Thank you for worshipping with us today.

CCLI # 570302
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
James 1:27 Luke 15:4 Philippians 2:12 Luke 19:10 Matthew 28:18-20
Times of Services
Bible Class
AM Service
PM Service
5:00 & 7:00
Mike Brumley
Jimmy Carlile
Pat Darden
Bryan Mason
Steve McClaine
Kyle Peck
*Lynn Richardson
Gerald Stockstill
Smokie Thorp
Ray Tobias
Thank you for worshipping with us today.
We invite our VISITORS to be our special guest
and join us in our fellowship hall (behind this
auditorium) for a meal prepared just for you!
Any of our members would be more than happy to direct you to the
fellowship hall immediately following this morning’s service.
Plan now to attend:
*indicates Elder down front
Dane Boyles
Don Mitchell
Warren Ranch
February 6-8 $60
(Gift certificates available)
Dylan Fabrizio(501-388-9761)
Sign up sheets
in foyer!
Our vision is to be Christ
centered, to be a place where
people can find grace, hope,
love, and healing, and discover
their purpose in life by being a
Christ-centered family, equipping believers for lifelong faith
and service through worship
and personal sacrifice.
February 14th
11:30 AM
Bible Class
Weekly Budget
Building Loan Balance $1,241,737
Fellowship Hall
Sign up sheet in foyer
PHONE 432-699-7064
Heart to Heart
“Even a Child is Known by His Actions”
Feb. 6-8:
Men’s Retreat
Sun. Feb. 8:
Teen Area-wide
Fri. Feb 13:
CM Parent/Child date night
Sat. Feb. 14:
39ers Sweetheart Banquet
Sun. Feb. 15:
Children’s Ministry
Congregational Meeting
Sun. Feb. 22:
Baby Celebration Day
Thornton Wedding Shower
Children's Ministry
Lunch and Meeting
Sunday, Feb. 15th
All parents, teachers
and anyone involved
with the children's
ministry in any way,
please stay and join
us for lunch after
services for a VERY
informational meeting
and planning time
together. PLEASE
make it a priority to be
there...WE NEED
At a very early age, a child may develop the thinking that he must have
lived a while before he can do something great and important in life. “I have to
be ‘old’ like mommy and daddy before I can do something great for God,” the
child seems to think.
How we need to dispel that sort of thinking! A child does not have to be
older to begin doing good and worthwhile things for God! How do I know? The
Bible tells me! The wise man Solomon wrote: “Even a child is known by his
actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” Proverbs 20:11
The Bible contains the record of many children who live on in history.
They continue to inspire and encourage us because of the great things they did,
even though they were young in years. There was Samuel, David, and Joash.
There are the unnamed in the young Israelite maiden who put her master
Naaman in touch with the prophet Elisha; there was the young lad who willingly
shared his lunch so that Jesus could feed the multitude. As a boy of only twelve
years, Jesus was astonishing the teachers of the Law with his understanding and
His answers.
We often overlook the good that these young can do. We who are older
often underestimate their potential. How we need to seize opportunities for
teaching and molding young, impressionable character in to the image of Jesus
Regular Bible class attendance is one such opportunity! Here boys and
girls have the chance to learn more of God and His Word. Teaching done in the
home by the parents is supplemented and reinforced by godly men and women.
Make certain that your children are in Bible Class every Sunday morning and
Wednesday evening!
-- Don
Thursdays at 7:00: CORE at the Gill’s house,
6919 Sunburst
Feb. 8: Teen Areawide
Feb. 14: Sweetheart Banquet
(For Birth to 6th Grade)
Dads, dress your daughter up, take
them out to dinner and make them
feel special!
Moms, dress your sons up, let them
choose where you go to dinner,
and spoil them rotten!
After dinner, come by the home of
Bryan & Debbie Mason
6200 Oriole Ct.
for dessert, special treats, pictures and
an evening to celebrate your daughters!
After dinner, come by the home of
Ray & Michelle Tobias
4401 Verde Glen Court
for dessert, special treats, pictures, and
an evening to celebrate your sons!
39er’s Monthly
Please send 4-5 baby pictures to
Kevin Broome at
Join us as we introduce and
celebrate our 2014 babies.
Thursday, February 5,
6:00 P.M.
We will meet in the Café!
Come and join in the
FEAST Group Sign-Up!!
Informational Meeting
Sunday, February 15, 2015
3:30-4:45 PM
EVERYONE is invited!
(Men & Women)
Mark your calendar!
FEAST groups are small groups that focus on
fellowship, Bible study, prayer,
and accountability.
