english - Pam and Danny Childs, Independent Park Lane Executive

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Park Lane’s
NEW trip
Customer Special......................5
Hostess Specials........................6
Sales....................................... 8-10
Ask Crystal................................18
2015 Goals...............................19
Focus group Survey..............20
Congratulations to all Paris Trip Winners!
Trip winners will be given a special “I earned Paris with Park Lane” pin upon check in at Convention. Wear this pin proudly – all
convention weekend and beyond!
Wear your Paris pin to your showings to advertise that your company rewards you for doing a great job! Wear your pin on your
purse to generate comments and questions when out-and-about. Attach your pin to your kit bag and keep adding trip pins as
you earn even more vacation trips with Park Lane.
Park Lane’s NEW trip contest starts NOW!
Where are we going next?
This one-of-a-kind trip contest will be launched at Convention on Friday night. The
lights will dim, the video will play and the new destination will be revealed.
BREAKING NEWS: All February sales and recruits will count toward this
new trip contest! That’s right, you can count all your personal sales submitted beginning February 4th. PLUS you can count your personal recruits who start on or after February 4th and their personals sales TOO!
Attend Convention and be among the first to know where Park Lane is going next!
How do I earn a
Park Lane trip? Selling, booking and recruiting are easier with Park Lane
Jewelry because Park Lane offers the best customer buying
plan, the very best hostess plan and a Director compensation plan that is second to none.
Your desire, drive and your commitment is all that you need
to succeed and earn all that Park Lane offers.
will make
you great!
Begin this next trip contest by committing to hold a minimum of 8 personal showings in February. Additionally, each
of your new February recruits should commit to doing 8 personal showings as well. This makes for a strong beginning
for the new trip contest along with increased paychecks,
RRC rewards and more.
8 WILL make you great!
• Would you like to be surprised by free jewelry showing up in your mailbox?
• Would you like to receive a FREE designer outfit
every month?
• Would you like to be richly rewarded simply for doing your job?
If you answered “YES” to any of the above, Park Lane’s Rich Rewards Contest is for YOU!
Within the commission dates of a calendar month,
submit personal net/non sales to attain these rewards:
BOGO on Catalogs
FREE Jewelry of the month
$250 Jewelry supplement OF YOUR CHOICE
FREE Designer outfit
YES… Levels are cumulative!
You’ll find the RRC brochure in the Contest Center of
the Field Interface.
New recruits receive even MORE rewards within their
first three months with Park Lane!
MONTMARTRE necklace is available PAPILLON bracelet is available
GRAND ENTRANCE necklace is
for SALE! item #: 12400 $237
for SALE! Item #12401 Retail $253 available for SALE!
item #: 12417 $305
ring are available for SALE!
#12418 Retail $38 Earrings
#12419 Reatil $79 Ring
FROZEN necklace and earrings are
available for SALE!
Necklace - item #12508 $166
Earrings - item #12509 $75
Earn March’s necklace & earring ensemble
with your February personal sales of $2,000.
This new ensemble will be revealed at
This ensemble will remain
a mystery until revealed
at convention.
SILHOUETTE necklace and earrings
are available for SALE!
Necklace - Item #12520 $131
Earrings - Item #12539 $31
Trust us... it’s Fantastic!
Leadership CA$H Bonus
July 23, 2014 – February 11, 2015
Park Lane leaders from Division Manager to
Company Vice President
have a unique opportunity to qualify for
a fabulous cash bonus!
Park Lane’s mission is to help you develop a record number of new leaders within your organization and
grow a balanced team.
Meeting a group sales goal and accruing points for every promotion within the team is the way to earn a
Leadership Cash Bonus.
The minimum bonus - $1,000
The maximum bonus – there is no limit!
BREAKING NEWS - all promotions that take effect in through
February 11th will count DOUBLE!
