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Michael Bloom Photography (Michael)
I am a Hudson Valley based photojournalist. My wedding
photography style is a mixture of quiet, truthful, journalism,
and editorial inspired fashion. I have photographed weddings
for ten years both locally and internationally. My work has
appeared nationally in The NY Times, DETAILS, and
Rolling Stone and locally in Ulster Magazine, Orange
Magazine, and Hudson Valley Magazine. I find great joy and
inspiration in photographing weddings. They have taken me
around the world and introduced me to several people who
are now dear friends.
Jeff Tisman Photography (Jeff)
A different approach to wedding photography. More informal
portraits with a fashion/rock and roll feel while capturing the
day in a candid natural way. All packages include a set of all
proofs and a hi-res DVD of the images.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Jean Kallina Photography (Jean)
Jean Kallina is known for is effortlessly tuning into the
special aspects of a relationship, and capturing the epic
drama as well as the intimate and tender moments that might
slip past most eyes. Everyone of Jeans images tells a story and in the case of your wedding, it will be your story,
captured scene by scene, with a romantic realism that sets
the standard for the most stylish and natural weddings
Sherry Sutton Photography (Sherry)
Sherry Sutton specializes in unique, creative, and fun
photography. A warm, creative, and positive person, Sherry's
clients trust her to capture their most precious moments.
Based in New Jersey, she specializes in weddings, boudoir
and pinup. She was awarded the Best of Weddings by The
Knot magazine for 2013 and 2014. Her work has appeared in
The Knot, NY1, Redbook, Babble, Origin Magazine,
NYGets Wed, Emmaline Bride, Rebell Society, NJ
Weddings, Wedding Atlas, and Trendy Bride. She is also a
CaseLogic Photo Pro.
Cassi Claire Photography (Cassi)
Colorful, clean, bright, & fun wedding photography.
Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography (Maggie)
Photo-journalistic with a compassionate style.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Tracey Eller Studio (Tracey)
Portraits, Weddings & Lifestyle Photography
Tracey Eller Photography is proud to offer unique
documentary style wedding photography to couples booking
their celebration at Full Moon Resort this season.Tracey
brings her experience as a fine art portrait and wedding
photographer to your special day to create images that
capture the memories that will last forever. Please visit
Love Me Do Photography (Carina Romano)
Love Me Do combines the talents of two uniquely artistic,
highly ambitious, and lovely teams of ladies who decided to
branch out from photography into the world of weddings.
Andres Valenzuela Photography (Andres)
Andres Valenzuela is an international wedding photographer
serving the Hudson Valley area. Having lived and traveled in
over 20 countries around the world in his lifetime, he's
gained an appreciation for different cultures and people from
all walks of life. He brings this experience and sensitivity to
his photography as he seeks to document the beauty and
personality in each and every one of his subjects. As seen in
the Knot, NJ Bride, 201 Bride, and others, Andres has
photographed over 150 weddings from New York to
Jamaica, hundreds of families and has also done charity
photography work in Israel, Philippines, India and Kenya.
More than anything Andres has a love and respect for
marriage and is honored to be asked to document the most
beautiful day in couples lives.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Levi Stolove Photography (Levi)
I've made photographs for myself, for magazines, for
companies and now for many amazing couples. As I began
photographing weddings I quickly realized that this was
where the good stuff was. The story of human joy all rolled
up in one day: love, connection, laughter, family and friends
celebrating. I want to be part of what makes your day great.
Your images will be unique, genuine, warm, emotional and
full of love that will sometimes break your heart a little. I
will bring my cameras, lenses and a big smile and make your
wedding day into a work of joyous art.
Catherine Leonard Photography (Catherine)
We can create a package that fits you. We strive to make
wedding photography fun and exciting, while we steal a
moment in time that you will gladly pass down from
generation to generation.
Daniel Krieger Photography (Daniel)
I'm an award winning photographer living and working in
New York City. I just won an award for Best Wedding
Photography Blog by the Wedding Channel (from The Knot)
and was named one of New York Citys best Wedding
Photographers by Time Out New York.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Jennifer May Photography (Jennifer)
Jennifer approaches weddings with an eye for beauty,
spontaneity, and emotion. She looks for small and revealing
moments as well as the traditional highlights of the ceremony
and reception. Jennifer is often told she makes people feel at
ease when she photographs them, and she aims to be as
unobtrusive as possible, while making sure she always gets
her shot.
Jensen Studios (Ryan Jensen)
My goal is to capture your experiences with a style and the
energy that reflects who you are, how you love and share
your lives together with your family and friends. I strive to
provide a relaxed, enjoyable photography experience for
everyone in attendance, especially the bride and groom. I
utilize several styles of photojournalistic, editorial and party
photography to adapt in the telling of your unique wedding
Hillary Harvey Photography (Hillary)
Hillary Harvey creates photographs unique to your wedding
that reflect your style. She narrates rather than orchestrates,
highlights your special details and smoothes the way for fun,
effortless formals. A full-service studio offering a la carte
options ensures you can have exactly what you want.
Ellen Crane Photography (Ellen)
Ellen Crane gave us greatest wedding gift: not having to
worry about the pictures. Our pictures are gorgeous -vibrant, colorful and full of the action, just like our wedding.
She managed to be in the center of everything while also
blending seamlessly into the scene. I couldn't ask for
anything more. --Erin Einhorn (Married at Full Moon in
646-498-8453 or 914-231-5056
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Therese Beth Photography (Terri McCabe)
"My mission is simple; to tell your story in a creative way
that conveys the heart and soul of who you are and how you
fit into this world of ours. I am a lifestyle photographer with
a passion for capturing a slice of your life through my
photojournalistic style, from the minute the first eyelash goes
on through all the fun at your reception. I strive to embody
the pure essence of everyone I photograph, whether it be in
posed portraits or in candid shots, so leave your Sunday
manners on the sidelines and let's have some fun!"
