Bellringer February 2015

St. Francis Episcopal Church
Palos Verdes Estates, California
February 2015
id you know that we are on a pilgrimage
together? Yes, because a pilgrimage is a
sacred journey.
As a parish family we are on a journey of mission and ministry, a pilgrimage, not settling,
but open to the road ahead. At this point in our
journey, we are pausing to take a deep breath, to
look around and see where we are and embrace
a shift as we discern together our season of transition and clergy leadership change.
From Mo. Paula
The Very Rev.
Paula Vukmanic,
310 375 4617 ext 225
We are a pilgrim people. We are going forward
with questions and expectations, wondering
where our next steps will take us. There have
been many points along the journey, in the history of our parish, where we have taken stock
of where we are and made shifts along the way.
We are in that place right now, pausing to see where we have been, where we stand and
how to go forward. We are on a transformative journey. That’s what makes being a pilgrim different from being a tourist. For a tourist, travel is an end in itself. For a pilgrim,
travel is a means to an end. Pilgrims travel with a clear intention, to draw closer to God.
Pilgrims make their journey with a heightened expectation. I have a nervous energy
and excitement precisely because the journey invites us to go forward in trust that God
is leading the way, doing a new thing. We shall soon begin a parish profile, assessing
where we have come from, who we are and listening for God’s new invitations, for God
to lead us ever more deeply as we live out our mission, “love God, love others, serve the
world.” We are on a pilgrimage of mission and ministry, of growing together as a community of faith, hope and love.
Pilgrimage is a sacred journey, journey as a sacrament. You may know the definition of
a sacrament: “an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.” Therefore,
we can expect to be transformed or changed in this new season of our journey together.
How is God calling us now?
We shall listen together in a variety of ways and have many opportunities to share the
vision. This year we would like to use our Lenten Super Series format as a reflective tool
to start the parish profile process of discernment, transition and clarifying our mission
and ministries. At the Annual Meeting on February 8, I will invite sign-ups for “Potlucks with Paula”, small dinner gathering at my house to listen to you. The formal parish profile process will be launched by the Vestry in the very near future.
Let us go forward confidently in our pilgrimage, our sacred journey of transformation.
With love and care for each of you,
o. Paula+
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8 a.m. Rite I in the
9:55am Children’s
Christian formation
10 a.m. Rite II in the
Private Prayer
The Baptistry of the
Chapel, and the Nason
Prayer Chapel in the
Main Church are always
available for private
prayer between services.
Holy Eucharist
Bring your lunch, if
you’d like. Following a
brief informal Eucharist
in the Chapel, you are
invited to eat and enjoy
informal conversation
with St. Francis’ clergy
and staff.
Find out what’s on...
Go to
org Calendar.
This online calendar
serves as our master
calendar for the parish.
Printed copies of the
current and upcoming
week are available in
our weekly worship
Full Calendar
See inside final page(s).
Sunday Sermons
Missed a Sunday, or
want to hear the sermon
Find them at:
org Sermons online.
The deadline for submissions is the 15th of
each month.
Episcopal Church Women
All St Francis Women are Automatically Members
of the ECW
Among other events, the ECW sponsors the Annual St
Francis Antique Show.
As in any Episcopal church, all women of the parish
are automatically a member.
In addition, many of us are members of one or more
of the Guilds, which are smaller groups who meet for
social fellowship and also to support various outreach
or charitable causes.
How Do I Join?
We would love to see you at any of our events or meetings - just come along!Check out our Website Guilds
page, and if any one or more appeals to you, contact
the Chair for more information.
If you ever want to learn more about any of the guilds
of the ECW, details and meeting times can be found on
the parish website or feel free to ask me.
Anna Eakins, ECW co-President
Contact via the church office on - 310 375 4617.
Listening to God
Book Club March
Next meeting - March 9th 12:30pm in the Library.
We will be reading
by Laura Hillenbrand for our
January book. Looking forward to seeing you.