•Every Branch promotion counts as 10 points
•Every Area promotion counts as 20 points
•Every Division promotion counts as 30 points
•Every Senior Division promotion counts as 50 points
•Every Sales VP promotion counts as 100 points
Exclusively for the Canada, Mexico and US Markets
Division Leaders: only three Branch promotions in January could mean an extra $1,000 Bonus!
Group Sales Goal – The sales goal to be met is simply the same group net/non sales that the team attained
during the same time frame as the previous year. Meet the same sales as last year, develop your team and
earn a Leadership Ca$h Bonus at Convention in February. Individual team goals are listed on the weekly
LCB report.
Review the Leadership Cash Bonus brochure in the Contest Center of the Field Interface for complete details and rules.
HOPE necklace
Sparkling clear Austrian crystals accent the word “hope” on one
side of the silver chain, while vivid pink crystals adorn the ribbon
pendant. HOPE necklace (16” + 3”) is packaged in a pretty pink striped box, perfect
for gift-giving. With a minimum $30 net order, HOPE necklace is only $14.00!
Hope necklace #12411,
Retail value $69.00
A donation will be made to children’s cancer research for every HOPE necklace
purchased. Let’s HOPE for a cure!
Never before offered! Alert all your previous customers! This is HUGE!
Customer Bonus Item Offer December 11th through Convention
Purchase $30 to $89 and receive two $14 bonus items and then choose one FREE bonus item
Purchase over $90 and receive three $14 bonus items and then choose one FREE bonus item
Say “YES”
Plan a fun get-together with friends & family and you’ll receive all the jewelry your
Say YES! and your parade of hostess prizes and awards begins with HEART’S DESIRE RING!
Sparks fly from Park Lane’s pave crystal-encrusted rose gold heart ring that shimmers and shines from every angle. Say “Yes!”
to holding a get-together and HEART’S DESIRE ring (retail $68) is yours for just $15. (plus tax)
Item #12528 Sizes 6 -10
Looped through and suspended from a dainty rose gold chain, the open heart pendant can be
worn with its sleek polished rose gold side facing front, OR flip it over to showcase the sparkling
side, ablaze with diamond-like pave crystals. 16”+3
HEART’S DESIRE necklace retail value is $79 but, for a hostess, it’s only $19 (plus tax)
Even better, with a show totaling $800 net sales and at least one booking, HEART’S DESIRE necklace is awarded as a FREE GIFT!
• Use Item #12526 when ordering HEART’S DESIRE necklace at the discounted hostess price.
• Use Item #50012 when ordering HEART’S DESIRE necklace as a FREE hostess award.
$500 Club – Hostess BOGO*
*For every Hostess Only item your hostess purchases, he or she may choose another Hostess Only item of equal or lesser value
for FREE! Max 4 purchased; 4 FREE.
Triple HRCs
Up to $150 in extra FREE
credit for only $15!
On February 22nd, the very night after Park Lane stars are honored on Convention stage in Las Vegas, the
movie industry will bestow their honors. Hundreds of millions of movie lovers tune in to watch the
glamorous ceremony and learn who will receive the highest honors in filmmaking.
Stars, Red Carpet, Evening Dresses, Awards, and oh the JEWELRY!
What a perfect opportunity to have your own star-studded Park Lane girl’s night in!
Dress like the star that you are!
Hostess: Katie Fuller
Sunday, February 22, 2015
7:30 pm
123 Main Street
See Park Lane’s exclusive
E! Live from the Red Carpet
jewelry – in person!
123 Main Street
555-555-5555 7:30 pm
Bring a friend!
“Am I allowed to say I really wanted this?
This is fantastic.”
- Steven Spielberg, Best Director
Invite guests to watch the Academy Awards while previewing Park Lane’s newest jewelry. Advertise that they will be the
very first to view the new 2015 jewelry line – including Park Lane’s exclusive E! Live from the Red Carpet collection.
• Plan your Academy Awards party now. Arriving guests should walk the red carpet (red plastic tablecloth) while
other guests snap pictures.
