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Training Workshop on Research Technique through
Managing & Analyzing Data Using SPSS
Feb 09-13, 2015,Islamabad
The development world including INGO, Government and
NGOs today needs to stand skillful in carrying out research
studies in their respective field of work. The researchers
not only need to develop skills in carrying out community
based researches but also develop skills in analyzing and
managing data acquired through the hectic process. The
acquired data should be used during the life of project for
the purpose of planning, reporting and monitoring of
performance. This course allows the organizations to
enable their staff develop the competencies on research;
understand the critical role of research in any organization
with the theoretical knowledge of research types and steps
involved in it. This workshop shall focus on building the
competencies of participants over data collection
methodologies, repo building techniques and effective
data collection processes.
Day 1: Research Techniques
i) Researches and its types
ii) Steps in research projects
iii) Data collection methods
iv) Survey Techniques
v) Types of surveys
vi) Sampling
vii) Survey questionnaire
viii) Types of questions
ix) General guidelines for questionnaire construction
x) Pre-testing of questionnaire
xi) Group work- Mock exercise
Enhance understanding about the basic terminologies and
concepts used in research
Orient and update participants about the working knowledge
of research techniques
Develop skills of participants in designing data collection tools
Develop basic concepts on statistics and MS-Excel linking with
research studies
Train in using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for
data management
Workshop will be conducted in interactive/participative
manner. Participants will learn step by step all course
contents with their active participation through
development of prototype software’s e.g. payroll
database, General Ledger during workshop.
Day 2: Basic Statistics and Excel
i) Frequency Distribution, Class Intervals
ii) Basic features of Excel (formatting, tables and graphs and basic
formulas) Workbook exercises
iii) Measure of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode) and related
excel formulas Workbook exercises
iv) Measure of Dispersion (Standard Deviation, Variance), related
excel formulas Workbook exercises
Day 3: Basic Statistics and Excel
i) Coefficient of Correlation and related excel formulas
Workbook exercises
ii) Data filtering, query generation, cross tabulation Exercises
iii) Presentation of Data in Graphs Exercises
Day 4: Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
i) Why and how to use SPSS?
ii) Entering data, variable types, variable labels, value labels, missing
iii) Transforming data and creating new variables: recode, compute,
iv) File manipulations: sort file, split file, select cases, merge files.
v) Drawing random samples.
vi) Basic descriptive statistics: descriptive, frequencies, explore,
Day 5:
i) Graphs: histogram, error bar, box-plot, bar chart, scatter etc.
ii) Reading data into SPSS data files from outer sources: excel
files & text files.
iii) Export tabulated findings from SPSS to Excel and Word
iv) Export graphs from SPSS to Word Documents
Mid-career researchers and professionals from government, INGO
and NGOs can participate.
Basic working knowledge of MS-Excel Analytical thinking
Five days
Urdu and English
The training fee is PKR 28,000 covering all training costs
including training material, resource kit, stationery,
resource persons, lunch and two teas during working
hours. Further details of the discount are as follows:
 Registering more than two participants’ enables
you avail discount of 20% on each participant.
 Registering more than five participants enables
you avail one participant free of training cost
0900 – 1700 hrs daily
Please make payment of your training fee prior to the event
in favor of HRLC through crossed cheque or bank draft.
You can make payment for the logistics to HRLC upon
receiving the invoice after the event
Human Resource and Community Development goes beyond
the traditional concepts of training and development through
coursework. It looks at the methods that are most appropriate
for achieving the desired learning including relevant training,
mentoring, attitude building, coaching and case studies. At
HRLC we provide trainees with the opportunities to practice and
discuss what they have learnt. We follow up after the provision
of training which includes a comprehensive planning how this
will be undertaken. We provide shadow facilitation after
training ensuring that the learned knowledge and skill is being
applied by the individuals. Our forward planning ensures that
no-one is forgotten.
If this concept of learning and training clicks your idea of building
professionals to grasp the concepts and application of “Research
Technique through Managing & Analyzing Data Using SPSS”; get
your staff trained by HRLC. Download the registration form from
our website and send the filled in form to
Usama Shabbir (Mr) for registration of your nominees before
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queries, relevant information or further explanation, please
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