Anchor -February 2015 - First United Methodist Church of Fox Hill

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“Beating a different drum”
I am struck by
how often my worldview
changes, and I find
things I didn’t expect in
places I didn’t expect
them. As we started our
Single and Parenting
class just a few weeks
ago, I started to hear
about more and more
family situations I wasn’t
aware of in our extended and local church
family. It will take some
time to build a strong
and consistent single
parent ministry, but I am
convinced the Lord has
been leading us to this
ministry for some time.
Please keep the ministry
in mind when you speak
with family and friends,
and in your prayers
when you speak to the
Lord. Our community
needs it, and I think our
church needs it as well.
Something else
that has occurred to me
recently is hearing in
many conversations before and after worship
about health and family
challenges many of us
used to keep secret. At
one time, there were just
things you didn’t talk
about. You could read
about addiction, crime,
questions of sexual identity, and family dysfunction in the paper or on
TV, but you weren’t supposed to deal with these
issues in polite society.
Now, I suppose we are
all discovering that
many of the issues we
kept hidden are happening to people in our
own circles, if not our
families our own lives.
We are all more broken
than we admit, struggling more than we appear, and in honest truth
– we are by and large
far more generous and
gracious with each other
than we may expect.
Bottom line – if you need
help, ask. You may be
blessed more than you
expect, and you may
discover, as I have, that
we judge ourselves far
more harshly than others
judge us. And what I
want to say to us as a
church body is that I
have been very grateful
to hear, and sometimes
overhear, the very grace
-filled conversations we
have been having with
each other.
Before I close out
my chapter for the month,
please remember a few
things as February rolls
around and we communicate through the Anchor:
Ash Wednesday starts early this year – we’re celebrating Ash Wednesday
on February 18, 7pm. I am
in the process of planning
on another Thursday Night
Life dinner/program for
the season, starting February 19, but working out
meals is taking longer than
usual, so I don’t have details yet. Also, since Easter
is April 5, Maundy Thursday
and Good Friday will be
April 2 and 3. And just
around the corner, we will
be starting Financial
Peace University on Sunday, April 19, 6-8pm. It will
run for 9 weeks, until June
14. Until we meet again,
may the Lord continue
beating a different drum
through your heart and
our church body, so that
people may learn the
rhythms of grace through
our lives!
Your fellow servant in
Christ Jesus,
Winter Jam 2/15
Come join us for a night of worship from some of the top christian bands. This year we will be joining the Jam Nation which will
allow us to get in earlier. The cost is $15 a person. I will need the
money by January 25th. Also, youth will need money for dinner
and merchandise. They will need a permission slip. We will be
leaving the church at 2:00. For more details including band line
up click here.
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner 2/17
The youth will be hosting there annual pancake dinner fundraiser on Shrove Tuesday. The event will go from 4:00-7:30. The youth
will be able to eat pancakes for dinner. The money raised will go
towards the Black Stone and Lake Junaluska retreats.
Nights Welcome Dinner 3/5
The youth will be serving dinner to our Nights Welcome guests.
There will be no high school life groups that night. More details
are to come.
Black Stone Middle & High School Retreat 3/13-3/15
Our annual district retreat to Black Stone is just around the corner. Come ready to be filled by God as we pursue Him together
through worship with music, great teaching from the speaker Jamie Hudgins, small groups, games, workshops, talent show, and
more! The cost of the retreat is $100.00. Please contact Josh
McNutt if you require financial assistance. The money and permission slips will be due on 2/17, the day of the pancake fundraiser.
Lake Junaluska Retreat 7/11-7/17
We will be going back to Lake Junaluska this year. We will have
the same guest speaker and band as last year. The total cost of
the trip is $200.00. $50 will be due on 3/8. Much more details to
On the evening of
Saturday, February
14 we will enjoy a
meal and homegrown entertainment at Phoebus UMC. Dinner is a threecourse meal with salad, your
choice of a seafood (crab
and shrimp melt) or roast
beef entrée, and dessert. Following the meal, members of
the church will provide entertainment. This is an annual
fund raiser for Phoebus UMC
and cost is $30. Please provide your entrée choice
when making your paid reservation. Phoebus UMC is
known for their great meals!
While this outing is on Valentine’s Day, it is for everyone.
The cut-off date was Jan 27,
but we may be able to secure seats…check immediately.