Douglas Baz Photography (Doug)
I work in a photojournalistic/documentary mode capturing
the full range of emotional and joyful moments. My goal is
to create a lasting narrative of beautiful images for you and
your families
Aisle Walk Photos (Franz Edlinger) is a digital photography service that
prides itself on recording the most important day in your life
with utmost discretion and sensitivity to all the details.
Working as a team, Franz and Sandra are able to capture
those unexpected images as well as capturing the more
traditional exchanges between bride and groom. Our pleasure
is in leaving our client with lasting memories that will recall
that day, the magic and the love.
845.688.2143 or 845-475-1235
Maximilian B. Nucci Photography (Max)
The style speaks for itself, but what makes my work unique
is the approach. I’m not just a wedding photographer; I
capture moments of joy in my client’s lives. Being European,
I see romance for what it is and capture the essence of your
wedding without being the center of attention.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Majestic Studios (Mark Greenstone)
Majestic Studios is not your average wedding photography
Studio. Offering both Photography and Videography
coverage in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary
style, we are incredibly passionate, fun, detailed, and easy to
work with.
Ron Holtz Photography (Ron)
Ron Holtz is known for his documentary yet flattering
wedding images. His pictures captures the true spirit of each
wedding in an uncontrived style that emphasizes the
emotions of the day. Based in New York City. No travel
charges for weddings between June and October.
Laurie Rhodes Photography (Laurie)
Documentary style photography for capturing human
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Iannelli Photography (John)
With over 20 years experience shooting for myself and
various other studios, I have photographed over 1,500
weddings, bar/batmitzahs, social events and proms. Meeting
clients, figuring out their needs and chemistry and then trying
to create something special for them is what really makes me
happy. Anyone these days can call themselves a
photographer, but only few can make that magic happen time
and time again. To me, that is the sign of a true professional.
I am really excited to continue doing what I love. Who
knows what the next twenty years will bring....
The Lovely Lens (Celia and Danny)
Celia and Danny are an award-winning lovely couple of
photojournalists that enjoy making art of your day. For us it's
about focusing on the real experience- you can leave the
cheese at home. We ditch the formulas and work with each
couple to learn what you want, what you see, what makes
you tick. Though we pride ourselves on being creative and
quirky, you can also expect professionalism bred from years
of journalistic experience.
+1 917-727-8305
ProLine Productions (Alexander Fomin)
Photography at ProLine Productions done in a unique,
stylish, and unobtrusive way. For every wedding we are
striving to do our Photography with passion, expertise and a
lot of fun. We are not asking you to stop and to pose for us
during Ceremony or Reception. Real event ... Real emotions
... Real photos! All Photography Packages include our
Hardcover Modern Albums, our unique Full HD Slideshows
on Blu-ray Disc or DVD and High Resolution Master Images
as an Archive on DVD-ROM. So, you'll be able to watch
your Wedding Pictures as Slideshows on HDTV in color
forever! Our Package/Option System is open and so flexible
that allows you to create right price for your budget. All
Pricing is available on our website.
888-776-5776 >>>
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Andrea Fischman Photography (Andrea)
With Andrea, your event is captured as it unfolds in an
artistic and natural way with minimal posing. Andrea
documents the emotions of the day in an unobtrusive, photojournalistic style. She loves documenting your special day
and telling your personal story through her eyes. Find about
this experience first-hand from past brides & grooms by
going to her website and clicking on the Testimonials link
Aperture Photography & Imaging (Frank Gambino)
Fine art wedding Photojournalism. Our forte is story telling
and memories
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Wildflowers (Richard)
Weddings designed with a keen eye on detail. Creating
distinctive arrangements, bouquets and site specific designs
for you wedding. We use the most unusual and freshest
flowers to provide a one of a kind event.
Elderberry Flowers (Jim or Arnie)
Magazine editor, designer and stylist Jim Williams turns his
attention to exquisite floral creations and has fast become a
premiere designer in the area. His uncanny eye for color and
unusual combinations make for truly personal bouquets.
Whether intimate or grand, country casual or lavishly
elegant, elderberry will provide original and uncommonly
beautiful flowers for your wedding day. Custom table
treatments, favors, table card and place tag production, as
well as other special touches are available.
845-679-0271 or 845-332-4696
Jaritas Florist (Jay or Rita)
As a full service florist (since 1977) with the highest quality
and freshest product available from all around the world,
Jarita's pays special attention to the discriminating bride who
is planning a Catskill Mountain area wedding. Our unique
and creative designs in a wide variety of styles, from casual
gathered wild flowers to sophisticated country elegance
afford you unlimited options for the most perfect day of your
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Sviba Floral Decoration (Cathy & Barry)
Sviba for almost 25 years has become a full concept and
floral decorating company from simple to sublime. Sviba’s
approach is one of personalization, detail and the total
design. We strive for difference, bringing innovation and a
fresh vision that suits your needs and wishes.
Cathy:607-746-8460 ; Barry:607-435-9529
Emily Thompson Flowers (Emily)
Emily Thompson is a Brooklyn-based event designer, whose
bouquets, displays, and décor combine exquisitely crafted
compositions with organic beauty. Her designs recreate the
wild landscape indoors. She likes her work to look as though
it grew that way, only better.
Green Cottage (Dennis)
As a sentimentalist, I understand their importance for special
occasions and everyday life. I create expressive
arrangements that harken back to nature with a mix of
ordinary and extraordinary flowers. I enjoy working with
each client to reflect and refine their vision.