• Serve anything that bubbles in plastic champagne glasses.
• Offer an award (incentive bracelet) for the best dressed guest.
• Access E! Entertainment on your computer (eonline.com), show guests Park Lane’s Red Carpet jewelry in the “shop
red carpet” section.
Make it a star studded night!
Take pictures, tell us about your party! Send to: network@jbpl.com
Park Lane Jewelry…
The PERFECT Valentine’s Gift
A box of chocolates or a box with Park Lane jewelry? There’s no
question that jewelry is THE choice for Valentine’s Day shoppers and
YOU offer the best deal!
• Add a Valentine’s Card to your display table.
• Contact MEN! Leave flyers at the local fire station, Sports shops, etc.
• Display men’s items at your shows.
• Offer Couples Showings. Invite gals & guys for wine & cheese.
• Scatter Hershey’s Kisses & Hugs on your display table.
• Consider Chocolate Fountain Parties where guests bring a plate of dippers.
• Use heart stickers on your calendar for bonus dates.
• Tuck an HRC (or 2) into a red balloon, inflate and allow those who date a show to pop a balloon for an added prize.
BFF 2/$59
Dainty Pe $15
Adore Pe S & G $23
Love Me Br $20
You’ve seen cards like these in most retail catalogs. Cards with special offers
that demand your immediate attention to visit a website and redeem a coupon.
Now, for a limited time only, Park Lane’s got ‘em!
These gorgeous Jewelry Lover’s Cards are meant for anybody and everybody
you encounter out-and-about to increase your exposure and to grow your
Hand out your Jewelry Lover’s Card to a:
out-going store clerk
super sweet barista
stranger who compliments you on your jewelry
nail tech who loves your rings
hard working waitress
receptionist in an office
grocery store checker/bagger who is helpful
Nancy Summers, National Director, said “I would give
one to anyone who COMPLIMENTED my jewelry and I
would have no problem walking up to someone who
looked FASHIONABLE...and give them a card.”
Jewelry Lover’s Cards are perfect for a quick “thank-you” or “you’re special” memento that is non-intrusive but will lead people to
YOU and your Park Lane business!
In addition to handing out individual Jewelry Lover’s Cards, consider placing multiple cards at salons, doctor’s offices, tanning
salons, the bulletin boards at Starbucks and grocery stores too.
The back of the Jewelry Lover’s Card has “jot space” where you can either write
your name/ID # or better yet, print out labels with your name/ID # and additional
contact information. These cards are only redeemable on Park Lane’s Gift Card site
so make sure your information is on the cards that you hand out! Jewelry Lover’s
Cards cannot be redeemed without a customer indicating their Park Lane Director’s name – make sure it’s YOUR name!
When a Jewelry Lover’s Card is redeemed, commission and over ride will be paid
on the net sales. A $2 fee will be commission deducted on a $10 off sale. A $4 fee
will be commission deducted on a $25 off sale. The Park Lane Director will be sent
the customer’s contact information for follow up. How easy is that?
Jewelry Lover’s Cards cannot be combined with Gift Cards or other Jewelry Lover’s
Cards. Neither bonus items nor monthly specials are available when redeeming a
Jewelry Lover’s Card. Jewelry Lover’s Cards, like Gift Cards, can only be redeemed
on line in the Gift Card section.
Stock up and get these gorgeous cards working for you NOw!
Supply #2386, 50/$10
In our business, one always hears the questions:
How do I meet people?
How do I keep my recruits motivated?
How do I get new bookings?
How do I meet new customers?
How do I get referrals?
The questions are always the same! How do I continue to
create a viable and growing Park Lane business? There are
always lots of answers too!
Join networking groups
Keep in contact with people
Wear the jewelry
Coach your hostesses! Find out who they know.
Get out and see people every day
Keep in touch with your customers.
