Vol. 13, No. 30
February 1 - 7, 2015
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar Edition
Page 2
Classified Advertisements under the heads Accommodation Required, Old Age Home, Marriage hall, Mini Hall,
Real Estate (Buying & Selling) and Rental will be published on this page. The charges are Rs. 500 (upto 30 words);
Bold Rs. 750. Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar & Mambalam- T.Nagar Editions. Display: Rs. 240 per col. centimeter. Each
advertisement of Real Estate and Rental must relate to only one house / flat.
Full Address with Door Number is must for Rental advertisement.
Mahadevan Street (State
Bank Building), 2 Halls –
Kamakshi Mini Hall A/c (100
guests), Kamakshi Hall A/c
(200 guests). Ph: 4351 2233,
4351 2556, 99404 54545,
94450 54545. www.kama
Hall, seat capacity 100, 7th
Avenue, Ashok Nagar. Ph:
74010 90300, 4205 6386.
MAMBALAM, Kannadasan
Street (Arya Gowda
kitchen, 1090 sq.ft,
1st floor flat, 24 hours
water, open car park,
15 years old, well
maintained, price
Rs. 95 lakhs, immediate sale. Raja.
Ph: 93855 15420,
95437 09302.
S.M. Apartment, Janakiraman Street, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, dining room, 2
toilets, balcony, 775 sq.ft, 3rd
floor, no lift, car park, price
Rs. 59 lakhs (negotiable). Ph:
94441 14545.
Vanniar Street, behind
Pondicherry Guest House, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1000
sq.ft, 1st floor, 4 years old,
tiles, fully furnished, price Rs.
65 lakhs. Ph: 93826 60553,
89390 89480.
Thambiah Road, near Five
Lights, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 800 sq.ft, 2nd floor
flat, lift, 24 hours water, car
park, price Rs. 72 lakhs. Ph:
90801 64510.
Medavakkam, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, pooja room, new
flat, covered car park, ready
for occupation. Contact:
94440 23071, 90920 91718.
25, Madhurams, 18th Avenue,
79th Street, 625 sq.ft, price
Rs. 55 lakhs (negotiable). Ph:
94448 72150, 98400 46067.
T. NAGAR, No. 27,
Sadulla Street, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, 750 sq.ft, UDS
375 sq.ft, 2nd floor, lift, marble
flooring, open car park, 18
years old, price Rs. 64 lakhs.
Vijayson. Ph: 98403 32418,
98404 49011, 2434 4518.
8, Vivekanandapuram 1 st
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1200 sq.ft, 3rd floor
flat, no lift, car park, security,
Brahmins only. Ph: 96001
2nd Street, R.R. Colony, 2
bedrooms, hall, modular
independent ground floor,
separate dining area, semi
furnished, 2 A/cs, geyser,
covered car park, vegetarians
only, no brokers. Ph: 2489
38/2, New No. 60, Jai Durga
Apartment, Flat No. GF-B, 1st
Avenue, 100 Feet Road, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 800
sq.ft, ground floor, reserved
car park, office/commercial.
Ph: 97881 19022.
1, Kasi Viswanathar Koil
Street, near Railway Station,
3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1080
sq.ft, 1st floor apartment,
woodwork, covered car park,
rent Rs. 21000 (negotiable),
vegetarians only. A.C.
Sarathy. Ph: 90427 72352,
81489 59362.
194, Lake View Apartment,
Flat No. A/5, Lake View Road,
near Public Health Centre,
spacious 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, balcony, 1000 sq.ft,
1st floor, 2-wheeler parking,
Brahmins only. Inspection on
Sunday, 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Ph:
94440 79472.
17, Raju Street, modern 2
bedrooms, hall, modular
kitchen, 1050 sq.ft, 2nd floor,
lift, semi furnished, A/c,
geyser, 24 hours water,
covered car park, Brahmins
only, no brokers, immediate
occupation. Ph: 97890 45897.
T. NAGAR, No. 78, South
Boag Road, near Nandanam
Signal, 3 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1315 sq.ft, 2nd floor,
lift, mosaic, woodwork, A/c,
geyser, open car park,
vegetarian family only, rent
Rs. 25000, Contact: Balaji.
Ph: 97106 93493, 084529
22393, 099873 11316.
18, Subramanian Street,
single bedroom, hall, big
kitchen, balcony, 800 sq.ft,
independent, 1st floor portion,
A/c provision, 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 13000
(negotiable), small Brahmin
family. Ph: 2489 8054.