A Night in Bloom Event Floristry
A Night in Bloom Event Floristry believes that beautiful,
fresh flowers should be accessible to everyone for their
wedding or event. Whether you have a limited budget or the
sky is the limit, we offer services for all types of clients.
Among these services are unique, one of a kind rental items
such as Manzanita trees, birch chuppahs and arches, vintage
glassware and millinery items, DIY options and by the bunch
flowers and of course full service floral and event design.
This unique design studio is located in a historic factory
building in Kingston, NY and is by appointment only.
Heather Forrest- Lundy has worked in the floral industry
since she was a teenager, and considers herself one of the
luckiest people alive to be able to do what she loves most
for a living.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Davenport Farms (Bruce & Barth)
Family-owned farm market, greenhouse, and wholesale farm
located in Stone Ridge New York. We grow many of the
flowers and vegetable plants we sell in our own corn
furnace-heated greenhouses, but our nursery also offers a
large variety of hard-to-find flowers. Pick your own flowers
845-687-0051 or 845-416-6681 or
The River Garden (Bernadette Kowalski)
Featuring a wide variety of flowers, for both fresh-cut abd
dried use. Also arrangements for weddings and other events.
Pick your own flowers.
518-943-6005 or 518-573-4843
Edgewood (Chris Kupec)
An organic farm in Big Indian, New York.
(845) 254-9818
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Full Moon Catering (Adam)
Chef Adam Kowalsky and his team are bringing their talents
and expertise to your dessert plate. Scouring the Hudson
Valley for the freshest ingredients, we will work with you to
create your dream cake, pies or cupcakes. Chef Adam will
arrange a private consultation and tasting at your
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Peter Buettner Duets
Guitar, flute and/or Sax.
Full repertoire including popular, classical and jazz for
ceremonies and cocktail hours. Solos, duets or trios. Very
reasonable rates.
Kyle Esposito
Woodstock All-Stars- Classic Rock/Dance.
Wonderful session players from the Woodstock music scene
Bernstein Bard Trio
Mark Bernstein:Guitar, Steve Bernstein: Mandolin, Robert
Bard: Upright Bass
"A great trio, strings all over the place, playing music of all
different styles and idioms."- Jay Ungar (from Jay and
Shaadi Ki Shehnai (Roger Lipson)
Shaadi Ki Shehnai provides sitar, shehnai and tabla for Indian
and Indian-themed events. Their repertoire includes:
Classical, light classical, folk tunes and Bollywood songs. In
addition they provide Dhol, snare and other instruments for
Baraat (The Groom’s procession) and provide singers and
instrumentalists including: harmonium; bansuri; violin and
sarod. For those in need of non-Indian music, they provide
jazz, Irish, rockabilly, and Indian-Fusion entertainment. Their
music has been featured on PBS, Feature Films and events
all over the U.S.A. .
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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David Wasik
Jazz Trios
The Waz is a swinging rhythimic presence performing their
own style of Acid Jazz & Improv Groove. The group's
concept is to create a collective vibration that leaves you
feeling good all over. The Waz has a chemistry between
players on stage that is infectious and allows for audience
and group to become one pulsating entity.
Alex Mazur
I am a full-time professional musician and DJ. As a piano
player, I also offer live music for the ceremony, cocktail hour
and/or dinner . . . as well as a mix of DJ/Live Music at great
package rates. I can also add musicians/instruments to suit
your taste
Darren Lyons Group
Jazz Trios and Quartets
I have 2 types of jazz ensembles. One is a trio which
consists of piano, acoustic bass and drums. The other is my
electric group, which is a six piece jazz/fusion ensemble.
Both groups have numerous awards and credentials which
can be seen/heard at
River Alexander
Mad Jazz Hatters
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Michael Clarke
Irish Duet
Brazilian Jazz
David Temple
Classical Guitar
David Temple is a professional guitarist, composer and
arranger. He will help you to make the perfect musical
selections for your ceremony, and will create a feeling of
elegance, intimacy and celebration to match all the other
aspects of your wedding day. Music for cocktail hour will be
upbeat, including pieces from Spain, Brazil and elsewhere.
Visit David for a free consultation
Woodstock Strings
Quartets, Trios, Duets
Scott Benson
Celtic Bagpiper
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Richmond Johnston
Highland Bagpiper
Richmond is an award winning piper of the Mid-Hudson
Valley...A teacher and Administrator for the Balmoral Piping
Schools, he plays hundreds of tunes- lovely and unique airs
welcoming guests,majestic tunes for your Processional,
bright marches for the Recessional, fun jigs and reels
after...A piper and singer in the Celtic band AISLING as
well as a priciple piper with the competitive CRC PIPE
BAND,he brings over 20 years of performance experience to
your celebration, making yours a very special wedding.
La Belle Musique, Inc. (Steven Zynszajn)
The musicians of La Belle Musique are graduates of the
Juilliard School and Paris Conservatory. We have appeared
on the finest stages including Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher
Hall and Alice Tully Hall in New York and toured
internationally. In addition to performing concerts we have
provided musical entertainment at some of New York and
the Tri-State area’s most glamorous venues.
Barvdavon String Quartet (Valentina Evans)
Hailed as the "Best Quartet in the Hudson Valley" by
Hudson Valley Magazine, the Bardavon String Quartet is the
ideal ensemble for your wedding. We offer a wide range of
musical selections - from classical to popular - and can
honor special song requests. Do visit our website to hear
Audio Samples, view our Repertoire Page, print our Wedding
Music Planner, and get more information.
