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The Holy Land
Msgr. Charles Schluter
11-day Catholic Pilgrimage
March 9th to the 19th, 2015
Way of the Cross / Via Dolorossa
11-day Catholic Pilgrimage: March
Mater Dei Tours
to the
Making Travel Relevant!
11 - Day Trip Inclusions:
Round trip Airfare from Chicago O’Hare Airport to Tel Aviv
(Airfare available from other cities for an additional cost)
Package also available as a “land-only” (with no air package)
Private Motor-coach in Israel with private driver
Transfers airport – hotel – airport (for those flying with the group)
Baggage Porterage (1 bag per person)
Hotel accommodations at first class properties
19 Meals including 8 breakfasts and 9 Dinners, plus 2 lunches
Admissions to all Featured Visits
Spiritual program including Masses, Rosaries, Meditations (and
more) in unforgettable places
Msgr. Charles Schluter, Pastor of St. Peter’s Parish in
Madison, Wisconsin, as Chaplain and Spiritual Director.
Juan Landa from Mater Dei Tours as Tour Director
George Sa’id - The most sought after Professional Roman
Catholic Holy Land Expert Guide.
Local hotel taxes, hospitality taxes & service charges as well as
all air travel related taxes and fees.
Gratuities included for meal servers, bell boys, front desk and
housekeepers (tips not included for local driver and George Sa’id)
Full documentation packet with luggage tags, name tags & reusable wallet
Special touch/gifts: Cross of 5 loaves & 2 fishes. Pilgrimage
Certificate from the Latin Custodian (Holy See’s Franciscan
Custodian of the Holy Land).
Does not include:
Gratuities for local expert guide and bus driver are
not included ($7-8 per day per person for guide and
$3-$4 per day, per person for bus driver).
Beverages at some meals are not included.
(Please see registration for price and take time to read
the terms & conditions on the last page of this brochure)
★NOTE 1: Although
a motor-coach is
included for tour
transportation, it is
important to point
out that all Holy
Land Pilgrimages
require a
amount of walking.
Juan Landa
Tour Director
with George Sa’id,
Catholic Holy Land Expert
Msgr. Charles
St. Peter’s Parish
Madison, WI
★NOTE 2: Pilgrimage will operate
regardless of unanticipated changes
to Priest’s schedule that may cause
him to cancel his participation. In
this case, our company will do
everything possibe to supply the
pilgrimage with a Priest substitute. – Toll Free: 1-800-515-2632
The Cross of Jerusalem
M = Airplane Meal
B = Breakfast
L = Lunch
D = Dinner
Day-by-day tentative itinerary
(11 Days/ 2 flying days)
* All Masses are subject to changes
from local Ecclesiastical authorities.
Caesarea Maritima
Day 01: Monday March 9th,2015: Depart U.S.A.
Depart on your flights to Tel Aviv. If you are flying with the group, your international flight departs from
Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Other departure cities may be available for an additional price. (M)
Day 02: Tuesday March 10th: Arrive in Israel. Tel Aviv, Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel
Aviv. Upon arrival in Israel, clear immigrations and customs formalities and follow Juan to the "Groups Assembly Exit".
A thanksgiving Mass* is planned (for a safe voyage) in the historical port town of
Mt. Carmel Jaffa. This town was the last place where St. Peter lived in the Holy Land. Transfer Is it safe to travel there?
to the hotel in the Tel Aviv area for a welcome dinner and overnight. Relax tonight as Security in Israel is taken very
you adjust to Israel’s time zone. (M, D)
Statistically, the
Tel Aviv
Holy Land is safer than any
major US city! Pilgrims are
highly respected by all faiths
plus your visit means big
business to the locals!
Day 03: Wednesday March
Caesarea Maritima and Mt.
Carmel. This morning travel north along the Mediterranean Coast to Caesarea
Maritima, the old capital of the Roman Province of Palestina Prima. See Roman and
Crusader ruins, along with the harbor from which St. Paul was taken prisoner to Rome.
Continue on to Haifa where we visit Mount Carmel and the Cave of Elijah. A Mass* is planned here. After
Mass, enjoy panoramic views of the port area, the Mediterranean Sea and Haifa City. Travel to the western
side of Mount Carmel where you’ll visit Muhrakah, the place of Elijah’s Sacrifice. Then leave for Galilee to
check-in at your hotel for a welcome dinner and overnight. (M, D)
Mt. Tabor
Climb Mt. Tabor?
