jonathan Rousey, Makayla saltzman,
shane scalfaro, Taylor seaholm,
Katherine short, Leslii silveus,
Ju st i ne s m it h , V iv a n s m it h ,
Lydia spaeth, Morgan st acey,
Brandon steffan, Van stolick, Tiffany stultz, Jenna Taylor, anakin
Wesney, aaron White, Laci White,
Kathryn young, and sophia yu.
The following students were
named to the Merit Honor Roll:
Eighth g raders — Z acha r y
a lic, Brianna Budreau, Tristin
Crotinger, stone deMuth, Julian
Escobar, Hayden Fox, Imani Hassell, allyssa Hitt, aleixs Holmes,
damien Hotelling, Pohnpetz Keosavang, ainslie Lane, Jay Lopez,
Tyler Lydick, Nathan Martin, Levi
See Honor roll, Page T4
Tommie E. Thomson
Oct. 21st, 1941 - Jan. 9th, 2015
Grandson - Ty Thomson (Left)
Tommie E. Thomson (Middle)
Son - Todd E. Thomson (Right)
at his favorite restaurant - New Riegel Cafe
Until it happens, you have no clue
of how you are going to feel. Dad will
surely be missed.
When we walked away for the last
time, we all felt peace. Thanks to all
the gracious people that came to see
Dad. Relatives, friends, co-workers,
classmates and neighbors making it a
precious setting to a perfect ending.
We were lucky to have Dad through
the holidays. Laughter is timeless,
Imagination has no age, Dreams and
Memories are Forever.
Thanks so much to all that came to see
Dad. The on going cards, calls, text, or
just to say - “hey, sorry to hear about
your Dad”, it means so much.
A close buddy, I’ll call him Charlie
Wolford, gave me a Buckeyes watch to
put in with Dad. He said, “time doesn’t
stop and neither should you.”
As the showing was coming to a close,
jumped into my arms. We went up
one last time. Dad had on my favorite
Buckeyes sweatshirt, it looked good on
him, OSU just winning the National
Championship the night before.
Wrapped in his sister’s OSU blanket,
and a grin on his face. I said to Piper,
“doesn’t grandpa look peaceful?” She
looked at me and smiled, looked back
down with a sincere face and said
“Night, Night Grandpa Tommie.”
Thanks So Much!
Todd (Elaine) Thomson & Family
and Dwight & Jerry Wilson & Families
Award recipients of the Children’s Mentoring Connection
Distinguished Board Service: Chuck Stumpp, Michael Whalen,
Tom Kemp. Jebbett Volunteer Award recipient: Andy Smyth
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
Honor Roll
Continued from page T3
McFadden, alexandria Montgomer y, Nicolette OBrien, angelia
Osborne, Greyson Pollock, Hannah
Risner, Cameron Robinson, Chase
Robinson, C or r in Rod abaugh,
Jayden stagnolia and dalton Williams.
s e ve nt h g r ade r s — B r yc e
ajala, alnujaidi ahmad, allisyn
Ball, dawson Beck, alexis Bibler,
McKayla Brown, Chase Brownawell, Justice Cagney, Christine
dearsman, Gracie deLong, angelet diaz Nava, Owen Eckenrode,
Parker Fetterman, Jacob Gangle,
danielle Guirguis, desiree Hardwick, Lila Hicks, Hunter HoslerL e nt z , a r i a n n a Hou s eholde r,
dezirae Huether, Brendon Iliff,
Travis Jacobs, Cameron Jenkins,
Braydyn Johnson, Caleb Martin,
a nt ho ny M a r t i ne z , C a m e ro n
Might, Keaton Miller, Taylor Pack,
Esperanza Palacios, Molli Patterson, Gabby Pergram, Gabriel Quarles, Laken Reed, Reese Rivera,
Madison Romick, Jessica shisler,
Terri siferd, steven souaysanga,
Hannah stolzer, arisa Takhashi,
ami Tchevi and dylan Wolbers.
