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Cyber Crime is not going
away - will you fight back?
hanks to British computer
scientist Tim Berners-Lee,
who invented the world wide
web over 25 years ago, the
majority of us use computers
in the daily cycle of business,
writes Maxine Aldred, Development
• Visit stands from industry leaders,
FSB and more
• Introduction to Cyber Essentials
You can access details on the above
event, or if you need to speak to
someone about cyber crime, on www.
Business help at hand
LOCAL Enterprise Partnerships
across our region have been
working to get their local “growth
hubs” up and running. This is your
one stop shop for business support.
• LLEP Business Gateway: www.
• SEMLEP – Velocity: www.
• NEP – Northamptonshire
Growth Hub: www.
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Headquarters on 14 January and will
• Help to shape our Business Crime
• Learn how to protect your business
from Cyber Crime
• Hear from industry expert speakers
Small businesses are being
encouraged to use the internet to sell
online and become a paperless office.
We correspond via email, use online
banking, submit official returns – the list
goes on and on. But, are businesses fully
aware of the real and growing threat of
cyber crime?
It is on the rise across the world and
cyber crime does not not just affect
large businesses.
Small businesses are just as much at
risk only many businesses don’t realise
this threat relates to them.
This threat though is something that
cannot and should not be ignored or put
to one side to deal with when a spare
moment becomes available.
The cost of cyber crime can be a real
barrier for growth and, in the worst
cases, can put a firm out of business.
While we welcome action from the
Government and the wider public sector,
there are clear actions that businesses
can take to educate themselves to
counteract cyber crime. The FSB would
strongly encourage them to do so.
Locally, we are delighted that
Northamptonshire Police recognise that
the cost of cyber crime is significant,
growing and especially challenging for
businesses. Cyber crime is complex
with a wide geographical element and is
constantly evolving.
By understanding this threat they
have created a new Force Cyber Crime
Unit that consists of specialist cyber
investigators together with a technical
support department, all in the same
location. A free business event will be
held at Northamptonshire Police Force
magazine call Caroline
McLoughlin on 020 7324
For editorial content,
contact Maxine Aldred
on 01162 597 707 or
email at
Page 1
Is your
WITH a TV Licence,
your organisation can
enjoy TV legally –
whatever your staff,
customers and visitors
watch it on. If your
staff or customers
watch live TV without
being covered by a TV
Licence, your business
is committing a
criminal offence.
As the owner,
director, manager
– or simply the one
your colleagues rely
on to make sure your
organisation stays
on the right side of
the law – it’s your
responsibility to buy a
TV Licence when one’s
A licence costs
£145.50. If your
organisation has just
one premises you’ll
need a single TV
Licence to cover all
TVs used at the site.
If you have multiple
premises, you may
need a Company
Group TV Licence.
We know you’ve
a lot to deal with
when you’re running
an organisation, so
we’ve made it quick
and easy to buy your
licence online. All
the information you
will require is under
the Business and
Organisation tab on the
TV Licensing website
You should also check
out when you do not
require a TV Licence.
Poised to help
businesses grow
InTandem Consulting
are poised to help
those businesses
looking to grow.
It is a small business
consultancy and finance
broking company, run by
Ruth Hague and Joanna
Winterton, established in
April. These two ladies
have too many years’
experience to mention in
finance and business.
Ruth and Joanna first
met in the early 1990’s
whilst working for Barclay’s
business team. Ruth’s
career path took her off
to the Head Office, to
senior management roles
in marketing, strategy and
planning for the business
bank and Joanna went
into commercial lending,
supporting businesses
from start-ups to FTSE 250
Having kept in touch
over the years, with Joanna
sending annual Christmas
cards and Ruth not when
the chance of redundancy
appeared, they got in touch
to look at CV’s. Whilst
nattering both discussed
their ideas of running
their own business but
both were somewhat
apprehensive to “go
it alone” and made
the decision to work
With their
understands the
challenges small
businesses face
both in raising finance
and when seeking to
grow. They are passionate
about working with small
businesses and using their
skills and experience to
help a business grow,
giving sound, simple and
constructive advice, as well
as challenging owners.
Their top three tips for
businesses are:
1) Don’t chase turnover,
cashflow is key to the
success of any business.
2) Ensure you keep good
up-to-date management
information so you can preempt any of those gremlins
that come along.