Keep in touch with your recruits
Lots of questions and lots of answers; however, success in Park Lane is mainly about meeting new people! Every city usually has thousands of residents
and many have millions of people! So the supply of new people to meet is
actually endless. Think for a minute about your own possibilities for meeting
new people! Then go out and See the People and grow your business with
new people!
Come to Convention and find out how adding MAGIC to your everyday routine will elevate you...not just in appearance, but in
spirit, in attitude, in enthusiasm and excitement!
Come to Convention to experience the MAGIC that Park Lane experts are more than willing to share. There’s MAGIC in the sale,
the show and in sharing the Park Lane opportunity.
Be inspired. Listen, as people from all walks of life share stories about how Park Lane has added MAGIC to their lives.
Paris Hotel 1-888-266-5687
$129 Convention Fee
By now you have been hearing about the Las Vegas Convention for months! Yes, from your leader, from your fellow Directors
and even from the Park Lane Home Office. I guess that might mean that it is an important event! It’s important to your business and it’s important to Park Lane that YOU are there!
If YOU are serious about making money with Park Lane, earning prizes and trips with Park Lane and becoming successful in
your Park Lane business, then YOU should be there!!
Seriously, Park Lane knows that if you attend this Convention then you are more likely to earn the next travel trip and more
likely to increase your income! What’s not to like about all of that!! If you are going, great! If you haven’t decided, then NOW
is the time!
Schedule some impromptu shows, collect orders and ask your friends and family for help in taking orders. Set a dollar goal
that you need and then go to work and use your Park Lane business to generate the funds you need. There is never an excuse
about finding the money required for what you want; you can raise whatever money you need with your own Park Lane jewelry kit!
You also definitely want to invite all of your new recruits! New recruits who start on or after January 8th my attend Convention
for FREE.
• Start with $500 net sales by February 11th
• Register for convention at Parklanejewelry.com/convention.
• On the payment page, simply type the promo code: Magic.
And then... Come to Convention and discover the MAGIC OF PARK LANE!
The Best Way to Start Park Lane Strong in 2015!
Everyone has really good intentions at the beginning of a New Year. Many people even make New Year’s resolutions. If you
are a Park Laner, then you can rest easy; make your resolution to be at the Park Lane Las Vegas February Convention and the
rest will happen for you!
The Park Lane Convention, especially the one at the first of the year, will get you focused! Here are a few sound reasons that
you will want to attend:
• The NEW JEWELRY will be launched! Be the first to see the new jewelry line! Receive a brand new catalog!
• Be the first to hear about ALL of the new contests and incentives for 2015!
• Participate in the awards and recognition! Be sure to be working on your advancement or on a contest where you can be
recognized ON STAGE!
• Discover where in the world Park Lane will be going next! You can be sure it will be a trip of a lifetime; unique and perhaps
a first! Find out Friday night.
• Learn, learn learn! Our business is one that is best learned by experience and by listening to the advice from those who
have gone before you. Hear the experts share.
• Experience the fun! Park Lane Conventions are known to be a big fun-fest! Visit with those from other parts of the US and
from other countries!
• Be there as Park Lane launches their 60th year in business! This is a milestone!
Be in Las Vegas in February and go home informed and motivated! This is a must for your 2015 business! What you learn in
Vegas, most definitely won’t stay in Vegas! It’s yours to share.
Come to Convention and show your team “SPIRIT”!
Each Senior Division and Vice-President will be assigned a convention attendance goal for their team. Meet
that goal and every attending representative on the team receives this outstanding multi-color CZ bracelet.
The Senior Division, Sales Vice-President and Company Vice-President who exceed their attendance goal by the highest number of convention attendees will win “The SPIRIT Award”... a visit from Park Lane’s CEO, Scott LeVin!
Scott will travel to the home area of the winning teams where he will conduct a special opportunity event. Imagine the
recruiting results you and your team will enjoy when Scott visits your community? No one will be able to resist joining
you in Park Lane!
