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January 28, 2015
Volume 18, Issue 48©
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Major New Scandal
Page 7
An Epitaph
for Obama
When Barack Obama ran
for the presidency in 2008, most
thinking Americans knew that,
not only was he ineligible to serve
as president, he was totally unprepared and totally incompetent.
And if he has any real accomplishment during his first six years
in office it is that he has proven us
right in our assessment.
Combing through the history books, it is difficult to find a
national ruler as incompetent and
inexperienced as Barack Obama.
History tells us that, in
1995, King Oyo of the Toro Kingdom of southwestern Uganda
became the ruling monarch of two
million people. Born on April
16, 1992, he was three years old
when he ascended the throne. It
is said that, on the occasion of his
coronation, he slid off the throne,
ran to his mother, and hid his face
in her lap.
Knowing Obama as we do,
it is easy to imagine the same
thing happening in the White
House living quarters each evening as Obama completes another
frustrating day, unable to grasp
the complexities of governing
the greatest nation on Earth and
measuring minor successes only
by his ability to blame policy
failures on George W. Bush, or
Republicans, in general. Like
King Oyo, Obama likely seeks
motherly solace from his wife
whenever he is stymied, called to
account, or held up to ridicule.
In the world of Barack
Obama, the only “known knowns”
are things he knows, except that
what he knows is nearly always
wrong, while all “known unknowns” are seen as things that
someone else attempted to fix
but screwed up. In Obama’s
world, there is no such thing
as an “unknown unknown” because, always seeing himself as
the “smartest guy in the room,”
there couldn’t possibly be problems lurking in the shadows that
he didn’t know about or hadn’t
thought about.
John I, of France, was born
on November 15, 1316 and died
five days later, on November 20,
1316. Born a king and dying as
a king after reigning for only five
days, John I holds the unique distinction of being a king for his entire life and for having the shortest
reign in recorded history,
Although we know from
the calendar that Obama did not
occupy the White House until
he was forty-eight years old and
that he has governed for only six
years, his performance in office
has made those six years feel like
a lifetime.
Mary Queen of Scots, was
born on December 8, 1542 and
became Queen of Scotland just
six days later. At age five, Mary
was sent to France where she was
bequeathed to Dauphin Francis,
the three-year-old son of French
king, Henry II. The two were wed
when Mary was just sixteen and
Francis was fourteen, but after
only seventeen months on the
French throne, at age eighteen,
America’s Best Conservative Newspaper since 1997
Hollrah, pg. 11
Page 9
Page 12
Are selfish Republicans about to
blow it again?
The Closing of
the Republican
Jesse Lee Peterson reveals single biggest reason GOP
refuses to stop Obama
By: Erick Erickson
“No man can serve two masters.
… he will hold to the one, and
despise the other. Ye cannot
serve God and mammon (material wealth).” – Matthew 6:24
Democrats have long accused
Republicans of being the party
of greed. I’m sorry to say that
they’ve been proven right.
What explanation other than
greed explains the long-term
dysfunctional behavior of the
Republican Party?
Let’s look at the issue through
Barack Obama’s State of the
Union address. The man who is
“fundamentally transforming”
America into a socialist hellhole, and purposely destroying
the middle class (i.e.: the creative producers), told us with a
straight face that he’s licked the
problem, the world is safe now
and happy days are here again.
In essence, “We just need to
make some tweaks to destroy
– ahem, save – the middle class
and my work will be finished.”
us at the mercy of ISIS and alQaida.
Obama claims that the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped,
but that’s because many of the
91 million unemployed have
stopped looking for work.
So what did the Republicans
do in the face of a State of the
Union speech that would have
made Karl Marx and Muhammad blush? They responded
with a smiling Sen. Joni Ernst,
R-Iowa, who cited some nice
down-home values, but who
neglected to strongly rebuke
any of Obama’s lies and nationdestroying policies.
And despite his declaration that
the economy is rebounding, according to ABC News, 74 percent say their personal finances
have stayed the same or gotten
worse in the past six years.
According to the U.S. Census
Bureau, more than half of American households now receive
benefits from the government.
Obama is purposely weakening people by addicting them
to programs, hoping their only
choice will be to “come to
mamma” (the government) for
their sustenance.
A Washington Post-ABC News
poll revealed that the Republican Party has a 72 percent
disapproval rating (compared to
62 percent for Democrats).
Republicans assume they’re
not popular because they’re
perceived as not being “friendly” enough. Hence, I have no
doubt that poor Sen. Ernst was
coached to freeze that smile on
her face.
And he’s purposely weakening
America’s defenses, putting
See Again? pg. 4
The EPA’s Newest Strategy to Sneakily
Restrict Fracking, Drilling
the air from oil and gas production. It calls methane a “potent”
pollutant and its new rules would
require a 45 percent reduction by
2025 from 2012 levels. Most
Americans support these new
rules, according to polling from
environmental groups. This isn’t
surprising. Methane sounds like
a dirty and dangerous pollutant
and even deadly if leaked into
water or the air.
However, methane is just another term for the main component
of natural gas. Drillers have a
powerful motive to stop leakage
on their own, because they want
to sell it, not spill it.
How much of a menace is methane from the oil and gas industry? The amount of leakage into
the atmosphere is minuscule,
says Dan Kish of the Energy
Research Institute. “Cows emit
more methane when they pass
gas than the natural gas indus-
try,” he notes. Look for the EPA
to start regulating cattle.
by more than 33 percent. (See
Green groups such as the Envi-
An analysis of EPA data from
ronmental Defense Fund warn
that emissions will increase
through 2018 and have been
claiming that drillers spew more
methane into the atmosphere
than ever before, that it is “84
times more potent” a pollutant
than carbon dioxide, and new
regulations are overdue.
Actually, these claims are blatantly false. Not only is methane
nontoxic (propaganda notwithstanding), but methane emissions are way down over the
last seven years without these
new regulations. Furthermore,
the reductions correspond with
a major increase in oil and gas
drilling and increased use of
fracking technologies.
The EPA’s own data confirm
this. From 2005 to 2012, methane emissions from natural gas
systems have fallen by 15 percent while natural gas marketed
production from drilling is up
the energy analytic group Energy In Depth found that in
virtually all of the major drilling
locations, including the Marcellus Shale and the Permian Basin,
emissions continued to fall in
2013, the last year for which
solid data is available.
See EPA, pg. 8
High 70
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The Party of Nixon, Ford, Bush,
Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney intends to push aside all
vestiges of the Party of Reagan.
After all, he is dead. And many
Republican leaders wish his
fiercest apologists were too.
In Washington, a number of
Senate Republicans have signaled they are now ready to
raise taxes on the American
public. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI),
who is saying now, actually set
the stage with his Ryan-Murray plan that raised taxes on
Americans who go through our
airports. Senate Republicans
want to increase gas taxes and
“user fees”, allocating those
taxes and fees to pet projects.
But the extent of tax increases
goes beyond Washington.
By Stephen Moore
Recently the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) announced major new regulations
on the emissions of methane into
The Republicans just beat the
Democrats pretty badly. But the
Republicans perceive that they
also beat conservatives. The
perception has helped closed
the Republican mind. The conservative stalwarts of the past
have given way to the return of
the patrician Republicans who
will use government to care
for the people, just in different
ways from the Democrats.
After the public in Nevada
rejected a tax increase for education put to them at the ballot,
newly re-elected Republican
Governor Sandoval insists the
legislature do what the voters
said they did not want done.
Naturally, Governor Sandoval
says it is for the children.
In Georgia, the Republicans
in the state legislature are preparing to raise taxes too. The
Georgia Republicans are even
more pernicious than the Nevada Republicans. The Georgia
Republicans are refusing to
pass religious freedom legislation because the Chamber of
Commerce is beholden to the
gay rights agenda. That very
same Chamber of Commerce is
demanding they raise taxes and
the Georgia Republicans intend
to do just that.
Georgia’s Governor, incidentally, wants to spend more on
education and reduced what
he wants the state to allocate
toward transportation. Legislative Republicans are using this
as the excuse to raise taxes all
See Republicans, pg. 8
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
By Neil Carson (CKA Bob McDowell)
Stopping The Terrorism
Congressman Jim Bridenstine to Chair
Environment Subcommittee
Chairman Lamar Smith announced the appointment of
Congressman Jim Bridenstine
as Chairman of the Environment Subcommittee in the US
House of Representatives Science, Space, and Technology
Chairman Smith: “Coming
from an energy-rich state,
Jim Bridenstine understands
how costly EPA regulations
negatively impact economic
growth and increase the price
of electricity for hardworking
families. We all want clean
air and a healthy environment.
But as Chairman of the Environment Subcommittee, Rep.
Bridenstine will work to ensure
regulations are achievable and
supported by the best available science. Last year, Rep.
Bridenstine also successfully
led efforts to improve severe
weather forecasting in order
to minimize damage from
hurricanes and tornadoes. His
bipartisan bill, the Weather
Forecasting Improvement Act,
clarifies that the mission of
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) should focus on improved U.S. weather forecasting. We have a lot more important work ahead of us in the
114th Congress. I look forward
to working closely with Chair-
man Bridenstine to push for
sensible environmental policies that benefit the American
Congressman Bridenstine: “I
very much appreciate Chairman
Smith and his fine leadership
on the House Committee on
Science, Space, and Technology. I am honored to serve as
Chairman of the Environment
Subcommittee, dealing with
issues vital to the economy
and the people of Oklahoma
and the United States. We will
work to hold federal agencies
accountable to their missions,
applying appropriate science,
and not harming the citizens.”
Congressman Mullin Introduces the
Preserving Jobs in the Oilfield Act
WASHINGTON – Congressman
Markwayne Mullin (OK-02)
today introduced H.R. 486, the
Preserving Jobs in the Oilfield
Act of 2015. This bill would
remove a burdensome Obama
administration regulation that
has far-reaching consequences
on oil and gas jobs.
“This is another example of
agencies not understanding the
unnecessary burdens they place
on businesses,” said Mullin, a
second-term lawmaker from
Westville, Okla. “This is exactly
the kind of regulatory action that
I came to Washington to fight.
These agencies issue rule after
rule, stacking burdensome layers
on our government bureaucracy.
As a result, all consumers pay
higher costs for goods and services because of overreaching
Safety Administration (FMCSA)
regulation states that truck drivers transporting sand and water
to and from oil and gas wells no
longer qualify for the waiting
time exemptions, overturning a
50 year precedent.
This action has resulted in increased traffic coming in and
out of well sites, adding wear
and tear to roads. The oil and
gas industry has experienced a
225 percent jump in payroll costs
as well as increased insurance
premiums, fuel costs, and transportation costs—consequently
limiting job growth.
within the oil and gas industry.
Subsequently, those who transport these elements to and from
a well site are key to keeping
production on schedule and operating safely.
But these drivers often have
extended periods of downtime
waiting in the queue, where they
can rest and relax. Due to this
downtime, water and sand drivers for over 50 years were not
required to record this waiting
time against their driving hours.
Truck driver Linden Cather of
Antlers, Okla., says that he supports Mullin’s plan to reverse the
“We don’t need more babysit- regulation.
ting from bureaucrats who have
never driven a truck or met a “It is ridiculous that a driver’s
payroll,” Mullin added. “Enough waiting time counts against their
total on duty time,” said Cather.
is enough.”
“In some cases, this causes drivSand and water are critical com- ers like me to waste an entire day
A new Federal Motor Carriers ponents of drilling operations on the road because they can’t
predict when they will be able to
load. It’s just common sense. I’m
Toll Free Capitol Switchboard 1-877-762-8762
glad that Congressman Mullin is
trying to do something about this
Sen. James M. Inhofe
and hope that he is able to pass
this bill.”
Washington Phone 1-202-224-4721 FAX 202-228-0380
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-748-5111 • Oklahoma City 1-405-608-4381
Sen. Tom Coburn
Washington 1-202-224-5754 FAX 202-224-6008
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-581-7651 Okla. City 1-405-231-4941
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Dist. 1)
216 Cannon House Office Bldg. Washington DC 20515
1-202-225-2211 FAX (202) 225-9187, Tulsa, 2448 E. 81st. St.,
#5150, Tulsa, OK 74137, 1-918) 935-3222 FAX (918) 935-2716
The bill currently has 18 original
co-sponsors. Mullin says that he
is committed to working closely
with House Transportation and
Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster to ensure that
the issue is addressed in the
114th Congress.
It is written “Train up a child
in the way he should go, and when
he is old he will not depart from it”;
Prov. 22.6, RSV. It seems to me
that the reverse is also true that if
he is trained in evil, he shall stay as
trained. Thus, it is my opinion that
the schooling received by PRESBO
when in the custody of his Stepfather in Indonesia in one of the most
strict and radical tending Muslim
schools has stayed with him.
If true, that would explain his
seeming reluctance to take action
against the Islamofascist terrorists.
Evidence of that is the wrongful
label of ‘workplace violence’ in
the case of the murder of unarmed
soldiers in Fort Hood by a Muslim
believing officer and the drive by
murder of a soldier standing out
in front of an Army Recruiting
office in Little Rock. So far the
Administration personnel have
not labeled the recent incidents at
‘Muslim Extremist terrorism’ as
other nations have seen fit to immediately do.