T. NAGAR, No. 21,
Soundararajan Street, near
TTD, 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, no brokers. Ph:
98840 28253.
10/28, Door No. 3,
Vivekanandapuram 1st Street,
near Ayodhya Mandapam, 3
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1200
sq.ft, 1st floor, covered car
park and 2-wheeler park, rent
Rs. 23000, pure vegetarian,
no brokers. Ph: 2471 2472,
99405 20195.
K. K. NAGAR, No. 119,
Rajamannar Salai, near Double
Tank, double bedrooms, 1000
sq.ft, 2nd floor apartment,
covered car park, rent Rs.
21000 (negotiable), Brahmins
only, no brokers. Ph: 94445
83rd Street, 16th Avenue, near
Vellankanni School, 500 sq.ft,
2-wheeler parking, rent Rs.
10000 (negotiable), residence
/ office, no brokers. Ph: 97910
11274, 98401 31073.
T. NAGAR, No. 28/16,
Kamakoti Flat, Block – B.
Murugesan Street, near GRT
Showroom, 3 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1250 sq.ft, 3rd floor,
car park, rent Rs. 35000
(negotiable), residence /
office. Ph: 97911 64759,
098499 40289.
T. NAGAR, No. 6, Motilal
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
independent, airy 1st floor
house, good ventilation, 24
hours good water, rent Rs.
16000, Brahmins only, no
brokers. Ph: 94443 25910,
2432 8680.
T. NAGAR, No. 9B,
Venkatnarayana Road, 3
bedrooms, hall, kitchen,
ground floor, 3 bathrooms, A/
c, geyser, noise free, prime
location, 2-wheeler parking,
rent Rs. 25000, vegetarians
only. Contact: Vijaya Kumar.
Ph: 98408 26746.
5, Nagathamman Street,
Mettupalayam, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, ground
floor, 620 sq.ft, 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 9500, 6
Brahmins small family. No
brokers. Ph: 94449 51015,
98415 87384.
No. 9, Devanathan Colony,
adjacent Srinivasa Theatre, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, pooja,
1100 sq.ft, attached toilet,
service verandahs, semi
furnished, 2-wheeler parking,
rent Rs. 15000 + maintenance,
advance 5 months. Ph: 2474
6664, 99622 73222.
T. NAGAR, No. 6,
Venkataraman Street, behind
Holy Angels School, compact
2 bedrooms, 600 sq.ft, 2nd
floor flat, car park, rent Rs.
13000, strictly vegetarians
only, no brokers. Ph: 80561
27966, 2815 0409.
11/6, Ganapathy Illam, Rajaji
Street, 1 bedroom, hall,
kitchen, 24 hours well & metro
water, EB card, rent Rs. 9000,
advance Rs. 50000, Brahmins
only. Ph: 78453 33100, 2370
3, Block No.2, Lake View
Road 2nd Lane, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, 600 sq.ft, 1st floor
flat, 2-wheeler parking, rent
Rs. 11000 (negotiable),
vegetarians only. Ph: 98409
99404, 4212 4294.
T. NAGAR, No. 2, Rangan
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 2nd floor, no lift, fully
furnished, all amenities, 24
hours water, car park,
vegetarians only, can be given
as unfurnished also. Ph: 93822
T. NAGAR, No. 22, Gopal
Street, near Bus Terminus, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 840
sq.ft, 1st floor, 2-wheeler
parking only, well maintained,
visit on Saturday from 10.30
a.m. Ph: 94449 40346, 94458
6 th Avenue, near GRT
Mahalakshmi School, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1st
floor apartment, attached
bathroom, woodwork, granite
flooring, lofts, geyser, car
park, rent Rs. 13000. Ph:
2433 3477, 98411 93685.
MAMBALAM, No. 7/6,
Sathyapuri Street, 1
kitchen, 640 sq.ft, 1st
wardrobes, fans,
lights, water purifier,
vegetarians only, no
brokers. Ph: 94443
20780, 98423 49451.
62, Mahadevan Street, 2
bedrooms, modular kitchen,
1100 sq.ft, furnished duplex
flat, covered car park, rent
Rs. 26000 (negotiable),
Brahmins only, no brokers,
ready for occupation. Ph:
99529 01064, 2489 3120.\
35, Circular Road, U. I. Colony,
double bedrooms, 2nd floor flat,
lift, rent Rs. 14000. Ph: 98840
Apartment, Jubilee Road, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 630
sq.ft, 2nd floor, no lift, 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 15000
(negotiable), Brahmins /
vegetarians, no brokers. Ph:
94440 30654.
