2015 Boiling Team Information and Registration

2015 Crawfish Mambo Cook-Off & Music Festival On The Lake
The Cove | University of New Orleans
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Dear Prospective Crawfish Cook-Off Team,
Three years, 25,000 pounds of crawfish, and 15 local music acts later, Crawfish
Mambo: Cook-off and Music Festival on the Lake is excited to enter our fourth year as
the premier fundraiser of the University of New Orleans International Alumni
Association. We hope that you will join us in extending the reach and impact of one of
Louisiana’s most diverse universities and New Orleans premiere public research
university, the University of New Orleans.
Funds raised from Crawfish Mambo support the Association’s efforts to prepare the
region’s future workforce (your future employees) through professional development
programs such as a dining and social etiquette luncheon, resume review panel
discussions, and future alumni networking events. Your investment in Crawfish Mambo
not only supports the future of the New Orleans workforce, but also provide a great
event that brings more people to the lakefront campus than any other single event
throughout the year.
And while the mission you are supporting is important, there is also a lot of fun to be
had. Just take a look at any of the pictures on our Facebook page. In 2014, over 2,800
people enjoyed crawfish from 30 competitive boiling teams and music from local artists
such as Rebirth Brass Band and the Bucktown All-Stars. With your help, we will surpass
those numbers in 2015!
For more information, please contact Jason Guilbeau, Assistant Director of University of
New Orleans Alumni Affairs by email at jason.guilbeau@uno.edu or by phone at (504)
Dennis Deboisblanc, Chair
Crawfish Mambo
Glenn Scorsone, Programs Chair Al Herrera, 2015 President
UNO Alumni Association
UNO Alumni Association
2015 Crawfish Mambo Cook-Off & Music Festival On The Lake
The Cove | University of New Orleans
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Registration & Fees- UPDATED!
Entry fee is non-refundable. For 2015, there are multiple team registration options:
Each team will be given one access pass for parking in a designated team parking area and team
wristbands to enter the team cook-off area. You may have guests under your team’s tent, but only
team members should be allowed in the cooking area for safety reasons.
Tent Rental- NEW!
Teams are able to rent tents from Crawfish Mambo. Tents will be set up and torn down for each team.
Pricing and availability will be shared soon.
Tent Location- NEW!
Teams will select their tent locations based on registration date and logistical accommodations.
Registration will be considered complete when both the attached registration form and the registration
fee are paid. Tent locations will be selected at the April Team Captains Meeting.
Equipment and Supplies: Teams will be allowed to bring equipment, supplies and anything needed
for their booths on Saturday morning beginning at 8:00 a.m., and must be finished bringing in items
by 9:30 a.m. Each team must supply its own table(s), pirogues, chairs, garbage bag(s), tent/covering
and decorations for its area. All teams will provide their own spices, equipment (burners, pots,
propane) and hoses, plus any other items they feel necessary to boil their crawfish. Anything needed
for your booth must be carried in from the designated team vehicle parking area. The team parking
area is immediately adjacent to the team set up area. Teams may bring hand trucks, small wagons or
other items to assist in moving boiling equipment into the designated team area.
Booth Decorating Contest: Teams are encouraged to decorate their booths and to participate in the
best-decorated booth competition.
Boiling Information: Each team must boil the number of sacks of crawfish indicated on its registration
form attached. We will provide you a boiling schedule at the Team Meeting. Commercial boilers may
be utilized to assure a constant and steady supply of crawfish.
2015 Crawfish Mambo Cook-Off & Music Festival On The Lake
The Cove | University of New Orleans
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Judging: We will include in your schedule when your ‘judges batch’ must be delivered. Special
containers will be provided ahead of time to ensure that all samples are “blind” when presented to the
judges. The Crowd’s Favorite contest will be determined based number of “votes” received from
Mambo attendees. Each Mambo attendee will have one (1) ticket and can “vote” by giving it to the
team of his/her choice. Teams are responsible for maintaining their tickets until they are collected.
Crawfish Mambo will collect all “votes” from each team. Winners will be determined by highest
number of votes. Competitors in all categories must be present when announced to win.