However, the quickly organized ‘million person’ rally in
Paris featuring top national leaders
from many world parts is a hopeful
indication that the giant of public
opinion has finally been awakened
from its slumber of fear. And to be
respected are the survivors of the
newspaper that was attacked with
military rapid fire weapon terrorists
by turning right around and in the
next issue featuring a cartoon of
Mohammed on the cover.
And what does PRESBO do?
It was announced that he was calling a ‘Terrorism Summit’ which
has not yet, as this is written, occurred. It is questionable just how
many of the other national leaders
will attend, giving the notable
absence of any top US officials at
the rally, and only the Ambassador
to France.
One thing learned by me in
my Cascia Hall military training,
begun after Pearl Harbor, my own
WW II Army Air Forces training
and service, and exposure to the
battle experienced members of the
WW II Vets of Tulsa club comments over the past 6.5 years of
The Conservative View
By Russell Turner
House Divided
It was Abraham Lincoln
that once said that a house divided
against itself cannot stand. I have
seen families become divided;
when that happens it isn’t long until
the family no longer exists. Often
times one spouse will try to pit the
children against the other spouse,
usually it involves promising the
children something that is entirely
impossible then they proceed to
lay the blame on the other spouse
for not going along with the plan.
Those types of actions are childish,
but they are no more childish than
the actions of our president in his
state of the union address.
Even a blind man can see his
strategy. Our president is promising the government will mandate
and provide everything from sick
leave, free college education to the
government providing child care.
All of these things would be nice
if we were able to afford them. I
wonder if the president and all of
his supporters have forgotten that
our nation is the largest debtor
nation in the history of the world.
While some will acknowledge
that we have an 18 trillion dollar
national debt, they don’t want to
talk about the un-funded liabilities
of nearly 100 trillion dollars for
social security and Medicare. Our
president likes to make promises;
we Americans need to look at his
past track record.
We were promised that health
care premiums would average
Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R-Dist. 2)
Washington 1-202-225-2701
Claremore 1-918-341-9336
Muskogee 1-918-687-2533
Rep. Frank Lucas 1-202-225-5565/Stillwater 1-405-624-6407
Rep. Tom Cole 1-202-6165/Norman 1-405-329-6500
Oklahoma State Offices
Governor Mary Fallin
OK State Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 • Phone 1-405-521-2342 Fax 405-521-3353
Tulsa Office: 440 S. Huston Ave. , Suite 304, Tulsa, OK 74127
Phone: 1-918-581-2801 • Fax 1-581-2835
my participation is that if you are
in a war, you must be more mean
and determined than the enemy in
order to win. Of course, some assistance from GOD is of great help,
as was demonstrated several times
during the War for Independence,
often mistakenly called the
As President Reagan
stated (paraphrased here):
the nation that
wishes to stay
free and at peace must have the
strongest military in the World,
and the dedication of the leaders
to use it fully if the need arises.
And, the others who would attack
must believe that it will be used
against them. And PRESBO has
been regularly, and without much
notice, releasing ‘detainees’ from
the internment camp at Gitmo from
a reported more than 800 in 2009
to a now reported about 125. And
field reports indicate that at least
80 percent of those released return
to terrorist activity.
It seems to me that, given
the known Muslim adverse attitude towards pork, a good way to
slow down the terrorists activities,
including ISIS, would be to have
our attacking planes spray their
equipment with lard (pork fat). If
the fighters would find that on their
tanks, guns, and small arms, they
would refuse to touch them. Also,
the bodies of the casualties should
be wrapped in pigskin blankets.
Such actions worked well for the
British when they were involved
in battles with such a few hundred
years ago.
We also have heard the misguided media types railing about
more gun control. It should be
noted that the French police were
all unarmed and the first arrivals at
the scene were on bicycles. How
much more ‘unarmed’ can you get.
Only afterwards were the police
ordered to carry their guns on duty.
We are in a WAR, and must defend
ourselves accordingly.
Jay Vickers, Editor
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2,500 dollars less for the average American family; how is that
working out for you? While the
mainstream news media likes to
show how successful Obamacare
is, most of the time they interview
people that are receiving huge subsidies for their insurance and ignore
the people who are paying the bill
themselves. Because of Quantative
Easing ordinary working people
who have saved their money cannot receive a
decent interest rate on it,
while at the
same time
the stock
market has
soared to
new highs,
which has
Russell Turner
the wealthiest Americans. Our president is
playing the part of a vengeful parent that wants to pit their children
against the other parent. Even the
president understands that most of
the agenda he is promoting is unaffordable and he wants to make the
Republican controlled Congress the
bad guys. He wants the American
people to put pressure on Congress,
but pressure can be applied to him
as well. How can the Congress
counter his strategy?
Congress should pass common sense bills and lay piles of
them on his desk. He has threatened
to use his veto pen if Congress
doesn’t succumb to his way of
thinking. Congress needs to force
him to make good on his threat.
Let the American people see who
the true obstructionist is. The Republicans need to find a way to
inform the American people of the
conservative point of view; sadly
the mainstream media will be of
no help, so alternatives must be
found. We Americans need to understand the fact that we are broke
and all of the empty promises and
political posturing will not fix the
problem. Until we stop putting our
faith in politicians with dismal track
records our days as a great nation
are over.
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
The Daily Signal
From My Pointless Ruth Bivens
Still Running Around
Can you guess what my first
thought was when I woke up this
morning? You are probably right.
“Great Scott! It’s Monday and
I have not written anything for The
Hubby and I are still participating in the annual Alabama Free
Will Baptist Mission Conference.
When we got back to the FWB
Children’s Home in Eldridge last
night we were both exhausted. We
have had a busy couple of days, but,
days of multiplied blessings too.
All day
Friday there was
a gentle rain here in Eldridge. The
weather forecasters showed areas
north of us, and up to the state line,
where sleet and snow were falling.
There were all kinds of automobile
accidents due to the icy streets and
highways. I began to dread our trip
to Decatur Saturday.
However, Saturday dawned
sunny and bright here in Eldridge,
and as we loaded the car and hit the
road at ten o’clock, there was no sign
of ice around here. We have made
the trip from here several times in
the past, so, we knew the right route
to take where we would pass some
good thrift stores. We made several
stops, had lunch in Cullman, then
headed north on Interstate 65. We
drove in sunshine the whole way to
Decatur, and the highways were dry.
We pulled into Decatur in plenty of
time to get checked in at our motel,
carry in what we needed for the
night, and get a nap before we had
to hit the road again.
Our service started at five that
evening at the First FWB Church. It
was a rally with several missionaries
participating. Brother Clint Morgan,
our International Missions Director
was the principal speaker of the evening, But, several missionaries were
invited to give reports about their
work, including Hubby and I.
Brother Clint served in the
Ivory Coast, West Africa, and is
married to the daughter of our founding missionary there, Dr. Laverne
Miley. He is also familiar with the
work my father, Pastor Howard
Gage, did in the area.
Daddy resigned his church,
took mother by the hand and headed
for Africa in 1967, if my memory
serves me well. He built a hospital
for Dr. Miley on their first two year
tour. Then, they returned for two
more two year terms. He built homes
and churches for the missionaries
serving in remote areas of northern
Ivory Coast. Then, on his last trip he
built a huge dormitory at the boarding school where the where the missionaries’ children attended.
Because of the Civil War
that divided the country in about
2000, our missionaries were pulled
out of the Ivory Coast. Several of
them went to France to minister,
because they already spoke Frenchthe national language of the Ivory
Coast. Brother Clint and his wife
Lynette served many years in France
after being forced out of the Ivory
He told stories about the Ivory
Coast that we had never heard. He
said that there was some kind of
knowledge of God among the people
when Free Will Baptist missionaries
arrived, although it was not what we
would expect.
The Lobi tribe that lives in
that area believed that long, long
ago, God lived there among them.
They told the story of one day when
He walked up behind a woman who
was beating her yams in her huge,
wooden, mortar and pestle. (You
may have seen a small bowl-like
item with a thick wooden stick
inside that is used by druggists to
grind tablets. That is the mortar and
pestle we knew before we began to
run around a few other countries.
Mother and Daddy brought back a
huge one, like the Lobi women use.
I have it in my house in Pharr.) The
Lobi story continues, that when God
walked up behind the woman and
spoke, it frightened her. She whirled
around and struck him on the head
with her pestle. That made God
angry so he went far, far away, and
never came back.
Brother Clint told how the natives in the area, knowing this story,
found it difficult to believe that God
would love them. Then, he told how
one of them, trying to understand the
love of God for mankind, compared
His love to Dr, Miley’s love for
Moosa the local town drunk.
Brother Clint told how Moosa
had a job of guarding one of the little
shops there in the village where Dr.
Miley’s Hospital is. His job was to
sleep in the doorway of the shop
each night. The owner hoped that
if someone tried to get into the
shop they would step on him and
he would yell, alerting the people
that something was amiss. Since his
wages were paid in beer, all he did
was drink.
One morning when the shop
came to
open the
store, they
found Moosa passed
out. They
could not
awaken him.
So, they
loaded him
in a wheel
barrow and
Ruth Bivens
him up to the hospital where they
dumped him in the doorway to the
When Dr. Miley came to open
the door to the clinic that morning, he
discovered the stinking, filthy man,
lying in his doorway, unconscious.
Dr. Miley and his staff gently picked
Moosa up, and carried him inside.
They cleaned him up, cut his matted, dirty hair, shaved him, and gave
him the care he needed to recover.
The people in the community were
fully aware of what was going on,
because there would always be a line
of people waiting to see the doctor
outside the clinic. They saw it all.
Then, they saw Moosa, a few
days later, when he was discharged
from the hospital, awake, alert, and
in his right mind. Brother Clint said
that it was his first Sunday there
when Moosa came forward in the
service at the little church and gave
his heart and life to Christ. From
that time on he was busy doing all
he could for the missionaries, keeping the grounds around the hospital
neat, and running any errands they
needed. His life was an example to
the people in the village that God
does love people, and He can change
their lives. Brother Clint told other
African stories too, but, just one of
them was worth the trip.
After the service that night,
we all filed back to the activities
building where we enjoyed a lovely
meal. Again, the ladies outdid themselves with their best recipes, and
desserts that would win a prize. As
usual, Hubby went looking for who
made what so he could get recipes
that he could use at the Getsemani
Children’s Home.
While everyone else was
eating I went to our conference organizer and gave him a warm hug. I
appreciate Brother Danny Williams
so! He arranged for us to stay in the
Best Western motel there in Decatur
that night. Hubby argued that it was
an unnecessary expense and that we
could just drive back to Eldridge.
But, we had to be in Russellville for
our next service Sunday morning,
and that is a city almost due West
of Decatur. That would have meant
at least a two hour drive back to Eldridge Saturday night, then another
two hour drive to Russellville for
the Sunday morning service. Brother
Danny would not hear of it. His idea
was that it would be easier on me if
we had a nearby place to rest that
night. I needed it! And, I told him
that I deeply appreciated it.
Sunday morning we had service in at the First FWB Church in
Russellville, followed by another
good old pot luck dinner. We spent
the afternoon just wasting time, since
our 5 o’clock service was at Hackleburg, about 40 mile down the road.
We went to a small flea market, then
Hubby picked up some things he
needed at Wal-Mart while I leaned
my seat back and put my feet up on
the dash to rest.
We had been to the Hackleburg church before, so people were
anxiously awaiting our arrival. It is
always sweet when a pastor tells us
that he specifically asked for Bud
and Ruth to come to his church for
service. We had a good service and
Hubby had me to teach the children
a little chorus I wrote years ago, an
action chorus for small children.
We had another good pot luck dinner, and were on the road back to
Eldridge by 7:30.
We drove in drizzling rain, but
thanked the Lord that the big sign
in front of the bank in Hackleburg
showed that the temperature was
42. We did not run into any ice on
the trip back to Eldridge. We were
here shortly after 8:30, and quickly
jumped into our Pjs and, again, back
into bed exhausted. We have one
more week of conference. We will
head for southeast Alabama Thursday. As usual, we are having more
fun than anybody. And, as always,
prayer is deeply appreciated.
Page 3
25 Years After Daughter’s Death, Parents Share
the Heartbreaking Story of Her Short Life
Steve Dykstra wrote to The
Daily Signal about his family’s
own experience with fetal surgery after reading our “Life
Pioneers” series
We would like to say
thank you to The Daily Signal
for publishing the series of articles titled “Life Pioneers.”
My wife Laurie and I were
By Steve Dykstra
an extensive amount of time
explaining to us what would
happen and what to expect after
It all seemed to be coming together. Dr. Harrison’s
confidence was reassuring and
our hope was quite high that the
outcome would be a few more
months of pregnancy and then
to try extreme measures.
Fortunately, we were able
to get pregnant again within
three months and were blessed
by delivering a healthy baby
girl, Kylee Lynae, almost a year
to the day later.
We delivered a second
daughter, Madilyn Briane, five
years later.
Steve Dykstra and his wife, Laurie. (Photo: Steve Dykstra)
also patients of Dr. Michael
Harrison and Dr. Scott Adzick
back in 1989 at University of
California San Francisco.
Our daughter, Larissa,
had a very similar condition to
that which Elijah Leffingwell
suffered from.
Our story started by having a routine ultrasound in the
sixth month of pregnancy.
Something alerted the
doctor that there could be a
problem, so we were sent to see
specialists in Chicago.
After more testing, we
were told the news; Larissa had
what they called congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation
[CCAM] of the center lobe of
her left lung.
Dr. Scott Adzick, chief of
surgery at Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia, helped pioneer fetal surgery in the 1980s.