845-562-8381 or 845-527-0508
Baldwin Quartet (Wini Baldwin Paetow)
The Woodstock and Baldwin Quartets, consisting or two
violins, viola and cello, have been providing exceptional
music for weddings for more than 25 years.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Stillhouse Rounders (Jeff Hardin)
Old-Time Southern stringband music and bluegrass; doing
concerts and participory square and contra dancing
The Stillhouse Rounders are a group of very talented
musicians from the Hudson Valley of New York State. They
play traditional acoustic oldtime rural stringband music
reminiscent of the early stringbands recorded during the
"Golden Years" of stringband music throughout the rural
south and midwest during the 1920's and 1930's. This music
grew out the traditional ballad and dance music of the
Appalachian Mountains along with early country music
(during it's infancy before it became modern "Country and
Western"). Besides being a performance band they also work
with several excellent dance callers to provide participatory
contra and square dances for your guests. All ages and
abilities welcome and each dance is walked through before
the dance is set to the music.
Deadbeats (Alex Mazur)
Grateful Dead/ other Classic Rock
MaMbo KiKongo (Reggie)
MaMbo KiKongo is the vision of latin percussionist Carlos
Valdez. MaMbo KiKongo is rooted in many different latin
rhythms including: afro-cuban, salsa, mambo, latin jazz and
some brazilian beats. The band, which now includes some of
the finest performers in the Hudson Valley, takes these roots
and fuses them with a more modern Funky/RnB sound and a
hint of jazz. The main focus however is on the groove. "We
want everybody to be able to dance to our music not just
those who have it in their blood or took dance class; this is
for all of you".
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Harvey Citron Band
Very versatile, vocally oriented, party band (Rock, R&B,
Jazz, Ethnic) Expandable from 4 musicians to 10 (includes
horn section) Music for ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception
Also check out some video's of Harvey's new acoustic trio,
CoverLover, on YouTube:
Lustre Kings
Rockabilly, 50’s, 60’s
Let The Lustre Kings make your wedding or social gathering
the most talked about event of the season. Mark Gamsjager
and The Lustre Kings not only provide fantastic music and a
polished look, they also know the ins and outs of virtually
any public ceremony -- from the first cocktail to the last
waltz. You'll have the perfect night, just like you've always
The Waz (David Wasik)
Jazz Trios
The Waz is a swinging rhythmic presence performing their
own style of Acid Jazz & Improv Groove. The group's
concept is to create a collective vibration that leaves you
feeling good all over. The Waz has a chemistry between
players on stage that is infectious and allows for audience
and group to become one pulsating entity.
River Alexander
Mad Jazz Hatters
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Michael Clarke
Irish Duet
Brazilian Jazz
Blues Maneuver (Rebecca Harrington)
The Blues Maneuver band has been one of the region's
premier special event bands for more than a decade. Based
in the heart of the Catskills, the seven-piece band combines
top-notch musicianship, impeccable vocal harmonies and a
mighty horn section. The Blues Maneuver band has an
eclectic repertoire to suit nearly any musical taste, with
tunes from today to the 1940s, including a vast selection of
Motown, classic R&B, oldies and swing. The band brings an
elegant look to the stage, with Art Deco-style music stands
and sharp costumes.
Cambiata Chamber Players (Pauline and Peter J.
Concerts, parties, dinners, ceremonies, and Viennese balls in
the Hudson Valley and beyond, since 1973. Classical
ensembles for your elegant event. Corelli to Cole Porter Strauss to Sondheim. Flute, piano, strings, singers – special
requests are our delight! We have performed at over 600
memorable occasions; may we provide music for YOURS?
845-339-3848 or 845-380-3099
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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The Jim Osborn Orchestra (Jim Osborn)
The Jim Osborn Orchestra is a Hudson Valley based band
which performs at concerts, dances, weddings and clubs
throughout the area. The group features male and female
vocals, a dynamic horn section and the area's tightest rhythm
section. Please contact us to hear the difference that great
live musicians can provide for your event!
Mariachi Citlalli (Francisco Navarrete)
Mariachi Band-Mariachi Citlalli offers one of the best
mariachi performances, they play all kind of music from
quiet background music to the most traditional happy
The Lindsey Webster Band (Lindsey Webster)
Lindsey fronts a fabulous party band with prominent
Woodstock area players in various configurations. Soulful,
R&B and Blues to dance the night away.
LWB on Facebook
Blue Soul 7 (Jacqueline Stoudemire)
Blue Soul 7 specializes in the revival of old school funk,
soul, R&B and rock blended with the music of today. If you
are looking for something other than a basic cover band to
get your party started - look no further. We can provide
music for your corporate functions, weddings, outdoor
festivals, clubs and private events. Not your typical cover
band, we take it to the next level by flipping to the B sides.
The little gems that are seldom heard and usually better than
the A sides. This gives us a very original and eclectic sound.
We are willing and able to work with our clients to provide
them with the best music for their personalized event. Blue
Soul 7 will be sure to keep your party in motion.
Check them out @!
Blue Soul 7 is on Facebook
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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JTD Productions, Inc (David Leonard)
There is no greater luxury than peace of mind, and no greater
indulgence than shakin' your booty. At JTD, we deliver both.
Alex Mazur - DJ / Pianist
I am a full-time professional musician and DJ. As a DJ, I
specialize in Weddings and have earned a reputation for
excellence and sophistication. If it's "about the music," you
won't find a better DJ. I work very hard to understand what
you want (and don’t want) and have the skill, knowledge, and
experience to make that work for you.
Scratch Weddings (Jenn Dottino)
Our diverse team of DJs combine extensive wedding
experience with seasoned professional backgrounds
including club residencies, performances at music festivals
and collaborations with top recording artists. You’ve found
the perfect venue for your wedding, now find the perfect DJ!