Want to win The Spirit Award? Want to win SCOTT? Then encourage everyone on your team to show their spirit by
committing to attend Convention in February. Everyone should go... They should go for themselves, for their team and
the Company as well!
*Register and pay your $129 fee by February 11th to count toward your teams goal.
Gorgeous Gems
Bracelet retail $289
It’s almost time to pack for Convention! Oh, what to wear!! Always an important decision, especially for the women! If you are
new to Park Lane, here is a little guide to help you out:
• Travel in your best comfortable clothes. There will be plenty of time later to show off your best self.
• For all meetings and seminars, wear your best business comfortable outfit. Of course, accessorize with plenty of Park Lane
• Friday night – the suggested attire includes all things MAGICAL! How about top hats, glamour gloves, capes, sequined
bunny ears! If it all BLINGS, all the better! Use your imagination!
• Saturday night is definitely “dress-up” night….one can never be too dressed up for our Awards Banquet! Wear your dressiest
dress; evening gown, sparkly and blingy is definitely in order! It’s been said that Park Lane’s Saturday night is a mix of the
Academy Awards and a beauty pageant!
There you have it! We will see you on stage in Las Vegas!
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Registration/Welcome area is located within the Sales Center. This is where you’ll pick up your
convention welcome packet containing your name badge, convention drawing ticket and the
weekend’s agenda. The Park Lane Sales Center will be open all weekend during designated
hours. Get the first look at the fabulous array of incentive jewelry and promotional merchandise
that will be on display and on sale.
EXECUTIVE LEADER MEETING (Senior Divisions, VPs, Franchise Owners)
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
This meeting is exclusively for Executive Leaders and Company invited Division Leaders. A
private cocktail reception will immediately follow the meeting. Spanish translation equipment
will be available
SEMINAR – SOCIAL MEDIA & TECH 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Effectively using social media is the focus of this seminar. Learning how to be purposeful with
social media and email marketing will boost your business. This seminar is open to all levels.
10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Step-by-step booking process, creative booking through field activities, multiple bookings from
shows and insuring a “repeat” hostess are a just a few of the training topics offered in this business building training. This seminar is open to all levels.
LUNCH BREAK - 12:15 PM - 1:30 pm
This seminar is for Division Leaders, all levels of VPs and Franchise Owners. NOTE: Branch
Directors and Region/Area Leaders may qualify to attend this seminar by submitting
$2,000 n/n personal sales and sponsoring 2 new, qualified recruits between November 5th,
2014 and February 11th, 2015. Division and above level Leaders are expected to perform the
same qualifications. Leaders know, go and show the way!
SEMINAR – Fashion Director Power Hour with CEO, Scott LeVin 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Training and inspiration from the BEST! This power hour is worth the price of admission alone!
Branch Directors and Region/Area Leaders who did not qualify to attend the “Building your Empire” seminar are expected to attend this FD power hour. Spanish translation equipment will be
Announcing: Major Las Vegas hotel headliner to open
Park Lane’s Magical Friday night of convention!
This critically acclaimed Las Vegas star has
taken time from their own Las Vegas theater
production to be among our very own
Park Lane stars.
Ballroom doors open at 6:00. The show starts
promptly at 6:30. Our star needs to be on his
own stage immediately following his
Park Lane appearance!
You just gotta’ be there!
Friday night of convention promises to be a MAGICAL
evening filled with awards, drawings, recognition and
the reveal of a new trip contest destination!
Friday night the suggested attire includes all things MAGICAL; Top hats, glamour gloves,
capes, sequined bunny ears, AND, if it all BLINGS, all the better! The MAGIC theme also conjures images of Harry Potter, Houdini, Wicked, and of course… MAGIC MIKE!
Abracadabra! The Magic continues...
Stellar training continues on Saturday morning. Park Lane experts will share their secrets to success. Their MAGIC will be unveiled so that convention attendees can work their OWN MAGIC and elevate (or levitate!) their 2015 business to even greater
The morning training session builds to a crescendo of excitement as the new 2015 jewelry line is revealed on the big screen!