(Photo: Patrick Frank)
This lobe was growing
rapidly and compressing everything in her chest cavity,
causing heart distress and preventing the lungs from developing.
We were told there were
three options: abort the preg-
Elijah Leffingwell
nancy, allow the pregnancy to
proceed and deliver a stillborn
or soon-to-die child, or
apply for an experimental procedure called fetal surgery in
Being a Christian couple,
we knew that abortion was not
an option.
As excited young prospective parents, we didn’t think we
could bear the thought of NOT
doing every possible thing we
could to give our daughter a
chance to survive. We applied
to Dr. Harrison and his team for
fetal surgery.
After several conversations, tests and information
sharing between doctors, we
were told they would take us.
I believe they told us that
this would be the first fetal lung
removal [ever] attempted.
We were afraid, but excited, and with a strong foundation
of faith and a praying church,
we departed for California.
Meeting Dr. Harrison and
his assistant, Holly, was a very
comforting experience for us.
They both made us feel
like we were family. They took
a healthy baby delivery.
The day of surgery came
and all systems were go.
Many hours later, Holly
came out and informed me
that the surgery went well and
mom and baby were both recovering.
After recovery, Dr. Harrison said it was now an all-out
effort to keep Laurie’s body
from going into labor and allowing Larissa to develop in
the womb.
As several days passed,
we started to realize that this
may not be possible. Laurie
began to get very sick and fill
with fluid.
Her condition quickly
It became obvious that her
body could not be kept from
labor. Laurie could not handle
a natural delivery, so due to
the serious risk to her health, a
decision was made to perform a
C-section and deliver Larissa.
On May 15, 1989, she
was born an absolutely beautiful baby that seemed perfect in
every way other than the scar
on her left side.
As we sat by her side, the
emotions were overwhelming
as well as confusing.
There was joy mixed
with sadness, hope mixed with
doubt, excitement mixed with
extreme fatigue and above all,
a sense of helplessness.
Over the next two days, it
became obvious that Larissa’s
lungs were not capable of supporting life and her condition
was deteriorating quickly.
She just wasn’t ready. On
May 17, 1989, Larissa was removed from the ventilator and
allowed to take her last breaths
on her own.
She passed peacefully and
we know she went immediately
into the arms of Jesus.
We know it was all a part
of God’s plan for her, to spare
her the pain and difficulty of
this life.
Coming home with the
“empty arms” emotions was
really quite tough when added
to the physical recovery from
[Laurie’s] two surgeries, but we
have never regretted our choice
Approximately 15 years
after Larissa’s death, Laurie
and I returned with Kylee
and Madilyn to UCSF to visit
Dr. Harrison and the hospital
where Larissa was born and
cared for.
It was great to see Dr.
Harrison again and hear of the
advances made in the area of
fetal surgery.
Dr. Harrison explained
to us that when Laurie was
pregnant with Larissa, she was
experiencing what now is called
mirror syndrome.
The mom’s body imitates
or “mirrors” the sickness in the
child and is a very serious and
possibly fatal condition for the
It is quite possible, and
even likely, that continuing to
stop Laurie from delivering
Larissa could have taken both
of their lives.
Often times we don’t understand why trials come, but
we do know God is sovereign
and he was in control.
Over 25 years after Larissa’s death, I read The Daily
Signal’s “Life Pioneers” series.
The story of Elijah Leffingwell almost mimics perfectly
our journey, but with a beautiful
ending in a healthy baby boy.
Elijah Leffingwell “would
have died” if he didn’t receive
surgery before birth to remove
a lung tumor. (Photo: Scott
Jason and April Leffingwell’s story about their
journey to bring Elijah into
this world brought back many
emotional memories.
However, along with
these emotions came a feeling
of connectedness.
We felt a bit of our daughter’s purpose revealed to us
through Elijah, and to see the
photos and read their story was
a gift to us. Thank you.
Thank you for giving this
topic the attention. Though fetal
surgery has been being done for
more than 30 years, many are
still unaware and amazed at the
work of the “Life Pioneers.”
Phone: 918-785-2446
Fax: 918-628-5170
P.O. Box 199 • Adair, OK 74330
Page 4 The BANNER
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Again? from pg. 1___________________________________
“No man can serve two masters.
… he will hold to the one, and
despise the other. Ye cannot
serve God and mammon (material wealth).” – Matthew 6:24
ably stretched to the limit.
There’s a distinct difference
in how liberals and conservatives behave when they’re fed
up. Liberals get mad and complain, but they rarely abandon
Democrats have long accused the Democratic Party. When
Republicans of being the party conservatives are fed up with
of greed. I’m sorry to say that Republicans, they stay home
on Election Day. This is catathey’ve been proven right.
strophic for our side.
What explanation other than
greed explains the long-term Like so many Americans, my
dysfunctional behavior of the disgust with the Republicans
continues to grow. But I’ve
Republican Party?
begun to realize that the reason
Let’s look at the issue through they won’t act to stop Obama is
Barack Obama’s State of the not so much fear as it is the love
Union address. The man who is of power and money.
“fundamentally transforming”
America into a socialist hell- Every key issue the GOP refuses
hole, and purposely destroying to fight against points back to
the middle class (i.e.: the cre- money. On amnesty, they’re
ative producers), told us with a terrified of losing the support
straight face that he’s licked the of the U.S. Chamber of Comproblem, the world is safe now merce. Major corporations want
and happy days are here again. amnesty so their cheap labor
In essence, “We just need to pool doesn’t dry up.
make some tweaks to destroy
– ahem, save – the middle class Washington insiders are making
and my work will be finished.” a fortune off of Obamacare. So
as long as their political donors
Obama claims that the U.S. un- are reaping benefits, the GOP
employment rate has dropped, will never roll back Obambut that’s because many of the acare.
91 million unemployed have
Republicans – like Democrats
stopped looking for work.
– funnel millions to their politiAnd despite his declaration that cal cronies through pork-barrel
the economy is rebounding, ac- spending. The immediate graticording to ABC News, 74 per- fication of money, power and
cent say their personal finances privilege obliterates any conhave stayed the same or gotten cern for future generations who
will be saddled with massive
worse in the past six years.
debt (currently over 100 percent
According to the U.S. Census of GDP!).
Bureau, more than half of American households now receive The GOP promised to cut the
benefits from the government. debt, roll back Obamacare and
secure our borders, but now
Obama is purposely weaken- that it’s in power, it’s playing
ing people by addicting them it “safe.”
to programs, hoping their only
choice will be to “come to Speaker John Boehner and
mamma” (the government) for Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell want to appear
their sustenance.
“reasonable” and not upset their
And he’s purposely weakening corporate donors. They think
America’s defenses, putting – foolishly – that this strategy
us at the mercy of ISIS and al- will help them elect a Republican president in 2016.
So what did the Republicans
do in the face of a State of the
Union speech that would have
made Karl Marx and Muhammad blush? They responded
with a smiling Sen. Joni Ernst,
R-Iowa, who cited some nice
down-home values, but who
neglected to strongly rebuke
any of Obama’s lies and nationdestroying policies.
A Washington Post-ABC News
poll revealed that the Republican Party has a 72 percent disapproval rating (compared to 62
percent for Democrats).
Republicans assume they’re
not popular because they’re
perceived as not being “friendly” enough. Hence, I have no
doubt that poor Sen. Ernst was
coached to freeze that smile on
her face.
Republicans have it wrong
– much of their unpopularity
stems from their near-complete
lack of principle.
The only reason the American people put Republicans in
charge of Congress is because
they want Obama stopped.
But if the GOP continues to
put politics above principle,
voters will turn on it, too. The
people’s patience is understand-
We’re Being Cooked!!... by Joe Esposito
This is the 41st article in the BANNER NEWSPAPER, January 28th, documenting the problems with
Oklahoma utilitiesʼ (GAS/WATER/ELECTRIC) “Spy” Smart Meters (a microwave radiation
data mining device) being placed on your property through stealth and forced implementation
in Oklahoma.
Following is a request form that could be used by Oklahoma Natural Gas
(ONG) customers to be sent by certified mail (with a return green card) to Oklahoma Natural Gas
(ONG). The form is asking questions of ONG that should have been disclosed to the public before
they installed digital wireless gas meters.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS WIRELESS DIGITAL METERS
Customer is requesting information from ONG regarding the digital wireless meter known as an
“Advanced Metering Infrastructure” (AMI) which transmits by way of non-ionizing, non-thermal /
thermal, pulsed microwave radiation.
Phone Number:____________________________________________________
Account Number:__________________________________________________
1. What was the date that ONG removed my mechanical gas meter and installed ONGʼs new digital
wireless gas meter?
2. At what frequency (ie. 900 MHz) does the new wireless meter operate?
3. What is the power (ie. mw/m2 -- microwatts per meter squared) output of the new digital gas meter?
4. How often does the new digital gas meter pulse or transmit the non-ionizing, non-thermal / thermal, pulsed microwave radiation (ie: every 15 seconds or once a month) and also the duration of each
5. What is the maximum distance that this transmission can travel to be recorded by ONG and how
is this transmission recorded by ONG?
6. Does the transmission of ONGʼs new wireless gas meter go through my house and my person during the transmitting time as it travels to be recorded by ONG?
7. Could there be any interference causing inaccurate readings with my wireless gas meterʼs transmission as it travels to the recording destination?
8. Is the new digital wireless meter vulnerable to cyber attacks or can someone hack into the system
and turn off my meter?
9. Assuming this technology is FCC certified. What is the maximum amount of non-ionizing, nonthermal / thermal, pulsed microwave radiation that is considered safe for children?
10. Can ONG provide me with specific federal and state laws (Title, Statute or section of law) that
requires or allows the installation of a wireless meter without the customerʼs expressed consent and
or the customerʼs request?
11. Please provide me with the original document that was to inform me of the meter change from my
mechanical gas meter to the digital wireless meter.
12. Can ONG turn my gas meter on and off remotely?
13. How is the FCCʼs Standard Absorption Rate (SAR) safety guidelines determined for ONGʼs
wireless gas meters?
Thank you for providing this information so I as a customer can be properly informed of the possible
merits or any hazards associated with the new wireless gas meters.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oklahomans call “YOUR” three Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners. Tell them to put a Moratorium on ONG’s digital wireless gas meters and to conduct the HEALTH studies that ONG nor OCC
has conducted up to this date.
Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s
Main Telephone number - (405) 521-2211
Chairman/Commissioner Bob Anthony
Commissioner Dana Murphy
Commissioner Patrice Douglas
George W. Bush was elected --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------on the promise of reigning in Call your Oklahoma State Legislators -- House and Senate members that represent you and tell
big government, but after two them to put a Moratorium on the ONG’s digital wireless gas meters.
terms, Bush had the biggest
federal budget expansion since You can also file complaints on line with the OCC and the Attorney General Scott Pruitt (elected
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Republi- officials) for NOT protecting you and your family.
cans controlled the White House
and Congress, but did little Questions call Joe Esposito 918-639-3421
reform and even tried to shove
amnesty down our throats.
Government Housing is a Bad Idea
Now they’re lying to us again.
Fool me once, shame on you; This past week, following the
fool me twice …
nation’s celebration of the birthday of civil rights leader Dr.
And God help any Republican
Martin Luther King, Jr., the U.S.
who stands up for the people.
Establishment Republicans treat Supreme Court heard an imporconservatives such as Sen. Ted tant case related to landmark law
Cruz like pariahs.
during the
An immediate intervention is civil rights
needed to save our republic. era – the
But since the Republican Con- Fair Housgress just shamefully re-elected ing Law of
Boehner as speaker and caved 1968.
on pro-life legislation, it appears
they will do nothing to stop This case
the destruction of my country. highlights
I hope that among those we how some
have recently elected, there are
enough patriots who will come
that foltogether to do the work that
lowed civil rights era legislais now so necessary. If they
do step forward, I believe the tion – in this case government
American people will support low-income housing projects
them wholeheartedly. That is – actually have hurt the very
my hope and prayer. It may be communities they were supthe only political solution left. posed to help.
The Court heard arguments
in the case Texas Department
of Housing and Community
Affairs v The Inclusive Communities Project, a non-profit
defining itself as for “thriving
racially and economically inclusive communities.”
No one questions the illegal-
By Star Parker
ity of refusing to sell or rent to
someone because of his or her
race. But what about policies
not intended to be discriminatory, but that may produce
results that might be deemed
norities access to better schools
and opportunity.
The Texas Housing Department
and developers, needless to
say, oppose this idea because it
would raise
the costs of
constructing low-income housing.
But can it
really be
discrimination to provide low-income individuals cheap, taxpayas such?
er subsidized housing in areas
The Inclusive Communities that are already low income,
Project claims that govern- racially segregated areas?
ment-subsidized low-income
housing, invariably constructed Unfortunately, regardless of
in low-income neighborhoods, how the Supreme Court decides
is discriminatory because it in this case, the result will be
forces blacks into pre-existing bad policy because governmentsubsidized low income housing
is a bad idea, no matter where
The particular claim here is that it’s located.
the Texas Housing Department
should be forced to locate its There is no question that the
taxpayer subsidized low-income concerns of the Inclusive Comhousing in integrated neighborhoods that would provide miSee Housing, pg. 7
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
The Radicalization of a King
By Walt Thrun
The terms ‘radical’ and ‘radicalization’ have been very popular
in news stories in recent months.