sixth graders — Tariq alnafee,
asil Bascal, Jaela Chapin, Elayna
Church, Jake C ollins, Brianna
d av i s ,
M at t h e w d o n c y s o n ,
Morgan Foos, Olivia Gargac, Jack
Heater, scott Hoekstra, Isaac Hoye,
ashley Hughes, samantha Hunt,
Chellsea Johnson, Faith Johnson,
Kaitlyn Johnson, dalton Kingery,
anthony Koon, Zane Laws, allyona
Lopez, Zoe Mason, yui Matsubara,
daniel Moninger, shelby Norton,
Zoey Peterson, Mariah Rosado,
Nicole sacksteder, Jacob stansbery, Kevin strawbridge, alauna
stults, dillon Timbrook, Carolyn
Turner, Titus Wilkinson, Lauren
yoder and Ivey young.
Erica Davis and Adam Bachorik,
both of Findlay, Ohio, have
announced their engagement and
upcoming June 2015 wedding at St.
Andrew’s UMC in Findlay. Erica is
the daughter of Grant and Audrey
Davis, and Adam is the son of Paula
(Todd) Steen, and Daryl (Wendy)
Bachorik. The pair were both born
and raised in Findlay, where they met
in middle school. The two graduated
from Findlay High School in 2009
and received their degrees from the
University of Toledo in 2013.
Erica graduated with her
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and
now works as a Registered Nurse
in the Neurological Intensive Care
Unit at Toledo Hospital. Adam
graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in
Communication and currently works
for ITS Technologies as a Technical
Recruiter. The couple resides in
Toledo, Ohio.
Miller City
Miller City High school and
Middle school has announced its
honor roll for the second quarter.
The following students received
a 4.0 grade point average:
seniors — allison alexander,
Isaac Inkrott, Haley Lammers,
Erika Meyer, Ben Niese, Hunter
Niese, Kylee Ricker, Jana schroeder.
Juniors — Jacob Ellerbrock,
Elizabeth Klear, Cassilyn Niese,
Megan Niese, Kasey Tripp.
sophomores — Jordan drummelsmith, Taylor Kaufman, Matthew Niese, M a kenna R icker,
Justin schnipke, Megan Warnimont, Claire Westrick.
See Honor roll, Page T5
Ray and Glenna Mellott
Ray and Glenna Mellott will
celebrate their 70th wedding
anniversary on February 4th. Ray is
a retired farmer and served on the
Soil and Water Conservation over
30 years. Glenna is retired from the
Arcadia School where she worked in
the cafeteria. They are currently active
in the Fostoria Gideon’s International
and they are members of First United
They have four children Dave
[Sandy] Mellott of Wayne, Sammy
Mellott, Arcadia, Loretta [Larry]
Whiting Vassar, Ml, Pat [Jim]
Breyman, Arcadia. They have 13
grandchildren with one deceased, 13
great grandchildren with one deceased
and one great-great grandchild.
They are high school sweethearts
and have shared and made a lifetime of
fond memories together. A celebration
will be held with family members at
a later date due to health issues. We
as their children are truly blessed to
call them Mom and Dad. We could
not have asked for better parents and
they always shared their love of each
other and most importantly their love
of God with us.
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
Honor Roll
Continued from page T4
Freshmen — Bra ndon C ox,
Jeremy deMuth, Tanner Inkrott,
Mark Kuhlman, Chloe Lammers,
Makenna Lehman, Meggan Meyer,
Elena Niese, Emily Niese, allison
Ruhe, abigail schroeder, dominic
schroeder, Madison schroeder,
Madelyn siebeneck.
Eighth g raders — Gabriella
dershem, Cody Ellerbrock, Elizabeth Westrick.
seventh graders — anthony
Inkrott, Kylie Peck, daniel siebeneck, Kaydee stant.
sixth graders — Lauren Hermiller, Gracie Homier, Kayleen
M a as, M adeline Otto, abiga il
The following students received
between a 3.5 and 3.99 grade point
seniors — Courtney alt, Joshua
Inkrott, alexander Kern, alissa
schnipke, Hana schnipke, devon
Juniors — Lexi Creamer, Trey
Hermiller, Brittany Kohls, Jenelle Kuhlman, Brandon Meyer,
Colton Niese, Travis Niese, Jordan
schmenk, Kristin schmenk, adam
sophomores — Christina
Berger, Lane Hiltner, Jacob Kuhl-
man, Corbin Niese, skylar Niese,
Bryce Riepenhoff, Jacob schimmoeller.
