Highlights 02/02/15 - Tobin K

Tobin K-8 School
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02/02/15 The MOY DIBELS
(K-2), TRC (1-2) Test
window is now open
from Feb 2nd – Feb
02/03/15 Wednesday
02/04/15 Grade Teams:
Grade 2 – 9:30am
Grade 3 – 10:20am
Grade 1 – 11:10am
Grade 4/5 – 12:00pm
ARTS K-8 – 12:50pm
Grade K-4
Science Unit Topics
K-4 Phase II: Dec 8
– March 16 are
outlined on the Tobin
iPlan Science
Progress Reporting is
due today for
students enrolled in
K0, K1 and K2
Grade 5
Science Unit Levers
and Pulleys: Grade 5
Phase III – January
26 – March 30
Picture Day Make-ups
Today. We will call
classroom by
classroom when its
time for pictures
02/05/15 Grade K Team
Meeting, 3:454:30pm
ART Team Exit
MS Grade Team
Meeting, 3:454:30pm
SST 8am-9am
02/06/15 Grade 6
Science Unit Human
Body: Grade 6 Phase
II – January 26 –
June 8
Grade 7-8
Science Unit
Diversity of Life:
Grade 7 and
Chemical Interactions
Grade 8 Phase II
December 8 –
March 16
Pre-Text 3:45-5:45
Weekly Updates:
• BPS 2nd Predictives Schedule, ELA, Math and Science:
UPDATE – The BPS provided an extension for the 2nd Predictives. As a result, we are
scheduled to administer the BPS 2nd Predictive in ELA, Math and Science February 10 through
February 12, 2015
- 2nd BPS Predictive ELA - (Tuesday, February 10, 2015)
- 2nd BPS Predictive MATH - (Wednesday, February 11, 2015)
- 2nd BPS Predictive *SCIENCE (grade 5/8 only) - (Thursday, February 12, 2015)
http://tobink8.org 1 Following test administration, teachers and school leadership will be able to access students’
individual responses, item analyses, and percent correct online. Go to http://www.ationline.com. Login protocol is as follows:
*The first time teachers login, they are prompted to change their password. Please write down
your password and keep it somewhere safe! If you forget your password, contact Data and
Accountability at 617-635-9450. Login and password are not case sensitive.
After all schools have returned their test materials and they have been scanned, ATI will
analyze the district’s results and provide a developmental level (DL) or scaled score and a
predicted MCAS performance level (W/F, NI, P, A) for each student. Many reporting options
are available on ATI’s website and follow-up tools are available as well, such as the option to
create your own tests from an item bank aligned to MCAS standards or your own items.
Curriculum Dialogs are also available as an extra support for students. Reach out to your
school leadership and/or colleagues for help with accessing results on ATI!
• PARCC PBA, EOY and MCAS Spring 2015 Schedule and Administration:
We posted the Tobin PARCC PBA, EOY and MCAS Spring 2015 Master Schedule on the
Tobin Handbook | Assessment Tab | PARCC Spring 2015. To facilitate access to the schedule,
we placed a hardcopy in all staff mailboxes on Friday, January 23, 2015. PLEASE NOTE, (1)
the PARCC Grade 3-5 and Grade 6-8 Test Administration Manuals, (2) PARCC Assessment
Overviews for PBA and EOY and (3) PARCC Security Agreement are posted in the Handbook
| Assessment Tab | PARCC Spring 2015 for your review and professional preparation. Stay
tuned for additional information. FYI, we updated the Grade Team/ART schedule (in
mailboxes) to reflect the PARCC Tobin Master Schedule including PARCC Test Admin/Proctor
Planning Meeting with School Leadership.
http://tobink8.org 2 • ANET/NAEP ELA and Math Assessment Schedule Update:
UPDATE - As a result of three consecutive snow days we have moved the ANET 3
assessment back to provide an additional full week of instruction and application time over the
February break. We encourage all teachers to provide students with homework over the break
to provide opportunity to practice and deepen understanding of Reading and writing skills,
Math concepts and writing. The new ANET 3 schedule with reference to the NAEP in grade 4
and 8 is outlined below. Please let us know if you have any questions.
- ANET 3 Math
- NAEP (ELA/Math)
- ANET 3 Math
- NAEP (ELA/Math)
Feb 23, 2015
Feb 24, 2015
Feb 25, 2015
3, 5, 6, 7, 8
3, 5, 6, 7, 8
Feb 24, 2015
Feb 25, 2015
March 2, 2015
• Progress Reporting for K0, K1 and K2 Students Due February 3, 2015:
The K0, K1 and K2 Tobin Progress Report Templates are available online in the Tobin
Handbook | Grade Team Tab in English and Spanish. As you know, the purpose of the
progress report is to communicate student performance and areas for growth at the mid-way
point of the semester. In addition, the progress report serves as a “data/talking” point in family
meetings, conferences and for possible retentions at the end of the school year.
K0, K1 and K2 Teachers will complete Progress reports for all student families by
Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Teachers will distribute a copy of the progress report to student
families or place a copy in the student book bags to take home to families by Wednesday,
February 4, 2015.
In addition, please place a copy of the signed progress report in the cumulative record folder.
If a parent/guardian does not return a signed copy, place an unsigned copy in the cumulative
folder for future reference and accounting.
• TERM 2 MS Gradebook will open from January 23 to February 9th at midnight:
UPDATE – the BPS has extended the deadline for posting term 2 grades. As a result, the
Term 2 grading window for students in grades 6-8 will remain open through February 9th at
midnight. Reminder, after entering or editing grades in the scores tab, teachers must click Post
Grades to write the grades to the report cards. Please note, grades will be saved as you enter
them but they will not appear on the report cards until you click Post Grades. Report cards will
be prepared for distribution the week of February 9th or after break the week of Feb 23, 2015.