Don’t miss our March 14 afternoon outing to the Williamsburg Players rendition of The
39 Steps. Mix a Hitchcock
masterpiece with a juicy spy
novel, add a dash of Monty
Python, and you have The 39
Steps. This fast-paced, romantic
thriller/comedy/parody, 2-time
Tony® and Drama Desk Awardwinning treat, is packed with
nonstop laughs and over 150 zany characters (played by a cast
of 4). Richard Hannay, a man
with a boring life, meets a woman with a thick accent who says
she's a spy. When he takes her
home, she is murdered. Soon, a
mysterious organization called
"The 39 Steps" is hot on Hannay’s
trail. From an epic train chase to
a feisty love interest, Hannay has
his work cut out for him as he
searches for the truth about The
39 Steps. This wild afternoon outing will culminate with dinner.
Cost is just $18 plus your meal.
Do not delay, we cannot guarantee seat availability after Feb
Watch The Sail in the weekly bulletin for information about our
April outing.
Information and sign-up sheets
for our May 27 – 30, 2015 trip to
Elkins, WV are now available in
the Narthex. This terrific trip in-
cludes Weston and Beverly,
WV as well as Fredericksburg
and Monticello, VA. We’ll do
historical and medical sites
from the Civil War era, take
an incredible train ride, see
wonderful theatrical performances, and enjoy delicious
meals. The trip is close to, if
not already, SOLD OUT. If
you are interested, talk to us
Remember, we will continue
to put pictures from our previous outings on the table in
front of the Fifty Plus bulletin
board. Help yourself to any
pictures you would like. We
will replace the pictures every couple weeks or so.
For reservations and/or questions for any Fifty Plus outing,
contact Anne or Bill Bryan at
851-0748 or by e-mail to
Fox Hill Friends
We plan to continue to work with Cary Elementary students this year. We work with children who have
been identified as needing additional help with academics or self-esteem. All that is needed to volunteer
is a love for children and an hour or more a week to help a child or children. You will be able to choose
the day and time that is best for you and say which grade level you prefer. We are assigned a child or a
small group of children and work with them in the classroom under the guidance of the teacher. It can
be very rewarding to see “your” student(s) grow in both knowledge and self-assurance. The teachers are
very understanding if we are unable to be there every week and are very appreciative for any help we
can provide. One of our volunteers last year was Bruce Guthrie who spent many hours with the children
and was nominated for an award for his work with them. So many of the children do not have fathers in
their homes so it was great for them to have a male role model. Please contact me if you are willing to
participate in this worthwhile program at or 850-4013. Thanks.
I would also like to thank each of you for all of the school supplies you have provided. The generosity of
the Shepherds Outreach Choir was amazing! When I delivered the first load, two of the teachers were
there and helped me unload them. They were so pleased to see what our church has done for them.
They said we would be surprised to know how many children come to school with no supplies.
Betty Knaub, coordinator
A Huge Thank You….
I would like to thank
all of you for the many
cards and phone calls
Giving Thanks
I have received while recovering
from my knee replacement. It’s
great to have such a loving church
There are no words to express my
appreciation for the supplies given
to make the Health Kits. Every
homeless person to enter our
doors will receive one. May each of
you be blessed with God’s grace
and mercy.
Peg Hopewell
With many thanks,
Ronnie Steele
Thank You First UMC Fox Hill
I’d like to express my appreciation and huge thank you to all
the members of First UMC Fox Hill for the generous bonus
at the end of the year. It’s a pleasure to work for such a
kind and loving church.
Blessings to you all,
Joyce Fly
Nights Welcome Information
We will be hosting Nights Welcome from February 28 - March 7. Lots of
help and prayers are needed as we prepare for and welcome our
guests for the week. The signup sheet is in the Narthex and ready to
be filled with names. Please consider particularly helping by spending
the night. We need to have a minimum of one man and one woman
to stay overnight, from 10 PM to 5:30 AM. This is always one of the
most difficult slots to fill, but very needed. If you have any questions
contact me:
Julie Allen - (home) 851-5490 or (cell) 329-1625 or by email:
Today at church I saw a smile
I saw a very happy child
She went from parent to parent
Hugging one then the other
I love the heartwarming feeling of
being in church
To see a happy child with a big smile
is like a message from above
It is clearly God showing His love
One big smile came from her
Today at church I saw a smile
Other children were sitting nearby
God sent His love to us through a
Some might expect one to cry
But they were intent on being at their best By a church member who loves his
Just maybe one could be better than the
heavenly father.
Circle Meetings
Wesley Circle will meet January February 10th at 10:00 am.
Leader: Carolyn Bradley (850-3640)
Wednesday Morning Circle will meet February 1th at 10:00.
Leader: Kay Foster (851-1837)
Thursday Evening Circle will meet Feb. 12th at 7:00 pm in the Tri-X.