No. 23, Parangusapuram
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 990 sq.ft, 1st floor, 2wheeler parking, rent Rs.
15000, vegetarians only, no
brokers. Ph: 89393 35666,
94444 58019.
13/23, Vasudevapuram
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1st floor house, newly
built, 2-wheeler parking,
Brahmins only, no brokers.
Ph: 89399 06806, 89399
6/11, Postal Colony Cross
Street, 456 sq.ft, basement,
office space, ideal for architect
/ chartered accountant, call
from 9.30 a.m to 5 p.m. Ph:
2474 5110, 95435 71520.
22, Postal Colony 4th Street,
2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 850
sq.ft, 1st floor, no lift, attached
bathroom, newly painted, 2wheeler parking, fully
furnished, 24 hours water,
vegetarians only. Ph: 90031
No. 170/116, Door No. 2, Shiva
Shree Flats, Lake View Road,
single bedroom, ground floor,
Brahmins only, no brokers.
Ph: 99402 52514, 2471 1138.
36, Thambiah Road, near
Railway Station & SRM
Hospital, 3 bedrooms, hall,
modular kitchen, independent
1st floor house, 2 bathrooms,
covered car park, rent Rs.
25000. Contact: Sridhar. Ph:
98840 32934.
No. 60, Vignarajapuram, near
Putthu Koil Bus Stop, 3
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, pooja
room, covered car park,
Brahmins/vegetarians only.
Ph: 94440 23071, 90920
T. NAGAR, No. 1,
Gopalakrishna Road, behind
Vani Mahal, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1000 sq.ft, deluxe 1st
floor flat, lift, 2 A/cs,
woodwork, car park, rent Rs.
22000 + maintenance. Ravi
Chandran. Ph: 98410 89791.
T. NAGAR, No. 12/2,
Moosa Street, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, ground floor,
vitrified tiles, electric fittings,
2-wheeler parking, 3 phase,
rent Rs. 18000, Brahmins /
vegetarians only, no brokers.
Ph: 94451 02451, 2433 6342.
No. 10, New No. 19, 5th Cross
Street, Lake Area, near
Valluvarkottam, 1 bedroom,
hall, kitchen, 650 sq.ft, 1st
floor, Brahmins only, ready
for occupation. Ph: 95661
81477, 94443 57544.
19, Vivekanandapuram 1st
Street, near Bank of Baroda,
1 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 3rd
floor flat, no lift, immediate
occupation. Ph: 91769 96502.
52/C, Arya Gowda Road,
double bedrooms flat, ground
floor. Ph: 98414 77679.
25/51, Subramanian Street,
near Indian Bank, new, single
bedroom, 2-wheeler parking,
rent Rs. 11000 (negotiable),
vegetarians only. Ph: 98419
23, Giri Street, 2 bedrooms,
hall, kitchen, 2 service areas,
verandah, 2nd floor, lift, car
parking, complete woodwork,
rent Rs. 17000, Brahmins only.
Sridhar. G. Ph: 98846 96090.
Baskara Street, near Five
Lights, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 1200 sq.ft, 2nd floor
flat, lift, car park, rent Rs.
20000, no brokers. Contact:
Kapoor. Ph: 93800 50606.
29/16, Nakkeeran Street, 1
bedroom, hall, kitchen, 600
sq.ft, 1st floor, rent Rs. 10000,
Brahmins only, no brokers.
Ph: 94453 78168.
Raghava Reddy Colony 4th
Street, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 700 sq.ft, 2nd floor, 2
bathrooms, full woodwork,
marbles, East face. Contact:
Mani. Ph: 95513 28893, 80560
No. 15/4, K. R. Koil Street,
near Madley Subway, single
bedroom, independent ground
floor portion, Brahmin only.
Ph: 2489 0445, 97890 15860.
ASHOK NAGAR, No. 63A, Indira Colony 3rd Street,
near Pillar, 2 bedrooms, hall,
kitchen, 750 sq.ft, 1st floor,
fully renovated flat, 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 13000.
Contact: N. Sankar. Ph:
98404 18113.
66/42, Thambaih Road, near
Ayodhya Mandapam, 2
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 800
sq.ft, 2-wheeler parking, rent
Rs. 14000. Ph: 97899 26469.
