2015 Joe Sarich Classic

2015 Joe Sarich Classic
Mount Dufour Ski Area, Elliot Lake, Ontario
February 28-March 1, 2015
Race Starts:
February 28, 2015
March 1, 2015
Giant Slalom
10am – subject to change due to weather or direction
from captains meeting
Mount Dufour – Elliot Lake Ski Racers
Alpine Ontario Alpin/Alpine Canada Alpin
Athletes 11 years of age or younger as of December 31,
Specifically the following age categories U8, U10 and
R12 uncarded entry level racers. All athletes must be
registered through the AOA online registration and have
submitted a waiver to compete.
Division and or club quotas as established by host club
may apply.
Official A.C.A entry forms must be used. Entry forms
must be sent to the Chief of Calculations by February 20,
2015. Changes of race entry must be submitted 2 hours
prior to the Captains’ meeting.
Submit entries to:
Liz Kidd, Race Chair
Telephone: 705-848-2071
Email: kidd@unitz.ca
07/01/2015 10:34
Entry Fee:
$130 per athlete for the division races, payable by cash
or cheque. Includes race fees, lift tickets and t-shirt.
Two hours prior to the Captains’ meeting. If not paid,
the athlete will be removed from the event.
Bib Deposits:
Captains Meeting:
Results and Awards:
Delivered in writing with supporting video to the Finish
Referee. Protests should be accompanied by $100 cash
according to ICR 644.4.
$100 per team by cheque made payable to Elliot Lake
Ski Racers. Bib deposits will be returned once all bibs
have been returned.
FIS rules and regulations will govern and applicable
ACA/AOA guidelines. Local race rules may apply.
The Team Captains meeting will be held Friday
February 27, 2015 – 7pm Mount Dufour Ski Hill.
Events will run gender (i.e. girls/boys) separated on the
same course. First run order will be determined by a
separate, random draw of girls and boys. Second run
start list will be a reversal of the 1st run start order (i.e.
100-1). All athletes will have 2 runs.
Results will be based on official race format FIS ICR
617.3.2. 1st-10th male and female athlete will receive
ribbons in each category (U8, U10, R12).
Volunteers are welcome and are encouraged to contact
Liz Kidd, race chair at kidd@unitz.ca
07/01/2015 10:34
Event Hotel:
The race organizing committee, Mount Dufour- Elliot
Lake Ski Racers, the Board of Directors of Mount
Dufour Ski Area, the executive of the Northern Ontario
Division Alpine, Northern Ontario Division Alpine,
Alpine Ontario Alpin and Alpine Canada Alpin cannot
be held responsible for any accident that may occur
during the event.
Chief of Race:
Chief of Timing:
Chief of Course:
Mount Dufour Liaison:
Liz Kidd
Jason Wilcox
Bill Goulding
Dawn Morissette
Dave Brunet
Mark Neilson
Elliot Lake
Hampton Inn by Hilton
Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
279 Highway 108 North, Elliot Lake, Ontario, P5A 2S9,
Canada TEL: +1-705-848-4004 FAX: +1-705-848-8096
Blind River
LakeView Inn - 705-356-0800
NorthShore Wayside Inn - 705-356-2249
07/01/2015 10:34