Leader: Claudine Womble (851-5151)
Friday Evening Circle - Leader: Robin Carroll (303-1122)
Martha’s Ministry Team
Mission Jar Goes Second Mile (and more)
February/ March
Martha ‘s Ministry Team stands ready to serve under
the leadership of
Joanne Holly.
Team Members are:
Johnnie Emory
Carolyn Bradley
Beth Davis
Sue Gaborik
Glenda Helms
Marcia Quinn
Shelby Sours
Joan Spunzo
Sarah Sudduth
Susan Morehouse
Claudine Womble
Thank you ladies for your service
Mary Smith
February 13th will be Parents Night Out.
Drop your children off then enjoy a nice night out.
Drop off starts at 5:30. Pick up is at 9:30.
Dinner will be provided.
Please contact Josh McNutt at 804-397-5441 or
Robin Carroll at 757-303-1112 with any questions.
Please have a permission slip from the Children's
Ministry board filled out upon arrival.
(Preschool-5th grade)
The Tri-X Sunday School class continues their
efforts in the mission mile project by dropping
change in the Mission Jar each Sunday and collecting
aluminum cans. We would like to thank all of you
who have contributed aluminum cans to help support our many mission projects.
This report covers all activities during 2014.
We have collected $927.26 in our jar and earned
$233.85 from the sale of aluminum cans and other
scrap materials. The funds have been donated as
FUMC Nights Welcome
FUMC Youth Summer Camp
Cary Summer Lunch Program
Pastors’ Discretionary Fund
Cary Neighborhood Blitz
Two Thanksgiving Food Baskets
Salvation Army
Peninsula Rescue Mission
Peninsula Food Bank of VA Peninsula
Gifts for Angel Tree
UMYF—Christmas Gift of Hope
Industrial and Commercial Ministries
(A Caring Presence in the Workplace)
Total of $1, 044.00)
Aluminum cans may be left in the TRI-X room
or given to Howard and Mary Hogge. We thank you
for your continued support of our many mission projects. We are blessed as we become a blessing to
Evelyn Boone
There aren’t many people who truly understand the unique
challenges single parents face. You deeply desire to do what’s
best for your kids, but sometimes it’s all you can do to survive
from one day to the next. Single & Parenting is a special weekly
group that will bring hope to your life. We’d love for you to join
6-8 p.m. Sundays
January 11—April 12
First UMC Fox Hill
1 Salt Pond Rd.
Childcare: Nursery to youth
York River District
Lay Servant Training
March 21, 2015
7:00 – 5:00
at Trinity UMC
201 Cedar Street
Smithfield, VA 23430
(757) 357-3659 (Church Office)
Basic course
Angie Hoen and
Advance course – Heritage
Jeff Clark
Cost for Registration: $ 30.00 ( Includes book, continental breakfast, snacks and lunch )
Please bring paper and pens/pencils as needed )
Register by mail:
Please make all checks to “York River District UMC”
along with your completed registration forms to the
District Office
6515 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Suite 203,
Yorktown, VA 23692
Office 757-596-3476
Registration must be received by Monday, March 9, 2015
No walk in registrations accepted.
Financial Fundamentals This periodic report briefly addresses finances
at FUMC Fox Hill. The latest weekly and year-to-date information is
printed weekly in The Sail available at every service or in the church office.
I am pleased to report that we had
cluded the year in improving shape
ference and District apportionment
aside some of our planned savings
(such as major maintenance).
a very good December and confinancially. We fully met our Conobligations and were able to put
in anticipation of future expenses
We received some “over and above” contributions directed toward
the principal of our mortgage, always a welcome addition. Such contributions have the multiplying effect of lowering our principal which, in
turn, means more of our regular monthly payment goes toward the
principal and less to interest. At year end, our balance was $636,255.
We were also able to send some of the planned payments to our local
mission programs such as HELP, Habitat for Humanity, and Orphan
Helpers. These are in addition to our regular support for our missionary
in Macedonia.
By now you should have received a statement of your 2014 pledge
and/or giving. These statements, which are sent periodically, should
never be considered a bill and are for your tax and personal information. If you ever find any discrepancies or have any financial questions, please contact the finance staff promptly.
Let us remember our daily
$605,579 blessings in whatever form
$678,480 we receive them and, in
turn, be givers ourselves.
Total One Fund – Through December 2014
Income For Planned Expenses1
Total One Fund Expenses
(excludes pass through2)
If you have any concerns or
Pass Through Expense
$25,062 questions about FUMC FH
“Pay-It-Forward” Contributions
$6,026 finances, please contact
our financial staff through
Includes regular and memorial contributions, building
use income, interest, etc.
the church office or Bill Bry2
an, Finance Chair, at
This item represents funds contributed, but passed
851-0748 or by e-mail to
through to non-budget items, e.g., flowers, Advocate
subscriptions, special mission programs, etc.