Because of new roads,
we won’t have to climb
Mt. Tabor the old
fashion way, but we still
promise you an
Boat Ride - Sea of Galilee
Day 04: Thursday March 12th: Cana, Nazareth, Mt. Tabor.
Start the day in Nazareth at one of the most important places of our pilgrimage, the
Basilica of the Annunciation where Holy Mass* is celebrated. After Mass pray
before the grotto where the Annunciation took place. Afterwards, walk to the
Church of St. Joseph’s Workshop where men will consecrate their families to the
head of the Holy Family. Time permiting, our staff will have some surprise vists
planned for you in Nazareth. Then we travel to the site where Christ performed His
The Annunciation
first Miracle, Cana, where a surprise awaits for those married couples attending. End
the day at Mt. Tabor, site of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Experience the views from where Peter, James
and John saw the Glorified Lord with Moses and Elijah. Return to your hotel for a well deserved rest. (B, D)
Day 05: Friday March 13th: Caesarea Philippi*, Tabgha
(Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes), Mt. of Beatitudes,
St. Peter’s Primacy, Capernaum and an unforgettable
sailing of the Sea of Galilee. Begin the day with a visit to beautiful
Caesarea Philippi, where Peter proclaimed Christ as the Son of God and
received the Keys to the Kingdom. Return to Galilee. By the lake’s shore we visit
sailing on the Sea of Galilee
the Mount of Beatitudes where the Sermon on the Mount is remembered. A Sunset
(also known as Lake Genesareth
or Sea of Tiberias)
memorable fish lunch follows (St. Peter’s Fish). After lunch take a memorable
evening boat ride across the same lake Jesus walked, the Sea of Galilee (also
known as the Lake of Genesareth or the Sea of Tiberias). Visit Tabgha (with its famous ancient Caves of Qumran
mosaic commemorating the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes). Continue on to the
Church of Peter's Primacy (where Peter declares his love for Jesus three times) and
Capernaum, to see the ruins of the ancient synagogue as well as St. Peter's house, where Holy
Mass* is celebrated (a church is built above the house). Return to your hotel for dinner. (B, L, D)
Day 06: Saturday March 14th: Jericho, Baptismal Site, Qumran, Bethany and
Bethlehem. This morning travel to Bethlehem with a stop the Baptismal Site of Jesus where we will renew
our baptismal vows. Continue to Jericho, the oldest city in the world. Holy Mass* celebrated at a local Catholic School.
Next we travel into days of old when we visit Qumran (where the Essene Enclave once lived) to see the caves where the
Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden. Then visit the place where Jesus enjoyed his good friends in Bethany,
home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. End the day in Bethlehem where you will have an opportunity to shop
in a Christian store with a huge variety of religious articles before our check-in at our hotel. Enjoy Dinner
with your fellow pilgrims recalling the many experiences of the day. (B, D)
M – Toll Free: 1-800-515-2632
Jordan River
True Baptismal site
M = Airplane Meal // B = Breakfast // L = Lunch // D = Dinner
★NOTE: Although a motor-coach is included
for tour transportation, it is important to point
out that all Holy Land Pilgrimages require a
considerable amount of walking.
* All Masses are subject to changes
from local Ecclesiastical authorities.
Day 07: Sunday March 15th: Bethlehem all day. Start a wonderful day in Bethlehem and see the
Church of the Nativity. Below its Altar is the cave-stable of Jesus' birth. Holy Mass* celebrated at the adjacent cave
where St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin. Then walk to the famous Milk Grotto - the place where
according to local tradition, the Virgin Mary breast fed Jesus - and learn about its miraculous reputation.
Time permiting, a few surprise visits await you. Afterwards travel to nearby Beit Sahour where you’ll find
the Shepherd's Fields, inhabited by Christians for hundreds of years. This is where the Angels announced
the birth of the King of Kings to the local Shepherds. Enjoy an unforgettable lunch with Christian families.