Freshmen — Jordan Barlage,
Ty s on Nies e, H a n n a h s ch i m moeller, Regina schnipke, Tyler
schroeder, Paige Wenzinger.
Eighth graders — donald Ellerbrock, Megan Verhoff, Emily Warnimont, Zachary Warnimont.
seventh g raders — Kately n
Kuhl man, C ol lin Oedy, Em ma
Recker, M adison Ru he, C ayla
sixth g raders — aubrey
K nueven, ad r ien ne Ku h l m a n,
Thomas Michel, Trevor Niese,
Reese Recker, allison Roth, Grace
schroeder, Maggie schroeder.
The following students received
between a 3.0 and 3.49 grade point
s en iors — Hu nter B er ner,
Corey deepe, devin Hoellrich,
andrew Kern, Ross Lehman, adam
Niese, Trent Niese, Tristan Niese,
Livia schroeder.
Ju n ior s — E m i ly a lt m a n ,
Mitchell Barlage, allyson Keesler, savannah Kruse, Kody Kuhlman, Jackson Lammers, Trevor d.
Niese, Trevor W. Niese, Mallory
sophomores — Corbyn Niese,
Bailey schroeder, Justin snyder,
Benjamin Vennekotter, Tif fany
Freshmen — Mitchell Gable,
Jacob Hermiller, alisha Hoffman,
Kylie Niese, Megan Niese, Tess
Niese, Noah Otto, Marci schroeder, Caleb Vennekotter, Nicole
Eighth graders — Kylie Berner,
Tessa Brinkman, Josiah Ellerbrock,
abby Niese, Cole Niese, amanda
schroeder, aiden searfoss.
seventh graders — Molly Ellerbrock, Jamie Heuerman, dakota
sixth graders — Karissa Brinkman, Hannah Brow n, Madison
Ellerbrock, Caleb Giesken, Natalie Koenig, adison Niese, autumn
Niese, Ross Niese, Lilia schnipke,
Riley schnipke, autumn searfoss,
Isabelle Vance.
North Baltimore
North Baltimore High school
has announced its honor roll for
the second semester.
The following students received
a 4.0 grade point average:
seniors — Lindsay davis, TJ
Harshman, Bryce Lennard, Kaley
McCartney, Jacob Pelton, Rachel
Peters, Madison Ray, Makayla
Rein, Christian Richmond.
Ju n ior s — Ke n z ie C a rle s ,
Olivia Frost, Emily Gerdeman,
Kylie Hiser, Hank Matthes, Zachary Meggitt, Morgan Rose, Rachel
See Honor roll, Page T6
Valleri Fields, Findlay, OH and
Bruce Goodman, Marion, OH have
announced their engagement &
upcoming marriage. An April 11, 2015
ceremony is planned in Rawson, OH.
The bride-to-be is the daughter
of Thomas and Kathy Fields, Benton
Ridge, OH. She is a 2005 graduate
of Liberty Benton H.S., and a 2009
graduate of Owens Community
The groom-to-be is the son of Bruce
and Debra Goodman, Georgetown,
Texas. He is a 2008 graduate of The
Ohio State University.
Honor Roll
Continued from page T5
stefanka, Tyler stimmel, Morgan
sophomores — Jazmin Bland,
Beth Busch, Nicholas Chavera,
a lexis Ju lien, M a k ayla Light,
ashley Rainbolt.
Freshmen — Valerie Buchanan,
Noah Cotterman, Kyle Gerdeman,
aaliyah Girdler, Julian Hagemyer,
Gabriele Kepling, david Patterson,
Lisa Rennau.
