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XIII Annual Conference on
Evidence Based Management of Cancers
In India
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XIIIth Annual Conference
Evidence Based Management
of Cancers In India
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“Modern Radiation
Oncology Practice”
27 Feb - 1 March 2015
Venue :
Prof R D Choksi Auditorium, Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai
Organized by :
Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
Clinical Research Secretariat (CRS) and
Department of Atomic Energy Clinical Trials Centre ( DAE- CTC)
“Modern Radiation Oncology Practice”
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
XIII Annual Conference on
Evidence Based Management of Cancers in India
Dear All
The Tata Memorial Centre cordially invites you to the 13th conference
on “Evidence Based Management of Cancers in India- EBM 2015” to
be held from 27th February to 1st March 2015. This three day meeting
will merge with the “Hospital Day Celebration” which will
be held on 28th Feb. 2015. The Tata Memorial Hospital has pioneered
the cause of EBM in Oncology in India and has been conducting the
annual meeting on EBM in cancers for the past twelve years.
Each year we have focused on different aspect of cancer care;
collated and published the best available evidence in the form of
“EBM book” which is available on our website. This meeting helps
busy clinicians from all over the country and abroad to get updated on
the best available evidence in oncology to potentially improve
patient care. This year we will be focusing on Modern practices in
Radiation Oncology, Molecular Haematology and Cardio – Oncology.
Renowned international and national faculty members will cover the
above topics in a very focused and succinct manner. The target
audience for the meeting is radiation oncologist, pathologists,
hemato-oncologists, physicians, medical, surgical oncologist, basic
scientist, researchers and residents training in any of the specialties.
We look forward to welcoming you at this annual event.
Prof R A Badwe,
Director, Tata Memorial Centre
Radiation Oncology specialty has evolved from radium era to the
state-of-the-art radiation technology today. In last 2 decades, a
revolution in radiation technology has lead to change in Radiation
Oncology practice today. The Modern Radiation Oncology practice
mandates the use of newer imaging modalities, powerful treatment
planning algorithms and automated treatment delivery systems. The
state-of-art radiation technologies namely, Intensity Modulated
Radiation Therapy (IMRT), VMAT, Image Based Brachytherapy etc. is
being practiced since 10-15 years now. There is a major thrust and
emphasis on the use of these newer radiation techniques for better
therapeutic ratio in terms of better outcomes, minimizing toxicities
and better quality of life. Also, in the recent past there has been a
major thrust for high dose hypo-fractionated radiosurgery /
radiotherapy in many sites to reduce the overall treatment time.
These modern radiation techniques have rekindled new avenues for
re-irradiation in some sites.
The aim of this meeting is to discuss, debate and formulate evidence
based guidelines / statements for the use of newer radiation
techniques, indications and potential questions which can be a
platform for future research.
The target audience includes radiation oncologists, clinical
oncologists, medical physicists and other professionals involved in
the management of cancer patients.
ŸNewer Radiation Techniques: IMRT, IGRT, IGART…
ŸStereotactic Radiosurgery / Radiotherapy
ŸImage Guided Brachytherapy
ŸHigh Quality Evidence for
- Superior Therapeutic Ratio
- Reduction in Toxicities
ŸOrgan Preservation Protocols
ŸBetter Quality of Life
ŸExploring Newer Paradigms
- Radiation Dose Escalation
- Hypo-fractionated Radiation
- Re-irradiation
Organizing Chairman: Prof. (Dr) Shyamkishore Shrivastava
Organizing Secretary: Dr Umesh Mahantshetty