Dustbin Brothers
(Hip Hop, Reggae, funk and soul)
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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I am proud to say that I am not just a DJ but so much more. I
am your personal Wedding Entertainment Specialist and it is
my job to make sure that everything happens the way you
dreamed it would, while you simply enjoy the day. From the
carefully chosen music that keeps your guests dancing all
night to personalizing the traditional events like the cake
cutting and first dance my passion is to help you to create
beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.
Boss Systems (Frank Banks)
BOSS Systems Entertainment. Your wedding DJ in the
Hudson Valley. We do weddings and events that reflect your
personality.We cater to you, your vision, and your needs.
Introductions, announcements, and special requests are
handled flawlessly. We design a program based on your
personal and unique tastes in entertainment, making your
event uniquely you. We are never over the top or in your
face. We are professional entertainers providing tasteful fun.
We play great music extremely well
Red Hot Karaoke (Nancy)
Red Hot Karaoke is available for your wedding night "after
party"! We offer over 35,000 songs to entertain your family
and friends! We'll make your night Red Hot!
Exclusive discounted rates for Full Moon Resort customers.
DJ Domenic Entertainment (Domenic Trocino)
Hudson Valley DJ with 19 years experience doing weddings.
Your wedding is tailored to the unique needs of your
celebration, ensuring that it reflects your personal taste! No
"cookie cutter" weddings, or gimmicks, just great music and
lots of fun! Your wedding day is a one of a kind event, I care
about the smallest details so that your special day turns out
perfect, just the way you dreamed it would!
(845) 473-0041
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Karen Neblung Salon (Karen Neblung)
Hair and Makeup
I am available for services in my studio or on location for
groups of 4 or less. During a recommended 2 hour
consultation we will explore and create your wedding look.
Prices vary depending upon location so please call with your
questions and ideas
Cheri Voss Salon & Spa (Cheri Voss)
Sue Kuhlow
Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Baby Breath Bridal Services (Heather)
Lauren Weber Make-up (Lauren)
Le Shag (Jennifer Donovan)
Beautiful Images Hair Salon
(MaryJane (manager); Paula (hair stylist))
An upscale salon, coupled with a casual and relaxed
atmosphere in Kingston, NY. Our warm and friendly stylists
will cater to all of your salon needs. We offer a wide range
of salon services
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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ProLine Productions (Alexander Fomin)
Our approach to Wedding Videography is a mixture between
documentary and cinematic styles. Documentary style
ensures that all events of your wedding day are covered just
as they happen - you will not miss a thing! Cinematic style
helps us conveying the mood of your wedding day. Our Full
HD Wedding Video on Blu-ray Disc (or DVD) is Journalistic
in content and Cinematic in style and texture and will portray
all the romance, emotions and intimate moments. We take
every care to offer you a Wedding HD Videography and
Photography services tailored to suit your individual needs.
Our Package/Option System is open and so flexible that
allows you to create right price for your budget. All Pricing
is available on our website.
888-776-5776 >>>
Reaching Roots Studios (Nate Armstrong)
Reaching Roots Studios produces Wedding Movies, with
clarity, style, and entertainment value. Your Wedding Movie
will reflect YOU! We perceive what is important to you, and
capture it in it's best light. Our editing style then ensures that
your movie is paced to match the emotions of the day. Add a
3-D style Photo Montage like no other to your reception!
Seeing is believing! So come to our website to experience
Wedding Movies done right!
Majestic Studios (Mark Greenstone)
Majestic Studios is not your average wedding photography
Studio. Offering both Photography and Videography
coverage in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary
style, we are incredibly passionate, fun, detailed, and easy to
work with.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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27 of 50
Hello Super8
Hello Super 8 caters to fun and stylish clients who are
looking for a tasteful alternative to the typical video.
Because super 8 film is nostalgic, aesthetically beautiful and
archival, our modern films become instant classics. We
adore creating uniquely personalized films that will be
watched, shared and passed down for generations.
The Copperhood Inn and Spa
We are a destination spa where guests come to achieve their
wellness goals, be it detox, destress, weight loss, fitness
restoration. We serve organic,local food.
The Emerson Inn and Spa
Affordable accommodations, an award-winning spa,
shopping and dining. Only two hours from Manhattan, the
Emerson Resort & Spa is the perfect location for family
getaways, weddings and intimate retreats.
877-688-2828 or 845-688-2828
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Zoe Zak
Jewish Ceremonies
Jeffery Barnes
Non Denominational, Interfaith, Spiritual/Civil
Fr Rich Hasselbach
On-Site Catholic Ceremonies
I work with couples to prepare them for a marriage that's
built to last a lifetime, with God at its center; and to plan a
ceremony that expresses their faith and their personalities and at which they feel blessed by the Love that has called
them to love each other - and that is the True Anchor, the
Still Point, in their changing lives.
Rev. Ujjala M. Schwartz MSC
Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Rev. Victoria Becker
Make your ceremony the centerpeice of your wedding day.
Whether it is interfaith or nondenominational, long or brief,
traditional or nontraditional, it is your moment of joyful
promise to celebrate. It is important to create a ceremoney
that is a reflection of the unique and beautifil characteristics
of your love
Roots and Wings (Puja Thomson)
In the spirit of your tradition or beliefs, Rev. Puja Thomson,
(an ordained minister of natural healing), will help you create
a heartfelt ceremony that uniquely reflects your special
commitment. Puja welcomes inquiries from couples blending
different spiritual, religious, or ethnic backgrounds as well as
those with a common heritage. As an experienced officiant,
she will guide you from your first questions and provide you
with the resources to enable you to express the love that is
uniquely yours: Declare your love; Give thanks; Make vows
in the presence of the Divine, your family and friends; Ask
for blessings on your marriage; Celebrate your joy!