ASHOK NAGAR, 240LIG Flats, 7 th Avenue, 1
bedroom, hall, kitchen, near
GRT School, 1 bedroom, hall,
kitchen, ground floor, newly
renovated, car / 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 7000,
Brahmins only, security, no
brokers. Ph: 98845 04491.
T. NAGAR, No. 3/10,
Abhinandhan Flat, Ramasamy
Street, 1st floor, rent Rs.
18000, vegetarians only, no
brokers. Ph: 97910 06415.
14, Srividya Apartment, B10, Balakrishna Mudali Street,
2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 725
sq.ft, 2nd floor, no lift, 2-wheeler
parking, rent Rs. 13500,
Brahmins only. Contct:
Srinivasan. Ph: 94422 14016.
34/16, Thiruvenkatam Street,
IOB upstairs, 400 sq.ft, 1st
floor, office / bachelors. Ph:
86430 78778, 97104 13092.
T. NAGAR, No. 8/8, Coats
Road, 2 bedrooms, 830 sq.ft,
3rd floor, no lift, open car park,
rent Rs. 16000. Ph: 98410
12, Bhiramawathy Street, 3
bedrooms, hall, kitchen, 1100
sq.ft, independent house, 3
phase, copious water, covered
2-wheeler park, no car park,
rent Rs. 14000, advance 6
months. Ph: 94444 04716,
2474 5658.
SAIDAPET, No. 25/3,
Aswini Akshara Apartment,
LDG Road, Little Mount,
double bedroom, 1050 sq.ft,
1st floor, fully furnished, covered
car park, rent Rs. 20000 /
lease Rs. 10 lakhs (2 years).
Ph: 94455 47798, 94457
3, Punjab Garden Street, 800
sq.ft., 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen,
1st floor, 2-wheeler parking,
Contact: Rajan Ph: 76672
Unresolved mystery
Sir, - The signpost indicating the name of
Rangan Street installed by the Chennai Corporation at the eastern end of the street mysteriously travelled a distance of a few yards a
couple of days back. Erected originally close to
a telephone booth, it has now been relocated
close to a residential complex on the street.
Puzzled at the mysterious movement of the
nameboard, residents, suspecting that it could
be the handiwork of vendors/hawkers, checked
with them. They too were equally surprised at
the sudden over-night happening and told us
that they had had no hand in the ‘operation’.
We immediately contacted the AE of Ward
136. He also stated that the Corporation had
not moved the sign. Then, who did it? Who will
resolve the puzzle? Will the civic body help us
find an answer? – T. Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association, Rangan Street, T. Nagar
Smoking in tea stalls
Sir, - I wish to bring to your notice the smoking menace in West Mambalam particularly in
tea stalls which one has to go to frequently. No
smoking sign is painted but people smoke right
under it and not outside. Tea stall owners are
not at all bothered.
Central and State governments have made
laws to prevent smoking in public places but to
no avail. Enforcing authorities do not take any
concrete action. Even Chennai Corporation
harps on the slogan “Smoke-free Chennai” but
without any results.
Inspections by health officials and fining of
tea stall owners is not evident.
The only option is to ban the selling of cigarettes and tobacco products near tea stalls. S. Thiruvengadatham, Lake View Road,
West Mambalam
Advertise in the Classified
Columns of Mambalam Times
for immediate response.
Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar Edition
Advertisement Rates
Full Page: Rs.16,000
Half Page: Rs. 9,000
Per Column
Centimeter: Rs. 100
Classified Display:
Rs. 100 per col. cm
Third Page: Rs. 120
Full Page: Rs. 21,000
Half Page: Rs. 11,500
Ear Panel on
Page 1: Rs. 750
Per Column
Centimeter: Rs. 120
First Page: Rs. 150
Last Page: Rs. 130
K. S. Ramakrishnan
Asst. Advt. Manager
E. Srinivasan
Advt. Representative
S. N. Kumar
7/3, Madley Road, T. Nagar (near Madley Subway)
Ph: 2434 9236, 2431 3937, 2435 6475
P. Muralidharan
February 1 - 7, 2015
February 1 - 7, 2015
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar Edition
Page 3
Advertise in the Classified Columns: Mambalam-T. Nagar & Ashok Nagar- K.K. Nagar Editions: Rs. 400 (upto 35 words); Bold letters:
Rs. 600 Display: Rs. 240 per column centimeter. Advertisements will be received upto 12 p.m on Saturday.
