The Worship of God - Walnut Hills Baptist Church

Winter Shelter Training
The Worship of God
February 3 at 6:30 pm
February 1, 2015
We Demonstrate Our Love
10:30 AM
“I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people . . .
Reverence for the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom.” Psalm 111: 1, 10
Offertory Hymn No: 409 “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”
Offertory Prayer
The Life of Walnut Hills
Graham Cheek
We Proclaim God’s Word
We Come to Worship
Use this time in preparation for the worship of God.
Call to Worship
Linda Ward
Let us come and worship with thankful hearts.
The deeds of the Lord are truly amazing.
We should take delight in all the Lord does.
All the Lord does is just and good.
The Lord's commands are trustworthy and true and we should be
obedient to them.
Reverence for the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom. Praise the
John Thompson
Bringing of Our Commitments and Offerings
Instrumental Meditation
“May the Words of My Mouth”
“Getting our Focus Calibrated”
Dr. Neal
We Come to the Lord’s Table
The Lord’s Supper
Hymn of Praise No: 39 “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart”
Deacon Captain, Tracy Douglas
The Bread
The Community of Faith Mission
(COFM) Winter Shelter for the
Homeless for Walnut Hills will
operate from Sunday evening,
February 22nd to Sunday morning,
March 1st. There will be a training
session on Tuesday, February 3 at
6:30 pm in the Hospitality Center
for all volunteers who would like to
come and serve. Approximately 20
volunteers are needed each night
throughout the week, for various
shifts and meal preparation. At the
training, each of the job functions
will be described and volunteers will
be able to sign up for the days and
times to fit their schedules. Even
though you may have served
before, we encourage you to come
and learn of changes for this year.
See you at the
The Cup
We Make Our Commitment
Hymn of Commitment No: 412 “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place”
-- Bill Johnson
of Faith
Benediction Hymn No: 387 “Blest Be the Tie”
A Time of Welcome and Hospitality
Psalm 111
Tony Neal
Beverly Holmes - Pianist / Carolyn Sandidge - Organist
Thanks to all who worked and/or donated
blood Tuesday. We collected 35 units;
four above our goal! The
cookies were a big hit too!
Save A Life!
Susan Releford
WHBC is collecting Farm
Fresh receipts
(bottom part)
for the Learning Center.
Put receipts in the Treasure Chest near the
stairway. Thank you.
No. of Children, 3 thru grade 5: _____ ($3)
Follow the Leader
Preschool TeamKID on
Sunday mornings!
Children / Youth Pancake Fellowship, Youth Center
Sunday School / Adult Bible Study
Worship / Communion
Children’s Choir rehearsal / Youth Skit Rehearsal / Youth Worship
Adult Discipleship classes (No Women’s Discipleship class)
Women’s Discipleship class, “Children of the Day”
COFM winter shelter training, Hospitality Center (see article)
Men’s Prayer meeting
Class will meet in the Church Library.
Please let Linda Ward know if you plan
to attend.
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Roasted Potatoes,
Broccoli, Salad Bar, Biscuits & Dessert
Tracy Douglas
Prayers of the People
9:00 AM
9:15 AM
10:30 AM
5:00 PM
5:00 PM
9:30 AM
6:30 PM
8:30 AM
Every Sunday from 9:15 - 10:15 AM
Feb 4, 2015
(You can find these verses on page 434 in the pew Bibles.)
Potential Member/
New Member Class
Wednesday Dinner
Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above.
We Embrace Hospitality
Scripture Lesson:
February 15 - March 1
10:30 AM
1:30 PM
4:15 PM
5:30 PM
6:15 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
Women’s Bible Study, Introduction to Ruth
Outreach meeting, Library
Wednesday night Dinner / Oasis
Ladies’ Ensemble Rehearsal
Adult Choir rehearsal
Thursday Morning Men’s Bible Study, B2
Learning Center Story Night, Hospitality Center
Agape Class Valentine Party
Children’s Ministry Day
Budget: $58,389
Giving: $44,389 (76% of Budget)
Expenses: $51,797
Mortgage reduction: $516
ATTENDANCE week of January 25:
Sunday Worship - 207
Adult Bible Study - 109
Youth/Children S.S & Leaders - 13
(Sun. Eve) Youth & children - 32
(Wed. Eve) TeamKID - 21
No. of Youth/Adults: _____ ($6)
Family (immediate family only) limit $15
The Wednesday
supper committee is
looking for individuals
to join several teams.
If you are interested,
please contact
John Thompson.
593-3377 (c)
No thank you ___
Yes ___
Are you interested in keeping up with WHBC
events by receiving mailings?
No thank you
Yes ___
Church, City __________________State____
□ Not a member(s) of a church
Would you be open to a visit to your home?
Member of ___________________________
Name(s) _______________________________________□ College Student
□ I would like to talk with the pastor.
□ I would like someone to share inforChildren (present)______________________________________________
mation about the church.