Please email to or
deliver to the Publications box in the Parish
Like us on Facebook - St Francis Palos Verdes,
and Twitter: @stfrancispalosverdes
Mailing List
We are always looking for photographs of the people and
places of St Francis church. If you have photos you would
be happy for us to use in our published materials, please
feel free to send them to Susan Marshall at: publications@
Note - if you would prefer that photos of yourself (other
than unidentified in large group shots), and/or photos of
your minor children, not be used, please contact the church
office -
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February 2015
Ashes To Go
Annual Meeting of the Parish
Do you want to be a part of ministering
to those outside of the parish???
On Ash Wednesday, February 18, join me on the street,
in that little parking lot by our church sign on PV Drive,
to distribute ashes (or just to be there)!
Let me know if you want to be a part of this “ashes to go”
ministry and mark ashes for people in their cars on Ash
Wednesday. We will do it in the morning and for a little
while in the afternoon. May God bless us as we reach out,
Mo. Paula+
Sunday, February 8th, following the service
ONE service only - 10am
The Annual Meeting will begin with a potluck lunch and
includes our annual "look back" at the year past, and a
"look ahead" to 2015. New Vestry Members and delegates
for our Annual Diocesan Convention will be elected, and
the budget for 2015 will be presented.
Also - sign up for ‘potlucks with Paula’ - small dinner
gatherings at Mo. Paula’s house to listen to you.
Ash Wednesday Services
Two services - Wednesday, February 18th 12:10 and 7pm
Lenten Super Series
A Lenten Journey in a Season of Transition
A special focus on the path ahead for St Francis
You will want to be part of this reflection series
March 4, 11, 18, 25
6pm dinner served by the Fabulous Friars of St Francis - $5 per person
Lenten program begins at 7 followed by Compline at 8:15
This year, we are going to have an in house series related to our transition and discernment as a parish. After dinner, the evening will continue with an opening prayer then a brief presentation on a
passage of scripture as it relates to that evening’s theme. The small group interaction that follows the
presentation will be recorded and shared in the large group and the feedback received and given to
the parish profile committee as a beginning step for the gathering of parishioner input for the clergy
leadership choice that lies ahead.
The themes:
March 4
Beginning the journey/ pilgrimage
Where we have come from
Where we are now
Where we are going/ Discerning God’s will in our midst
The above topics will be developed in the small groups by:
Sharing a word or phrase that touches you from the biblical passage presented
A question will be posed related to the biblical context
A question will be posed related to the current day context, namely transition and discernment
We look forward to listening to one another’s thoughts as the Spirit leads us in this coming year.
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February 2015
Families and Kids Pre-K thru 5th Grade
Sunday School: Where and When​
We begin at 9:55am. Please sign-in your child(ren) at the
age appropriate room.
We have two Godly Play rooms.
Children ages 3 to 5 ½ will meet in “level 1” to the left
of the Parish Hall stage.
Children ages 6 to 11* will meet in “level 2” on the
Parish Hall stage.
Kate Buchen
Minister for Children and
*On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 4th and
5th grade students will meet in the Youth Corner or
Boardroom for “pre-CRASH” group.
Nursery Care is provided in the Library for babies and
toddlers, ages 0-3.
Sunday School News
What Stories were told in December and
In Level 1:
Epiphany, Holy Baptism, The Parable of the Good Shepherd,
Eucharist Symbols
In Level 2:
Epiphany, Holy Baptism, The Parable of the Good Shepherd, The
Parable of the Leaven
Everyone can see the details of what is being taught, and how, by
checking out the Parent Pages for the Stories on our website - under
Families and Kids/pre-K thru 5th grade/Parent Pages.
Having fun at the Christmas Party with Mama Hill’s Help - for many, many more fabulous photos see the Photo Album pages on our website.
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February 2015
Middle and High School
Youth Groups
CRASH! is 6th-8th grade fellowship;
eMERGE! AM - designed for 11th and 12th grades,
but anyone in High School is welcome.
eMERGE! PM - designed for 9th and 10th grades,
but anyone in high school is welcome.