3) Don’t think you have
to be master of all.
There is lots of help out
there — use it.
InTandem offer a free
initial consultation, but to
date have never arrived on
a bike.
Ruth Hague and
Joanna Winterton
Members have tea with Richard III
YOU are all no doubt
aware of the on-going
story and battle with
York to ensure that
King Richard III is
reinterred in Leicester
Cathedral. After a
successful fight, this
will take place in March
Members from
North Leics & Rutland
Page 2
Leicestershire, Northants & Rutland
Branch met at the
KRIII Centre for an
exclusive guided tour
and over refreshments
Councillor Piara Singh
Clair MBE outlined the
impact of the exhibition
on tourism not just
from Europe but worldwide and how this
will put Leicester on
the map. Following a
guided tour, members
all agreed that the
Visitor Centre was a
definite must for all
to visit. The evening
didn’t finish there, the
group then moved on
to La Dolce Vita to
socialise over a super
Steve Envis, North
Leics & Rutland Branch
Front row: Regional Team, Trevor Wood, Karl Craig-West,
Clare Elsby; John Allan FSB National Chairman, Dave Nicholls,
Adrian Forsell, John Hardwick. Back row, FSB members
Have a prosperous 2015
I CANNOT believe that another
year has passed and we are
now into 2015.
Quiz winners, David Morewood, Maxine Aldred, Nadine
Platt, Jacqueline Day, Vimal Chauhan, Jo Cooper
our members to be involved,
not necessarily on Branch teams
but members that are interested
in shaping the local business
environment, helping us to fight the
fight for SMEs.
The task is not onerous. We just
need to call on your support from time
to time. But, of course, if you would
like to get more involved in any aspect
of the FSB locally, then please do get
in touch. We all have a very important
job to do.
2015 will be an extremely important
year in the SME calendar with the
General Election in May. We must,
and will, be out there meeting with
all local Prospective Parliamentary
Candidates (PCC). The FSB Manifesto
was launched prior to the Autumn
Statement and our job now is to take
the messages of the manifesto via FSB
members to ensure PPCs understand
the importance of the SME community.
Details of our Hustings events are
available on our Regional website and
we do hope that you will come along
and support.
But again, if you are interested in
getting involved, please let us know.
You can contact me via or through our Development
Manager on 0116 259 7707 or
Best wishes,
Dave Nicholls
FSB Regional Chairman
Leicestershire, Northants & Rutland
I would like to take this opportunity
to thank the Branch and Regional
team members and our Development
Manager for their continued support.
Without this the Region can’t function.
We have been extremely active across
the patch with networking, social
events and sporting events.
Our work with local schools and
colleges continues to be very positive
and seeing our younger generation so
positive and entrepreneurial makes us
This year one college, Rutland
County College, has excelled. The
BTech students have organised
(working with Christopher Clark,
FSB member in Oakham) our Small
Business Saturday event and Keep
Trade Local campaign activities and
they have done a terrific job.
Organising two FSB Small Business
buses on Small Business Saturday and
our Keep Trade Local Challenge have
kept us all out of mischief leading up
to the 6 December. This is such an
important day in the small business
calendar to highlight the importance
of supporting our local independent
Our work being involved in making
sure the small business voice is heard
at every level continues at a pace
and FSB members working with our
Local Enterprise Partnerships, local
authorities and other Government
agencies attend meetings fully-briefed
on exactly what our members need
to help them grow their businesses.
And this knowledge comes from the
grassroots – FSB members.
However, we need more of
Page 11
Get your discount
EAST Northants
have published the
following information
to their local
businesses. This is
a useful tool for all
businesses to make
sure you are claiming
the correct business
rate relief from your
local authority.