Radicalization has several
relevant but nearly opposite applications. A radicalized person might
be willing to kill others to further
their cause or belief system.
Another perhaps less popular definition describes those who
would be willing to die for others
to retain or restore their cause or
belief system.
The Bible has much to say
about radicalization, especially
regarding the definition describing
those who are willing to die in order
to restore or retain their cause.
Several Hebrew synonyms
for restore include return or repent. Basically the concept is a
movement back to the point of
It will be noted that the Bible
in both the Old and New Testament
stresses the return back to the point
of departure from God’s word
while contemporary progressivism is basically the opposite, i.e.
the belief in political change and
social improvement by governmental action.
When King Josiah was made
aware of God’s standard of righteousness and justice he immediately took radical actions to comply
with God’s word.
“Then the king…made a
covenant before the LORD, to
follow the LORD and to keep His
commandments…and His statutes,
with all his heart and all his soul, to
perform the words of this covenant
that were written in this book. And
all the people took a stand for the
covenant.” 2 Kings 23:3
Josiah in essence ratified the
original Mosaic Covenant which
God had revealed to the Israelites
more than 800 years earlier. And
then Josiah initiated radical actions to rid the land of those things
contrary to God’s law such as idol
worship and the killing of babies
among other things.
Josiah’s reward for his radicalized heart:
“…because your heart was
tender, and you humbled yourself
before the LORD when you heard
what I spoke…and wept before Me,
I also have heard you… ‘Surely,
therefore, I will gather you to your
fathers, and you…shall not see all
the calamity which I will bring on
this place.’” 2 Kings 22:19-20
And so it was that God arranged for Josiah to be killed in
battle so that he would not need to
witness the calamity which was to
befall Jerusalem and the Jews less
than a dozen years later.
The last prophet in the Old
Testament was Malachi who
prophesied between 437 and 417
BC. Malachi confirmed the immutability of God and His laws
and the significance of returning
to Him.
“For I am the LORD, I do
not change;
therefore you
are not consumed, O sons
of Jacob. Yet
from the days
of your fathers
you have gone
away from My
Walt Thrun
and have not
kept them. Return to Me, and I will
return to you…” Malachi 3:6-7
And then note the final words
of the Old Testament in which
Malachi echoed Isaiah’s previous
prophecy relative to God’s law
revealed to Moses:
“Remember the Law of Moses, My servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel,
with the statutes and judgments.
Behold, I will send you Elijah
the prophet before the coming of
the great and dreadful day of the
LORD.” Malachi 4:4-5
‘Elijah’ in this passage refers
to the one who was foreordained to
announce the coming of the Messiah and the kingdom of heaven.
This was fulfilled in the appearance
of John the Baptist.
And what was the message
of John the Baptist 450 years after
Malachi’s prophecy?
“In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea and saying, ‘Repent,
for the kingdom of heaven is at
hand!’” Matthew 3:1-2
Shortly thereafter Jesus began His earthly ministry with the
same profound message.
“From that time Jesus began
to preach and to say, ‘Repent, for
the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’”
Matthew 4:17
The Greek for ‘repent’ in
the present context means ‘pious
sorrow for unbelief and sin and a
turning from them unto God and
the gospel of Christ.’
According to God’s word,
what the world needs now is a
vast radicalization of Christians to
take extreme measures to return
to God’s word by following the
example of Josiah.
Next week we’ll discuss the
State of the Union Address.
Share your thoughts walt.
Page 5
Hope And Change
I was listening to the first
several minutes of President
Obama’s State of the Union
speech and heard I must be living in paradise.
Then I remembered it
was Obama speaking. So I
went back to reading the Joel
C, Rosenberg novel “The
Tehran Initiative” that is more
grounded in reality than our
President won’t allow himself to
be. This State of the Union, like
all before, showed again that
Obama cannot govern and can
only campaign; i.e. just a higher
level of community organizing.
Sadly it worked twice and we
are paying the price.
Now we must endure
another silly season of political
campaigns that has me wondering if we’ll ever see governing
by anyone of either party. Our
Country seemingly cannot escape being in a perpetual campaign mode at all levels and it
is clear why little gets done and
our government is held in such
low regard.
The current large crop of
potential presidential candidates
only enhances the “silly season”
term and portends more “hope
and change” nonsense. We have
a media and the devious Clinton
entourage annoiting Hillary for
a long time now. She can only
be coy because she certainly
cannot tout accomplishments.
No one should be counting on
Hillary for two reasons: first,
I think she’ll actually seek the
nomination only if she is convinced winning is “in the bag,”
and second, she really isn’t that
electable. The pseudo-indian
Elizabeth Warren is only useful
in pushing Hillary leftward, but
is not a threat nor is any other
Democrat except perhaps the
most experienced Jim Webb.
Yet, there will be a Democrat
and it is anyone’s guess as to
how that shakes out. I think a
vacancy on the Supreme Court
will occur and Hillary will be
appointed as a result of a neverto-be-learned fishy back room
deal struck between Clintonistas
and the Obama White House.
However, if Hillary does end
up as the Democrat nominee
she is liable to crash and burn
in a debate even with a Candy
Crowley-like rescue. A “what
difference does it make?” won’t
Meanwhile, those in the
Hillary camp sending big money to her cloying “campaign”
probably are not too worried
about a Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney candidacy. I voted for Jeb
Bush and he was a good governor. Yet Governor Bush’s
answer for dealing with illegal
immigration being LOVE is
not only as unconstitutional
as Obama’s executive (memoranda) orders but is too off-thewall. Has Jeb or anyone in the
Administration even considered
how many jihadis are crossing
our opened borders with these
illegals? Also, the known closeness of the Bushes and Clintons
suggests at least Jeb would not
appropriately confront Hillary
in any debate.
Mitt Romney doesn’t
scare any Hillary benefactors
either, nor should he. While
an accomplished gentleman in
his own right he virtually gave
Obama’s second election to him.
Turning the other cheek while
being hammered is not a winning strategy regardless of how
much money Romney spends.
And even with more coaching it
is hard to change “you are what
you were when.”
An outlier such as Dr.
Ben Carson is causing much
excitement, his lack of executive experience notwithstanding. But I think Dr. Carson is
smart enough to learn issues and
surround himself with the right
people. Funding and marketing
him in a billion dollar campaign
is unlikely though.
The 2014 Senate and
House election results were a
clarion call for leaders to govern
in a manner our founding fathers
intended -- not for more socialistic policies and us against
them rhetoric. Unfortunately,
it appears another disingenuous
“Hope and Change” presidential
campaign is in the offing for a
silly season while real threats
to our Country from Islamic
terrorists cry for action.
Our Nation needs a strong
leader with a positive message
that can bring about real change
instead of continued harmful division of its citizenry. Slogans
won’t get it.
Semper Fi,
Harold B. Wilber, Col. USMC
Lake City, FL 32025
~Pro Second Amendment~
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Thursday February 5, at 6:30 pm
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Page 6 The BANNER
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Footprints in History – Melvin N. Yoder
April 21, 1916 – January 13, 2015
By Bill Chupp
The Yoder families in
southwestern Mayes County
have a long history. Originally,
Noah D. and Lizzie (Coblentz)
Yoder lived in Ohio near Sugarcreek. They were married on
February 14, 1907, the year
Oklahoma became a state.
Three children, Mary Ann,
Sarah and
John Henry
were born
in Ohio.
They made
the move
to Oklahoma in
1912 by
Bill Chupp
rail cars
and settled in the prairie two
miles west and four miles south
of Chouteau. There were no
trees on the homestead, so the
little girls reminded their mother
that she can’t get a switch to
spank them!
The Amish families have
kept a record of those periods
of time in their ancestry with
family record books that are
updated from time to time.
These books put together family trees with listings of all the
original siblings, their children
and grandchildren up to the
date of the publication. Family members submit writings
of their memories that will be
preserved with a glimpse into
their lives.
Recently, on January 13,
Melvin N. Yoder, a member of
this original family, died. He
was 98 years old with his birth
date listed as April 21, 1916. He
died at his home just a half mile
north of the original homestead.
Son Alva and grandson Leon
now operate the farm and the
Melvin and wife Edna
(Miller) were married over 70
years before she died a few
years ago. They had a family
of 3 boys and 2 girls. They
built a barn with stanchions for
12 cows and stalls for 6 horses.
One evening when the three
oldest children were small, a
storm developed and lightening
struck the barn and caught hay
in the loft on fire. Edna took the
crying children to the house and
told them to stay there while she
hitched up Goldie to the buggy
to go for help at Grandpas. Melvin took a bucket of water and
climbed up into the hayloft.
After pulling some bales
out of the east corner, he found
the hot one and poured water
on it. He burned his hands in
the effort. When his father and
brother (young Noah) came,
they went to check to be sure the
fire was out and it was burning
again. Brother Noah quickly
went down the ladder, grabbed a
bucket of milk and put it out.
There is much more in
the family record book, including the dates when Melvin was
ordained as a Deacon, then
Minister and then Bishop. He
was a servant of God and the
church the rest of his life, although a younger generation has
taken active positions in church
leadership now.
As I was browsing through
my father’s diaries, I found a lot
of interesting facts that included
Melvin. Daddy, Melvin and
my Uncle Levi Troyer were
baptized in the Amish church
on September 16, 1934. My
grandmother, Barbara Chupp,
helped make Melvin’s mutza
(suit) the Tuesday before the
The Amish still have their
church services in their homes,
as was the funeral for Melvin.
Alva and Susan knew that the
time would come that they
needed to prepare for this, so
in recent years, after they had a
chimney fire in the old two story
house, they demolished it and
built their spacious new one.
By filling the room with the
long backless benches and some
folding chairs, they estimated
there were 400 at the service.
Thursday evening there
was a gathering for the family
and friends. They had an inspiring song service with hymns in
both German and English. A
short devotional and a prayer,
then everyone had a chance to
sign in and pass by the coffin.
The service was Friday
morning at 9:00. A large tent
was set up on the west side
of the house to give room for
people to leave their coats and
hats, and later for serving dinner
There were 3 ministers
taking part in the ceremony - a
grandson, Tobias Yoder from
Kalona, Iowa, nephews Perry
Yoder and Glen Yoder who live
here. They all preached in German and I scribbled some notes
in English as they spoke. Mention was made that Melvin had
memorized the poem (in English” “‘Twas the Night Before
Jesus Came” many years ago
and often recited it during his
sermons. The poem ends with,
“In the words of this poem the
meaning is clear, the coming of
Jesus is drawing near. There’s
only one life and when comes
the last call, We’ll find that the
Bible was true after all.”
As the service was ending
the clock on the mantle began to
chime the ten o’clock hour. As
it chimed, I thought of the song
– “The chimes of time” “It Is No
Secret” by Stuart Hamblin.
God gave Melvin a good
long life. He touched the lives
of many people and left Footprints in History.
Warren Buffet once called
derivatives “weapons of mass
destruction.” Today we have more
than $700 trillion of these mass
weapons floating around out there
looking for an iceberg to hit. On
that fateful day the ship will go
down, because $700 trillion is ten
times larger than the world’s total
Lifeboats will be few on that
day as the Federal Reserve hasn’t
got the reserves or ability to come
up with a QE program big enough
to lift all of those sinking for a total
lack of life jackets. Once again,
our country will be exposed to the
threat of derivatives that almost
broke the nation in 2008.
That’s when the big banks
were teetering on the brink of the
great abyss due to their heavy bets
on derivatives. That’s when the
forgotten taxpayer was held at gun
point to bail them out. They won,
taxpayers lost. That was the reason
the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial
reform law was passed to stop
our nation from spending trillions
on bailing out large banks again.
Dodd-Frank prohibited banks from
using federally insured deposit
money to trade in derivative instruments. Makes sense to the working man, but not to the big banks.
With big bankers donating large
sums of money to those on Mount
Olympus, this will no longer be the
case. Once again big banks can use
depositors’ money to buy and sell
derivatives, the game is afoot once
again. Our leaders saw fit to give
large bankers a carte blanche to
go ahead and trade derivatives on
federally insured deposits, which is
a recipe of disaster for the working
taxpayer. If they lose money, the
taxpayer pays, if they make money,
they get to keep it. The forgotten taxpayer has once again been
pushed to the back of the food chain
to stand ready to wash dishes and
clean up the mess again.
April 21, 1916 – January
13, 2015 The great manipulator
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Rotary Tedder
known as the Federal Reserve is
manipulated by the desires of the
central banks that own it and their
lobbyists who have the coattails of
those on capitol Hill.
In the days of the slave trade,
the northern businessmen brought
slaves to the U.S. to sell to southern
plantation owners. The slaves were
put on the auction block and sold
to the highest bidder. The man bidding offered a price that he thought
could be paid back by the slave’s
labor. A slave is a man bought
and paid for. Nobody gives large
amounts of money for anything
or to anyone without expecting a
return on his or her investment,
to think otherwise is naive. Regardless of any deal making in a
personal relationship or business,
one always wants to ask, what’s
in it for the other guy and the one
offering the deal?
Many former lawmakers
have become lobbyists on Capitol
Hill for the simple reason that’s
where the money is. Politician say
they aren’t obligated to someone
just because they took a sponsored
trip or received a large donation.
Without returning a favor or tit for
tat, these donations and free trips
disappear from the landscape like
the morning mist. Therefore, favors
will continue to be granted by all in
politics. The band playing the music is paid before the party starts or
after everyone goes home, but the
dance always continues on.