The new jewelry line is in-vogue, street-style and yet… classic. This stunning new jewelry line will MAGICALLY sell itself!
Stellar training continues in the afternoon. Testimonials, tips from the experts, improving your results, fashion tips and fun
drawings create an exciting afternoon… designed for YOUR success.
The afternoon session concludes with a message from CEO Scott LeVin!
Due to overwhelming requests, Park Lane will once again offer a special Convention meeting exclusively for men on Saturday morning from 9:30 – 11:00 AM. (No women allowed!).
Man Class attendees will listen to advice and learn from other husbands and significant
others who have paved the way!
Being a family owned and operated business, Park Lane knows that spouses play an important role in YOUR Park Lane business. For this reason, we offer a special reduced convention
fee of only $50 for spouses of Park Laners. We encourage you to register and bring your
spouse to learn more about Park Lane. We even have a special class just for spouses!
awards night
Who will take top honors for:
Personal Recruiting
Personal Sales
Group Sales
Lights… Cameras… Applause!
Convention Recognition Competition ends February 11th
“There are a lot of great movies that have won the Academy Award, and a lot of great movies
that haven’t. You just do the best you can.”
- Clint Eastwood, Best Director
awards night
Contest Dates: 12/3/14 – 2/11/15
Your goal: 25 personal shows and 5 personal recruits
Your prize: $1,000 OR
Genuine Diamond & Amethyst ring
When your name is called to convention stage, you’ll
be given the choice:
Yes, your prize is substantial. You’ve planned, attained and are among the BEST OF THE BEST.
Whether you choose the cash or the gemstone ring, your prize includes enhanced paychecks and a bigger central team to start 2015!
Shows must average $300 net sales. Recruits must be fully qualified ($1,000) within their first five commission dates or by
2/11/15, whichever comes first. Convention attendance is required to receive the cash or ring prize.
Excellence in GROUP sales.
Contest Dates: 11/5/14 – 2/11/15
The TOP 5 team leaders at every level from the US will be
honored on convention stage. Each will receive a crystal star
The #1 leader at every level from the US will also receive
The TOP 5 team leaders at every level
from the combined International Markets will be honored on convention
stage. Each will receive a crystal star
The #1 leader at every level from the
combined International
Markets will also receive $500!
Only ONE will take the TOP WORLDWIDE Group Sales leader and be
awarded the Global trophy and
receive an additional $500!
“I’m just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream. I never thought this would ever happen.”
- Hillary Swank, Best Actress
Hi Everyone! It’s Crystal here! I have received so many amazing questions from all of you Park Lane Directors! Please continue to send emails
to me about anything that is on your mind! After all, we are “Besties in
Bling”! Have a Fabulous February!
Dear Crystal:
I had a terrific show last night and I was telling my leader about the show the next day and she said “Wow, that’s great….you
should FLIP your hostess!” Well…I am 110 pound and she is….let’s just say…..way larger than I am….so I can’t imagine this!
However, I don’t think she was kidding! So I got off the phone and thought about it all day and barely slept the next night…I
want to follow the PL plan, but I don’t know what to think…looking deeper into Park Lane and who they are, would they approve such a thing?? What if she broke her arm on the way down?? I don’t know what to do!
Signed Conflicted in Canada
Dear Conflicted:
Oh, my poor dear…. I almost “flipped” out when I got your letter! Really, I can tell that you are trying hard to adhere to the Park Lane way,
but let’s back up and start again! “Flipping the hostess” is a term that was coined by someone in the field who no doubt was in a hurry to
win a trip or a contest…it amounts to handing over a great show to a hostess who also wants to start Park Lane. Don’t get me wrong, it’s
wonderful to recruit or sponsor your hostesses…but just be sure that you give this hostess the same strong start that you would give any
prospect; an interview session, assistance in dating at least 5 additional bookings and access to the Initial Training Class. So there you
have it! Relax and enjoy your new friend – your hostess! And by the way…no heavy lifting required!