Vaidhyanatha Iyer,
Parambarai Jothidar
(52 years paarambareeyam), Horoscope, Palmistry,
Numerology, Samudhrika lakshanam,
Vaasthu (Iyyanarupasakar), Sangeethaupanyasakar
Harikatha. Rangoli
Kalaignar TV pugazh
astrologer, story
writer. All homams
conducted. 12/3,
2nd Street, near Postal
Colony 2nd Street end,
West Mambalam. Ph:
94446 84006, 2471
0914, 2471 0917,
94980 49734, 94980
JATHAGA, Vaasthu,
expert “Jyothisha
Rathna” Srimathi V.
Akilandeswari, M.A.
M.Phil. D.I.A. Specialist in Palmistry,
Astrology, Nameology, Numerology,
Marriage matching,
Vaasthu and Sarvamuhurtha Nirnayam.
Sri Raja Rajeswari
Jathagalaya, No. 1,
Kavarai Street, Vijay
Shanti Apartment,
West Mambalam, Ph:
94441 51597, 94449
97942, 94449 97946.
remedies & accurate
prediction on marriage, child birth,
health, debt, education, etc. Also horoscope matching and
casting, vaasthu,
numerology, & prasannam. Prof. S. Panchanathan, Vakku
Sithar Jothida Nilayam, T. Nagar/Nanganallur. Ph: 94444
53693, 89395 09292.
Sama Vedha Pandit,
Jyothisha Sironmani, Vedhantha Sironmani / Horoscope,
Palmistry, Numerology, Vasthu, Ganapathy Homam, Chandi Homam, Navagraha Homam, Rudhram, Homam & also
others homams are
conducted. Narayana Iyer, No. 16/38,
Postal Colony, 1 st
Street, West Mambalam. Ph: 094404
89042, 99527 242873,
90037 63964.
ASTROLOGER Vijayalakshmi Narayanan, horoscope, palamistry, numerology, marriage matching,
vaastu. No. 16/38, Postal
Colony 1st Street, West Mambalam. Ph: 094926 93852,
94980 48851.
CATERING orders undertaken for marriage (A to Z),
small functions, nitchayathartham, seemantham, ayushahomam, upanayanam,
shashtiapthapurthi, sathabishekam, grahapravesam &
birthday functions. Mahalakshmi Catering Serv-ices. Ph:
95516 15465, 91763 49027.
SHRI Kamakshi Catering
undertakes orders for
marriage A to Z, small function
and all other auspicious
functions. We also supply
chappathi with side dish for
dinner. Ph: 81900 78647,
99412 75647, 98841 42180.
WE undertake catering for
birthdays, engagements,
grahapravesams, seemanthams, ayushyahomam,
upanayanam, sathaabishekam, shashtiapthapurthi &
marriage (A to Z), meals, tiffin
minimum 50. K. Murali, Ph:
99416 26118.
SREE BALAJI CATERING SERVICE, we undertake catering for marriage (A
to Z), Upanayanam, Ayushomam,
Nichyatharttam, Birthday,
Grahapravesam, Sasthiapthapoorthi etc., we serve
more than 16 items, price Rs.
200, tiffin Rs. 100 (including
service). Venkatachari. Ph:
98841 10890.
Service (West Mambalam).
We undertake catering for
marriage, seemantham,
nichayathartham, ayushyahomam, upanayanam,
grahapravesam, sashtiapthapoorthi, sathabishegam
and birthday functions.
Quality maintained. Ph:
93805 36735, 93823 51712.
WELL experienced
team, we do house
renovation work,
modular kitchen,
woodwork, wardrobes and architect
design, we also arrange CMDA approvals. Ph: 98842 53306,
99529 79917. Email:
rainbowchennai1@ Website:
COACHING for Maths,
Physics, Chemistry for Std.
10 and Chemistry for Std. 11
& 12 by IITian at
Rangarajapuram. Ph: 94443
90085, 2496 1158.
centum in +2 Maths.
Enroll immediately
and achieve success.
Individual attention,
limited seats. Classes to get commenced shortly. Sri
Annai Coaching Academy. For registration R. Ramya, Ph:
99620 74603.
THE Art Institute, 1,
Venkatnarayana Road,
T.Nagar conducts classes for
children (3 – 13) on vocal,
slokas & bhajans, keyboard,
veena, drawing & painting,
chess, spoken English, handwriting , tuitions LKG -10th
Ph: 24347669,9884686933.
