Newsletter - Catholic Charismatic Renewal

s the Catholic Charismatic Renewal approaches its Jubilee year
in 2017, the National Service Committee has designated this year as the
Year of Unity. Deacon Dennis
Chlebeck, the archdiocesan liaison to
the charismatic renewal, spoke at our
annual meeting in January. Here is an
excerpt of his comments:
“God really wants the Renewal to rise
up and this is going on worldwide. It
makes no difference what ministry
one is involved in, whether it’s prolife, Rediscover, the choir, or the parish prayer group—God is using all of
these for His glory and for the edification of the Church, and we need to
be open to His plan. This is the meaning behind the theme
of unity, that no ministry is elite and we all have the same
purpose and need to work in “harmony” with one another.
We Are in a Missionary Field
We need to be humble servants and do whatever God
wants us to do. We need to have a missionary spirit, reaching out to everyone in the parish, especially to our young
people. There are families at faith formation, but not at
church on Sunday. It’s no secret that we are in a postChristian era in the United States. The Renewal is looking
to bring people back to Jesus. I hope that you would not
grow weary in your efforts to promote the “baptism of the
Holy Spirit” and that you would fly with eagle’s wings.
Ignite the charisms
Do I know what my charism is? How does God want to
use me? We need to be open to whatever He wants us to
do? We are the foot soldiers for the Church, called to help
bring the parishes to a new
level. How do we use our
charisms in parish life, in meeting the people in the pew, how
do we touch them? We touch
them by relationship. We have
to be open to reaching out to
them and inviting them into
our lives.
This is our apostolate. A couple of years ago, Deacon Mike
Thoennes, who is currently a
board member for CCRO,
gave a prophetic presentation
in which he encouraged us to
bring baptism in the Holy Spirit into the Church in a new
way. We should have the goal that every parish ought
to experience that kind of renewal. That all our confirmands ought to experience this renewal of their
baptism. God will use us however we’re willing to let
Him use us, but we must be open to let Him do it.
The Charismatic Renewal is a sleeping giant and we’re
coming up on 50 years of Catholic Charismatics in the
United States. In terms of spiritual movements, that’s
not very long when you think about the Franciscans
or the Jesuits, Pray for this archdiocese, pray for
the priests, deacons and clergy. Be open to our young
people and bring them closer to Jesus. They have
charisms and they need to be ignited; they are the future of the Church.
Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel states, we are not
identified enough by our charisms. Don’t be afraid to
be who we are, Charismatics. Be open to what God
is doing as we move toward the 2017 jubilee.”
By Cruz Teresa Rosero
This excerpt was published in the Fall 2014 issue of PENTECOST
Today. Used with permission.
“Year of Unity” is the aim for 2015. How can we
achieve this difficult task within our Charismatic
Renewal, without our Catholic Church, and within the
Body of Christ? First of all, we need to understand
what unity means. The document written by our
Committee has defined it as a “call to a union that is as
complete as the union between the three persons of
the Trinity; not just a mixture of elements into a
tenuous combination.”
Second of all, we need a method and a model. “Jesus
has given us the model of unity in his dedication to the
Father’s will, humility, service, sacrifice and
forgiveness.” This is a method based on Jesus’
teaching: “Greater love has no one than this, than to
lay down one’s life for his friend” (Jn 15:13). This may
mean that we have to give up our personal visions of
how things should be and our way of doing things. We
do this for the higher calling to live for Jesus and not
ourselves. This means we must be constantly open to
the Holy Spirit directing and teaching us. If we are
willing to ‘lay down our life’ and are open to listening to,
responding to, and cooperating with others, we can
build unity between all groups and peoples with whom
we work (Rom 12:5).
To foster such a unity, four emphases should be taken
into consideration:
Reach out to all groups influenced by the
charismatic renewal
Endeavor to lay down our lives for each other
Foster unity in the Renewal, unity with the Church,
and ecumenism
Focus on the importance of community.
Within the Renewal we need to re-establish and repair
broken relationships. We need to reach out to other
groups influenced by the Renewal in our areas and look
for opportunities to pray together. We can be open and
vocal about the gift each group brings to the renewal of
the Church, and commit ourselves to an ongoing
communication and cooperation with them, taking into
consideration the commonality we share.
Cruz Teresa Rosero is a member of the Spanish National Committee
and a member of the 5-Year Committee of the National Leadership
Groups of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the U.S.
“The Charismatic Renewal is a great force meant to serve the preaching of the Gospel
in the joy of the Holy Spirit.” ~ Pope Francis
This is your path: evangelization, spiritual ecumenism, caring for the poor and needy, and
welcoming the marginalized. And all of it is based on worship! The foundation of the Renewal is worshiping God!
They asked me to tell you what the Pope expects of you.
The first thing is conversion to the love of Jesus which changes our lives and makes
each Christian a witness to God’s love. The Church expects this witness of Christian life
from us, and the Holy Spirit helps us to live the Gospel fully and consistently for our own growth
in holiness.