Signed: Your friend, Crystal
Dear Crystal:
I am greatly conflicted; I want to go to the February Convention but I promised my husband that I would not use a charge card to
finance my trip to Las Vegas! We are trying hard as a family to stick to this agreement. I can’t use my grocery money either, since
he would surely notice if I skimped on food (he’s a big eater!) The college fund for the kids is out too, as I couldn’t sleep at night
if I did that! I have thought of everything. I would appreciate any suggestions that you can give me.
Signed: Longing for Las Vegas
Dear Longing:
You sound like such a sincere person; of course, I would not want you to use the kids’ college funds and would not want you to deprive your
husband of his dinner! Let me tell you that with Park Lane you can be very creative with your approach to marketing your own business.
Also, let me assure you that people LOVE to help a worthy cause and they WILL want to help you! So, put together some simple fliers that
advertise a big FUNDRAISER for the first two weeks of February! You are looking for people to take orders for Park Lane jewelry; host a
private showing, take a book to their workplace to collect orders, host a mini-event in their home and you will bring the jewelry! Anything
that works in those first two weeks that creates orders! Oh, yes, WHO does the fundraiser benefit? Why, YOU, a most worthy cause! Try this
approach. Have your picture on the flier! Then when they ask, you can fill in the particulars. BTW, your husband will be SO proud of you for
making this happen….that’s the power you have with Park Lane! See you in Las Vegas!
Signed: Your Friend, Crystal.
Directors, send your questions to me, Crystal! I can’t wait to help you! Network@jbpl.com
2015 GOALS
NOW is the time to create a business plan for post-convention and
for the month of March! Soon, you will be experiencing everything
that the Park Lane’s Convention weekend has to offer! So over the
next few weeks, you will want to set up your plans for the weeks following your return from Las Vegas! You will have new catalogs, new
jewelry, new contests and a brand new travel trip!
So what to do? Glad you asked!
• Have appointments and events dated and in place BEFORE you
leave for Convention. You will be SO glad you did this!
• Be sure to get enough catalogs and some of the new jewelry
while you are at Convention. This way you will have some exciting things to share when you return. (Be sure to bring an extra
carry-on for the supplies and jewelry you will bring home)
• Set up a hostess appreciation FOCUS GROUP in your own home or at a local restaurant. Invite all your past hostesses
from 2014 (and before). Plan a mini-fashion show to introduce our new line. Do this in the first two weeks following
• Book some personal appointments for the two weeks immediately following Convention. Let people know that you are
selecting your best customers and good friends to preview our new jewelry line. You value their opinion!
• Have your own show/open house the week you return. Set this up now! You can add the decorations in the theme of our
next travel trip once you are home!
Park Laners, some of you will do this and some might not! Some people will hit the ground running with places to go and
people to see! Don’t be the person who arrives home and says….”why didn’t I set up any appointments ahead of time? It’s up
you! It’s your business! Just do it and make it happen. Take the initiative and plan ahead! You will be SO glad you did!
Who wants some FREE jewelry? Answer: Everyone! Park Lane has a newly designed drawing box that comes with a pad of drawing slips. Ask owners of
local businesses if you can place a drawing box in their establishment. Try your
local cleaners, a beauty supply business, hair and nail salon and any other local
businesses in your city. This is a great way to attract some new prospects. Be
sure to check the drawing boxes weekly and call the people promptly. You can
make each person a winner by setting an appointment to deliver their “free”
jewelry. Use retired pieces or the Incentive bracelets (obtain from Park Lane).
You can purchase the drawing boxes from Park Lane for $2.50 each. Go to the
supply section of the Field Interface and type in “drawing”. Order your drawing
boxes now so you have them ready to go and into place the week you get home
from Convention! There are lots of ways to create prospects! Meet new people!