Serving: No containers to serve crawfish to patrons are permitted, including cardboard trays, etc.
Crawfish Mambo will provide containers for serving crawfish to patrons.
Clean Up: Each team is responsible to clean up their booth area after the cook-off is over. No items
can be left on the UNO campus after event. Teams MUST be prepared to stay at the park until the
event is over.
Mandatory Team Captain Meetings: Team meetings are mandatory. Each team Captain or
representative must be present, limited to two persons per team. The first meeting is planned for
6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at the UNO Alumni Center, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New
Orleans, Louisiana 70148. A second (2nd) team meeting will take place on-site at 9:30 a.m. the
morning of the Mambo Cook-off, May 9, 2015. Each team member will have to sign in to receive
their wristband.
Generators: No team may have a generator.
Team Captain Responsibility: Team Captains are responsible for their team members.
Under Age Team Members: If team member is under age 18, written parental permission is required.
Additional and Final Rules: Additional rules and information may be added. A final set of the rules will
be provided at the April Team Captains Meeting.
Boiling & General Mambo inquiries: Contact UNO Alumni Affairs Assistant Director Jason
Guilbeau at jpguilb1@uno.edu or 504-280-6394 or 337-258-4112.
2015 Crawfish Mambo Cook-Off & Music Festival On The Lake
The Cove | University of New Orleans
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Boiling Teams Suggested Items to Bring
1. A pop up canopy tent—sized for your allotted space.
2. Two six foot tables (plastic preferably). These will be used to serve from in front of your
cooking area.
3. A small folding table to use to cut and prepare boil items.
4. Cutting board, knife, gloves, tools for burners, oven mits or other item to lift pot, lighter, paddle
to stir.
5. Crawfish burners and pots.
6. 3 to 4 butane tanks, BBQ size
7. Folding chairs for your group and guest
8. A garden hose with nozzle
9. A purge bin
10. A pirogue or large metal tubs from which to serve the crawfish. Also bring a plastic or metal
serving scoop to serve the crawfish (this makes it a lot easier to serve). Crawfish Mambo will
provide the serving trays for the guests and will deliver them to your team the morning of the
event. If you have a tarp, bring it to keep the crawfish covered and out of the sun.
11. Seasonings for crawfish and any items you want to add to the boils (i.e. corn, potatoes,
sausage, etc.).
12. Any decorations you want for the team tent—there is a contest for best decorated tent.
minimum rating of 3A40BC
2015 Crawfish Mambo Cook-Off & Music Festival On The Lake
The Cove | University of New Orleans
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Make checks payable to the UNO International Alumni Association.
Registration will NOT be confirmed until entry fee is received.
Entry Forms may be emailed to alumni@uno.edu, faxed to 504-280-1080, or mailed to
UNO International Alumni Association, Homer L. Hitt Alumni Center, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70148.
Team Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Standard Team Registration
Super Team Registration
Deluxe Team Registration
General Admission Tickets
Tent Rental- 20’x20’
Tent Rental- 20’x30’
Price Total
Total Amount Due
Our team will be responsible for cooking _____ sacks of crawfish (4 sacks minimum) and
We have the ability to boil an additional ______ extra sacks of crawfish if needed.
We, the undersigned persons of full age (18 or over) as participants in the UNO International Alumni Association Crawfish Cook-Off, do
hereby agree to hold the University of New Orleans, the University of New Orleans International Alumni Association, its board
members, agents and employees free and harmless from any and all liability, including, but not limited to, all-claims, losses, actions
and judgments for damages or injury to person or property which could or might arise as a result of or in connection with the Crawfish
Mambo Cook-Off to be held on Saturday, May 9, 2015. We also agree to abide by the rules and regulations listed in the Crawfish
Cook-Off Rules, which have been provided to us.
Team Captain Name (Team Member #1): ______________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone: _____________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Team Co-Captain Name (Team Member #2): ___________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone: _____________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
**You will be provided with a form to register your remaining team members once you submit this form.
Remaining Team Members information must be turned in at April 16 Team Captain Meeting*