Eighth graders — Olivia Hyatt,
sierrah Johnson, alivia Light,
Tyler schwartz, Hailey Watson.
seventh graders — Zoey Beaupry, Katherine dewulf, Brennin
Gray- duva l l, abiga i l Empcke,
Meg Empcke, Brayden Holloway,
Chloe Lanning, Leah Lee, Kirsten
Mason, Wyatt Mowery, Hunter
Vogelsong, abigail North.
The following students received
between a 3.5 and 3.99 grade point
s en iors — M a r i a h a rcher,
Morgan Baltz, allison Beaupry,
Lane Bishop, Brock Boyer, Leslie
Busch, Jacob dick, aJ Hotaling,
Mariah Leonard, Zach McCoy,
Juan Mendoza, Morgan Okuley,
Emily stefanka, Joe White.
Juniors — Kelcie Bean, Megan
Er nsberger, M ichael Gorsline,
Lacey Hall,
Cheyenne Hernandez, Leah Hetrick, Eric Lincoln, Hailey Meronk,
Brody Naugle, Breeanna Nickols,
Em m a R ister, Morg a n s a m s ,
amanda stefanka, Lacey Trumbull.
sophomores — Bailey Boyer,
Catlin Cook, aaron Fisher, deyja hnel le Funk, C as sidy H iser,
Connor Law, Kiah Powell, andrea
Roddy, Caleb swope.
Freshmen — Chantel Benjamin, Matthew davis, adam Flores,
Paige Hyatt, Pichamon Imsuwan,
Marina Kimmel, Zachary Nominee, Noah Pelton, Makenna Ray,
Grace Rein, Hanna Rose, Tessa
shifflet, Tyler st Clair-Clark, Bill
Ei g ht h g r ade r s — s k iele r
B og gs , Ken nedy Bretz, K i ley
Brooker, Garrett Byrd, Brendan
Cotterman, Rachel Crouse, alec
Engard, allison Kepling, Bryant
Matthes, Joslynn sterling, Lilly
Westgate, Lily Woods.
s event h g raders — a le c i a
Chavera, Levi Gazarek, Madelyn
Gerdeman, Gabriel Greco, Chloe
Hopple, simone Thompson, Levi
Trout, skyler Vogelsong.
The following students received
between a 3.0 and 3.49 grade point
seniors — alex Byrd, Leann
Coppler, ashley Fisher, Raegan
Fleckner, Nathan Flores, Taylor
Grilliot, Ryan Long, skylar Montgomery, Levi Newcomer, amber
Payne, Halie Pena.
Ju n iors — Jo s eph ad k i ns ,
derek archer, Victoria Ebersole,
Mackenzie Furniss, Cody Gerdeman, Zachary Horner, alex Nichols, Brooke seibert, Krysta smith,
sean Watson, Chad Wright.
sophomores — Oakland
althauser, Taylor Bishop, Morgan
Bowen, austin Boyles, Noah Brian,
Tyler Bumpus, Gage Carles, Caleb
donaldson, aurelian Greeno, Trent
Hill, Haylee Hopple, Brandon Lanning, Cody McCoy, Elijah smith,
James smith, sarina Villegas.
Freshmen — Isaiah BrookerReinhart, Garrett Carles, skylar
durfey, Hunter Fleck, aiden Gore,
Noa h Hetr ick, Chase Naugle,
Hailey Powell, Joshua Rockhill,
Megan smith, Katelyn Weinandy.
Eig ht h g raders — B r it ne y
Biller, Clay ton Bowen, Jordan
Bucher, Jayde Frazier, Tyler Kline,
Hannah Main, Lanie McCartney,
danielle McPherson.
s eventh g raders — Jord a n
Baker, Jaden Bucher, Mason Byrd,
C ade C arter, Rebecca Gonyer,
Logan Gunter, Brendan Hutchins,
Zeth Johnson, Breanna King, alexandria McPherson, Hope stanfield.
second nine-week grading period.
The following students received
all a’s:
s en iors — H a ley B on h a m ,
Beck y Feasel, Brody H a nna,
Ravyn Livingston, dalton Mason,
austin smith, Jason summers,
samuel Wagner.