Students in Middle School (CRASH!) and High School
(eMERGE!)—connecting with the teen Body of Christ
can be a very important anchor in lives that sometimes
seem crazy. We invite you to come have fun, learn, hang
out, and serve with other teens here at St Francis.
Pancake Day! Save the Date
Tuesday, February 17 we
will once again host the
parish Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper. We are
the cooks and servers!
Yummy food and silly games. We arrive at 5:00, and the
hungry parishioners arrive at 6:00.
Fellowship, Bible study, fun, and service projects need to be at the center of our time together.
We also explore ways to be more involved in worship, whether by being readers, offering scripture through drama,
singing, ushering, serving as Oblation bearers and Chalice bearers—wherever the Spirit is calling us!
Contact: Dr Jeannie Cobb, (310) 375-4617,
Tell Us What You Think About Possible Future Plans
In order to plan well for the coming months, read about these ideas, and then let Jeannie know what you think:
Contact: Dr Jeannie Cobb, (310) 375-4617,
Maundy Thursday Drama
How many kids will be in town and willing to be part of
a Maundy Thursday drama?
Maundy Thursday is on April 2 this year, and that's in
the middle of the PV Schools spring break. But I know
some of us are from other schools, and not everyone
leaves town.
We would love to do an encore performance of our
Upper Room dramas from last year (which everyone
loved!!), but we need 13 people to pull it off. Please let me
know whether you would be available for this awesome
evening. There is one large speaking part (Jesus) and
several other fairly small ones, plus a bunch of characters
that don't have any lines.
A part for all kinds of folks!
Musical in July - 13-25th
Last year we tried to do a musical in August and not
enough people came to make it go.
I have reserved rooms at St Francis for July 13-25 this
year. This would be every night M-F from 5-9, plus a Saturday work day from 9-3, with performances on Friday
the 24th and Saturday the 25th. I am happy to advertise
to students outside St Francis, but we need a core of "our"
kids. So, how many of you will be here in July and would
like to help put on a musical? I'm waiting to see who
is interested before I make a final decision about what
musical we do.
I have done many musicals with Middle School and High
School students and they are always a really fun, wonderful experience! It doesn't matter if you've been in one
before, and while it certainly helps if you can sing, we
can teach you if you're willing.
This model of an intense two-week project can really
work, but you have to be committed.
We would audition leads earlier (possibly in May) and
get them started with coachings and learning their parts,
and then we all come together for an amazing two weeks!
I hope we can do this.
Please let me know if you'd like to join!
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February 2015
Connor Henebry Earns Prestigious Eagle Scout Award
Congratulations to Connor! Connor received his Eagle Scout designation at a Court of Honor
at Rolling Hills United Methodist Church (his troop base). Friends, family, troop leaders,
California State Assembly Member David Hadley, RPV City Councilman Brian Campbell and
Superior Court Judge Ramona attended the celebration, along with Connor’s proud parents
John and Holly Henebry.
Connor, 17, a senior at Palos Verdes High School, is a member of Troop 783 of the Los Angeles
Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, led by Scoutmaster Bob Harris. During his Scouting career, Connor has earned 25 merit badges, backpacked over 300 miles and spent over 80 nights
camping with his troop and served as the Senior Patrol Leader for the 90 boy strong troop.
His Eagle Scout project was conducted at Mama Hill’s Help, Inc. in Los Angeles’ inner city.
Mama Hill’s Help provides a safe place for kids from her inner city neighborhood to study,
play, and to choose to become scholars instead of joining street gangs. Connor brought together a group of scouts, church members, program kids and families, LAPD leadership, and
formerly incarcerated men who are giving back to their community through service for his project.
The project, which took over 380 man hours, built a new concrete basketball court where the kids once played in a dirt
patch, installed concrete pathways to allow Millicent Hill, the founder of the program, necessary access to emergency
exits, and planted a water-wise garden including installing drip irrigation. Connor brought together a lively and dedicated coalition to make these improvements for Mama Hill, who is respected and loved in her community and to bring
the message to the kids of the program that they are valued.
Connor will be attending Purdue University in the fall majoring in Professional Flight; he aspires to be a commercial
airline pilot.
Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program. Fewer than four percent of Boy Scouts nationwide attain this illustrious rank.
Christmas fun not just
for the tinies - at the
Youth Party (left),
and the Christmas Party
with Mama Hill’s Help
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February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis –
“ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
Our St. Francis family is very active in supporting several programs in our area, around the
diocese and the world. To see details and pictures of each area, please visit us on the web at www.
Below are details of a couple of programs we support and their immediate needs. Please consider
how you might be able to make a difference. Labeled bins are located in the Parish Hall for your
donations. Additional information is available by contacting our Shepherd for Outreach Jayne Bray
at 424-477-4349 or
A Few Things to Remember for Physical Donations
(clothes, toys, school supplies for Mama Hill's Help, clothes, towels, foods, etc.),
Please use the following guidelines to assist you, and us, in getting things to the proper place and in the proper condition:
• Please don't put dirty or stained items in any of the bins; clean, unstained, and whole (not needing mending)
items are best;
• Please check expiration dates on canned and boxed foods; we don't want to run the risk of making anyone ill;
• Please think about the weight of your donations; one large, heavy bag should be converted to two smaller (or
less full) bags so that we can transport it not only to our cars, but to the donee's location; in gentlest terms, we are a
small (but mighty) mostly older group doing the lugging (except when we call on some burly men/boys to help us);
we will be truly grateful if we don't lose time to recovering from a back sprain!
• Please let me know if you have plans to donate computers and/or accessories; there is only limited storage and
limited need at Mama Hill's Help, so it is best if I know what's coming so we can decide who might need it. Absent
any need, we take them to the Salvation Army, which also acts as a recycling center.
• Recyclable toner cartridges are still being accepted, as we do have a vendor who sends a check to Mama Hill's
Help when we ship (at no charge to us) the cartridges to them. Just put them in one of the bins in the Parish Hall/
Board Room.
Last, but certainly not least, please accept the heartfelt gratitude of the folks at St. Luke's who work with the homeless population, and Mama Hill and her small volunteer staff, as well as the homeless and the Cookies of Mama Hill's
themselves, who are the end recipients of your generosity. Both organizations have other area charities to which they
donate overflows, so there is a small circle of folks who will see that your donations are utilized by someone in need.
Thank you! Blessings and peace, Jayne, Marcia Schoettle, Richard and Sue Egan, Darryl Tillman & Gerry Gill.
Christmas Party with Mama Hill’s Help
Page 7
February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis –
“ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
Mama Hill’s Help, Inc.
Mama Hill’s Help Inc. is an after-school program based in Watts, and run out of the home of a retired LAUSD teacher - the
wonderful Mama Hill. Mama Hill has changed the lives of thousands of youngsters through her innovative teaching style.
Today she and her small staff cover an array of issues from anger management to teen pregnancy, with special attention to
keeping the kids in school, improving their grades, and helping them to graduate from high school.
Wondering how you can help?
Birthday Cake Ministry - provides homemade cakes for the children and volunteer staff. In many cases, these folks have
never had a birthday cake of their very own. There is nothing like the smile on a child’s (or an adult’s) face when presented
with their very own cake! Contact Marcia Schoettle at 310-541-6374 or
The “Swaddling Project” - provides diapers and wipes for needy children. there are currently no babies or toddlers in
need of diapers, so this project is on hold.
The Angel Fund - a cash fund used to provide bus passes, automobile fuel, utility payments, doctor’s visits, food, school
uniforms, and other emergency relief for the families of Mama Hill’s Help, Inc. Please consider making a donation to this
fund which supports the ongoing mission of Mama Hill’s Help. Your check can be made payable to St. Francis Episcopal
Church, with the notation in the Memo Line of “Mama Hill’s Angel Fund,” and dropped
off at the office or in the collection plates at any service. Cash funds are also always
Tutoring or Mentoring Help - always needed because the schools in the area are so
overcrowded and underfunded. Additionally, behavioral issues can take much of the
teachers’ time, leaving little for actual teaching and motivation. Working one-on-one
with a child is a great way to get involved without requiring a great deal of your time.