When President Clinton was
a lame duck president in December
of 2000, he signed a law that in-
sured derivatives could not be regulated, which was the Commodities
Futures Modernization Act. Within
two months of leaving the White
House, Morgan Stanley paid him
$125,000 to give a speech to their
company in New York City.
A short couple of weeks
later, Credit Suisse paid Clinton
$125,000 for a speech, this is according to Naked
In the
ten years
Clinton’s second term, he
made nearly
$10 million
in speaking
Corbett Mason
The first three batters to the
plate were Citigroup: $250,000;
Deutsche Bank, $150,000; Goldman Sacs, $300,000 for 2 speeches
and this was just the first inning. I
can only speculate that the lobbyists were the referees.
“Bank improprieties will
continue as long as governments
continue to back them. The obvious
natural consequences of governments, or any industry for that
matter is that executives are able to
take more risk (and) governments
bailing out banks puts us all at
risk.” Said Gary Biddle, Professor
of Accounting at the University of
Hong Kong.
We all should remember,
since the 2008 financial crisis
our sterling leaders said, “Some
banks were just too big to fail or
Large banks have laundered
money, violated U.S. sanctions,
covered up fund transfers, rigged
electricity markets, manipulated
bank labor rates, etc.
A study of 43 firms, including Goldman Sacs shows they’ve
spent a total of 116 million on state
politicians, which is in direct violation of the SEC rule. No worry, our
government leaders turned a blind
eye once again, as they took the
money. Regardless of what those
involved in these shenanigans say,
this is the same technique used in
the old days by the Mafia in getting
businessmen to pay for protection,
only no-one goes to jail.
If our leaders find an old law
standing as a road block for a new
rule or regulation, they will give
the old law the “coup de grace”
and write a new one.
These “prostitutes” put
themselves above many laws and
regulations, they’ve sidestepped
Obamacare, those not living under
Obamacare include the President
and his family, Congress and their
families, Supreme Court and their
families and 1,200 corporations
and unions. Congress passes laws
made to convict people for using
insider information on making
money on stocks. But these laws
don’t apply to those in Congress
who pass laws and regulations that
help grow many businesses and
destroys others. They have “carte
blanche” to use this information
and trade on it. These “prostitutes”
make their own rules when the
stakes get high enough.
In cards a joker is an extra
playing card, used in some games
to represent the highest trump or
any card the holder desires. In
law it is a hidden or cunningly
worded provision put into law or
legal document to make it dif-
See Corbett, pg. 9
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Christian Persecution Worldwide
Has Become A Metastasizing Cancer
Housing, from pg. 4_________________________________
munities Project are legitimate.
Government low-income housing lodged in poor, troubled
by Andrew E. Harrod
communities just makes life
Family Security
that much harder for those that
The “cancer of Christian perse- tian persecution. Another threat suffering a “humanitarian crisis
are already challenged.
cution is metastasizing” in an
“epidemic” that is “spreading at
an unprecedented rate in modern times,” stated Open Doors
USA president David Curry at a
January 7 briefing in Washington, DC’s National Press Club.
Curry’s presentation before an
audience of about 30 of Open
Doors’ 2015 World Watch List
(WWL) depressingly reviewed
ongoing Christian martyrdom,
often at the hands of Marxists
and Muslims.
The WWL, an Open Doors press
release noted, is a unique annual
survey of the persecuted church
worldwide, praised by Curry as
the most dependable study of
its kind. Open Doors research
is “meticulous,” concurred at
the briefing religious freedom
scholar Nina Shea from the Hudson Institute. The WWL “ranks
the top 50 countries where it is
most dangerous and difficult to
be a Christian,” the press release
explained. An accompanying
map displayed at the briefing and
available online with
the report showed
these countries coded
by color according to
persecution severity.
100 million Christians are persecuted
worldwide, making
them one of the most
persecuted religious
groups in the world,”
the press release observed. “This year,
the threshold was higher for a
country to make the list, indicating that worldwide levels of
persecution have increased.”
Curry noted that the number of
Christians dying for their faith
has more than doubled since last
year’s WWL. “While the year
2014 will go down in history
for having the highest level of
global persecution of Christians
in the modern era,” the press
release elaborated, “current
conditions suggest the worst is
yet to come.”
North Korea, with an estimated
70,000 Christians imprisoned
according to the press release,
headed the list for the 13th consecutive year and appeared blood
red (“Extreme Persecution”) on
the map. No other regime is so
“militantly atheistic” as North
Korea’s “Stalinist brand,” Shea
observed, where the regime suppresses any competition to what
Curry described as a “cult worship.” North Korea exemplifies
in Shea’s words how “remnant
Communist” countries like China (list place 29, colored green
for “Moderate Persecution”) are
one significant source of Chris-
came from “nationalist regimes,” so dire” that it is an “existential
Shea noted, such as the “Hindu threat,” Shea warned.
fundamentalism” cited by the
press release in India.
Referencing Sudan and Iran’s
Islamic republics, Shea worried
Shea’s third “Islamist” category,” about “extremist influences behowever, was the largest threat in ing mainstreamed” in society
the WWL. “Islamic extremism is and government beyond jihadthe main source of persecution in ist groups like ISIS. The Iraqi
40 of the 50 countries,” the press government in the past, for exrelease noted, including India, ample, marginalized Christians,
where both Islam and Hinduism who were therefore “dealt out of
endangered Christianity from the deck” in the distribution of
various quarters. “This relatively American aid. Governments in
small but virulent strain of ideol- Muslim countries likewise often
ogy,” Curry assessed, “has made turn a “blind eye and deaf ear”
the Middle East the most perilous to persecution of Christians by
region of the world for Chris- private actors.
tians.” “More than 70 percent
of Christians have fled Iraq since In particular, Saudi Arabia, a
2003,” the press release calcu- “towering figure within Islam”
lated, “and more than 700,000 with oil resources, regional Gulf
Christians have left Syria since predominance, and control over
the civil war began in 2011.” Islam’s holy sites, has been “very
Bright red accordingly marked counterproductive” by “spreadmajority-Muslim countries in the ing an ideology of hatred.” Thus
Middle East and beyond on the Saudi textbooks demonize nonWWL map, including Afghani- Muslims and advocate “violent
stan and Iraq, two lands where jihad” in Islam’s name. As a
the United States attempted with result, “Saudi Arabia did create
its own monster”
in ISIS, a group
Saudi Arabia has
now attacked with
air strikes, Shea
much blood and treasure to create stable, free societies.
For Shea, “intensifying persecution” of Christians in Muslim
countries makes the word “so
inadequate” that Shea prefers
“religious cleansing” to describe
a campaign of “total Islamization” eliminating non-Muslims.
Under the Islamic State of Iraq
and Syria (ISIS), a “completion of religious cleansing” of
Christians as well as Yazidis has
occurred in western Iraq, Shea
stated. Absent effective remedies, a “2,000 year-old church
will be completely gone,” part of
an “attack on the entire Christian
presence in the region.”
Iraqi Christians have fled to
Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region,
where Kurds have “put out a
welcome mat” and demonstrated
that not all Muslims are hostile.
Unlike half a million Muslims
who have fled ISIS there as
well, though, the Christians lack
regional allies and often avoid
United Nations camps where
international aid deliveries and
refugee registration occur. Accordingly, Iraqi Christians are
Shea identified
five “red flags”
that characterize
the “crime against
humanity” of “religious cleansing,” elements
taken together
that are “greater than the sum of
their parts.” “Forcible conversion,” for example, presented
Christians with Islamic law’s
traditional trinity of choosing
between death, conversion to Islam, or acceptance of “medieval
dictates” in a “second-class citizenship.” Nigeria’s Boko Haram
“ruthlessly...applied” these alternatives during door to door
searches of villages. Laws also
punished blasphemy and apostasy in Muslim countries such as
Pakistan, whose “strictest black
letter law” in this matter gave a
“license to kill” to Muslim vigilantes. Targeted assassination
of Christian leaders, abductions,
and targeted attacks on churches
completed Shea’s list.
Page 7
low-income housing does. This
creates the troubled ghettos
that the Inclusive Communities Project understands is a
Furthermore, let’s stop using
But bad policies and bad ideas the tax code as a tool for social
are going to be bad wherever engineering. This is what prothey are carried out.
viding tax-credits to builders
to construct certain types of
Even if somehow more tax- housing amounts to.
payer funds were funneled
into these projects to incentiv- Social engineering doesn’t
ize developers to build more work. The fact that a half-cencostly low-income housing, tury after passage of the Civil
it’s still going to be govern- Rights Act low-income, racialment low-income housing ly segregated neighborhoods
where everyone’s neighbors still exist across America is
will be poor.
testimony to this.
Furthermore, are we then going to sue those who choose
to move because they don’t
want to be in a neighborhood
with low-income housing and
What works? Freedom
Let builders decide in a free
market where to build. We
don’t need to give them a free
ticket in the way of tax credits
A noble and compassionate so they build where governsociety certainly will want to ment social engineers want
help those less fortunate. But them to build.
it should be done in a way that
does not undermine individual And if we want to help lowpersonal freedom and sense of income earners with housing
personal dignity and respon- costs, give them a voucher to
defray rental costs that they
can use anywhere the want.
The way for government to
help low income Americans If then these folks are not satwith housing costs is simply isfied with the neighborhood
to provide a voucher directly they can afford, education,
to individuals that can be used hard work, traditional values,
to defray rent wherever that and personal responsibility
individual chooses to live. has always been the ticket in
Don’t tell people where to America to climb the social
live, which is what government and economic ladder.
1st St.
Pryor, OK 74361
Pryor, OK 74361
(918) 825-2468 • FAX (918) 825-2003 • Toll Free 1 (888) 825-2469
Like Curry, though, Shea assured
that “prominent Muslim voices”
and the “majority of Muslims”
oppose religious persecution.
Shea asserted that Middle Eastern Christians “have long coexisted with the Muslim majority”
in the region. By contrast, Shea
described as “extremists” the
See Christians, pg. 11
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Page 8 The BANNER
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
EPA, from pg. 1________________________________________________________________
Let me say that again: More any other nation, despite that we
fracking has meant lower meth- haven’t passed a carbon tax or
ane emissions. The methane enacted cap-and-trade policies.
alarm is a false alarm.
I pointed out this inconvenient
So why is the methane scare so truth in recent testimony in one
elevated now by Big Green? One of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s last
reason might be that almost all hearings as chairman of the Senof the major air pollutants have ate Committee on Environment
declined markedly over the last and Public Works. I noted that,
several decades, so environ- “The green protesters have it all
mental groups need to invent wrong on fracking and horizonnew scare tactics to fill up their tal drilling. These technologies
greatly reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and make climate
The emissions of lead, sulfur change, less, not more probable
and smog have all fallen by at in the future.” Especially if one
least half since 1970. The air considers reducing greenhouse
in major American cities such gas emissions a worthy goal,
as Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and these new regulations are offChicago are as clean as they’ve base. Still, the liberals on the
been in many decades. Big panel changed the subject to
Green is running out of things methane emissions — the new
to complain about.
A few years ago they decided
that carbon dioxide was going
to roast the world in heat. But
carbon dioxide emissions, as
President Obama recently acknowledged, have been falling
in the United States and much
more than anyone predicted. The
U.S. has also reduced its carbon
dioxide emissions more than
The hidden agenda here is to
restrict shale oil and gas drilling,
and fracking. This anti-fracking
obsession is strange because
even EPA Administrator Gina
McCarthy acknowledged that
natural gas is a clean substitute for coal and thus lowers
greenhouse gases. The Obama
administration’s regulatory as-
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Catheryn E. Lee Community Center (Old Sam’s Town, east
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sit and visit with old friends, and maybe make new ones.
Our next lunch is February 2nd, Come spend it with
us. We will be serving 3 Wonderful Soups: Pinto Bean,
Chicken Tortellini, and Chicken & Broccoli, Corn Bread,
Crackers, Ice Tea & Coffee, and, if you like, we always
need Desserts. You don’t have to live in Adair. Everyone in
the surrounding area is invited.
Come on Seniors, let’s get with it!!
Food • Fun • Games
sault on methane natural gas
— at a time when the industry
is already struggling with thin
profit margins due to the collapse in the global petroleum
price — will harm the environment, not save it.
The shale oil and gas revolution
imperils the renewable energy
industry. Over the last seven
years, the price for natural gas
has fallen to $4 per thousand
cubic feet, down from $12 only
a few years ago. Electric cars,
solar paneling on rooftops, and
windmills have taken a pounding as oil and gas prices have
plummeted. Spending $75,000
for a Tesla may have made sense
when the price of gas was nearly
$4 a gallon, but at close to $2 a
gallon in many markets, all of
the alternative fads are financially gone with the wind.
Obama ‘intimidating Benghazi
witness into silence’
Congressman says key general ‘on a leash’ to
keep him quiet
By Drew Zahn
The Obama administration has
been using General David Petraeus’ legal predicament over
an extramarital affair to keep
him “on a leash” and prevent
him from him from providing
“devastating testimony” on
Benghazi, charges Rep. Louie
Gohmert, R-Texas.
“We’re not even getting to the
people that really have the most
direct information,” Gohmert
said in a radio interview Sunday.