Juniors — s a m a ntha Creager, shyloe Hartman, samantha
H aus ser m a n, Jacly n K loepfer,
Taylor Werner.
sophomores — Quin Creager,
sidney Ellerbrock, Olivia Kliesch.
Freshmen — seth Cramer, sara
Gregory, Makenna Ward.
Eighth graders — Paige Marshall.
seventh graders — Emma Biller,
Hannah Gary, Julius Kloepfer.
sixth graders — Cole Cramer,
Jared Kloepfer, Journee sloat.
The following students received
all a’s and B’s:
seniors — Rachel allen, Logan
Callis, Katelyn Clymer, Logan desgranges, Laken Fletcher, savannah
Juniors — alexis Franks, Grace
Gregory, Caitlyn Huston, Chloe
K romer, dav id La mb, a ndrew
Ross, Chelsea summit.
sophomores — Chayla Frantz,
Grace Wagner, Nick Werner.
Freshmen — Matthew Blaisdell,
Jordyn Frazier, andrew Kistler,
Jacob Kloepfer.
Eighth graders — alex dahms,
Va n l u e H i g h s c h o o l h a s
announced its honor roll for the
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
Riley Okuley, Justin sampson,
Bethany smith, Emma Wagner.
s event h g raders — Taylor
Bechstein, CeCe Feasel, Chloe
Feasel, Lauren Kin, Kaya King,
Carter Lamb, Xavier Temple.
sixth graders — Natalie Garner,
Olivia Kistler, Jaden Kloepfer, Candice Maag, alena Miller, audrey
Phillips, Faith Price.
McComb HS
Mc C omb H i g h s c ho ol h a s
announced its honor roll for the
second nine-week grading period.
The following students received
all a’s:
seniors — alyssa Casdorph,
Erika Jones, Rachel Liebrecht,
Ke nd a l l Ne wc o m e r, M ad i s o n
Pierce, Kara Reigle, Jordan skilliter.
Juniors — Emily Clark, aaron
s ophomores — Nora Hem minger, Connor Hoverman, Loryn
Hu f f m a n, Mol ly L epp el meier,
aaron Rode, Caden schroeder.
Freshmen — Katie Brannan,
Grace Buckland, Kadalena duran,
seth Leader, savanna spitnale.
The following students received
all a’s and B’s:
seniors — Hailey Buck, CourtSee Honor roll, Page T7
TUEsday, FEBRUaRy 3, 2015
Honor Roll
Continued from page T6
ney deitrick, damien Eaken, Clay
Grubb, Trey Hanes, Gage Leckey,
ashely Philipp, Gabriel Rader,
Nakayla shoemaker, shelby smith,
a l lie stoepfel, a nthony T hep sourinthone.
Juniors — Eden Griffith, Emily
Grubb, Jenna Huffman, Vivian
Householder, Noa h K asma rek,
K irsten L ong, a ida n Rober ts,
drew siferd, C a mr y n sud low,
sammantha Thepsourinthone.
McComb Middle School
The McComb Middle school has
announced its honor roll for the
second nine-week grading period.
The following students were
named to the all a’s honor roll:
Eighth g raders — M adison
amburgey, Oliva Babcock, Hannah
davidson, Kimberly Reigle, Justin
Rode, Jaylyn spitnale.
seventh graders — Hayley aller,
Cayla Collingwood, Jacob dillon,
Lauren dishong, Kylee downs,
shay a nne Hem m inger, a lysha
Like, Riley Metzker, Matt Pierce,
aaron Rider, Hannah schroeder.
The following students were
named to the a/B honor roll:
Eighth graders — antonio Cam-
posano, Levi Cortez, Blake downs,
Lauren Grubb, alyssa Herr, Kelly
Lause, Ryan Montag ue, Kaylee
Rader, Curtis Ray, Tesla seither,
shelby steinbrook, Isaac Wartgow,
Hunter Wright.
seventh graders — Bo Bishop,
Nate Bishop, Zachary Bryan, Madison Buck, Chelsey Crouse, sarah
Ensign, Rachel Graham, Logan
Kepling, skyler Lance, stormy
Lance, Caylin Metzler, david seek,
Katelyn sheeks, Joseph simcoe,
Ian smith, Noah Weaver.
sophomores — allie Beall, Ryan
Buck, Brynn Follas, adrian Grubb,
Brittani Harden, Jenna Herr, Tyge
Lopez, Chloe Wilson.
