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Job Description
Youth Minister
Position Title:
Youth Minister
Reports to:
Director of Stewardship
Job Description:
The Youth Minister is responsible for a large and comprehensive Youth Ministry Program in our parish (6-12th
grades and young adults of college age).
The goals of Holy Trinity’s Youth Ministry are:
to foster the total personal, spiritual, and religious development and learning of each young
person as a vital member of Holy Trinity Parish.
to draw young people to vibrant and responsible participation in the life and mission of its faith
to empower young people to become disciples of Jesus Christ who witness to their faith by living
as stewards – that is, learning and living Him, worshiping and serving in the greater community
The program consists of a wide variety of components: catechesis, liturgy, evangelization, social action (justice
and service), community building, spirituality, liturgy, advocacy, leadership development and pastoral care.
These components help reach the goals for ministry with adolescents as laid out in the Bishop’s document
“Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry”. Our desire is for youth to learn at any early
age what it means to live a Stewardship Way of Life.
This position typically supervises primarily volunteer staff, including program leaders and administrative support
staff. The Youth Minister develops close communication with and mutual support from families of youth and
collaborates with other community and parish youth organizations, as well as with other ministry leads.
Duties and Responsibilities:
o Help youth develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian community
o Increase their knowledge of the core content of the Catholic faith
o Help young people enrich and expand their understanding of the Scriptures and sacred tradition and
the application/relevancy to their life today
o In collaboration with other ministry leads Responsible for preparing youth for Sacrament of
Confirmation, deeping their participation in Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance
o Responsible for deepening youth participation in Penance and Eucharist
o Reach out to young people by meeting them in their various life situations, building relationships,
and offering a genuine response to their needs
o Invite youth personally into the life and mission of the Church
o Call young people to grow in a personal relationship with Christ
o Challenge youth to follow Jesus in a life of discipleship
Prayer and Worship:
o Promote authentic participation of youth in liturgy
o Provide opportunities for youth to be trained as liturgical ministers
o Provide opportunities for retreat experiences
o Provide opportunities for creative prayer
o Provide opportunities for youth to study Scripture using current examples, storytelling techniques,
and youth culture/media
o Standing with and speaking on behalf of young people and their families
Community Building:
o Create a welcoming environment that nurtures meaningful relationships among young people and
between youth and adults
o Enrich family relationships through programs and activities that are inclusive of family
o Provide avenues for youth to participate as members of the faith community and opportunities for
the faith community to acknowledge, celebrate and value youth
o Promote/plan events and social activities that help build community life for youth
o Plan and implement regular youth group meetings
Justice and Service:
o Engage youth in discovering the call to justice and service in the Scriptures, in the life of Jesus and
in Catholic social teaching
o Involve youth and their families in direct service to those in need, including support for the parish’s
Human Concerns Ministry
o Involve youth in efforts to address the causes of injustices
Leadership Development:
o Create and develop a Core group of youth and adults and provide for their enrichment
o Develop leadership skills in youth and adults
o Serve as an advisor and support to youth leaders
Pastoral Care:
o Create networks of care and support for young people and their families
o Guide youth in making important life decisions, such as career and college choices, and discerning
their particular Christian vocation
o Collaborate with wider community efforts in providing direct aid to youth.
o Maintain necessary records
o Develop yearly budget
o Conducts needs assessments in the community for Youth Ministry
o Recruits, supervises and evaluates adult volunteer youth ministers
Meets with parents of youth at least twice a year for both input and to share with them the vision
and goals of the Youth Ministry
Communicate youth events to the youth, parish and staff.
Build and maintain a youth website.
Build and maintain a reference library for youth ministry
Work with the Public Relations Committee, promote the activities of the youth group within the
parish and the community
Support diocesan youth ministry efforts, as appropriate:
Personal growth and development:
o Attend conventions/congresses relating to youth ministry (one per year when possible)
o Attend classes and workshops relating to youth ministry
Experience working with and motivating youth
Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred
Worshiping Steward of Catholic parish faith community, preferably at Holy Trinity Parish
Must have ability to relate to and motivate youth
Must have ability to respond to people with competency and hospitality
Must possess good communication skills, both oral and written
Must have ability to prioritize and manage time
Must have ability to maintain confidentiality