CRASH Course: upto Std.
12, B.E, MBBS, BDS, UG,
English, Hindi, French,
German. MBBS Papers:
Human Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Pathology, ENT, Ophthalmology,
OG, General Medicine,
Surgery Orthodontics,
Prosthodontics, Pedodontics
and all. S V T Rengammal
Academy. Ph: 98403 24260,
99623 19638.
MBBS, BDS coaching:
biochemistry, pathology,
pharmacology, microbiology,
ENT, ophthalmology, general
medicine, surgery, OG,
peadiatrics, oral anatomy,
odontology, orthodontics,
periodontics, oral surgery,
prosthodontics, endodontics,
pedodontics and all PG
entrance coaching. SVT
Academy. Ph: 98403 24260,
99623 19638.
MATHS tuitions
undertaken by a post
teacher of 20+ years
experience, Std. 10 to
12 (CBSE & ICSE),
individual attention,
small batches. Ph:
2814 3015, 98412
APJ Academy, Mambalam
& Saidapet. Attn: Std. 10 &
12 (CBSE / State Board). Std.
12 (Maths, accounts, physics,
chemistry. Std. 10 (Maths &
Science). Batch (2015 -16)
starts on February 2, also
French, Hindi, English,
Handwriting. Devaki. Ph:
98840 51654, 98840 51656.
SPOKEN Hindi /
tuition, regular, home
tuition, we give 100%
result, individual
care is given to
Spoken Academy.
Ph: 95519 41475.
WE arrange orthodox lady
Brahmin cooks & baby /
patient care takers. Can also
be arranged for other states.
Contact: Sri Balaji Home Care
(Regd.), T. Nagar. Ph: 99414
46182, 4212 6035.
Service: We arrange
vegetarian / non-vegetarian /
Brahmin cooks, house maids,
patient / baby care takers
(male / female). Ph: 95511
86707, 98409 08429.
TRINITY Music Point.
Piano, keyboard, guitar,
Trinity exam western &
carnatic. Convenient timings.
All days except Monday. Also
home tuition and online
classes. Radha Illam, No. 21/
15, Bharathi Street (behind
Ayodhya Mandapam) West
Mambalam. Ph: 99403
15101, 4266 8646.
HOME Tuition, Keyboard,
guitar, drums, Western,
Carnatic vocal, we prepare
students for Trinity exam
(practical & theory), 8 grade,
monthly 8 classes, 100%
genuine, 27 years music
teaching experience. Isaikalaimani Jagadeshwaram. Ph:
88071 13535, 98845 49425.
Packers & Movers for
shifting in local
within Chennai Rs.
3300, insurance free.
Chennai, Hyderabad,
Bangalore, Pune,
Mumbai, New Delhi,
all over India. 0%
damage. Ph: 98400
47501, 4263 9387,
Email: info@aclpac
AMMAN Packers
Movers, packing,
loading, unloading,
shifting, local Chennai city & Tamilnadu,
Karnataka & anywhere in India. Full
truck, mini truck,
sharing load, 100%
prompt service. Ph:
2440 3637, 6459 8064,
98849 98064.
Thangam Packers &
Movers for shifting
household, local
Chennai city, full
truck, mini truck,
sharing load. Doorto-door Tamil Nadu,
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai,
New Delhi, all over
India. Safe, 0%
damage, reliable
reasonable charge.
Ph: 4212 0864, 2441
4055, 98412 22437.
Balaji Packers &
Movers (Since 1999),
Chennai city, Tamil
Pradesh, Karnataka,
Kerala, all over India.
Minimum Rs. 4000 to
Rs. 5000, highly
professional, 24
hours service. Raja.
Ph: 99412 17069,
98411 59460. Email:
Packers & Movers for shifting,
Local. Insurance free, door
to door. Chennai, Mumbai,
Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad,
Kerala, Bangalore and all over
India. Just dial and relax. Ph:
98410 44422, 93831 44422,
3251 4422. Email: svl
Website: svlpackersand
FOR all your insurance needs – Life &
health insurance. R.
Chandrasekaran. Ph:
94453 78168. Email:
LIFE Insurance Corporation of India policies and
mediclaim policies, suitable
for your requirement. R.
Selvaraju, 94444 47379,
98410 14379
Think of Brahmin
alliance? Think of us.