If you are not in a group yet and would like to be,
please fill out a form from the foyer and return it to Smokie
Thorp, Bryan Mason, Lan Bundy, Walt Epperson, or
Jordan Ruckman.
We are in need of GREETERS!
Greeters make the first impression everywhere we go!
We need YOUR friendly, smiling face!
There is a sign up sheet on the north side of the foyer.
The Gym
The Wednesday night class that has been
meeting in the Adult 1 classroom (Dane’s
class) has returned to meeting in the
will be
Monday 2/2Saturday 2/7
February 27-March 1, 2015
Warren Ranch
Terry Holloman speaking
Cost: $100 Gift Certificates available
Registration forms & box are in the foyer.
Prayer List
Dorothy Blair, mother of Jean Stubbs, has been moved to Parks Methodist Nursing Home and is still under
the care of Hospice.
Patsy Stockstill got a good report about the leukemia she has being in remission.
Helen Longoria will see the doctor next week because of illness.
Ronnie Hunt heard a good report following his surgery.
Billy Hunter is now home following knee replacement surgery.
Marilon Howell had surgery on Tuesday.
Sue Clubb is at Manor Park Mabee Rehab, room 308. She continues to have a lot of pain and weakness.
Betty Collins is also at Manor Park Rehab, room 304 after a fall and having pneumonia.
Don Craig will get test results on Wednesday.
Erin Hunt, Ronnie’s niece, has invasive cancer in her abdomen.
Norma Fisher, Matt Shelton’s grandmother, is in the hospital in Tyler.
Seth Neale, grandson of Mike & Charlene, had surgery to remove a cyst from his eardrum. He will have
follow-up surgery in about 9 months.
Loy Mitchell, Don’s brother, had a Gamma knife treatment last week. He will begin chemo this week.
Doug Mims, the oldest brother of Jack Mims and Scott Mims’ uncle, is seriously ill in an Abilene hospital.
Bill Lewis, father of Linda Thomas & Leland Lewis, was moved to patient rehab in Abilene.
Remember in prayer:
Melva Allen, Robert Browning, Tammy Broches, Mario Moreno, Terri Upchurch, Jon Paul Coffey, Marie
Arnold, Krick Youngblood, Loretta Grace Merritt, Tommy & Sondra Freeman, B.W. Haskins, Brett Foster, Georgia Bartlett, Madilyn
Pettitt, Bradley Roberts, Sherrie Dyer, Amy Hill, Kay Carter, Zoe Burns Carlson, Doris Taylor, Wesley Hawkins, Marc Vetter, Jeanette
Dragisic, Mandy Bogart, Brenda Bradshaw, Jason Holloway, Barbara McClung, Fay Prichard, Jimmy Andrews, Imogene Tullos, Abbye Irons, Bob & Janet Stafford, Glenn Hibbens, Bobbie Hill, Betty Scott, Lori McNicol, Crozier Family, Lee & Dorothy Ansley, Debbie Maxwell, Jim McClaine, Glenda Winkley, Mary Alice Tidwell, Juanita Eudy, Leon & Sue Ford, LaVerne Foster-Watson, Wes Wright
Thank You Notes
Thank you to everyone that has supported our family during Jackson’s illness and his passing. The outpouring of prayers, cards, and emails are so appreciated. All of your flowers that were sent were beautiful
at his service. Many of you made the long drive to be with us at the funeral service. Words can’t express
what I felt when I saw your faces as we walked into the chapel. You are helping us through a very difficult
time. We are blessed to be “extended family” of all of you at Fairmont. Thank you again for everything.
Blessings, Elaine & Jeremy Stockstill
Thank you so much for your kind words and condolences during this difficult time. We appreciate all your
love and prayers.
Sincerely, Jenny Wade & Dwain Turner family
Fairmont Park Ladies,
My little family and I say a big thank you to you all and the entire church. We lack words to express our joy
towards your kind gestures through the baby shower.
May the Almighty God richly bless you all! Heziel Namata
1—Fred Stubbs, Tanza Brumfield, Eli Cobb, 2—Deborah Lancaster, Grant McGowan, Cooper Luke, 4—Donna Gray,
Sherry Durham, Ray Anders, 5—Melissa Brookshire, Ben Anderson, Lindsey McGlothlin, 7—Londyn Tobias
Missions We Support
Hadyn Griffith-Houston Texas
Bryan Bost -Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gottfried Reichel-Germany
George Hall-Honduras, Guatemala &
Ozzy McDaniel-Rapid City, S. Dakota
J. Don Rodgers-Ukraine
Denzel Roberts-Nevis W. Indies
Andrew Soloman-St Lucia
SEARCH-TV Ministry