“Have you not wondered about
Petraeus being so silent all this
Gohmert was speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio”
The only way that liberal finanon New York’s AM 970 The
cier Tom Steyer of California
can possibly prevent green energy projects from going the way
Petraeus was director of the
of Solyndra is by pumping back
Central Intelligence Agency at
up the price of gas at the pump.
The new methane regulations, the time of the terrorist attack in
which may force oil and gas Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11, 2012.
producers to purchase methane The retired four-star general
credits, are designed to achieve resigned, however, two months
later, citing an extramarital
that goal.
affair reportedly discovered
Meanwhile, domestic drillers in through an FBI investigation.
Texas, Alaska and North Dakota
are already starting to lay off
workers as the world price of oil
falls. The methane regulations
— under the guise of averting climate change rather than
addressing any direct adverse
health effects — will be imposed
on these American producers,
but not OPEC, Iran or Russia.
It’s a policy that empowers our
enemies abroad, costs Americans jobs, raises gas prices, and
has almost no impact on the
quality of the air we breathe.
The White House actions remind
me of the classic line by Harry
in “Dumb and Dumber”: “Just
when I thought you couldn’t
possibly be any dumber, you go
and do something like this.”
Originally appeared in the Washington Times.
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about the attack.
“They’ve got an investigation
that has been pending all that
time, and it’s something they
had known about for nearly a
year and perhaps longer about
the affair [Petraeus] had been
having, but amazingly it doesn’t
come up until he is in a position
to say exactly where the talking points came from and how
they were changed by the White
House or someone,” Gohmert
said. “He could have given very
devastating testimony, and yet
they’ve kept him on a leash and
he’s not come out and blasted
the White House when we found
out that those were not the talking points that came from the
This was not the first time
Gohmert raised questions about
the administration’s handling of
the Petraeus affair.
During remarks on the House
floor earlier this month, Gohmert implied the administration
was using the case to silence
Petraeus on Benghazi.
Since then, further investigations by the FBI and Justice Department have alleged Petraeus
leaked classified documents
to his mistress, prompting a
recommendation felony charge
be brought against him. So far,
however, he has not been formally charged.
“This administration knows
that General Petraeus has information that would virtually
destroy any credibility that the
administration might still have
nationally and internationally,”
Gohmert said. “So what else
would this administration do but
leave over his head for over a
year and a half the threat, ‘We’re
Gohmert cited Petraeus’ legal
going to prosecute you, so you’d
troubles as just the kind of
better keep your mouth shut’?”
ammunition the White House
could use to keep the former
CIA director quiet about what He added, “That’s where we are
really happened in Benghazi now in America. It may have
and the immediate aftermath, been the kind of administration
when the administration took Richard Nixon dreamed of, but
public criticism for a series of he knew he could never get
misleading “talking points” there.”
Republicans, from pg. 1____________________________
while ignoring the issue of reli- ask Barack Obama who closed
gious freedom.
his mind and ears to critical
voices on healthcare and govRepublicans nationally and in ernment spending and has been
several states looked over the suffering ever since.
landscape in November and
concluded they had won big. If Republicans raise taxes, parThey beat their base. Then they ticularly while ignoring the
beat the Democrats. They could concerns of their base toward
consequently close their mind religious freedom and other isto outside opinions and ideas sues, they might find their grasp
and could fix their hearts on the on power comes up short. After
public purse.
all, they have to win all the races.
Conservatives only have to disThis has a tendency to end badly rupt a few. And we will.
for any party that does this. Just
Brent Edmonds, R.T.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz Calls for
Obamacare Repeal,
Border Security
There will be many Republicans Core, show me where you stood
seeking the presidential nomi- up and fought. And if you say
nation in 2016, and one of the you stand with our friend and
potential candidates, Texas Sen. ally, the nation of Israel, show
Ted Cruz, urged conservatives me where you stood up.”
gathered at the Iowa Freedom
Summit Saturday to demand Cruz called for a full repeal of
Page 9
Boy Scouts hit with major
new scandal
Stunning new rules aimed at discrimination against homosexual adults
By Bob Unruh
California state judges have
been banned from working with
youth organizations such as the
Boy Scouts that practice “invidious” discrimination based
on sexual orientation.
The Supreme Court of California said it adopted the recommendations of its Advisory
Committee after public comment on the issue.
to the mid-1990s, but the exceptions for youth and religious
organizations had been maintained until the change.
The Boy Scouts were not identified specifically in the court’s
document, because the rulechange pertains to all “youth
organizations.” But because
of the high profile of its recent
fight over homosexuality, the
move is seen as a direct ban on
participation with the Scouts.
The committee said that previously, Canon 2C “contained
exceptions to this prohibition
for membership in religious
organizations, membership in
an official military organization
of the United States and, so long
as membership did not violate
Canon 4A, membership in a
nonprofit youth organization.”
“The exceptions for membership in an official military organization of the United States
The policy change removes an
exception to the ban for judges The new ethical guideline reads: and nonprofit youth organizato participate with such youth “A judge shall not hold mem- tions have been eliminated as
bership in any organization that exceptions to the canon.”
their choice demonstrate a track
record of accomplishment.
“Every candidate is going to
come in front of you and say,
‘I am the most conservative
guy to ever live,’ “ said Cruz.
“Well, you know what? Talk is
He challenged those at the forum
to “look each candidate in the
eye and say ‘do not talk, show
me,’ “ especially when it comes
to religious freedom or opposing
“If you say you oppose the president’s unconstitutional executive
amnesty, show me where you
stood up and fought,” said Cruz,
to huge applause from the crowd
of about 1,300. “If you say you
will stand up to the Washington
establishment, the career politicians of both parties that have
gotten us in this mess, show me
where you stood up and fought.
If you say you oppose Common
Obamacare, demanded a lock
down of the nation’s southern
border, called to stop environmental regulations, and demanded the shutdown of the IRS.
Cruz said it is time to “reignite
the miracle of America,” which
would come by championing
jobs, reforming the tax structure
and repealing Obamacare.
Cruz also called for America’s world leadership to be
“Just a couple of weeks ago, we
were horrified at the terrorist
attacks on the streets of Paris,”
said Cruz. “And then horrified
again when over 40 world leaders came in solidarity, and yet
missing from that rally graphically was the United States of
America. You cannot fight and
win a war on radical Islamic
terrorism if you are unwilling to
utter the words ‘radical Islamic
terrorism.’ “
Chris Kyle: Symbol For All Ideologues
By Jack Kerwick
With all of the talk of Chris Kyle,
the subject of Clint Eastwood’s
latest blockbuster film, American
Sniper, a politically naïve spectator could be forgiven for thinking
that it really is Chris Kyle of
whom people are talking.
But he would be mistaken all
the same.
The person Chris Kyle is of
little to no interest to media
commentators. Rather, and as
always, it is their own ideological fixations that preoccupy these
partisans—and Kyle, courtesy
of Eastwood’s efforts, has become a symbol, a prop, for their
The late Kyle was a Navy SEAL
who served four tours of duty
in Iraq as a sniper with more
confirmed killings—160—than
anyone on record. When he
finally returned to the States,
Harper Collins published his
memoir: American Sniper: The
Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in American Military
Neoconservative Republicans—
i.e. those who ardently supported,
and who continue to support, the
invasion of Iraq and the decade-
“The only remaining exception
to the general rule is membership in a religious organization,” Judge Richard D. Fybel,
chairman of the committee
and a member of the Fourth
District Court of Appeals, said
in the announcement. “One
other exception – belonging to
a military organization – was
eliminated as well, because the
U.S. armed forces no longer
restrict military service based
on sexual orientation.”
long enterprise to democratize
The Boy Scouts declined to
it—have fallen in love with this
respond to WND requests for
film. It is not hard to understand
why they have every interest in comment.
canonizing Kyle.
In 2012, the National Council
The vast majority of Americans of the Boy Scouts of America
have long held that the war revised its century-old policy to
in Iraq was a mistake of epic allow “open and avowed” hoproportions—a belief that they mosexuals to join its programs.
expressed in no uncertain terms The move was made despite
in the elections of ’06 and ’08. a U.S. Supreme Court ruling
Today, Iraq is substantially more that, as a private organization, it
of a mess than it was at the time could restrict its memberships.
of the invasion in ’03. For now,
we needn’t debate why this is so; The compromise didn’t satisfy
it is so, and everyone knows it. either side of the debate, allowing openly homosexual scouts
But in promoting and convincing while banning openly homolegions of enthusiastic movie go- sexual leaders.
ers that Kyle is this generation’s
version of General Washington “Gay”-rights activists demandand Audie Murphy, that he is ed more, and many churches
a war hero extraordinaire who that had sponsored troops for
risked his life in Iraq so that we years dropped out of the procan be free, the war’s supporters
gram, sending membership
can hope to persuade Americans
down 6 percent in the first year
that Iraq wasn’t only a just cause;
after the decision.
it was a necessary one: No Iraq
War, no more American freeThe judiciary in California,
through the media office at
American Sniper supplies the the state Supreme Court, also
Iraq War’s supporters with one declined to respond to WND
more opportunity to redeem requests for comment.
See Kyle, pg. 11
The ban on participation in
groups that “discriminate” dates
Corbett, from pg. 6_____________________________________________________________
ferent from what it seems to be.
And Washington’s players on the
hill have taken this to a new level.
Cleverly spoken words can also be
made to deceive the unwashed and
unlearned time after time and they
never catch on.
The little man on the street
is under the impression “Big Business” and “Big Government” are
enemies, which are at war with
each other. Nothing could be
farther from the truth. The larger
government gets, it cronies owning
large corporations and businesses
become entrenched with the “shield
of government” marching ahead.
This shield protects the elite from
something we used to cherish in
this country called competition.
The “lobbyists’ trail’s ruts” get
deeper daily as votes are bought and
special committees give projects to
the connected. In the forgotten days
of yore, people supposedly excused
themselves when an issue came
up for a vote, if it promoted one’s
self-interest. Today, they take the
money and then vote as they crawl
in bed with their favorite corporation for a night or two. Leaving the
public a soiled bed of corruption,
all of this is done in the name of
leadership for the people. It’s hard
to find an uninterested party when
it comes to money.
“The simple truth is that
our businessmen do not want a
government that will let business
alone. They want a government that
they can use.” - Albert Jay Nock,
practices invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex,
gender, religion, national origin,
ethnicity, or sexual orientation.”
The committee report said an
organization is “generally said
to discriminate invidiously if
it arbitrarily excludes from
membership on the basis of
race, religion, sex, gender,
national origin, ethnicity, or
sexual orientation persons who
would otherwise be admitted to
Previously, the rules said: “This
canon does not apply to membership in a religious organization or an official military organization of the United States.
So long as membership does not
violate Canon 4A, this canon The judges have been given
does not bar membership in a until Jan. 21, 2016, to make sure
nonprofit youth organization.” their statements, activities and
participation in organizations
The committee changed the comply.
text to read: “This canon does
not apply to membership in a “The proposed rule change was
religious organization.”
sent out for public comment last
year, and the change was supCalifornia’s highest-profile de- ported by the California Judges
cision regarding homosexuality Association. The amended
was made by a federal judge, rule is now consistent with the
Vaughn Walker, who ruled American Bar Association’s
the voter-approved Proposi- Model Code of Judicial Contion 8 that defined marriage as duct,” the Supreme Court said.
the union of one man and one
woman was unconstitutional, The rules apply to “state judges
even while visiting “gay” bars on and off the bench and for
and attending social events with candidates for judicial officer.”
his male partner.
The advisory committee recommended no other substantive
According to the San Francisco changes to the rules that address
Chronicle, he was quoted in a what a judge may say about a
book about the issue saying, case, to whom he may say it
“African American judges hear and how investigations of misrace discrimination cases all the behavior are handled.
time, while female judges hear
cases charging gender bias. … Meanwhile, AP is reporting the
Why wouldn’t a gay man hear beginning of arguments over
the challenge to Prop 8?”
a lawsuit brought against the
Scouts. A boy, 13 at the time,
In commentary offered by the allegedly was sexually abused
advisory committee to the judg- by an adult volunteer with the
es, members said, “The code organization.
prohibits such membership by
judges to preserve the fairness,
impartiality, independence, and The case is precedent-setting
honor of the judiciary, to treat all because the plaintiff’s attorney
parties equally under the law, has, according to AP, “won the
and to avoid impropriety and the right to draw from more than 30
years of ‘perversion’ files kept
appearance of impropriety.”
by the Scouts.”
Page 10 The BANNER
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
The Golf Corner
By Steve Pace Certified Golf Instructor at Patricia Island Golf Club-Grove, OK (918786-3338) (PGA-Former, US Golf Teachers Federation- Retired, NGI- Association of
National Golf Instructors) Cell: 405-834-3217 – email: - or
Includes free Golf Digest
subscription for a year. Discount
Green Fees to over 40 courses all
over the state. Several in this area.
Go to
The “KING” says golf is on UPSWING
In a recent interview on
the Golf Channel, Arnold Palmer
presented the opinion that claims
made by many sports analysts
about golf being on the decline are
greatly exaggerated.
He agrees that the golf’s
popularity was down for a couple
of years but says all sports go
through the same type of cycles.
“Think of the NBA before
Larry Byrd, Magic Johnson, and
Michael Jordan,” Arnie quipped.
“Look what happened to boxing
after Muhammad Ali.”
He thinks golf will experience a big recovery in popularity
this year as Tiger Woods returns
healthy and is challenged by the
young guns, while Michelle Wie
lights up the LPGA.