Chennai Sai Sankara
Matrimonials, 7 (15/
2), 9th Avenue, Ashok
Nagar. Ph: 2471 6920,
98403 30531. Web:
Astro services, latest
Thank you for making SITUATION VACANT
us No. 1. – Panchapa
URGENTLY wanted male
/ female models, children for
Ad films, serials, cinema,
short film, acting class
portfolio and news readers,
compere for TV channels.
lemannequin modeling
company. Sangeetha Balan,
Model Coordinator / Casting
Director Since 1998. Ph:
99414 81483, 97899 80573,
4261 6787. Website:
CSC Computer Education
requires full / part time
Computer teaching faculty
with skills of MS-Office, Tally
/ C, C++ / J2EE, .Net / Multimedia, Ph: 72000 01860.
WANTED male field
executive for a reputed
telecom service provider in
K. K. Nagar, 2-wheeler must,
attractive salary + conveyance, qualification +2 &
above. Ph: 72000 04205,
72000 04206.
REQUIRED lady office
assistant, fresher, knowledge
in MS-Office, Excel & Tally,
salary Rs. 6500, in & around
T. Nagar, Kodambakkam.
Contact: S.K. Enterprises,
Old No. 1, New No. 34,
Padmanaban Street, T.
Nagar. Ph: 97108 78899.
ANY old type of sofas,
cushions repairing &
reconditioning at very
moderate charges. K.N.S.
Rajan, New No. 58, Peters
Road, Royapettah. Ph: 93818
03956, 76671 33233.
The Ashok Nagar & K. K. Nagar edition of
Mambalam Times can be accessed in
(1) Feb. 20 – Mar. 3:
Pancha Dwarka,Veeraval,
Pushkar & Jaipur. (2) Mar. 7
-12: Malainadu (Kerala) 13
Divya Desams. (3) Mar. 24 –
Apr. 7: Kasi, Alahabad,
Ayodhya, Nemasaranyam,
Pasupatinath & Jala Narayan.
(4) Apr. 12 – 15: Ahobilam
Nava Narasimhar (A/c Bus).
Vaidehi Parthasarathy, Ph:
94447 62968, 94447 54468,
99401 47313.
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K.Nagar Edition
Page 4
Prime Minister Modi achieved his ambition of becoming
the first hugger of Obama in India as the latter emerged
from ‘Airforce One’ at Palam airport.
The rest was hunky dory, and the two moved as though
on roller skates, guzzling cups of ‘chai’ to smoothen the slide
towards the will of Obama to use his executive powers to
kick the cur out of the way. After all, Gujarat and Kenya
are only divided by the Arabian Sea.
There is a sea of understanding between the peoples of
these countries. The fact that Obama sought pastures
anew and became an American would not undermine his
brotherly feelings towards his one-time neighbour, India.
The cups of ‘chai’ proferred by Modi to Barack must have
been brewed by the former personally, for he had practised
and perfected the art in his tea-vending days. Apart from
the frequent hugs, the ‘chai’ is second nature to Modi. Show
me a guest who can resist the natural show of affection by
the host! Tea has its uses since it fuses people who do not
drink anything stronger and heady.
Instead of walking the nuclear path, the American
President and our PM are on the road to a new clear path
of the latter’s projects involving mega investments. The
moneybags of India, all billionaires, queued up to meet
President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The
‘darshan’ may see a river of billions from our industrial
monarchs flowing into new ventures that will, while enriching the country’s coffers, give employment to thousands of
our educated young men and women. A 500-billion dollar
trade increase is mooted in the next 10 years! Are we
dreaming? The Modi-Barack team should jet to the projected dream before Barack goes back to his law practice
after his Presidency.
One beautiful fallout of the Barack visit is that Modi was
given a chance to speak in English which he did beautifully.
That poked the opposition balloon. What more is expected
of a Prime Minister? The hugs between Modi and Obama
were not histrionic but sincere outpourings of affection and
trust, in true and fast friendship. Need there be anything
Alarmel Valli’s
dance program
next Sunday
Book festival till March 31
By Our Staff Reporter
The book festival organized
by National Book House Trust
and New Century Book House
in Tamilnadu Housing Board
Complex, 1st Avenue, Ashok
Nagar will continue till March
Book stalls are open from
9.30 a.m to 8.30 p.m on all
A discount of 10% is available on all books. There are
more than 3000 titles on all
topics including literature,
medicine, religion and politics
in Tamil and English. Children’s
books are also available.
There is no entry fee.
More details can be had in
98402 21753.