□ I request intercessory prayer for
Address ______________________________ Age Group:
□ Preschool (Birth – 5 yrs)
concerning _________________________ City _________________________________
□ Children (K-5th grade)
___________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________________ □ Youth (Grades 6-12)
□ Keep Confidential - NOT on Prayer List
Telephone ____________________________ □ Adult 18-23 □ 24-29
Today, I decided to
□ 30-34 □ 35-39
Cell __________________________________
□ Receive Jesus as my personal Savior.
□ 40-44 □ 45-49
□ Renew my commitment to Christ and
Email _______________________________
□ 50-59 □ 60-up
His Church.
□ Info. change (Member/Attendee)
□ Join this church.
Guest of: _____________________________
□ First Time □ Second Time
Welcome to Worship
The church-wide BOX
MINISTRY focus February is
LUNCH FOOD for the Homeless
In support of our week of housing
the homeless, Feb 22-Mar 1,
we will be filling the ministry box
with LUNCH FOODS for the homeless. Be sure they are individually
wrapped. These should be items
YOU would like to see in your sack
 granola bars (all varieties)
small bags of pretzels, chips,
Pringles stix and/or sandwich
Fresh Fruit - Please deliver fruit
on SUNDAY OF Feb. 22 ONLY.
United Way and the members of the Housing
Collaborative have been working hard to
secure permanent housing for many who are
homeless or precariously housed.
Their warehouse is starting to clear out and
need your help. What is needed: dressers,
tables/chairs, couches, bed frames (they
usually get a number of mattresses), side
tables, coffee tables and right now especially
washer and dryers. They have three new units
that do not have washers and dryers. Household goods needed: pans, dishes, silverware,
utensils, towels, comforters, rugs, and anything
else that a household could use.
On behalf of the families that have and will be
housed and with furnishings, United Way
Thanks You!
For more details, see the yellow flyer on the
community bulletin board.
We have a need in our church family —
Gerry & Elaine Schrader’s grandson
(Brett) is in Atlanta for three months of
physical therapy and his parents need to
maintain their jobs in Falls Church while
at the same time supporting him. For
more information regarding Brett and his
parents go to:
Welcome to
Walnut Hills
Baptist Church
Worship is an essential element of our faith and lives and
we pray your time with us this morning will be meaningful in your faith
journey. We celebrate your presence with us.
If you have unused frequent flyer miles
that you would like to donate to help
offset the cost of flying back and forth,
please let the Schraders or the church
office (220-5900) know .
Homebound of the Week. Please call, write or visit Rita Rackett
Mission Action (Benevolence): Call the Church Office, 220-5900
Youth Sunday morning
Bible Study 9:15 am
Welcome Ctr: 2/1 Front- Christy Gallagher
Back- Ginny Szczypinski
2/8 Front- Tracy Douglas
Back- Carrie Hicks
Extended Session: 2/1 Amy Colley, Terri Bolt, The Spratt Family
2/8 Lisa Tyler, Andrea Cheek, Grayson Cheek, Stephanie Welch
Lock-up: 2/2 Greg Granger
2/9 Alan Jenner
Sound: 2/1 Al Jenner, Keith Winder
2/8 Duane Jones, Mark Barham
Tellers: 2/1 Sue Yeatts, Marie Parks
2/8 Bob Szczypinski, David Colley
2/1 D. Francis, S. Isler, D. Gaston, N. Veden, A. Queen
2/8 K. Reining, C. Mitchell, W. Sauer, H. Reynolds, S. Buffkin, B. Wingate, D. Schoenberger
February Theme:
Look Ahead (other than the weekly scheduled events) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Feb 8 - 15, 2015
Feb 8
Heartache: Flirting with Joy
Heartburn: Flirting with Passion
Heartthrob: Flirting with Surprise
Heartbeat: Flirting with Mission
People flirt with relationships all the
time, but does God flirt with us?
In this series our youth will seek to
discover how the heart of Jesus reaches into the air and opportunity between God and us.
Join us!
WMU Focus Sunday
Among the activities will be a Women’s Choir singing during the worship service.
All women of the church are invited to participate. Rehearse will be at 10:15 am in the choir
room just prior to the service. Come join us!
Feb 8 Deacon Steering Committee meeting, B3 at 7 pm
Feb 10 Annette Hall group will meet at Brenda Bass’ home at 9:30 am
Feb 10 Staff meeting at 10 am
Feb 10 Helping Hands group will meet at Leslie Baker’s home at 7 pm
Feb 10 Church Council e-meeting
Feb 11 Mission Vision group will meet at Delores Rowe’s home at 10:30 am
Feb 14 Baptist Men’s Breakfast - ALL are encouraged to attend!
Feb 15 Potential Member / New Member class, 9 - 10:15 in the Library (see front)
KEY CARDS -- All Committee members, especially the chairpersons, are encouraged
to sign for a key card. Please contact Donna Land, church office, 220-5900.
Dr. Tony Neal, Pastor
Rev. Linda Ward, Minister of Education
Rev. John Thompson, Minister of Music
Rev. Graham Cheek, Minister of Youth & Children
Dr. Jerry Haywood, Pastor Emeritus
1014 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185