Pass Through Income2
Happy Birthday
Marjorie Decker
Katie Brookman Thurston
Sue Moorehouse
*Mike & Kathy Monteith
Edwin Stanley
Charles Embler
Mary Haughey
*Larry & Judy Taylor
Beth Davis
Ernie Gurganus, Jr.
Joyce Wilson
- February
FEB 10
Thomas Gulbronson
Kaleb Hodges
FEB 11
Ray Ammons
Cathy Powell
FEB 12
Dorothy Garrity
Brooklyn Hildebrandt
FEB 13
Jeff Winston
FEB 14
Jean Sprouse
FEB 15
Jim Branstetter
Cody Winston
*Richard & Martha Stocker
Alice Sturk
Marcy Messick
FEB 16
*Scott & Linda Williams
Ed Fly
Heather Riss
Brandon Gulla
Michael Pavusa
Lydia Simpson
Linda West
FEB 17
Kay Foster
Juliana Hodges
Rick Holden
FEB 18
*Rachel & Keith Melanson
*L.M. & Linda West
Shan Sixbey
FEB 19
Tom Flaherty
Randy Holmes
FEB 22
Gregory Cato
David Hooper
FEB 23
Kenneth Gulbronson
FEB 24
Maude Casey
Phil Stout
Lawrence Taylor, III
Michael Westphal
*John & Marjorie Decker
Elsie Horn
Berry Simpson
Ray Spunzo
Daniel Feury
Ian Osborne
FEB 21
Don Johnson, Jr.
Thomas Miller
Ruth D. Morris
FEB 25
Janet Clough
Laura Soulé Delk
Jason Carroll
FEB 26
FEB 27
Julio Aviles
Pat Leary
Alan Phillips
Emily Shuart
Warren Wood
FEB 28
*Tim & Traci Vinson
*David & Bobbie Peterman
LaRose Richardson
FEB 20
Next Open Door Series
March 22, 2015
Solid Rock Blue Grass Gospel Group
At First UMC Fox Hill
1 Salt Pond Rd.—Hampton, VA 23664
York River District News
2015 District Events
8:30 & 11:00 am
Joann Smith
USHERS for the month:
Jim Roberson
Dick Haight
Joyce Winston
Ralph Knaub
Jeff Johnson
Dallas Jenkins
Rick Nolin
Kathy Fisher
Fred Foster
Sara Meacham
LITURGISTS: Dan Brookman
Month of February 8:30 am
11:00 am
Dan Brookman
Jean Bernstrom
ACOLYTES: Marcie Calhoun
2/1 Beth Davis
Ellie Hopkins
2/8 Elizabeth Apperson
Marcie Calhoun w/Thomas
2/15 Charley Winston
Daniel Bunting
2/22 Beth Davis
Luna Lauffer
2/29 Cademon Sixbey
Marcie Calhoun w/Thomas
Rick Nolin
2/8 Bob Richardson
2/15 Calvin Leary 2/22 Fred Foster
Wednesday - Thursday, February 4
(1pm) - 5 (5pm); $35
District Clergy Retreat at Eastover Retreat
Thursday, February 5 (7am-3:30pm);
$25-35 –
UM day at the General Assembly
Saturday, February 7 (9:30-11:30am)
District Leadership Training at Chestnut
Memorial UMC
Mondays, February 9, 16, 23; and
March 2, 9, 16 (7-9pm)
Healing Prayer at Susanna Wesley UMC
Monday, February 16
District office closed for federal holiday
Friday, February 20—Sun. February, 22
Lay Servant Academy at Blackstone
Saturday, February 21; $25
5 Talent Academy Ministry with the Poor
event at St. Luke's UMC
Saturday, February 21 (9:30am-3pm) $20
Lord, Teach Me to Pray: Practical Applications for Prayer at Williamsburg UMC cancelled
Friday - Saturday, March 6-7; $
Clergy Spouses' Retreat at Blackstone
Retreat and Conference Center
Non-Profit Organization
First United Methodist Church Fox Hill
1 Salt Pond Road
Hampton, VA 23664
You’re invited to worship with us!
Sundays – 8:30 & 11:00 AM
9:45 AM, Sunday School
Brian Sixbey – Pastor
Tommy Markham – Assistant Pastor
1 Salt Pond Rd.
Hampton, Virginia
(757) 851-6302
US Postage
Hampton, VA 23664
Permit # 209