The King also points to the
huge golf boom in Asia and the
return of golf to the Olympics as
evidence that the game is on the
Finally, he highlights the
television network that he helped
start years ago, the Golf Channel.
The 2014 ratings for the network
were the second highest in its 20year history.
An Oldie but a Goodie:
While on the tee box, look at
the fairway. If there is something
that bothers you like a water hazard or deep rough, etc, then tee up
on that same side of the box. For
instance, if there is “trouble” on
the right side of the fairway, then
tee up on the right side of the tee
box. Indirectly this will help you
to hit away from the trouble. Try
this, it really works!
Golf Specials are just waiting on
Another oldie but a goodie….from friend Rollie Cornelson
A golfer, now into his golden years, had a lifelong ambition
to play the 17th hole at TPC
Sawgrass in Ponte Verde, Florida
exactly the way the pros do it.
The pros drive the ball out
over the water onto the small green
that is on a small spit of land.
It was something the golfer had
tried hundreds of times without
His ball had always fallen
short, into the water. Because of
this, he never used a new ball on
this particular hole. He always
picked out one that had a cut or a
nick, as did many other “average”
golfers when negotiating very
challenging holes.
Recently he went to Sawgrass to try again. When he came
to the fateful hole, he teed up an
old, cut ball as usual, and said a
silent prayer. However, before he
could hit the ball, a powerful voice
from above seemed to be booming
out from the clouds, saying:
“Wait! Replace the old ball
with a new one.”
The golfer complied, with
some slight misgivings, despite the
fact that this same force seemed to
be implying that he was going to
finally achieve his lifelong ambition. As he stepped up to the tee
once more, the voice came down
“Wait. Step back. Take a
practice swing.”
So he stepped back and took
a practice swing, certain now that
this heavenly force was going to
make his dream come true. The
voice boomed out again:
“Take another practice
Dutifully, he did. He stopped
expectantly and waited ...
A long silence followed
...Then the voice again:
“Use the old ball.”
Deer Harvest Up Overall
But Lags in Some Regions
Preliminary data from the
Wildlife Department’s online ECheck system show that hunters reported harvesting more than 98,500
deer in Oklahoma through Jan. 15,
the last day of deer archery season.
But it appears hunter success was
much better in certain regions of
the state than in others.
Erik Bartholomew, big-game
biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation,
said E-Check data from early December suggested that the overall
statewide deer harvest was running
about 10 percent higher compared
to the same time last year.
Deer gun season hunters
checked 49,408 deer for the 2014
season, a 13 percent increase over
the 2013 gun season. Bartholomew
pointed out that the harvest number
was a preliminary total from the
online E-Check system and does
not include any deer harvested
during controlled hunts or by participants in the Deer Management
Assistance Program.
In 2013-14, hunters harvested 88,009 deer in all seasons.
While overall deer harvest
numbers this year seem to be higher
-WANTEDRaw Wild Furs
Buyer will be at:
Buyer will be at:
Livestock Auction-Vinita Livestock Auction
Wed. Feb 27, 1pm
Wed. Feb. 4th at 1pm
- L&S
Wed. Feb.
Hollingshead Furs Crowder, Oklahoma
1: Outdoor Oklahoma: Dolese
Trout Fishing - Tune in to OETA
at 8:00 AM.
Go fishing with a father daughter
team at Dolese Park Pond in Oklahoma City. Learn what The far NW
panhandle of Oklahoma has to offer
in outdoor recreation and then head
down to the lower Illinois River to
get a few trout fishing tips using an
ultralight rod.
8: Outdoor Oklahoma: Smallmouth
Bass Research - Tune in to OETA
at 8:00 AM.
parking area, shallows during low
light and deeper holes and riffles
after the sun rises.
McMurtry: Elevation below normal, water near freezing and clear.
Crappie fair on minnows and jigs
at 6-15 ft. around brush structure
and docks. A few crappie were
pulled from the west dock over
the weekend. Have not had many
boats out to get a report on other
areas of the lake. The temperatures
this week look promising for this
time of year, with any luck the bite
will pick up.
Perry CCC: Elevation normal,
water murky. Trout fair on spinnerbaits and small lures along
channels and shorelines.
Tenkiller: Elevation 1 ft. below
normal, water 43 and clear. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted
bass slow on plastic baits and
crankbaits around brush structure,
the main lake and points. Crappie
slow on jigs at 25-40 ft. in the main
lake and around brush structure.
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
There is no harm in being ambitious,
Aries. But a little humility to accompany that ambition can go a long way.
Accept any recognition you earn in an
appropriate manner.
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Your desires make it seem like anything
is within reach this week, Taurus. You
may have to work a little harder to
achieve your goals, but hard work is its
own reward.
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
It’s impossible for people to try to contain all of your energy this week, Leo.
Direct your energy in a positive way and
use it to reach your goals.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
Express your feelings without any inhibition, Virgo. Others will appreciate
your honesty, especially if you employ
some tact when sharing your opinions.
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, no matter how crazy your life is
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
right now, you still manage to come out
Postpone chores that are not essential, looking no worse for wear. You have a
Gemini. This way you can make the handy way of making lemonade out of
most of your upcoming free time with sour lemons.
friends and family. You deserve a little
break now and again.
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
Your long-term career opportunities are
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
looking good, Scorpio. If you do what
Cancer, try to avoid stretching yourself makes you happy, you will always end
too thin in the coming weeks. Your up on top and financial rewards will
ambition and energy are at an all-time follow.
high, but if you do not slow down, you
can easily get burnt out.
fewer. We saw more coyotes than
deer, and that is unusual.”
Wilson concurred that the
coyote population in the northwest
is healthy, but that trend has been
apparent since the drought began.
“High coyote numbers have been a
point of conversation with hunters
and landowners alike since 2011,”
he said.
Similar trends were observed
in southwestern Oklahoma.
Rod Smith, Wildlife Division southwest region supervisor,
said depressed deer numbers there
are thought to be a result of poor
reproduction in 2011 and 2012.
“The drought and extreme summer
conditions in those years greatly affected fawn survival,” he said.
Smith said he expects this
year’s data to show a below-normal
deer harvest in the southwestern
While drought persists, the
deer population in southwestern
Oklahoma will remain below what
is considered normal. “But we fully
expect deer populations to increase
when adequate rainfall returns to
the southwest for a few years,”
Smith said.
NE Oklahoma Fishing Report by
The Oklahoma Wildlife Department
Ft. Gibson: Elevation above normal, water 38 and clear. Blue,
channel and flathead catfish fair
on cut bait and shad in the river
channel and main lake. Crappie
slow on minnows and lipless baits
at 20-25 ft. around docks and brush
structure. Paddlefish slow at 28 ft.
in the river channel.
Lower Illinois: Elevation normal,
water 45-50. Trout good on Power
Bait, small lures and nymphs
below the dam, in tailwaters,
river channel, Watts area below the
statewide, reports from the field in
western Oklahoma tell a different
Eddie Wilson, biologist at
Cooper and Fort Supply Wildlife
Management Areas, said the consensus of Wildlife Department
biologists based in northwestern
Oklahoma is that deer numbers
were lower this year than in past
years. And the main reason for the
decline appears to have been the
prolonged drought.
“I’ve had hunters who have
come to Fort Supply and Cooper
for years tell me they were staying home due to low numbers this
year,” Wilson said. As a result,
hunter success appeared to be lower
this year in those areas of the state,
he said.
Alan Peoples, Wildlife Division chief for the Wildlife Department, said he hunts deer exclusively in northwestern Oklahoma.
“My family, friends and contacts
in the northwest agree this is the
slowest year we have seen in many
“An area where in an average
year we would see 25 to 30 deer in
a morning, we saw maybe five or
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
Sagittarius, although you see lucrative
career opportunities at every bend, you
are not ready to make a big change. You
will know when the moment has come
to make a change.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Proceed gently if you want to make any
real progress, Capricorn. You’re feeling
more optimistic, but you still need to
exercise caution. Common sense can
keep you grounded.
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
Aquarius, friends may arrive at your
home with plans for fun and adventure.
Any kind of celebration or social situation is what you crave right now. Go
ahead and enjoy yourself.
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Don’t worry about a potential conflict,
Pisces. In due time you will realize this
was nothing to get worked up about.
Crossword Answers
Go snorkeling in NE Oklahoma in
the Ozark Plateau region. Learn
how biologists are finding out new
information on small mouth bass
and how closely they setup nests
next to each other.
15: Outdoor Oklahoma: Florida
Largemouth Bass Production Tune in to OETA at 8:00 AM. This
episode was a year-in-the-making
as our camera crews followed
fisheries biologists through the year
long process of producing Florida
Largemouth Bass to be stocked in
Oklahoma lakes. From certifying
brooders via DNA testing, to harvesting over 2 million fingerlings
and stocking them in area lakes.
1. Cut into cubes
5. Food flavorings
11. Longest tenured “Tonight Show” host
14. One being educated
15. British conservatives
18. End without completion
19. Boater
21. Indicated horsepower
23. Protects the chest
24. Expresses pleasure
28. Stiff hair, bristle
29. Blood type
31. Taxis
33. Ribbed material
34. Young female socialite
36. Game cube
37. Priest’s liturgical vestment
40. 2.1 km tributary of the
river Seille
42. The golden state
43. Powder mineral
45. Coat with plaster
47. Far East housemaid
48. Digital audiotape
51. Merchandising
54. Libreville is the capital
58. Incapable of flexibility
60. Language of Andorra
62. Repeat in concise form
64. Dark areas
65. Enough (archaic)
7. Farm state
8. Thermionic vacuum
9. Employee stock ownership plan
10. A crane
12. Filippo __, Saint
13. One below tens
16. Impatiently desirous
17. Inflict a heavy blow
20. As fast as can be done
22. Ma’s partner
25. Carrier’s invention
26. Possessed
27. Invests in little enterprises
29. Summate
30. Rosary part
32. A large body of water
35. Woman’s undergarment
37. Essential oil obtained
from flowers
38. Cripples
39. An explosion
41. Of, French
44. Fish of the genus
46. Bahrain dinar
49. Banded calcedony
50. Giant armadillo
52. In place of
53. Electronic countercountermeasures
55. Large package of cotton
56. 3564 m French Alp
57. European defense organization
59. Check
60. Former OSS
61. Not old
63. Goodwill promotion
1. Disk jockeys
2. 9th Greek letter
3. Fish of the carp family
4. Medical prefix for
5. Short for synthesizer
6. What part of (abbr.)
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Hollrah, from pg. 1_______________________________________________
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Home Weekly with
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Jay Oklahoma
Enjoy this secluded &
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Estates. $39,999. Call Kimm W/Bob & Jo
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For Sale – Home winemaking equipment. Includes
large 10-gallon primary fermentor, three 5-gallon
glass secondary fermentors, fermentation locks,
wine thermometer, hydrometer, beakers, glass
siphon, winemaking chemicals, wine thief, brewer’s
sacharometer, funnels, eight 12-bottle cases of wine
bottles. Call (918) 386-2444.
Drivers: CDL-A,
Co Team $100k
PLUS! Specialty
Carrier. Home Every
Weekend! Sign-On
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Must Qualify for
Hazmat and Security
Mike & Dee Anderson
Plastic &
Metal Barrels $5-$15
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Look to the
All American
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all your advertising 6
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Tell your friends or
us how much
you enjoy
this paper....
Christians, from pg. 7____________________________________________
perpetrators of the Paris
Charlie Hebdo jihad attacks on the very day of
her remarks.
professions of a “relatively
small” Islamic extremism
notwithstanding. Moderate Muslims “themselves
will become a target” of
Yet the widespread, often jihadists by advocating
state-based Muslim perse- for Christians and other
cution of Christians noted persecution victims.
by Shea and the WWL
seemed to belie Shea’s Shea bemoaned Christian
confidence and suggest persecution as an “ignored
problems larger than a human rights crisis” in
radical minority. Various America among policyMiddle Eastern Christians, makers while “even our
meanwhile, have consis- religious leaders are far
tently contradicted Shea too quiet” on the matter.
in discussions with this “The world still does not
reporter (see here, here, get it,” Curry concurred,
and here). In their experi- and called the WWL a
ence, faith-based Islamic “wakeup call” for Chrisrepression of Christians tians to notice a “genocide
has marked the region going on.” No country on
since its eighth century the WWL has improved in
Arab-Muslim conquest.
recent years, Curry stated
in an interview, “it’s only
Queried about Muslim gotten worse.”
religious tolerance advocates, Shea cited interfaith Shea criticized that secuactivist Prince Ghazi bin larized American leaders
Muhammad bin Talal from struggle to comprehend a
Jordan and Iraq’s Grand “strong religious belief”
Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. in an “extremist version of
The latter, Shea noted, has Islam.” Voice of America
“not encouraged any kind reporter Jerome Socoof eradication of Christian- lovsky, previously critiity” in his country and has cized for obligingly benign
“condemned the attacks views on Islam, similarly
on the churches.” Shea, seemed to exhibit at the
however, professed igno- event such incomprehenrance when this reporter sion. Socolovsky asked
mentioned past criticism of Shea whether American
Sistani as a “false moder- domestic respect for Islam,
ate.” Sistani, for example, shown by opposition to
has supported sharia in mosque vandalism or inIraq, has advocated ex- terfaith events like the Naecuting homosexuals, and tional Cathedral’s Muslim
has expressed anti-Semitic, prayer service, could influanti-Christian sentiments ence Muslims worldwide.
against these non-Muslims Shea countered that “there
and their “impurity.”
is no comparison” between Muslims protected
Similarly asked about by American law and often
moderate Muslims, Curry brutal Christian persecuresponded that “I don’t tion abroad. “Gestures”
have any names off the top like those at the National
of my head.” “We have Cathedral would also not
not yet seen a major move- “make a difference whatment of moderate Muslims soever” among ISIS jihadto condemn the teachings ists and others.
and ideologies” of groups
like ISIS, Curry stated, his The Nigerian Damaris At-
Page 11
sen gave personal witness
at the briefing to the trials
and tribulations of modern
persecuted Christian faith.