Freshmen — abbi Brink, Zandria Eaken, Patience Ewing, Lexis
Hel ler, Br ie Liebrecht, d yl a n
Mont go m e r y, L e s le i g h - a mb e r
Phamakao, Michael Rey, Jacob
Rider, Clay santos, shelby simons,
Chloe spoon, Kylie stewart, Justin
arcadia High school has
announced its honor roll for the
second quarter.
The following students were
named to the a Honor Roll:
seniors — Jarrod Bow man,
Lizzie Coward, abbie dauterman,
Hailey Ginnever, Mol ly Glick,
sadie Hickle, Jacob Hill, Kyle
Inbody, Brianna Kidd, Kimberly
Lawrence, Hayden Ramsey, Jacob
Juniors — Chad Baker, skylar
C onley, Garrett Enders, McKenna Essman, skye Foster, Katyann Graham, drew Hanna, CJ
Holcomb, Logan Metzger, Emily
Mus s on , Cl i nt Re cker, L acey
Reichenbaugh, Jenna saltzman,
Mariah Waaland, shae Watkins.
sophomores — Ethan Boes,
Meredith Boes, Tylee Earl, Haley
Kieffer, alexandra Metcalfe, allison Mock, Mariah Monday, alex
Pessell, Zach salazar, Logan Ward,
Taylor Ware.
Freshmen — Lindsey donaldson, Madison Garcia, Kali Heaston,
Faith Hills, Marissa Hutchinson,
Joshua Roth, Emma sa ltzman,
samuel stahl.
Eig ht h g raders — a m ay i a
alexander, danielle Burnett, Victoria Green, Elizabeth Keefe, Luke
Metzger, Megan Mock, Elliott
Palmer, Emily Peters, Kennedy
Pratt, sydney Ramsey, Breana
Reinhart, Nicholas Rettig.
seventh graders — Mesa Grine,
Hayden Rader, Justen stoner.
The following students were
named to the a-B Honor Roll:
seniors — andrew Burkmier,
Terrance Cheeks, Kayla deMuth,
Kayla Goodman, Jessie Goshe,
Halee Grieselding, Erica Metcalfe,
Maddie Mock, austin Nalle, Randy
Peters, Taylor Rhodes, Vlad sedler,
Taylor showman, dylan Waaland.
Juniors — sarah Ball, Paige
diller, saleah dingelstedt, alexa
dukat, Megan Hill, sarah Hofacker,
Jorden Johnson, Joshua Johnson,
Jacob Keefe, Trevor Lucius, austin
Marczak, Haley Thompson, Mercedes Wells, Madeline young.
sophomores — dalton abell,
allyson Bader-dunn, Logan Boyd,
Cody Bruce, Jacob Croy, Patience
Emahiser, Kadin Harris, aaron
L ent z, Br it t ney Nye, Jocely n
Freshmen — Morgan Burns,
alyssa Clagg, Robby Futrell, Erin
Grieselding, Reese Grine, Colleen Grossman, Kaylee Jablonski,
Melissa Lawrence, Giorgia sari,
alexis Valentie, Madeline yaple,
alea Ziegman.
Eighth g raders — Kayla
Brubaker, Mason Hoepf, savanna
Kimmel, Mallor y Laveglia, Iv y
Noel, Jamie Patton, Rose Reichenbaugh, samantha Watkins.
seventh graders — Evan Boes,
Grace C oni ne, C a it y Cra mer,
andrea dauterman, Rebecca dunn,
Olivia Ernest, Jenna Fenimore,
Katie Griffin, Madisson Hartsel,
annie Metcalfe, Lea Pessell, Lucas
Puddicombe, Morgan squire.
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