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First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
The Christian F cus
February 2015
Volume 116 Issue 2
Valentine Banquet
February 7th, 2015
Saturday, at 5:00 p.m. In the Fellowship Hall
Hosted by the Men’s Group
Cost $6 each
Scout Sunday
February 8, 2015
From Scouts arriving at the place of worship, together
and all in uniform, to their reverent roles in the service
itself, this event is a uniquely meaningful way to make
the public aware of Scouting, and to allow Scouts to
live out their "Duty to God" pledge each week.
Additionally, this year’s Scout Sunday celebration
happens to coincide with BSA’s 105th birthday!
Lent 2015 - Jesus is “I AM”
“Women in Philanthropy”
The Oklahoma Disciples Foundation presents a
Saturday Seminar featuring guest speaker Lesly
Bosch Annen, philanthropic advisor, communications specialist, and non-profit fundraiser from
Texas. Registration is open to all. There is no cost
to attend and lunch will be provided.
Saturday, February 28, 2015
8:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.
First Christian Church, OKC
36th & N. Walker
Registration is required. For information and to
register, visit or call Julie Bowers
at 405-525-6530.
FCC Wagoner women will take the church van.
Make sure and let us know you want to go.
Wednesday, February 18 - Ash Wednesday
Sunday, February 22 - I am the Bread of Life - John 6: 35-40
Sunday, March 1 - I am the Way - John 14:1-7
Sunday, March 8 - I am the Door - John 10:7-9
Sunday, March 15 - I am the True Vine - John 15:1-5
Sunday, March 22 - I am the Good Shepherd - John 10: 11-15
Sunday March 29 - I am the Ressurection - John 11:21-27
Sunday, April 5 - Easter Sunday - Who Do You Say I Am? Matthew 16: 13-18
During this time, Pastor Will is offering Pastor’s Classes for
those youth in the 4th grade and up who are considering
baptism. Please see Pastor Will for more info and to sign up.
Words cannot adequately express the appreciation Dale & I
have for your words of concern to us and for the prayers
you offered up on our behalf. We continue to fight the good
fight to win over this devastating disease. First Christian
Church has added many wonderful and exciting experiences
in our lives. God blessed us by allowing us to share with
such “special” children of God. Continue to keep us in your
prayers. You matter to us. Pairs and Spares Sunday School
provides us much support.
God Bless-In Christian Love
Dale & Lena Cox
I would like to Thank all the prayer warriors who sent
prayers up for my kidney stone surgery. It was a success
and I just praise God for the comfort! Prayer is the best
thing we can do for each other.
In Memoriam
Linda Evans
Doris Beck
Born: July 3, 1937
Thank you to Brenda Hall for teaching the Pairs & Spares
class for me in my absence. Thank you also to the class for
being flexible. You are a wonderful class.
Joined FCC: April 16, 2006
Died: January 27, 2015
Linda Evans
Thank you for all the prayers said on my behalf during
my recent breast cancer surgery. You don’t know how
much I miss my church family.
Joyce Newby
July 18-22, 2015 Columbus, Ohio
Bulletin Board Notice
There is a sign up sheet
to give Betty White a
ride to Sunday services.
Call the office and we
will add your name to
the list.
Baked Potato Dinner
CWF Fundraiser
March 8, 2015
At noon in Fellowship hall
By Donations
Thank you to everyone who made it
possible for CWF to send a check to
Church World Services to provide
blankets for those in need. The total
came to $920
920 That is a record giving
for our church.
The 2015 Church Committees & Organizations
Caregivers– Debbie Langston, Chairperson- Karen Jackson, Betty Cox, Gay Self
CWF – Donna Ferguson, President; Beth Ann French, Vice-President & Program; Jeanne Portello, Secretary; Becky
Crocker & Marty Ester, Co-Treasurer; Barbara Williams, Devotion.