Boko Haram terrorists in
March 2010 seized her
husband riding home from
work and stomped him to
death by the road, leaving Atsen widowed with
four children, “gifts from
the Lord.” Romans 8:35
(“Who shall separate us
from the love of Christ?”)
“always encourages me”
that the “spirit of the Lord
is there” during her times
of mourning, she said.
“I have to forgive,” she
added while discussing
her husband’s murderers.
“If I do not forgive, the
Lord will not forgive me.”
“Pray for Nigeria,” she
A version of this piece previously appeared on http://
Andrew E. Harrod is a
freelance researcher and
writer who holds a PhD
from the Fletcher School
of Law and Diplomacy and
a JD from George Washington University Law
School. He is admitted
to the Virginia State Bar.
He has published over 150
articles concerning various
political and religious topics at the American Thinker, Daily Caller, FrontPage
Magazine, Faith Freedom
International, Gatestone
Institute, Institute on Religion and Democracy,
Mercatornet, and World,
among others. He is a
fellow with the Lawfare
Project, an organization
combating the misuse of
human rights law against
Western societies. He can
be followed on twitter at @
Mary returned to England
to assert her claim to the
thrones of England and Scotland. Finally, on February
8, 1587, after more than
twenty-five years of backstabbing and political intrigue, she was sentenced to
death and beheaded. During
her much-traveled lifetime,
Mary lived in twenty-six
different castles and palaces
and two prisons.
Historians tell us that
the game of golf, played over
an 18-hole course, was invented in Scotland sometime
around 1450, less than 100
years before Mary became
Queen of Scotland. Given
that Mary lived in twentyeight different castles, palaces, and jails in her lifetime,
we can safely assume that
Barack Obama has played
golf within a stone’s throw
of many of them. Making
almost daily use of Air Force
One, a $180,000 per hour
aircraft, it might be difficult
to prove which of the two,
Barack Obama or Mary,
Queen of Scots, has been the
most widely traveled.
King Sobhuza II became King of Swaziland in
November 1899 when he
was just four months old, and
served his country continuously for eighty-two years.
In 1968, Swaziland gained
its independence from Great
Britain and King Sobhuza
oversaw the writing of a new
Swazi constitution. However, Sobhuza discarded the
constitution five years later,
in 1973, and served as the
absolute ruler of his country
until his death in 1982.
Like King Sobhuza,
Barack Obama has great
disdain for constitutional
principles and the rule of
law. Instead, he prefers to
rule by edict. If Obama
has a secret role model who
has served to inform his approach to governance, it is
almost certainly King Sobhuza of Swaziland.
In December 1908,
Manchurian Henry Pu Yi
became the last emperor of
China. He was two years
and ten months old. At his
coronation, Pu Yi had to
be carried to the throne by
his father while kicking,
screaming, and clawing.
After just three years on the
throne, a revolution toppled
the dynasty.
Like Emperor Pu Yi,
Barack Obama was reduced
to kicking and screaming
when he saw the election
returns in November 2014.
It was then he realized that
he would have to spend
his last two years in office
confronted by a Republicancontrolled Congress.
If, in the royal dining
rooms of the infantile and
juvenile rulers mentioned
above, the royal chef served
a single pie to a group of dinner guests, it is assumed that
he would divide the pie into
a number of pieces equal to
the number of people at the
table. It is highly unlikely
that they would have thought
to solve the problem by simply having the palace chef
bake a larger pie.
This dilemma represents Barack Obama’s view
of the U.S. economy. It has
apparently never occurred
to him that, if he wants each
American to have a larger
share of the nation’s prosperity, it might be a good idea to
simply grow a larger economy. Instead, even as he rants
and raves about the disparity
of income between the rich
and the poor, his policies
have served only to shrink
the size of the economy.
What Obama does appear to
understand about economics
is that, when it comes time
to divide the economic pie,
government must always be
first in line.
Other than economic
principles, Obama shares
one other major characteristic with these infantile
monarchs: like they, he is
totally inexperienced and
incompetent in office and is
forced to rely on the judgment of his principal regent,
Valerie Jarrett, whenever he
is puzzled or is required to
make a decision. What is
most frightening is that, not
only is Obama a complete incompetent, he sits at the helm
of the wealthiest and most
powerful nation on Earth,
making him one of the most
dangerous political leaders
of all time. The damage he
has already done, and hopes
to continue, will be difficult
if not impossible to repair.
In the epilogue to his
epic recounting of World
War II, The Guns at Last
Light, author Rick Atkinson
summarizes Adolph Hitler’s
role in world history, saying,
“Humanity would require
decades, perhaps centuries,
to parse the regime’s inhumanity, and to comprehend
how a narcissistic beer hall
demagogue had wrecked
a nation, a continent, and
nearly a world.”
He quotes Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw as
saying, “Never in history has
such ruination – physical and
moral – been associated with
the name of one man, the
chief instigator of the most
profound collapse of civilization in modern times.”
To better understand
the times we live in and what
lies in store for us and for our
children and grandchildren,
it is only necessary to reread
the words of Rick Atkinson
and Ian Kershaw, substituting the name Barack Obama
for Adolph Hitler and substituting the words “South Chicago community organizer”
for the term “narcissistic beer
hall demagogue.”
In the event someone might still be in doubt
about my feelings for Barack
Obama, I would like to endorse the sentiments recently
attributed to conservative
actor Clint Eastwood, who
is quoted as saying:
“There will be a clear,
cold morning when there
isn’t any ‘more.’ No more
hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together,
no more phone calls just
to chat… So, just in case
I’m gone tomorrow, please
know this: I voted against
that incompetent, lying, flipflopping, insincere, doubletalking, radical socialist,
terrorist excusing, bleeding
heart, narcissistic, scientific
and economic moron currently in the White House!
Participating in a gun buyback program because you
think that criminals have
too many guns is like having
yourself castrated because
you think your neighbors
have too many kids.”
As Obama’s helicopter
departs the south lawn of
the White House at noon on
January 20, 2017, Ian Kershaw’s suggested epitaph for
Adolph Hitler’s gravestone
will be running through the
minds of many Americans.
Heaving a sigh of relief, they
will say, “So – that’s the end
of the bastard.”
Kyle, from pg. 9__________________________________________________
themselves or, more ex- are “savages,” these “liberactly, the ideology that tarians” insinuate that he is But it gets even worse for
motivated and justified the a “racist” or bigot, etc.
the left.
project in Iraq.
However, in blasting Kyle, Kyle wasn’t just from any
This, in turn, also explains it is crucial to grasp, it is old Southern state: He was
why neoconservative Re- ultimately the ideology a resident of Texas, quite
publicans tolerate no criti- and policy prescriptions possiblythe most conservacism of Kyle—even when of their political rivals who tive state in the Union.
these criticisms are both they attack.
sound and revealing of the Finally, for those on the So, at this moment, massive
man’s character flaws.
recognizable left, Kyle has numbers of Americans,
become the most potent of most of whom are white
Yet it
just the
a r e
ing as a
of the
hero a
W a r
heterof o r
as an ideological
ern, married
symbol. He has just as symbols, the single great- Texan man. And they are
much symbolic signifi- est threat to their agenda praising him as a hero even
cance for the war’s crit- to “fundamentally trans- though his heroism was
form” both America and earned while shooting and
the West.
killing Third World, nonThose “libertarians” who
white Muslims.
tirelessly decry America’s It isn’t, of course, just that Wow.
robust “interventionist” Kyle represents, or can
foreign policy generally be seen as representing, T o a d d i n j u r y t o
and the wars that this often a vindication of the war injury,asAmerican Sniper
entails especially reserve that they (eventually) in- becomes all of the rage,
nothing but the severest veighed against. It is much on this 50th anniversary
of Selma, the film of this
comments for Kyle. The more than this:
same title fizzled before it
latter they’ve characterized as a “psychopath,” a Chris Kyle was white. He even got started.
“sociopath,” a “liar,” and, was heterosexual—(with a
of course, a “murderer.” wife and children to boot!). Indeed, the real Chris Kyle
And for good measure, Kyle was a professing is gone in more ways than
upon quoting Kyle’s own Christian. And—get ready one. He is, for the moment,
derogatory remarks on for it—he was a South- at any rate, a symbol for all
Iraqis to the effect that they erner!
Page 12 The BANNER
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Second Chance Pet Rescue Shelter Expansion and Renovation Project “Capital Campaign”
As Second Chance Pet Rescue
of Grand Lake (formerly known
as Humane Society of Grove and
Grand Lake) starts the 2015 new
year, this life-saving, non-profit
animal welfare organization
continues to care for and find
adoptable homes for hundreds
of homeless dogs and cats in the
Northeast Oklahoma area. The
Grove Humane Society animal
rescue was founded in 1984
by a small group of concerned
individuals who dedicated themselves to providing a safe refuge,
food, and veterinary care for
homeless and neglected animals,
to promoting spay/neuter surgeries to control unwanted litters,
and to educate the public about
responsible pet ownership. The
Grove Humane Society’s name
may have changed to Second
Chance Pet Rescue of Grand
Lake in 2014, but the mission remains the same 30 years later.
The Second Chance Pet Rescue
animal shelter located at 64301
E. 290 Road in Grove is over 25
years old and in need of continuous repair and upkeep to service
the approximate 700 animals that
come through the shelter annually. There are too many shelter
deficiencies to list all, but a few
major deficiencies are:
extreme overcrowded conditions
with half of the large dogs housed
in outdoor kennels exposed to
extreme weather conditions,
a limited capacity to insolate
and/or quarantine relinquished or
sick animals to prevent spread of
contagious disease,
a restrictive, confined room to
house cats/kittens with limited
area for exercise and socialization.
At Groundbreaking Ceremonies
on July 24, 2014, the Board of
Directors announced the Shelter
Expansion and Renovation Project named “We Are Their Shelter
- You Are Their Future”, a twophased renovation/remodel of
the current shelter facility. Their
“Capital Campaign” fundraiser
efforts to raise $350,000 for this
project began in mid-August.
The renovation/remodel will
Phase I (projected cost is
$175,000) - a 2,560 square foot
addition for:
18 new indoor dog kennels with
outdoor access,
3 individual isolation/quarantine
wards for canine/feline intake
and sick animals,
364 square foot cattery to relieve
cramped conditions with an outdoor catio (cat patio) area, and
on-site food pantry storage
Phase II (projected cost is
$175,000) - to remodel and
renovate the current building
with: a new roof, create private
office space and larger customer
service/lobby area, expand kitchen/laundry/dog bathing facilities,
add a new medical examination
room for visiting vets, and build
individual “Meet and Greet”
rooms for prospective adopters
to be introduced to potential
profit fundraising ideas to learn
about many great suggestions;
i.e. a raffle; bake sales; themed
dinner parties; golf tournaments,
initiate special fundraising events
around Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, just to name a
few ideas. One such fundraising
event is Grand Savings Bank
sponsoring “Paws for a Cause”
5K Run/1K Fun Run on Sunday,
March 29th, with proceeds to
benefit Second Chance Pet Rescue’s Capital Campaign. Go to
Grand Savings Bank Facebook
for more information and how
to register.
As of this writing, $102,056
has been donated to the “Capital Campaign” from generous
financial supporters, and the effort to reach the $350,000 goal
continues. “Capital Campaign”
donations for any amount can
be made by mailing a check to:
Second Chance Pet Rescue of
Grand Lake (Capital Campaign),
P.O. Box 451205, Grove, OK
74345 or make a credit card
donation online via a secure website at
Major financial supporters have
the unique opportunity to purchase Commemorative Engraved
Bricks, Recognition Placards or
Plaques, or Outdoor Monument
Benches. Visit Second Chance
Pet Rescue’s website, click on
“Capital Campaign” at top right
of page, for more information
about Capital Campaign Recognition Pledges and Categories.
Second Chance Pet Rescue was
recently accepted by PetSmart Carol Rice
Charities® Rescue Waggin’® Second Chance Pet Rescue of
to transport adoptable dogs and Grand Lake
puppies to out-of-state animal
shelters where adoptable dogs
are more in demand. Plus, in
addition to Rescue Waggin’
transports and the local shelter
adoptions, Second Chance vol-
If you as an individual or as a
business would like to sponsor
a Fundraising Event to help this
campaign, search online for non-
unteers continue to transport
dogs/puppies to Animal Humane
Society, Golden Valley, MN (a
1,250 mile round trip). In 2014,
364 dogs/puppies were transported from Second Chance Pet
Rescue to out-of-state animal
shelters where they were adopted
into loving homes. Yes, there
are parts of the country where,
because of city/county pet sterilization regulations, there are
few if any homeless animals. We
must work together with Grand
Lake community individuals and
business leaders to reduce the
severe overpopulation of dogs
and cats in our area.
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