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February 4, 2015 Edition
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Classified Ads Specializing In Used Equipment for Land Improvement Contractors
PO Box 458 · 1462 340th St. · Adair, IA 50002 · Ph: 800-232-4742 · Fax: 800-282-3353 ·
Wanted: 8″ or 10″ boot for Wayne’s Tile
Pro 6ʹ model. Contact: Steve Brown,
515-320-5192. Algona, IA P1/7
For Sale: Speicher 3500 auger
backfiller. Detroit engine, 18.4x26 tires,
head has 36″ auger, 10ʹ wide, angle
blade that attaches to the front end when
auger head is detached, cab also
available that has been taken off, good
condition, more pictures at request,
$27,500 OBO. Contact: Paul Nicol,
937-594-0710. Milford Center, OH P1/30
For Sale: Inter Drain 3035T.
Approximately 600 hours on in-frame
overhaul on Volvo, new track rails spring
2014, new left side track motor, 7,800
hours, $215,000. Contact: Brian
Mewhirter, 712-249-0314. Atlantic, IA P1/7
For Sale: Johnson 17E ejector scraper.
Very nice condition, excellent tires, no
cracks, hydraulic GPS/laser bracket,
$32,000. Also have a Miller 12ʹ disc,
$3,500. Contact: Mackenzie,
419-448-8143. Tiffin, OH P1/23
For Sale: CAT D8H with Link 250 tile
plow. Has on-board reel, 4″, 6″, 8″, and
10″ boot and knife, laser mast, 8″ power
feeder, machine is in good condition, can
leave laser equipment and price can be
discussed, $90,000. Contact: Nicholas
Keurentjes, 514-444-8341. Henryville,
Quebec CN P1/6
For Sale: 1997 Samson 3700RS. CAT
powered, 7.2ʹ depth, four boots including
15″ dual-wall box, 25,000 lb. winch, 5,000
hours, $210,000. Contact: Doug
Breberg, 320-226-1380. Dawson, MN
For Sale: Speicher 350 auger backfiller.
Cummins engine, 12.4x24 tires, head
has 36″ auger, 10ʹ wide, good condition,
more pictures at request, $8,500 OBO.
Contact: Paul Nicol, 937-594-0710.
Milford Center, OH P1/30
For Sale: 1981 Big Bud 525-50 with
Bron double-link plow. 500 hp, twin disc
transmission, 7ʹ plow, setup for GPS,
Trimble, 6″ boot, 30.5x32 rubber, works
great, $160,000. Contact: Doug
Breberg, 320-226-1380. Dawson, MN
For Sale: Steiger Tiger ST 450 with ZOR
plow. Power feeder, 6ʹ double-link plow,
full Trimble FMX GPS grade control,
Cummins KTA 1150, Allison 6-speed
power shift, 30.5x32 tires at 40%,
50,000-53,000 lb., 7,800 hours, $95,000.
Contact: Andy Bolinger, 260-504-6132.
North Manchester, IN P1/22
For Sale: 2006 Inter Drain 2050GP
double-link tile plow. 520 hp Volvo, 7ʹ
depth, 6″, 8″, 12″ and 18″ boots, has had
all pumps, drive motors rebuilt, new
starter, alternator, batteries, 5,200 hours,
machine is ready to go and is available
now, $380,000. Contact: Brian
Heinsohn, 712-299-3124. Storm Lake,
IA P1/19
For Sale: Buckeye 9200. Radius
cutters—36″, 30″ with teeth, 8″ with
bottoms for tile boot, slope meter, cable
slopers, center cutter buckets and center
cutters, all laser equipment, drainage
boot—4″-12″, shoe post, new drivers,
segments just welded up, new Pengo
teeth, excellent condition, 2,650 hours,
$385,000. Contact: Roger Bodey,
937-239-8277. St. Paris, OH P12/2
For Sale: 2007 Burchland XTS silt fence
plow. Excellent condition, used very
little, $4,000. Contact: Roger Bodey,
937-239-8277. Saint Paris, OH P12/9
For Sale: "The Parts Trailer". Tired of
making trips back to the shop for fittings, or
not knowing just what fittings are at the
jobsite? Check out "The Parts Trailer" by
Controlled Drainage Systems Inc. With 20
separate bins of different sizes, four gas
strut assisted lids and two 20′-long center
bins for dual-wall pipe and CMP outlets, this
trailer will save time and stress in your tiling
operation. All the fittings you need when
and where you need them. For more
information, contact Randy, 515-370-0543,
email, or Find us on
Facebook at Controlled Drainage Systems
Inc. Jefferson, IA P10/1
Danville Tile & Drainage –
We specialize in all your septic and
drainage needs. Call us for pricing and
shipping info. Contact: Mike Bryant,
217-714-4347. Danville, IN
Miller Trencher Parts, LLC –
We specialize in Speicher Trencher parts!
Also wear parts for Hydro Tandem, Hydro
Maxx, and the 9060 Speicher. Center
Cutters, Truck Rollers, Belts, Chains,
Sprockets, Truck Assemblies, #1 Drivers
and Segments, Side Cutters: Cup-,
Backhoe-, Dallas Tip-Style, and a whole lot
more! Good inventory, shipping UPS daily.
Contact: Peg, 800-362-1859 or
Fax: 319-653-3205.
Miller Trencher Parts, LLC, Washington, IA
McCormick Equipment –
Sales, Rentals, and Equipment.
Appraisals on Tiling and Construction
Equipment, Stringing Trailers, Pull-Type Tile
Plows, Silt Fence, and Waterway Plows.
Contact: Chris McCormick,
515-669-3427 (cell) or
515-848-3101 (shop) or
515-848-3855 (home).
McCormick Equipment, Pleasantville, IA
It took years to make it a farm … It takes
one call to keep it safe!
Call 8-1-1 anywhere in the nation to reach
your local one call center to have them send
utility representatives out to mark their
Examples of when to call
8-1-1 include drain tile projects, deep
chiseling, building waterways, installing
irrigation and water wells, building terraces
or holding ponds and any excavation
Agri Drain offers a
wide variety of
custom fabrication
options. We work in
a well-equipped, state-of-the-art,
84,000-square-foot plant. With over 38
years of experience, we stand ready for
anything you send us. You will receive
exceptional quality, service, and
unparalleled value in everything we do. Call
us today with your specifications for a free
quote on any of your fabrication needs.
Contact: 1-800-232-4742. Adair, IA
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