Site of Christ’s Birth Also in Beit Sahour, you will have a second opportunity for shopping at a Christian store. (B, L, D)
Day 08: Monday March 16th: Mount of Olives, Western Wall, Mt. ZION & St. Peter
Gallicantu. This morning we drive up to the Mount of Olives for a wonderful view of
Jerusalem. See the Site of the Ascension and the Pater Noster Church (site where
the “Our Father” prayer was first taught), and walk the Palm Sunday Way. At the foot of
the hill see the Garden of Gethsemane with its ancient olive trees and the Church of
All Nations (with the rock where Jesus prayed in agony). Holy Mass* is celebrated,
around the rock of agony. Then continue to the holiest site in Judaism, the “Wailing
Wall” or Western Wall of what remains of the foundation stones of the Temple of Garden of Gethsemane (Mt. of Olives)
Jerusalem. From here we can see views of the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the
Rock. Aftrewards, visit the site known as David’s Memorial and then climb a few steps to
Did you know?
pray in the Caenaculum, the upper room where the Last Supper (the Institution of the
Eucharist) occurred, as well as the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The The rock where Jesus
suffered the agony in
Dormition Abbey is right around the corner. This is the traditional place where the the garden, is still there
Most Holy Virgin Mary fell asleep and was assumed into Heaven. Walk down in the
at the Garden of
direction of the Kidron Valley to visit St. Peter in Gallicantu (where St. Peter denied Gethsemane! The olive
Jesus three times) built over the palace of Caiaphas, the High Priest. From here we trees in the garden are
can see views of the Kidron Valley and the Pool of Siloam. (B,D)
approximately 2000
years old! A stone
Day 09: Tuesday March 17th: Old City of Jerusalem, Holy throw away, is the cave
of the betrayal where
Sepulchre, Church of St. Ann, Man in the Shroud Exhibit. Start
Judas kissed Jesus
the day very early, praying the Stations of the Cross as we walk the true Way of the
when he turned Him in.
Cross (Via Dolorosa), ending up at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus
was crucified (Calvary) and buried, and then rose again. Continue with an
Holy Sepulcher unforgettable Mass* at the Tomb (pending confirmation). See the Pool of Bethesda scene of
one of Jesus’ healings (the paralytic and the wind-ruffled pool water). Visit the Convent of Zion
Have you ever prayed Sisters and St. Ann’s Church (birthplace of the Virgin Mary). End the day with an amazing
the Way of the Cross? one of a kind exhibit called “The Man of the Shroud” at the Vatican Mission in Jerusalem
(Sacrament of Confession will be offered here). Afternoon at leisure. Dinner and overnight at
We will follow in Jesus’
your hotel in Jerusalem. (B,D)
foosteps where He
carried His Holy Cross!
We will walk and pray
the original Way of the
Cross through
Jerusalem climbing
Calvary and entering
The Holy Sepulcher! An
incredible experience
we will never forget!
Day 10: Wednesday March 18th: Ein Karen, Israeli Museum & Dead
Sea. Begin the day in Ein Karem, birthplace of John the Baptist and the Church of the
Visitation, site of Elizabeth and Zachariah’s home, where Farewell Mass* is celebrated.
Then continue on to the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit)
and then to the 2nd Model of Old Jerusalem. Travel to the Dead Sea to dip in its theraputic
waters before returning to Jerusalem to enjoy our farewell dinner reminiscing of all
the good times spent together with all your new friends. (B, D)
Day 11: Thursday March
Departure for U.S.A.
Dead Sea
Early morning transfer to the Ben Gurion Airport to be processed for our departure
flight. Prepare to undergo top (lengthy) security before boarding. Relax on your
flight as you return to U.S. time. Arrive in the USA this afternoon. Upon arrival in the USA, you’ll be
processed by US Homeland Security (more information will be included with your travel documents). (M)
Welcome Home!
The Visitation
M – Toll Free: 1-800-515-2632
Did you know?
The Dead Sea is
known for its
waters. It is the
lowest point on
Earth (=1,348 ft)!
When we travel
from the Dead
Sea to Jerusalem
we actually
climb 3,865 feet!
General Terms & Conditions
Purchaser and/or traveler of this tour (you) acknowledges that Landa
Cleary Travel Company, Inc. (d.b.a = doing business as Mater Dei Tours
and Relevant Journeys) is acting as an independent intermediary (travel
agent) between you and suppliers of goods and services, which are not
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or conditions outside their control.