The commitment is only one to two hours per week, but the rewards are great as you
begin to see improvement, little by little, over time.
Math tutors needed!
We are in desperate need of math tutors for the early grades on up through high school. If this is your area of exper-
tise and you can share a bit of time, please contact Jayne Bray ( or 424-477-4349) or Darryl Tillman
( or 424-634-2342).
Listed below are items which are always appreciated: Please place your donations in the bins in the Parish Hall.
• non-perishables – peanut butter, jelly, tuna fish, spaghetti and sauce, Cup o’Noodles, rice, Capri Sun, canned vegetables & fruits, chips, granola bars, cereal, plastic spoons.
• personal hygiene items - toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants, soaps, body washes, combs, hair
brushes, sanitary napkins, nail polish & remover, Qtips, toilet paper, paper towels – no diapers are
currently needed.
• school supplies – lined paper, composition books, disposable pens & pencils.
• clothes & shoes: children’s gently used clothes and shoes are always welcomed.
• cash for bus passes (to help the children get around safely in their gang-infested neighborhoods) - $27 per child per month; make checks payable to Mama Hill’s Help Angel Fund and drop off at the church office.
• have a party and lots of leftovers? Consider donating your leftovers to these children and families – call Jayne Bray (424-477-4349) for last minute pickup & delivery.
• recyclables in the form of user printer toner cartridges and cellphones can be sent off for a small rebate; please bag them separately and leave in the bins.
Please contact Jayne Bray at or 424-477-4349 if you have questions, donations, or just want to learn
more about the Mama Hill’s Help program. And be sure to check out the website to view videos
of the program in action, and to read the latest newsletter from Mama Hill’s Help.
Page 8
February 2015
Page 9
February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis –
“ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund News
What Happens at Designs for Dining?
A picture is worth 1,000 words - see our 30 second video clip on the St. Francis website.
A brief description would be—a fun day, that includes delicious refreshments, viewing 25 different table design themes
in the Parish Hall, Silent Auction, Opportunity Drawings, St. Francis Boutique, as well as items sold by local artisans.
Also, an array of speakers is featured each of the days. Here is a preview of our speakers:
2015 Designs for Dining
Friday Events, February 27
10:45 a.m. “An introduction to Decorating with Succulents” - Kristen Hoffman,
French Farmhouse, Riviera Village & Mimi Hong, I Dream of Succulents.
12:00 p.m. “Cooking with Flavor” (with tasting) - Catherine Pepe, Owner, Temecula Olive Oil.
1:45 p.m. “How to Throw a Dinner Party & Be Part of It, Part III” - Chef Robert Bell,
Chez Melange, Riviera Village.
3:00 p.m. “Entertaining in a Foreign Country Can Present Challenges--Especially on a
38-Foot Yacht - Carroll Reuben.
Saturday Events, February 28
11:00 a.m. “Live Longer Better” - Lauren Nakano, Blue Zones Project Manager,
Blue Zones Project, Beach Cities Health District.
1:00 p.m. “Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life” - Jennifer L. Scott,
“At Home with Madame Chic” & “Lessons from Madame Chic”,
pages: a Bookstore. Book signing to follow lecture.
2:30 p.m.
Tea & Coffee Songs for Your Enjoyment - LA South Towns Chorus,
“After Five” Quartet.
3:00 p.m. “Romantic Tea Fables” - Theresa Ford, Restful Steep, Torrance.
Page 10
February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis – “ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund News
Top 10 Ways to Help with Designs for Dining-our fundraiser
for the St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund:
Remember you are participating in helping send a needy student through college. Thank you!!!
Attend the event and bring a friend, or take invitations to a group where you are a member. Invitation
has a reply card.
Buy a ticket for Chef Robert Bell’s Dinner for 12
in Your Home or at Chez Melange (included in your
If you can’t attend, make a donation that will help
defray the costs of our event.
Bring your labelled tea-time donations into the
church kitchen during the show. We would love to
have tea sandwiches, cookies, dessert bars etc.