Rev. Naomi Fay
Ceremonies of Light and Love ~ Simple, Pure & Personal
As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I feel truly blessed to be
part of this sacred day with couples– a sacred passage on
many levels – as I service them with a custom worded
ceremony, personalized poems that reflect their unique love
story, and help creating an intention to capture what they
envision for their wedding day as well the journey they truly
want to create together. Non-denominational, spiritual,
interfaith, and personalized ceremonies bringing in Light and
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Rev. Kevin Kraft
Non Denom. Interfaith
Cantor Robert Cohen
Reverend Sandra Bargman
(Seminary trained, and Ordained Interfaith Minister)
Let me create a joyous, memorable, and unique wedding or
commitment ceremony for You! Whether you’d like an
intimate gathering or a grand theatrical event, your ceremony
should reflect your love for one another and your spiritual
path, whatever that may be. Do you want honor your religion
of birth, but also add the spiritual beliefs you hold now? Do
you want romantic and dramatic? Sweet and playful?
Traditional? Secular? All of these are possible!
Msgr. Christopher Richard
Catholic Officiant
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Reverend Sara Henderson
Non DenominationalInterfaith, Spiritual or Civil Ceremonies
One of the most important parts of your wedding day will be
your ceremony which should be the foundation of your
marriage. It should reflect who you are and your unique
relationship. Whether you wish to have a spiritual, interfaith,
non-religious or religious ceremony, I would be honored to
help you eloquently create and express the sacred reality of
your love in your ceremony.
Hudson Valley Officiants
Hudson Valley Officiants will create a unique, personalized
and hand-written Ceremony for you as you begin your
journey through life together. Each of our male or female
Officiants are known for our expansive knowledge of
religious and non-religious practices, professional yet down
to earth style and our ability to create a personalized
ceremony that, not only you but, your family and guests will
remember forever.
Jude Smith
Jude Smith is an Interfaith Minister and civil wedding
officiant with ceremonies that range from civil to sacred,
from personalized to customized, each celebrating love in
meaningful ways. She believes that all wedding ceremonies
are meant to be meaningful experiences of love, and brings
warmth, friendliness, joy, and a sense of calm to each of her
ceremonies, receiving great pleasure in making your love
come alive for you and your guests. Winner of the coveted
Best Officiant Awards from both Wedding Wire and The
Knot, awarded to only the top 2% of officiants nationwide.
For additional information, including warm testimonials from
happy couples such as yourself, please visit her website
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Micha’el Esformes
Jewish Ceremonies and Cantor
Holy Innocents Cathedral Church
Bishop Fransico Betancourt
845 586 2201
Judge Thomas Crucet
Justice of the Peace.
Hon. Richard J Husted
Woodstock,NY Justice of the Peace
845 679 6345 or
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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"Movies under the Stars" (Diane)
MOVIE SCREENS FOR RENT: 20'x11' inflatable outdoor
movie screen complete with our own technicians to run your
favorite movie with our projectors and sound system. We
also have a 20'x11' indoor screen. Contact us to schedule
your next great indoor or outdoor movie!!!
Adventure with Altitude Ballooning
Have a hot air balloon at your wedding and have people
talking about it for years. Tether rides during cocktail hour
will give you epic pictures to remember for years.
For pictures and more information:
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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34 of 50
AME Event Planning (Amanda M. Espie)
AME Event Planning works with clients to provide a
hands-on planning experience where dreams and ideas are
turned into reality. Specializing in wedding planning, we
ensure each wedding couple's expectations are exceeded
with attention to detail. From discussing flower arrangements
to handmade place cards and favors, AME Event Planning
will be there every step of the way to deliver the event of
your dreams with style.
Wedding Planning Plus (Shannon Whitney)
Wedding Planning Plus is the Capital Region's premiere
wedding planning team. We specialize in custom service
packages in wedding planning, day-of wedding coordination,
and bridal consultations. Let us help you plan the wedding of
your dreams
Hudson Valley Ceremonies (Jeanne)
Hudson Valley Ceremonies is a wedding specialist group
assisting couples with all aspects of their wedding. Our
services are available in packages to fit all weddings and
budgets. We also offer small deposit amounts, payment plans
and our couples receive 50% off retail on our invitations,
favors and accessories.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Katie O' Weddings & Events (Katie O'Malley)
Katie O'Malley is a wedding and event professional with
over 15 years of experience assisting clients with their most
important days. She has learned that being a wedding planner
takes equal parts patience, compassion, mentoring and
positive attitude to make the process fun. We become a
team, working together along the way, making decisions that
will help produce your dream day. We like to describe this
experience as "having a friend that just happens to be an
expert in planning weddings!"
Charmed Places (Lydia FitzGerald)
Bellissimo Weddings & Events (Colleen)
Bellissimo Weddings & Events is a boutique wedding
planning company specializing in planning beautiful,
personalized weddings. We are passionate about helping you
plan a gorgeous, unique event whether you envision an
exquisite, intimate home affair or an over the top grand gala.
Our passion lies in the creative details and the memorable
personal touches. Please call us today for a complimentary
Celebration Creations Wedding & Event Planning
Wedding & Event Planning services throughout upstate New
York since 2006. Our packages range from Full Wedding
Planning Services to On-Site Coordination. Every wedding is
unique and no couple had the same needs and we make sure
that your dream wedding is as stress free as possible!
For pictures and more information find us:
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Signet Staging Inc.
Ryan Ghent
518-469-5923 or 518-581-2413
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Nicole Landaw Jewelry
Award-winning goldsmith Nicole Landaw specializes in
custom jewelry designs to meet all the specific needs of the
bridal party including wedding rings, bridal jewelry,
bridesmaid gifts and keepsake guest favors . A long list of
clients thank Nicole for helping them navigate the process of
realizing their perfect piece and providing them with
impeccable service.