By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler(s) voluntarily assumes all
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the company, acknowledges these conditions and agrees to hold the
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Deposits: A deposit of $500 per person is required to secure
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Final Payments: Full payment must be made no later than 100
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same authorized credit card on the registration form by simply
calling us with your verbal authorization.
times be uneven. Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. is not responsible Reading Material” (provided with your documents) for
for denial of service by any suppliers.
recommendations on tipping. Please budget accordingly.
Total Group Cancellation: If it becomes necessary to cancel an
Young Travelers: Travelers who are less than 18 years old on the entire tour prior to departure, Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. will
departure date must be accompanied by an adult and must share offer the next available date or will make a full refund of money
the adult's accommodations. If a child will be traveling with adults paid. Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. cannot accept responsibility
other than the parents or with only one parent, it is highly for any additional costs, fees or cancellation penalties relating to
recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or any independent non-refundable airfares (unless air reservation
non-traveling parent granting authorization to travel, including the was booked as part of our negotiated group booking).
dates of travel. We suggest that you also contact the appropriate
consulate and airlines because they may have additional Land Only Bookings: Passenger(s) who desire to book their
own airfare do at their own risk. Land only passengers are
responsible for connecting with the group at the hotel.
Roommate Assignments: Landa Cleary Travel Inc. will make every Passenger(s) accept all responsibility for costs incurred due to
reasonable attempt to find you a roommate. However, this is not misconnections with the group. Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc.
guaranteed. If no roommate is found by the registration deadline, cannot accept responsibility for any additional costs or fees
the passenger will have the option to upgrade to a single room (if relating to such a booking or for any cancellation penalties due to
available) by paying the single occupancy or cancel altogether with independent non-refundable airfare (even if Landa Cleary Travel
a full refund.
Co. Inc. assisted with this booking).
Air Transportation: We have selected airlines that are most
suitable with land arrangements.
All fares are subject to Luggage: Handling of one piece of luggage per person is
government approval and are subject to change without notice. included in the cost of this tour wherever luggage service is
Airfares are guaranteed once they have been paid in full and offered (some hotels do not have bell captains). Luggage is
ticketed. Name changes required after tickets have been issued are carried at owner’s risk throughout the tour (insurance suggested).
subject to cancellation and re-ticketing at a higher fare and subject Hand baggage and small articles such as coats, umbrellas or
to change fees. Some airlines do not allow you to earn frequent flier cameras are entirely in the care of the passenger. Size and
weight limitations for carry-on and checked baggage vary from
miles for group bookings.
airline to airline and even according to destination, and are
Airline Seating: Passengers who require specific seating due to becoming more restrictive. Check your final documents for
medical conditions are advised to obtain Doctor’s Orders so the details of acceptable luggage dimensions and weight allowed on
airlines may have proof of the condition and may accommodate the your tour. All baggage and personal effects are at all times
order. In addition to making the request through our company, and in all circumstances at the risk of the passenger.
please bring the doctor’s note to the ticket counter. Passengers who Baggage insurance is recommended.
desire a specific non-medical related seat are requested to contact
the airline directly 30 days prior to departure for preferred seating. Validity: Rates in this brochure are valid for the travel period
Group seating is solely under control of the airline and Landa Cleary stated on the brochure, and are quoted on a per person sharing
twin/double room basis. All prices are show in U.S. Dollars and
Company, Inc. can only pass on your requests.
are calculated on currency rates and fares exiting on October
Voluntary changes to itinerary: Independent voluntary changes to 1st, 2014. Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. reserves the right to
an individual passenger’s itinerary are usually not permitted by most alter prices at any time prior to departure and without prior notice
of our tour suppliers. Some exceptions may be granted in a case-by- due to currency exchange rates, taxes, fees or fuel surcharges
case basis. All change requests must be made prior to 45 days increases.
before departure. If passenger purchased a land only package, they
are free to plan their own itinerary before or after the trip (read Land Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. and all dba’s are not responsible for
misprints on the brochures as well as in,
Only bookings for restrictions).