Donate an item for the silent auction-donation,
or our St. Francis Boutique. Bring items to office
marked “Silent Auction” or “Boutique” (box behind
Sign up to help:
Staffing schedule will be available in the church office, together with volunteer name tags.
Very important, if you are working a shift, please
park north of the church on one Parking of the
streets off Paseo de la Playa—just north of upper
parking lot. We need the spaces for our guests. If
you have things to unload, do that, and then move
your car.
Shopping bags - please bring some for us to use in
our boutique, put in kitchen pantry, please.
Bring in lemons - for our beverages—put in box in
kitchen labeled, “Lemons for D4D”
Last call! We have 25 table designers and would
have room for one more if you would like to design
a table with your treasures . Call joni if you want
more information - 310-378-1606.
•During the show and/or
• Set up on Feb. 22 after 10:00 a.m. service, or any day through Feb. 28
Call or email:
Joni (310) 378-1606,, or
Cheryl (310) 791-7038,
Why do we have Designs for Dining
each year?
It’s our main annual fundraiser—this is our 15th annual.
All net proceeds benefit the St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund
St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund--Our Help to
We have graduated 4 students through 4 years of college (and in some cases, it might take more than 4 years)!
Lorena—Pepperdine University, Angelina—University of
California Santa Barbara, Chris—Cal State Monterey Bay,
Clauzette Smith—Cal State Northridge.
We have helped 5 students with a one-time $1,000 scholarship and we currently have the following students in
school that we are assisting, according to their needs, which
includes financial help,, as well as mentoring.
Adriana Chavez
Freshman, Cal State Long Beach
Katherine Cotzajay
Sophomore, Cal State Bakersfield
Jocelyn Cuevas
Sophomore, UCLA
Jackeline Hernandez
Freshman, El Camino College
Elishebah Tate-Pulliam
Junior, Cal State Long Beach,
Richard Tucker
Junior, UCLA
Page 11
February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis – “ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund News - Contd.
Designs for Dining-Silent Auction
Besides all the great things to bid on in our silent auction, there are a few very special items. Please read below:
Chef Robert Bell-Cooking Class
For the past 7 years, Chef Robert Bell of Chez Melange has donated a catered dinner for 12 (including appropriate wines) in your home, as a raffle item for Designs for Dining This generous donation of his has
garnered the St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund over $15,736.
This year for our 15th Annual Designs for Dining he is again donating the dinner but as well will be donating a 3 hour cooking class in your home or another venue.
The minimum bid for this very special item in our silent
auction will be $500. You may invite your friends and Chef Robert will
prepare the meal (with wines) and then you will partake of the foods
prepared. Think of a very special occasion that you may have coming up
this year where this would be the perfect celebratory solution to ...."what
shall I do for my 50th birthday, anniversary" etc. Or, think about getting
together with a group of friends, guild members, or a giving a gift to a
special person.
South African Photo Safari for Two at Zulu Nyala Wildlife Reserve.
We will again be offering the safari package on our silent auction.
The package includes 6 days and 6 nights lodging, 3 meals a daily, and
2 guided wildlife viewing activities daily with an experienced guide on
the Zulu Nyala Wildlife reserve. The movie, “I Dreamed of Africa” was
filmed on this private game reserve.
This package does not include airfare and incidentals. The opening bid for
this package will be $1,500. The value of the package is $5,950. More
information is available at, and also search “Zulu Nyala”
on Youtube, Facebook, and Think about crossing a safari off of your bucket list.
Bloomingdales Century City Glam Get-Together
Be the first to win this brand new, luxury item addition to our silent auction! Gather 5 of your friends
together and come to Bloomingdales for a private, cosmetic makeover. Their expert makeup artist will
give you a new look while you enjoy some sips and sweets! The value of this package is $500.
Minimum bid starts at $300.
If you would like to bid on any of these items before the event, please send an email to Mary Deley at Include your name, phone number, item you are bidding on and bid amount.
Thank you for supporting the St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund!
