Rambler Implements Revised Plan at the Ming Copper

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30 January 2015
Rambler Implements Revised Plan at the Ming Copper-Gold Mine
London, England & Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada -Rambler Metals and Mining plc (TSXV: RAB, AIM: RMM)
("Rambler", "the Company" or "the Group") today provides an update of operations at the Ming Copper-Gold Mine.
Due to the uncertainty in the copper price and an unforeseen decline in copper grade in January the Company has begun
implementing short term cost cutting measures whilst it addresses grade and production issues at the Ming Mine. These measures
are designed to provide additional financial stability for the Company as it now works towards the lower end of production guidance
for Fiscal 2015.
The significant decline in copper price during January has led to a complete review of the 2015 Fiscal plan as the Company
works to re-evaluate the full impact that lower copper prices will have with the cost cutting measures in place
Additional unplanned dilution of ore production stopes due to ground stability issues in the active stoping areas within the
1807 and MSUP zones have resulted in a decrease in the run of mine head grade over the last few weeks. It is expected that
further ground support and larger pillar sizing will be required in some existing and new stoping areas to ensure stope
A series of cost cutting measures have been implemented following discussions with employees. To reduce operating
expenditures and bring costs more in line with expected production the Company has:
Implemented some employee lay-offs at the operation to ensure optimal efficiency in addition to a change in the
current shift schedule
Suspended all non-critical Property, Plant & Equipment costs including non-essential capital projects. The Lower
Footwall Zone and Dense Media Separation projects will continue.
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An on-going review of the operation for further cost cutting efficiencies
The Group remains in compliance with all operating permits and expects to meet the lower end of the production guidance
for the fiscal year. The Company was cash flow positive up to 31 December 2014 and with the revised plan hopes to return to
generating cash again in February. As at the date of this announcement the Group has unrestricted cash reserves of $6.5M
which the steps being taken will help protect
The current issues at the operations level will not impact the Dense Media Separation project or the Lower Footwall Zone
pre-feasibility study. Both of these projects are on track with an update expected over the coming weeks
Norman Williams, President and CEO, commented:
"Since first declaring commercial production in November 2012, we have been making good progress at the operation and have
met or exceeded all production guidance for the Fiscal year ended 31 July 2014 and the remainder of the 2014 calendar year.
"The recent fall in copper price combined with the ground stability issues are disappointing but by moving swiftly to reduce costs
and revisiting the fiscal mine plan we are confident we can deliver on the revised plan while targeting the lower end of our
production guidance communicated in August 2014.
"Though the copper price is outside our control the measures we are taking are intended to ensure that other issues affecting
the business have only a short term impact."
As the operation continues to push development deeper in the mine, exposing new zones for copper production, additional diamond
drilling information is obtained and added to the models. To date reconciliation of planned reserve tonnes and grade to actuals has
been reasonable. However, any resultant change or additional unplanned dilution can impact both the timing and grade of the
production headings. A complete re-evaluation of the mine plan is underway to ensure any further impact on metal production can
be minimized.
Throughout November and December 2014 production was on target. For the month of January the budgeted run of mine head
grade was estimated at 2.89 per cent copper with 1.50 grammes per tonne gold. With the added unplanned dilution the head grade
over the last three weeks has decreased to 1.62 per cent copper with 1.01 grammes per tonne gold.
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Increases in ground support and pillar sizing will be required in some existing and new mining areas; it is expected that the
percentage of ore extraction will be reduced in these same areas. The Group will strive to minimize the impact of increased pillar
support on the extraction of the reserve by optimizing secondary ground support systems and reducing the span of hangingwall
undercuts. The revised plan has taken into account these new design criteria.
Management has briefed its employees and key stakeholders in relation to the changes in the 2015 Fiscal plan. The Board of
Directors and Executive Management will continue to evaluate and monitor the status of the operation. Should the Group
experience continued issues following the planned changes, or see further weakening in the copper markets, additional action may
be taken as required.
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With the revised mine plan the Company is expecting to meet the bottom end range of the production guidance as it works to
bringing the mine back on schedule over the coming months.
Fiscal 2015
Dry Tonnes Milled
215,000 - 230,000
Copper Recovery
Gold Recovery
Silver Recovery
94 - 96 %
65 - 70 %
60 - 75 %
Copper Head Grade (%)
Gold Head Grade (g/t)
Silver Head Grade (g/t)
2.5 - 3.5
Fiscal 2015
Copper (%)
Gold (g/t)
Silver (g/t)
27 - 30
45 - 55
Dry Tonnes Produced
Copper Metal (tonnes)
Gold (ounces )
Silver (ounces)
20,000 - 24,000
5,400 - 6,700
5,600 - 6,600
39,000 - 46,000
Presently at 650 metric tonnes per day the operation is a smaller producer with each development heading and stope closely tied to
meeting its production guidance. When events align as they have done in January the results can have a short term impact on the
operation, however it does not alter the overall direction for the Company. The Group remains focused on demonstrating the mining
potential of the Lower Footwall Zone while continuing to use the massive sulphide zones as a blending source.
The Dense Media Separation project and the pre-feasibility of the Lower Footwall Zone continue to make good progress. An
independent technical review has been initiated to evaluate the reserve potential of the updated NI43-101 resource estimate for its
Lower Footwall Zone (see press release dated 2 December 2014). Upon successful completion of this Study the Group intends to
increase the production stability and flexibility of the operation with the subsequent integration of this material into the production
stream at a higher and sustainable throughput rate. Further updates on the progress of this work will be released in the coming
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Rambler is a mining and development Company that in November 2012 brought its first mine into commercial production. The group has a 100
per cent ownership in the Ming Copper-Gold Mine, a fully operational base and precious metals processing facility and year round bulk storage
and shipping facility; all located on the Baie Verte peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
The Company's Vision is to be Atlantic Canada's leading mine operator and resource developer through growth and expansion of its existing
assets; discovering new deposits; strategic partnerships; mergers and acquisitions. In addition to the Ming Mine, Rambler has strategic
investments in the former producing Hammerdown gold mine, the Little Deer/ Whales Back copper mines and the advanced Valentine Lake Gold
Rambler is dual listed in London under AIM:RMM and in Canada under TSX-V:RAB.
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