Nicole was married at Full Moon in the Summer 2008.
Olia Jewelry
Olia designs a collection of handmade art you will wear as
jewelry. She plays with symmetry and asymmetry, perfectly
faceted and imperfectly rough semi-precious stones,
innovative and ancient-inspired color combination, to
produce an aesthetic both beautiful and meaningful. You can
choose from our designs and we are happy to custom design
special pieces for you.
AME (Amanda M. Espie)
AME works with clients to provide handmade programs,
place cards and keepsake guest favors to deliver the event
items of your dreams with style.
Oliverea Schoolhouse Maple
Maple syrup locally produced on Rt 47 2 miles from Full
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Ark Wright Designs (Sue Arkwright )
Seashaped (Kristy)
Mr Ding-A-Ling (Brian)
Lornas Naturals
All natural products, provided by nature, perfect for
welcome baskets, made in the catskill mountains
Ballard's Honey
Honey locally produced in Roxbury about 30 miles from
Full Moon. Natural flavors consist of pure creamed clover,
clover, wildflower, and buckwheat.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Legion Fireworks
Kellners Fireworks Inc (Bob Kellner)
Misbehaven Fireworks (Richard Pilatich)
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Kingston Cabs
One way from Phoenicia to Full Moon: $73
(This includes the miles they travel to get to the Phoenicia.)
Car - 4 people Van - 6 people
(We have more than one van.)
Woodstock Transportation
Airport Transporation (Larry)
518-374-4840 or 518-441-1523
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Magical Memories Entertainment
Magical Memories Entertainment is a full service event
company booking any and all events, large or small, in all
venues from back yards to large stadiums. You can choose
from our wide selection of local, regional and national acts,
including a variety of specialty entertainment. Magical
Memories Entertainment is your one stop for all
entertainment, supply and party needs that will make your
event unique and memorable! Magicians, Balloon Artists,
Variety Performers, DJs & MCs, Caricturist, Comedians,
Clowns, Face Painters, Slide Show Performers
Simply Steven Magic (Steven Burchard)
Melody Newcombe
Melody Newcombe is a seasoned comedy performer who
appeals to audiences of all ages with a wide variety of
talents, skills and knowledge. She has performed for David
Bowie, the VP of Sesame Street, Jim Henson’s family, Sears,
Macys, Price Chopper, Full Moon Resort and countless
country and golf clubs, businesses, organizations and
families for all kinds of events from weddings to birthdays,
festivals and fairs, fundraisers, corporate picnics, schools
and libraries.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Bare Foot Monkeys
Fire Jugglers from Vassar College
The Monkeys are pretty much just a happy go lucky group
of people who want to try feats of daring that span the gamut
from amazing to awesome. We've performed shows for
groups as diverse as the Freemasons and American Legion,
walk for the cure, birthday parties, weddings, and
Renaissance fairs.
Sunshine Fire Entertainment
Sunshine Fire Entertainment is a duo fire act out of Western
Massachusetts that promises an unforgettable performance
incorporating various elements in the art of Fire
Manipulation. Their exhilarating show features fast-paced
stunts with eye-dazzling pillars of flame, whirling torches and
blazing hula-hoops as well as slow and mysterious acts such
as fire eating and breathing. Whether in solo or partnered
acts, Sunshine Fire Entertainment is sure to amaze spectators
of all ages.
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
(Stephanie Monseu and Keith Nelson)
Since 1995 the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus has traveled the
world, bringing its unique hybrid of Vaudeville, Circus, Wild
West Shows, Burlesque, and Sideshow to theaters, clubs,
colleges, and festivals. The company has produced
innumerable cabaret shows, custom performances for special
audiences, all-ages and family productions, and sophisticated
adult shows.
Corey WhiteLight Fire
Corey WhiteLight is an object manipulator, bringing the
element of fire to her performance, lighting her props and
sometimes herself on fire! Corey is professionally trained,
safety insured, and has had years of experience. If fire is not
right for your event, Corey WhiteLight can provide you with
an excellent glow show extravaganza, perfect for an indoor
event. Whether you are looking for a spectacular fire
performance or a brilliant glow light show, Corey can adapt
her performance to your event. She will create a personally
crafted show complete with your theme, music and and
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Timeless Memories Photobooths
A classic Photo Booth is a great way to capture the fun and
excitement at your Wedding, Mitzvah, Anniversary Party or
Corporate Event. You and your guests will not only have fun
participating but will have custom photos to remember it for
years to come. Timeless Memories Digital Photobooths offer
a variety of packages to suit just about anyone. Our photo
booths use DSLR cameras and the latest digital technology
available. Choose from either full color or classic black and
white strips and you can even customize your photo strip to
include personalized graphics or information. Call for more
information and to reserve a photo booth for your event!