That’s the future of your business.
Focus Group Survey
Name _______________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________
City/State ______________________________ Zip ___________
Phone # _______________ Email _________________________
1. My personal style is: (Check all that apply)
___Casual ___Trendy ___Career ___Classic
2. For your jewelry, which metal do you prefer? (Check all that apply)
___Silver tone
___Gold tone ___Rose Gold
___Mixed Metals
3. How does the Park Lane Customer Buying Program compare
to other parties you have been to or hosted?
____ better than ____similar to ____not as good as others
4. Does the Good/Better/Best flyer explain the sale? ________
5. How does our guarantee compare to others? It is:
____ better than ____similar to ____not as good as others
6. What are your two favorite “Thank You” items?
7. Compare receiving $400 in free Park Lane jewelry for hosting
a private showing compared to other parties? Is it:
____ better than ____similar to ____not as good as others
8. If you were to do an event, which type is most appealing?
____ private event with 3 friends ____ show with 5 - 7 friends
____ a room full of friends ____ fundraising event
9. What do you enjoy when you attend a Park Lane gathering?
Great Deals Fashion Tips Socializing Personal Service
10. Please give us a brief opinion of our business opportunity.
2015 Happy New Year... Happy Recruiting!
Throughout Convention your new recruits can purchase
their starter kit for only $129!
This starter kit contains $1,000 worth of jewelry and supplies to get your recruits started NOW! The $129 payment covers a $39
registration plus a reduced kit cost of only $90.
Paying $129 for this special starter kit means your newest recruits will earn full commission on their very first sales! Just in time for
when the holiday bills arrive, Park Lane paychecks will be arriving as well.
Spread the word; alert your customers and hostesses that a career with Park Lane Jewelry can make their 2015 sparkle and bling.
A new year... a new start with Park Lane Jewelry!
Park Lane offers two additional kit options:
$1,000 Value Jewelry Kit – ZERO out of
pocket investment!
Contains jewelry and supplies you’ll need
to start your own home-based business.
Submit $500 in net sales* and the Starter
Kit is yours! Commission is withheld on
your first $500 in net sales. Thereafter,
your commission will be paid weekly.
*Net sales refer to items sold at full retail price
AND hostess’ ½ price items
$500 investment - $2,800 value jewelry kit
Contains MORE jewelry and MORE
supplies you’ll need to start your own
home-based business.
PLUS: earn commission immediately! Since
you’re investing $500 in your business, no
commission will be withheld.
You’ll earn a paycheck with your first
submitted sales.
You’ll also earn full contest credit on your
$500 investment!
Week @ A Glance
Each week, Park Laners receive the “Week at a Glance” communication from Home Office. This email contains an
overview of all the customer, hostess and director specials for the next commission week. This weekly info is vital to
keep you up to date on all that Park Lane is offering.
The Glance contains a button to toggle between English and Spanish for your language preference.
Are you receiving the Week at a Glance? If not, we may not have your correct email on file. Please send us your
current email to CS@jbpl.com and we’ll make sure you receive the Week at a Glance and other important email announcements. Don’t miss out – email your correct info today.
A training conference call, conducted
entirely in Spanish will be held on February
6th. This call is open to all Spanish speaking Park Laners. Current specials, convention and business strategies and are just a
few topics planned.
Grab a cup of your favorite brew, dial in
and join our network of Spanish speaking
movers & shakers for this “power ½ hour”!
Virginia Marroquin
“I’m so excited to announce the promotion for Virginia
Marroquin to the level of Sr. Division Manager!
Virginia is the type of manager that any leader would
LOVE to have. She’s ALWAYS Positive and when faced
with a challenge she makes her decision, creates a plan
and doesn’t stop until she reaches her goal.
Vicky, I’m SO PROUD of your accomplishment!!! I know
that this is the begining of many more GREAT things to
Submitted by Claudia Garcia Weitzer,
Director of Hispanic Development