CV - Evangelia Chalioti

Evangelia Chalioti.
Yale University
Department of Economics
28 Hillhouse Ave., Room 208
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel: (+1) 217-607-3535
Citizenship: Greek (US permanent resident; Green card)
Evangelia Chalioti
2014 - present Yale University, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics
Visiting Assistant Professor (Department of Economics)
2011 - 2014
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Department of Economics
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D, Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB)
2010 - 2011 Visiting Assistant in Research; Yale University, Department of Economics
MSc, University of Essex, Department of Economics (with distinction)
BSc, AUEB, Department of International & European Economic Studies
2002 - 2003 Socrates student; University of Essex, Department of Economics
Research interests
Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Innovation
"Incentive contracts under product market competition and R&D spillovers", Economic Theory,
Research papers
"Team members’ability matters for career concerns" (Revision requested by the European Economic
"R&D spillovers and the regenerative feedback mechanism" (submitted)
"A theory of sex selection and human capital investment" (with Dan Bernhardt, UIUC)
"R&D incentives and product market competition" (with Konstantinos Serfes, Drexel University)
"Leadership and aggressiveness in a delegation R&D game with spillovers"
Academic / Teaching experience
2014 - present, Yale University, Instructor
Econ 410: Economics of Innovation, Spring 2015
Econ 409: Firms, Markets and Competition, Fall 2014
2011 - 2014 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Instructor
Econ 483: Econ of Innovation & Technology, Fall 2011/12/13 & Spring 2012/13/14
List of teachers ranked as Excellent - Fall 2011/12*/13* & Spring 2013*/14
Econ 440: Econ of Labor Markets, Fall 2012/13 & Spring 2012
List of teachers ranked as Excellent - Fall 2012*/13*
where *: outstanding ratings
Evangelia Chalioti.
2006 - 2009 Athens University of Economics & Business
Instructor, Introduction to Information Technology, Fall 2007/8/9
Instructor, IT Applications, Fall 2006/7/8
Teaching assistant, Microeconomics, Fall 2006/7/8/9
Teaching assistant, Principals of Economics I, Fall 2007
Research assistant, Prof. Lambros Pechlivanos, Fall 2007-Spring 2008
2007 - 2009 Athens Metropolitan College
Lecturer, Essentials of Financial Analysis, Spring 2007/9
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, December 15, 2014
Yale University, Reading group, April 19, 2012
Texas A&M University, Theory and Experimental Economics Workshop, March 23, 2012
Yale University, Microeconomic Theory Lunch, February 8, 2011
Athens University of Economics & Business, May 18, 2010/March 17, 2009/March 12, 2008
University of Ioannina, Seminar series, April 16, 2008
2014 12th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, Chicago, April 11-13
2013 Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET), Paris, July 22-27
Stony Brook, International Conference on Game Theory, July 8-12
2012 Midwest Economic Theory meeting, St. Louis, October 26-28
4th World Congress of the Game Theory Society, Istanbul, July 22-26
2011 Conference on Research on Economic Theory & Econometrics, CRETE, Milos, July 10
ECORE summer school: market failure & market design, Louvain-la-Neuve, May 23-26
Midwest Economic Theory Meeting, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, April 29-May 1
International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, April 8-10
Game Theory Soc., "Tournaments, Contest & Performance Evaluation", Raleigh, March 12-13
2010 XXV Jornadas de Economia Industrial, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, September 16-17
European Association for Research in Industrial Econ. (EARIE), Istanbul, September 2-4
9th CRETE conference, Tinos, Greece, July 7-11
2009 Association of Southern European Econ Theorists (ASSET), Istanbul, October 30-31
36th EARIE conference, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 3-5
20th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: The economics of contracts, Hebrew University,
Director: Eric Maskin, June 19-30
2008 XXIII Jornadas de Economia Industrial, University of Reus, Spain, September 18-19
7th CRETE conference, Naxos, Greece, July 11-14
1st PhD Conference in Economics 2008, University of Athens, May 16
University / Professional services
2011 - 2014
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Economics
PhD thesis committee, Students: Sungsup Kim; Liu Yang.
Supervisor of undergraduate thesis; Youngmin Kim: Thesis Award 2014
Evangelia Chalioti.
Referee for Journal of European Economic Association, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy,
Journal of Economics, Manchester School, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences
Scholarships / Awards
2006 - 2010 Greek State Scholarships Foundation (ranked 1st in the written competition for graduate
(Ph.D) funding)
Mathematics Student Competition “Thalis”, Hellenic Mathematical Society
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