518- 527-9982
Max's PictureThis Green-Screen Photography
While Event Photo Favors are a long standing favorite at
Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and Weddings, there’s no question
they’ve been a hit at every type of party we’ve attended. At
your event your guests will have their picture taken against a
green screen to be digitally retouched and superimposed
onto a different background of their choosing. Not sure what
we mean? Just think of the evening news weather man or that
terrified actor being chased by a dinosaur. Is there really a
dinosaur loose in the film studio? Of course not! It’s all
green screen superimposition and now the same thrill and
excitement of that Hollywood creation can be available to
your guests! Call today for a free consultation and brainstorming session on how we can make your event
888-WOW-FAVORS (888-969-3286)
Classic Photo Booth
Rent a Photo Booth today for your event from the Photo
Booth Experts! We offer flat fees with no surprises or
hassles; we believe planning an event is stressful enough! In
addition to photo booth rental we offer green screen photo
shoots, red carpet photo shoots, flip book stations and
various game rentals.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Now & Zen
Bodywork By Jason is a business founded by Jason
Maloney, a Licensed New York State bodyworker with over
10 years experience in his craft. Clients describe his work as
very dynamic and intuitive, with him pulling from a wide
variety of Eastern and Western techniques that include;
Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Lymphatic
Drainage, Reciprocal Inhibition, Breath Stretching, Shiatsu,
Thai Massage, Tao Grounding, Trinity Energy Work, and
Core Bodywork. He specializes chronic injuries, whiplash,
deep-tissue repair, and energy re-balancing. He currently
shares an office at Integral Health Associates in New Paltz,
with the well known Acupuncturist Jason Elias, yet has a
substantial client base in the New York City, Fire Island, and
Woodstock area.
Chichester Yoga (Megan)
Chichester Yoga offers yoga, hands-on healing, craniosacral
therapy and massage. Chichester Yoga is also an educational
center which hosts retreats and trainings in many modalities
including hands-on healing, craniosacral therapy, and yoga.
We bring in healers from around the globe to share cutting
edge work and ancient techniques.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Whole Sky Yoga (Sara Trapani, RYT )
*Custom Yoga for Weddings *
A customized, private yoga session for you and your guests
provides a rejuvenating, nourishing, and uniquely memorable
experience. It's the perfect way to start your wedding day:
stress-free and with peace and presence. Whole Sky Yoga
will bring everything, set up, and instruct a class that is
tailored to your needs and expectations.
As one Full Moon bride puts it: "I booked Sara for my
wedding at Full Moon Resort and it was one of the best
decisions I made - it made the day so much better and our
guests really enjoyed the yoga session."
Roberta Jehu
Shakti Yoga (Linda)
Vanessa Vera
Massage Therapist
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Catskill Outback (Craig Appolito)
Peekamoose Adventures (Marty & Dean Giuliano)
PeekaMoose Adventures is a Catskill Mountains guide
service, that offers day hikes throughout the Catskills.
Guided Hikes, Day trips, Tours,& Groups; NYS Licensed
alt.#: 845-417-8448
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Alpine Inn
Twenty-five room chalet style ski lodge located less than
five minutes down the road from the Full Moon Resort.
Rooms are very clean and comfortable.
Catskill Seasons Inn
19 room newly renovated chalet style inn located less than
15 minutes away from Full Moon. Certain rooms in the Inn
are pet friendly with an additional charge.
Slide Mountain Forrest House (Ralph Combe Jr)
Convenient and comfortable lodging located less than five
minutes from Full Moon. All rooms have either king or
queen beds and most have private bathrooms. Additional
available amenitites include wi-fi, TV, air-conditioning, pool,
and tennis.
845-254-5365 or 845-254-4269
Gateway Lodge (Kristina and Nick Kop)
European style B&B with seven rooms and a two room suite
located less than 15 minutes from Full Moon Resort. The
Lodge is pet friendly with an additional charge. br />
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Breezy Hill Inn (Michelle)
Newly renovated luxury B&B with three rooms and one suite
located less than 20 minutes from Full Moon Resort. The Inn
includes a fully equipped gym and steam room.
Phoenicia Belle B&B
The Phoenicia Belle Bed & Breakfast is a newly restored
Victorian House located about twenty minutes from Full
Moon. Each bedroom is uniquely decorated.
The Roxbury Motel (Leslie Black)
Whimsical elegance. Ultra modern. Amenities galore.
Chosen as one of National Geographic Traveler's "Top 129
Hotels in North America" and as seen on NBC's Today
Show, Fox News, and CNN as "One of the most stylish
motels in America!" Nationally acclaimed, award-winning
theme rooms, suites and spa.
Emerson Place
Choose from either the adults-only Emerson Inn or the
traditional Adirondack style family-friendly Lodge. Home of
the world’s largest kaleidoscope and the award-winning spa.
Located a little over twenty minutes from Full Moon Resort.
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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Crystal Springs House (Gail)
Six cozy bedrooms and three full bathrooms that can
accommodate up to sixteen people in one large house
located about five minutes from Full Moon.
845-586-1080 or 845-254-5738
Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel
Kate’s Lazy Meadow, owned by Kate Pierson of the B-52s,
consists of 10 retro cabin suites and six vintage airstream
trailors. Kate’s Lazy Meadow is located less than twenty five
minutes from Full Moon.
Margaretville Mtn. Inn B&B
Historic Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast built in
1886 with five rooms and one suite located less than thirty
minutes from Full Moon. Amenities include flat screen
televisions in each room, Jacuzzi hot tub, and free wireless
internet access.
Hanah Mountain Resort
Comfortable and luxurious guest rooms consisting of two
queen beds, cable television, air conditioning and private
balcony. Three junior suites and one executive suite
available. Additional amenities include indoor pool facility,
hot Jacuzzi, and golf.
845-586-4849 or 800-752-6494
1/29/2015 6:49 PM
Full Moon Resort - Vendors Listing 2015
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50 of 50
The Wild Rose
Victorian bed and breakfast in Woodstock, New York
offering two individual rooms and three suites; located less
than forty five minutes from Full Moon. Amenities include
free wireless internet in every room and in ground, heated,
salt-water pool.
The Millstream Inn
Eighteen rooms located throughout three buildings ranging
from standard units to deluxe studios. Amenities include
cable television, air conditioning and access to free Wi-Fi.
The Millstream Inn is located less than forty five minutes
from the Full Moon Resort.
845-679-8211 or 800-420-4707
1/29/2015 6:49 PM