• Tobin Food Market Update:
As previously announced, we will host the Tobin Food Market for Tobin families on the 2nd
and 4th Thursday of each month. The next TFM is scheduled on Thursday, February 12th from
3:00-4:00pm. Please note, TFM’s are now scheduled on Thursday’s. Tobin staff, please note
all bussing students are dismissed from the auditorium on all Food Market days.
http://tobink8.org 3 • Core Aligned Literacy Modules Calendar Updates for Grades 3-5:
All BPS/Expeditionary planning and learning Materials available in classrooms and online via
the BPS Google Drive and the Tobin iPlan via http://tobink8.org/iliteracy.html for Modules 1
and 2B.
- Grade 3 Module 2B: Research to Build Knowledge and Teach Others
Dec 1 – Feb 13 (built in 2 extra weeks)
- Grade 4 Module 2B: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others
Dec 1 – Feb 13 (built in 2 extra weeks)
- Grade 5 Module 2B: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others
Dec 1 – Feb 13 (built in 2 extra weeks)
• Evaluation Update:
Educators on a two-year self-directed plan must upload their first round of artifacts by Friday,
March 27th, 2015.
• ELD Folder Review Checklist Spring 2015 UPDATE:
A copy of the BPS ELD Folder Review Checklist and expectations for updating ELD folders
was reviewed during grade team meetings earlier in the academic year. The checklist is
posted online in the Tobin Handbook | LAT/RETELL TAB | ELD/Folder. As we approach the
mid-point of the Winter Semester for Elementary students and enter the 3rd marking term on
February 2nd in Middle school, all teachers must ensure required ELD folder elements
(highlighted in yellow) are up-to-date in the ELD folder for review. Please see screenshot
below on how to access an electronic copy of the checklist and complete memorandum.
• IXL Accounts are fully restored and operational:
IXL Accounts are fully restored and operational for all students in ELA in Grades 3-6 and
MATH Grades 5-8.
1. Go to our unique Tobin Login page: http://www.ixl.com/signin/tobinschool
http://tobink8.org 4 2. Enter username and password:
• Username - The default username for teachers and students is first initial,
last name. e.g. jholly
• Password – enter passwords from student roster pages
3. Please see John Holly or a member of the team with questions or reports on student
progress. We are committed to support and accelerate student performance and IXL is part of
our plan.
• Chromebook Sign-out Calendars and Security:
Chromebook calendars for October are posted! Teachers will sign-out Chromebooks from
designated classrooms using calendars posted on designated classroom doors:
HR005 – Ms. Scott's class
HR206 – Mr. Donkor’s class
HR207 – Ms. Burrough’s class
HR211 – Ms. Miranda's class
To secure chromebooks for use in your classroom, teachers will contact Mr. Holly or Mr.
Toledano to unlock/sign-out and return/secure chromebook carts daily. Teachers must return
chromebook carts to designated classrooms by 3:15pm. Returning and securing chromebook
carts is mandatory. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
http://tobink8.org 5 • Boston School Committee Approves More Learning Time for 60 Elementary, Middle
and K-8 Schools:
BOSTON - The Boston School Committee voted overwhelmingly Wednesday, January 28,
2015 to extend the school day by 40 minutes in 60 Boston public schools. The vote is the final
step in approving the agreement forged by Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the Boston Public Schools
(BPS) and the Boston Teachers Union. The additional time, which will be phased in over three
years, will begin this fall in 20 schools.
“This is a historic moment in public education for Boston, and I am pleased this agreement is
moving forward,” said Mayor Walsh. “Boston’s students deserve more learning opportunities.
The extra 40 minutes will mean more time for academic learning, more time for enrichment
opportunities, and more time for added supports for struggling students.”
The additional time will impact nearly 23,000 elementary and middle school students in 60
schools and is equivalent to adding one month of instruction for elementary students. The plan
also nearly doubles the amount of teacher planning and development time that educators
“This an exciting time in the Boston Public Schools,” said School Committee Chair Michael
O’Neill. “Innovations such as longer school days, an improved teacher hiring and evaluation
system, and more opportunities for school staff, parents and partners to collaborate, are
leading to greater outcomes for students. I want to thank Mayor Walsh for his leadership in
Currently, students in traditional BPS elementary schools are in class for six hours a day, and
six hours and ten minutes for middle school students. Many schools in Boston already have a
lengthened school day that allows for increased enrichment opportunities in areas such as art,
music, drama and foreign languages.
“With tonight’s vote, a longer school day will provide us with a key strategy for success that will
benefit not just some of our students, but all of our students in grades K-8,” said
Superintendent John McDonough. “Additional time, used well, will change the school day for
both students and teachers, and will fundamentally change the way we do business in the
Boston Public Schools.”
A school selection process for the first 20 - or “Schedule A” - schools will take place this winter.
Leading up to the start of the new school year, the district will host trainings for the schools,
designed to guide the facilitation of professional learning and use of collaborative planning
time. To ensure a successful implementation, BPS will work with partners who have supported
the expansion of the school day, including the National Center for Time and Learning, and
from schools already implementing extended learning time in Boston.
“We are pleased to be part of a truly collaborative effort that has expanded learning
opportunities for students and teachers alike,” said Richard Stutman, president of the Boston
Teachers Union. “Educators need more time together to learn about new methods, share best
practices and examine student data; when they do, they are able to bring their best to students
every day.” Under the approved plan, teachers in the 60 schools that do not currently have a
longer day will earn an additional $4,464 for the expanded schedule, which is approximately 20
percent lower than the average contractual hourly rate. The agreement will cost approximately
$12.5 million per year once fully rolled out to all 60 schools.
http://tobink8.org 6