I expect you to share with everyone in the Church the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit.
I expect you to evangelize with the word of God, which proclaims that Jesus lives and that He loves all men and women.
To give a witness of spiritual ecumenism to all our brothers and sisters of other Churches and Christian communities who
believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.
To remain united in the love that the Lord Jesus asks us to have for all people, and in prayer to the Holy Spirit for the attainment of this unity which is necessary for evangelization in the name of Jesus. Remember that “the charismatic renewal is de facto
ecumenical in nature...The Catholic renewal rejoices in what the Holy Spirit is accomplishing in the other churches” (1 Malines 5,3).
Be close to the poor and to those in need, so as to touch in their flesh the wounded flesh of Jesus. Please, draw near to them!
Seek unity in the Renewal, because unity comes from the Holy Spirit and is born of the unity of the Trinity. Division
comes from the devil. Flee from all infighting, please! Let there be none of this among you!
(Excerpts from a speech given at the Italian Renewal in the Spirit’s National Convocation, in cooperation with the ICCRS, June 1, 2014)
February Happenings & Announcements
May 1-3, 2015
Hosted by the Chicago Charismatic Renewal Office.
If you missed our Charism School, here is another
chance to attend.
More information about location,
registration, and possible groups organizing from
the Twin Cities will be promoted by our office
Or visit:
Companions in the Heart of Jesus
Mini-Retreat for Women
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Church of St. Paul
740 Bunker Lake Blvd. NE, Ham Lake
8am Mass (optional)
8:30-11:30: hospitality, praise & worship,
speaker, reflection and prayer.
February 3 (Tuesday) HEALING MASS at Church
of St. Peter, 2600 N. Margaret St., No. St. Paul.
Celebrant Fr. Tom Balluff. Rosary 7pm, Mass
7:30PM. Call Peter 651-353-4311.
February 6 (Friday) FIRST FRIDAY WITH THE
FRANCISCANS, 7PM. 1289 LaFond Ave., St. Paul,
MN. Adoration, Franciscan Crown Rosary,
Compline and Benediction. Fellowship follows.
February 6 (Friday) COR JESU, Praise & Worship
Night at the St. Paul Seminary (St. Mary’s Chapel) 810PM, 2260 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN. Information
and directions: 651-962-5050.
February 7 (Saturday) LIFELINE MASS, NET
Center, 110 Crusader Ave., West St. Paul. 6-9:30PM,
band, Mass, speaker: Archbishop John Nienstedt
presents: IS GOD CALLING ME? Call 651-450-4311.
February 13 (Friday) Healing Mass at St. Nicholas
Church, 412 4th Street West, Carver, MN 55315.
Celebrant Fr. Jim Livingston. Rosary 6:30PM; Mass
7:00PM. Call Jodee, 952-448-2345.
February 17 (Tuesday) HEALING MASS at St.
Patrick’s Church, 1500 Vine Street, Hudson, WI.
6PM. Call 715-381-5120.
Speaker Jean Michaels, a mother and grandmother
who has served family, friends and parish
while serving the Lord with her gifts.
No registration or fee required. Childcare provided for $4
per child, reserved by calling Stephanie at 763-413-7393.
February 20 & 27 (Friday) HEALING PRAYER SERIES, 7-9PM in Owens Science Hall, Room 150 (the
3M Auditorium) on the South Campus of the University of St. Thomas. Call Fr. David Smith, 651-962-8929
February 20 (Friday) EMMAUS, Church of St.
Mark, 2001 Dayton Ave., St. Paul. 7-8:30PM.
Adoration, Confession, praise and worship. Call 651645-5717.
February 26 (Thursday) A R EA -W IDE
Albert the Great Church, 3200 E. 29th Street, Mpls.
Enter side doors to social hall. New Life Renewal
Ministry. Call Vince Dorazio, 612-243-9411.
Healing Services with Alan Ames
4:30 PM: Mass, Talk, Healing
St. Augustine Catholic Church
405 4th Street N.W
Austin, MN 55912
5:30 PM: Rosary, Talk, Healing Service,
St. Henry’s Catholic Church
1001 East 7th Street
Monticello, MN
6 PM: Rosary, 6:30 PM Mass; Talk,
Healing Service, Confessions
St. John the Baptist Church
835 2nd Avenue NW
New Brighton, MN
U.S. Postage
Twin Cities, MN
Permit No. 2967
Fri.-Sat. August 7-8, 2015
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw have been in full-time Catholic evangelization ministry
since 1991. Here in the USA Lloyd and Nancy have ministered through parish missions, conferences and retreats for adults and youth, prison ministry, and work with
the homeless. In conjunction with Renewal Ministries they teach Evangelization
Schools in various regions of the country.
As Country Coordinators for Renewal Ministries they have led numerous outreaches
to several African countries as well as Turkey, Haiti, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea. They work closely with the Church authorities to teach catechesis, apologetics,
and the New Evangelization. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters.
Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God
so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. (Eph. 6:10)