Education - Betty Cox, Chairperson- Joyce Fields, Dick Galusha, Linda Evans, Dale & Gayla Bailey, Erica Ferrel,
Karen Jackson, Jennifer Farmer, Donna Ferguson, Mary Gaylor, Alison Ferguson, Ida Yarberry,
Pastor Will, Youth Minister
Evangelism - Marty & Ron Ester and Michael & Lisa Collins- Co-Chairs —Kim Smith, Steve & Brenda Hall,
Pete & Pat Clark, Trey & Shannon Kirkhart and Alison Ferguson, Dale & Gayla Bailey
Membership - Donna Ferguson & Wayne Hall- Co-Chairs
Funeral Dinners: Brenda Hall, Chairperson– Becky Crocker, Jane Cochran, Malka Hayes
Deacons: Celebration Sunday
Elders: Congregational Meeting
Directory ~ Gay Self
Men’s Group– Michael Collins, President; Jason Fields, Vice-President; Jim Aveni, Treasurer
Outreach - Jason Fields, Chairperson - Alison Ferguson, Wayne Hall, Glenn Scott, Erica Ferrel
Pastoral Relations - Steve Hall, Chairperson- Becky Crocker, Jennifer Farmer
Property - Ray Don Gaylor & John Jackson Co- Chairs– Pete Clark, Linda Gaylor, Glenn Scott
Scholarship- Becky Crocker & Richard Allen, Co-Chairs– Michael Collins
Stewardship & Finance - Karen Jackson, Chairperson
Jim Aveni, Linda Gaylor, Blake Hall, Shirley Holland, Glenn Scott
Sunday School Superintendent - Paul Gilstrap
Sound and Projector Team– Jason Fields, Charlie Harder, Jack E. Cochran, Jim Aveni
Church Photographers: Gayla Bailey, Brandy Harder, Jennifer Farmer
Worship - Kim Smith, Chairperson,—Jason Fields, Beth Ann French, Jack E. Cochran, Bill Benham,
Joyce Fields-Worship Leader, Dona Dorr-Choir Director
Vision Fund- Kenna and Blake Hall, Co-Chairs- Charlie & Brandy Harder
*Minister’s Cabinet consists of the Committee Chairpersons
Sights Around FCC
First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
415 NE 2nd St.
Wagoner, OK 74467
Phone: (918) 485-3521
Fax: (918) 485-1490
Men’s Meeting
The Men will meet on Monday the
2nd at 6:00 pm at Pizza Hut.
All ladies of FCC are invited to CWF (Christian Women’s Fellowship)
Meeting is Thursday February 12th, 2015
Place: Church Time: 12 Noon Program: Judy Barkman
Hostess: Beth Ann French, Jane Cochran
Summer Camp 2015
Church Staff
Will Smith, Senior Minister
Nancy Evans, Secretary
Larry Brixey, Custodian & Maintenance
Dona Dorr, Choir Director
Ed Myers, Organist
Judy Barkman, Pianist
It is that time of year to begin thinking about and planning to
attend a summer camp experience! The Summer Ministry
Team has recruited great directors that are
working with fantastic counselors to prepare
a fun, spirit-filled, song-filled, games packed,
and God-Sighting time for children and
youth of all ages.
Schedule of Events
8:30 & 10:45 a.m.
Fellowship & Refreshments
9:30 a.m.
Sunday School
9:45 a.m.
12:05 p.m.
(1st Sun. of each month)
Adult Choir
Online Registration Opens February 2 this
year and promotional information will be on the regional webpage
( on January 20. Camp Registration Fees will
INCREASE this year due to increase fees from the sites that host our camp
experiences. Fees will be announced soon!
3:15 p.m.
6:30 p.m.
Christian Women's Fellowship
(2nd Thursday of the month)
12:00 pm
If your contact information has changed
(address, phone number etc.), please tell the
church office.
Attendance Record
8:30 Service
Important Youth Dates
March 16-19 - Chi Rho Heifer Global Challenge (6-8th grade) led by Pastor Will
June 8-12 - Triple Camp @Camp Christian (3rd - 12th grade) Pastor Will is
July 26-31- Mission Claremore (6th - 12 grade) see Pastor Will for more
Sunday School
10:45 Service
Obligated Funds
January 4th
(21) $1,110.00
(42) $21
(58) $4,280.00
B.R. $30
January 11th
(29) $1,040.00
(52) $26.08
(58) $1,497.00
B.R. $15
January 18th
(33) $700.00
(50) $21.55
(57) $1,191.00
B.R. $1,015 Blanket Sun. $50
January 25th
( 91)
(32) $531.50
(59) $2,300.25
B.R. $15 Blanket Sun. $320
Financial report is on bulletin board across from office.