Thanks again - to all who attended the first ever restaurant fundraiser on November 18, 2014 at Hof's Hut in Torrance. Our proceeds from the restaurant, from the 15% of all diners checks, was $406.83!
To put this amount into context, with that amount we were able to purchase the following items for
Jackeline at the beginning of the school year: Graphing Calculator for her math class and desk pad$85.98, a 3-Year Warranty for her Mac laptop- $183, Microsoft Office for Mac -$139.99 for a grand total
of $408.97--very close to our proceeds from the restaurant.
The St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund attempts to purchase specific items tailored to the student's needs. We thank you again for helping us with this mission.
Page 12
February 2015
Outreach at St. Francis – “ Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”
St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund News - Contd.
Spotlight On Noelle Funtanilla
Noelle Funtanilla is a remarkable young lady who is one of the new candidates selected for a scholarship last summer.
We have told you about Jackeline and Adriana and we’d like to share with you information about Noelle. She came to
our attention from her teachers and counsellor at Narbonne High School, where she graduated with an overall grade
point average of 4.2. Her teachers described her as “determined, resilient, strong work ethic, creative” and they say her
Christian faith has given her the strength to overcome many emotional obstacles and a very difficult personal background. Her priest describes her work remarkable as a Youth Minister and Catechist at her church.
She chose Loyola Marymount University because that is where she felt offered her the best opportunities to fulfill her
passion (since the age of 7) to make movies and also her aspirations to become a television producer. She received a
very good financial package from LMU, but as in all cases, it doesn’t pay all expenses. FSOSF is helping her out in the
first year with books and some supplies.
In her first letter to us after starting she said, “I love LMU for it not only offers a great education academically, but I am
surrounded by amazing highly educated students who offer inspiration, their brilliant minds and are good influences.”
Her grades in the 1st semester were astounding. Her GPA was 3.7 !!
Excerpts from her letters sent during the Christmas holidays:
“I’m pretty much paying for college without my parents’ help because they can’t afford to pitch in, so I relied on my savings
bonds, scholarships and a student loan on my own. I also started working on campus. I’ve been hired as a comedy content
producer for our school’s TV network called Roar Network. If you look that up on You Tube, you can see our work. I’ve been
able to be on set almost every weekend and have learned so much about the industry hands on. I like my schedule for the
coming semester because my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m
taking the maximum of 17 credits because I plan to graduate fall of 17, have an internship by sophomore year, and be working
at studio by junior year. If I graduate early, the less I have to pay.”
This young lady knows where she is going and will overcome all obstacles in her path to achieve her goals.
Military Outreach - Operation Girl Scout cookies
Box Packing
Sunday, March 8th, 12noon-2:45 PM
at St. Lawrence Martyr Church, in the St. Lawrence Parish Hall in the St. Francis room.
Imagine being far from home, and receiving a box of those cookies? It is as if we send a little piece of home….
As well as Girl Scout cookies, please see the Military Outreach page on our website for a full list of other items the militiary would love to receive..
Questions? Susie Zimmerman, 310-316-5941, or JulieMcGovern,
Please pray for our troops, as they continue to work to keep us
You are invited to bring items to St Francis, and put them in the
Military Outreach basket in the Board Room.
Feel free to sponsor a box, at $15.95 a box.
But, the best part is packing boxes together! Bring your children
and friends,and those beautiful homemade cards of encouragement.Those are the best to bring hope and love to our brave
Military now serving far away from home. We thank you from
the bottom of our hearts! Love, Julie and Susie.