£115,000. We also support
businesses in other ways,
• Empty new properties
get up to 18 months
complete exemption from
business rates
• Businesses can now
pay their rates over 12
instalments rather than
over 10
• We will agree special
payment arrangements
with businesses that are
Leader of East
Northamptonshire Council,
Steven North, says: “This
council is committed to
supporting businesses of
all sizes, but recognises
that smaller companies
sometimes need a little
extra help. We want
to see a thriving and
successful retail sector in
East Northamptonshire
and supporting small
businesses is a key part
of that strategy. These
businesses create jobs,
wealth and opportunity for
residents, businesses and
the council so we will do
what we can to support
them in becoming as
profitable and successful as
possible because it benefits
everyone in the long run.“
To find out more,
businessrates or call 01832
Dave Nicholls
Telephone: 07415 411 067
Telephone: 01604 678 470
Telephone: 0116 270 6042
SECRETARY: Elaine Vandelli
Telephone: 0116 240 2330
TREASURER: John Hardwick
Telephone: 01509 236 858
Adrian Forsell
Telephone: 01858 565 410
COUNCILLOR: John Hardwick
Telephone: 01509 236 858
CHAIRMAN: Vimal Chauhan
Telephone: 07973 800 507
SECRETARY: Trevor Wood
Telephone: 07941 208 957
CHAIRMAN: Kevin Bragg
Telephone: 01455 843806
SECRETARY: Elaine Vandelli
Telephone: 07802 492 348
CHAIRMAN: Keith Turner
Telephone: 01604 622 101
SECRETARY: Sharon Bassett
Telephone: 07889 328 416
Full details & online
Wed 7 January @ 6pm:
Leicester City
Networking, Chef & Spice
Restaurant, 1 Andrewes St,
Fri 9 January @ 7am:
FSB Northampton Business
Breakfast Meeting, Westone
Manor Hotel, Weston Favell,
Wed 14 January @ 6pm:
No Nonsense
Networking, Costco,
Westmoreland Ave,
Thurmaston, Leicester
Fri 16 January @ 7am:
FSB East Northants
Business Breakfast Meeting,
Kettering Park Hotel, Kettering
Wed 21 January @
Networking Lunch,
Louisa’s Restaurant 4a
St Mary’s Road, Market
Wed 11 February @ 6pm:
Leicester City Networking,
Chef & Spice Restaurant, 1
Andrewes St, Leicester
Fri 13 February @ 7am:
FSB Northampton
Business Breakfast
Meeting, Westone Manor
Hotel, Weston Favell,
Wed 18 February @
Networking Lunch, Louisa’s
Restaurant 4a St Mary’s Road,
Market Harborough
Fri 20 February @ 7am:
FSB East Northants
Business Breakfast
Meeting, Kettering Park
Hotel, Kettering
CHAIRMAN: Eddie Rodwell
Telephone: 01536 742 166
SECRETARY: Alison Hadley
Telephone: 01933 413 222
Steve Envis
Telephone: 0116 269 4393
Kevin Turton: 07812 352 165
Les Larkins: 07979 055 176
Leicestershire, Northants & Rutland
As part of its work to
better support businesses,
East Northamptonshire
Council is helping 1,542
local firms discover and
enjoy discounts on their
rates bill.
Business rates are
taxes to help pay for
local services and they’re
charged on most nondomestic properties. Some
of these properties may
be eligible for a discount.
This can be a huge help
to local companies with
managing their bills and
budgets. To support
businesses in the district,
East Northamptonshire
Council currently provides
rate relief to:
• 1008 small businesses
totalling £1.86m
• 276 other businesses
who enjoy up to £1,000
discount, totalling £243,000
• 192 charities/ nonprofit making organisations
totalling £1.55m
• Rural settlements –
around 66 businesses
get rate relief totalling
Diary dates
Page 12
Page 13
Leicestershire, Northants & Rutland
You still have time with us
Auto Enrolment is underway,
all employers with workers
in the UK have to:
• Automatically enrol eligible jobholders
into a pension scheme
• Make contributions on behalf of workers
• Register with The Pensions Regulator
• Communicate information to workers
Act now to avoid penalties.
It is very
probable that
you will need
to bring in
help to assist
with your Auto
Jane Stevens, of The Pension
House Co Ltd, a specialist pension
adviser says: “Companies need to
engage early with professionals for
assistance in this area. The pension
industry will be overwhelmed with
the number of companies staging
and only those that have engaged
early can be certain of obtaining the
assistance they need. Many will
be left with DIY help guides from
The Pension Regulator and NEST.”
Jane Stevens
The Pension House Co Ltd
Find out how we can help you.
Call us today on 01604 588293
First consultation FREE*
Pension House
Company Limited
*Terms and conditions apply. First consultation may be by telephone. Please see our website for full details.
The Pension House Company Ltd is an appointed representative of Financial Ltd (www. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 595635
Auto Enrolment is regulated by The Pensions Regulator.
Page 14
Leicestershire, Northants & Rutland