Cancellations: All cancellations must be received in writing to
our company prior to tour departure during normal business hours
(9:00am to 5:00pm CST, Mondays through Fridays). All
Cancellations are subject to the following per person
penalties prior to departure:
• 100 days or prior
Not Included: All items of a personal nature (room service,
• 99 to 65 days
50% of tour
beverages, telephone charges, laundry, etc) and meals not specified
• 64 to 35 days
75% of tour
on the tour itinerary are not included and must be paid by the
• 34 to 0 days
No Refunds
No refund can be made for independent non-refundable
airfare. Travel Insurance Premium is not refundable. If you
Accommodations and Itinerary: Land arrangements are provided
use a credit card as payment, you agree that if any
as described in the tour program. The tour company reserves the
cancellation penalties are due, Landa Cleary Travel Co., Inc. is
right to change or substitute (1) hotels for accommodations in similar
authorized to charge the penalties to your credit card above.
categories (2) or features of the itinerary in order to accommodate
Traveler agrees to forfeit their reserved space if payment is not
changes in the schedule.
made by the designated date.
Meals: Meals are provided as specified in the tour program. If you
require special meals due to dietary restrictions, we must receive
For price plus taxes & fees information
written details of your requirements at the time of booking. We
please see registration sheet.
cannot guarantee your requested diet but every effort will be made
Registration & Balance deadline
to accommodate these requests.
December 4th, 2014**
Tour Membership: To ensure a positive experience, the Landa
Cleary Travel Co., Inc. reserves the right to reject any client (before
or during the trip at the expense of the traveler) whose conduct is
incompatible with the interest of the group. Landa Cleary Travel
Co., Inc. is not responsible for lost persons and for the expenses
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staying with the group.
Travelers with Special Needs: Passengers who require attention
must advise the tour operator at the time of booking. A qualified
and physically able companion must accompany travelers who
need such assistance and must assume full responsibility for their
well being. Coaches are not equipped with wheelchair accessible
ramps, therefore all tour members must be able to mount 3 to 5
steps into the coach. Participants should expect to walk
between 1 and 3 miles in one day. Walking surfaces may at and Every effort is made to
ensure brochure accuracy at the time of going to press, however Landa
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typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances. In
the case of computer or human billing error we reserve the right to reinvoice passengers with correct billing.
Travel Insurance: Landa Cleary Travel Company, Inc.
recommends travel insurance for your travel investment. You
must purchase this insurance independently.
We also
recommend that travel insurance be purchased only after the
minimum participation quorum has been met. Landa-Cleary
Travel, Inc. agrees to notify the traveler when this occurs and
when their deposit money is being charged or deposited. We
recommend Travel Guard Insurance and other reputable travel
insurance providers (like Travelex or Travel Safe). You may visit
these insurance companies online. Make sure you check their
Passports: Obtaining a passport is the sole responsibility of the strike list and alert list for situations or vendors that they are not
passenger. Passports must be current and valid beyond the dates covering (this list varies from time to time).
of travel. Your airline ticket name must match your passport
name or you may be denied boarding the airplane. Passengers
who are denied boarding due to discrepancies between ticket and
passport names or because of expired passports accept full
responsibility and are subject to the cancellation terms of the tour.
Some countries such as Israel require that your passport expiration
P.O. Box 323, Waunakee, WI 53597-0323
be 6 months beyond your travel dates. We recommend that you
TEL. 608-849-4359 or 1-800-515-2632
apply for your passports (if needed) at the time of registration.
Smoking is not allowed on the motor-coach but
frequent stops are made throughout the day.
Tips: Gratuities for baggage, hotel and restaurants detailed in the
itinerary are included. Gratuities for Tour Guides, Local
Guides and Motor-coach Drivers are NOT included (unless
otherwise stated in the brochure) Please see your “Essential
! Cleary
Travel Company, Inc.
Mater Dei Tours
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HL MAR 2015 - Schluter
Holy Land, the Amazing Pilgrimage
March 9th - 19th, 2015
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3. A note about Travel Insurance
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HL MAR 2015 - Schluter
Holy Land, the Amazing Pilgrimage
March 9th - 19th, 2015
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AIR INCLUSIVE TOUR PACKAGE from CHICAGO: Price per person based on double occupancy, sharing room
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OR Optional Land Only Package* This price does not include any air transportation. (Passenger
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sharing 1 room with existing bedding * (room availability is extremely limited)
Step 4
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one to possibly as many as three miles in one visit).