This was our thank you
for the Girl Scout packing done for
our Navy Seal in March ,2014
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February 2015
Finance Thank You
We would like to Thank everyone who helped make it a reality that
we ended the year in a positive position. Giving exceeded expenses
by $13,886.19 which we have carried over to the 2015 Fund for Youth
and Creative Arts Gift to help extend the length of that fund. We look forward to continuing ours and God’s generosity through
Generosity Team
Parish Calendar— Recurring Events
Holy Eucharist Rite I
8am Chapel
Education for Ministry (EfM)
6pm Board Room
Sunday School
9:55am / Follow Sign information
Connecting with God - co-ed group
7pm Library
Holy Eucharist Rite II
10am Church
AA meeting
7pm Board Room
Upper Room Prayer Group
10am Chapel Baptistery
Choir Rehearsal
7:30pm - 9pm Choir Room
Alcoholic Anon-Al-Anon
7:30pm/Board Room/Library
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February 2015
Parish Calendar — February 2015
Sunday School
Crash & eMerge PM Meeting
AA Meeting
Altar Guild Meeting
Ministry Council
La Leche Meeting
AA & Al-Anon Meeting
Azure Verde Beaders
Setup St. Teresa's Chinese New Year Event
St. Teresa's Chinese New Year Event
Sunday School
ONE SERVICE ONLY --Holy Eucharist - Rite II
Crash & eMerge PM Meeting
AA Meeting
ECW Meeting
Alison Houghton Kral Class "Embracing Franciscan Spirituality"
Vestry Meeting
AA & Al-Anon Meeting
CANCELED --Sunday School -- TODAY ONLY
No Meeting Today - Crash & eMerge PM
AA Meeting
President's Day - Office Closed
Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Supper
Alison Houghton Kral Class "Embracing Franciscan Spirituality"
Generosity Meeting
ASH WEDNESDAY - 12:15 Service
Finance Meeting
ASH Wednesday - 7:00 PM - Service
Canterbury Service - Wayfarer Room
AA & Al-Anon Meeting
Sunday School
Crash & eMerge PM Meeting
AA Meeting
Alison Houghton Kral Class "Embracing Franciscan Spirituality"
Taizé - Service of Healing and Wholeness
Azure Verde
AA & Al-Anon Meeting
Setup Designs for Dining Fundraiser
Designs for Dining Fundraiser
Designs for Dining Fundraiser
9:55 AM
4:00 PM
7:30 PM
9:00 AM
6:30 PM
10:00 AM
7:00 PM
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
4:00 PM
9:55 AM
10:00 AM
11:30 AM
4:00 PM
7:30 PM
10:00 AM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
9:55 AM
4:00 PM
7:30 PM
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Parish Hall
7:00 PM
12:15 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
4:30 PM
7:00 PM
9:55 AM
4:00 PM
7:30 PM
7:00 PM
Board Room
Sarah's Office
Parish Hall , Board Room & Library
2/22 - 2/25
7:00 PM
9:00 AM
7:00 PM
12:00 PM
Parish Hall and Library
Board Room
Board Room
Board Room
Parish Hall , Board Room & Library
Board Room
Parish Hall, Board Room and Kitchen
Parish Hall, Kitchen & Board Room
Parish Hall, Board Room and Kitchen
Parish Hall and Library
Board Room
Board Room
Board Room
Parish Hall , Board Room & Library
Youth Corner - Parish Hall - Library Board Room
Board Room
Parish Hall and Library
Board Room
Chapel & Board Room
Board Room
Parish Hall , Board Room & Library
Parish Hall & Church
Parish Hall & Church
Parish Hall & Church
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February 2015
Wholeness and
Tuesday, February 24th
7pm Chapel
Next TaizÉ
Service of Healing and
March 24th
2200 VIA ROSA (at Palos Verdes Blvd)
310-375-4617/ FAX 310-791-2740
The Very Rev. Paula Vukmanic, Priest-in-Charge, and Dean of Deanery 8
Dr. Jeannie Cobb, Director of Music, Youth and the Arts
Kate Buchen, Minister for Children and Families
Dr. Curt Sather, Organist/Accompanist
Elaine Mistele, Finance and Facilities Manager
Mary Sanchez, Office Manager
Dr. Susan Marshall, Communications Specialist
Joel Miranda, Sexton
Articles and comments are welcome.
Submit to,
or to the church office By the 15th of each month
Change service requested
Time dated material
If you would like to stop receiving the Bellringer, please help us save costs by contacting the Parish Office —
Phone: 310-375-4617, Email: or FAX 310-791-2740. THANK YOU!
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