Vacant TNHB complex being
By Our Staff Reporter
The unoccupied Tamilnadu Housing Board complex on
Munusamy Salai, K. K. Nagar is being used by miscreants for
anti-social activities. TUCS shops, which used to function in
the dilapidated building, have been shifted to a nearby building.
‘Kungumam archanai’ performed
Girl students of Government
and Corporation schools appearing for board examinations
performed ‘Kungumam archanai’ in a program organized by
Daasya (NGO, Ashok Nagar)
on Jan. 24 (auspicious day for
Goddess Saraswathi, Vasantha Panchami) in Panigraha
Kalyana Mandapam, Arya
Gowda Road, West Mambalam.
P. Raman (President) said
that educationalists from premier institutions gave
By Our Staff Reporter
Alarmel Valli will present a speeches to motivate the studance program at 6 p.m on dents.
Sunday, Feb. 8 in Vidyodaya
School Auditorium, T. Nagar Sai bhajans on
(near Valluvar Kottam) on the Saturdays
occasion of the 90th year cel- By Our Staff Reporter
ebrations of the school.
Sai bhajans are conducted
Donor passes may be colat
6.15 p.m on Saturdays in Sri
lected from the Vidyodaya
Sai Organization,
School Society office.
More details can be had Ashok Nagar Samithi (143,
from 10 a.m to 4 p.m in 2834 101st Street, 15th Sector, K. K.
Free Upanayanam All are welcome.
More details can be had from
on Feb. 22
S. Mani (Convenor) in phones
Sri Sivarama Arakattalai
7017 and 98843 92244.
(10, Ramanathan Street, T.
Nagar) will perform Samashti
Bharathidasan Colony BhaUpanayanam for Brahmin
boys aged between 7 and 13 jan Mandali (18-D, Bharathifrom 11 a.m to 11.55 a.m on dasan Colony, K. K. Nagar)
Sunday, Feb. 22 in its pre- conducts Sri Sathya Sai
bhajans from 6.30 p.m to 7.30
The trust, which runs a ‘Veda
Patasala’ in Sriperum-budur, p.m on Saturdays in its prehas been conducting this ritual mises.
All are welcome.
for 8 years.
For more details please conMore details can be had in
tact 94440 30838/98410 phone 94448 25183.
By Our Staff Reporter
Sri Annamacharya Vamseekula Sankeertana Seva
Mandali (West Mambalam)
and Anandalayam Music Club
(T. Nagar) will organize Sri
Annamacharya Bhakthi Nruthya, Sangeetha Aradhana
Mahotsavam ‘Bhakthi Geetangal’ book release function
at 3 p.m on Sunday, Feb. 1 in
Bala Nanda Vidyalaya, 64,
Burkit Road, T. Nagar.
‘Bhakthi Geetangal’ comprises 116 songs of Annamayya Guru on Ganesa and other
deities compiled by T.V.
Painting contest
for school kids
More details can be had in
By Our Staff Reporter
93847 31651.
Vasantha Memorial Trust
All are welcome.
(a trust for cancer care and
cure) will conduct an on-the- Calling volunteers
spot painting contest for students to mark World Cancer for free service in
Day at 10 a.m on Sunday, Feb. Tirumala
1 in
By Our Staff Reporter
Sevas (50, Dharga Road,
School, Santhome.
Rajaji Nagar, Pallavaram)
The theme is ‘Eat right & sends volunteers for a weekprevent cancer’.
long service to pilgrims in
A suitable caption is also to Tirumala starting on Mondays
be given.
and ending on Sundays.
Contestants will be divided
Men and women who are
into 3 categories - standards 1physically fit and are willing to
4, 5-8, 9 upwards.
stay in Tirumala for a week are
The paintings will be judged
welcome to offer their services
by a panel consisting of Keshav
(cartoonist, The Hindu), Bis- for 6 hours everyday.
The work will be of superviwajit Balasubramanian (Carsory
toonist) and Usha Elangovan
lunch and
(art teacher).
More details can be had in dinner will be provided free of
2471 7871 / 77, 97910 48379 cost.
They can have special
and 98940 89379.
darshan of Lord VenkatesFree Veda classes wara.
thrice a week
Traveling expense and the
By Our Staff Reporter
cost of breakfast must be borne
Kurichi Lakshminarasim- by the volunteers.
hachariar (resident of 8, 2nd
Those interested can call
Main Road, CIT Nagar East, 78455 58334 or 94449 01138.
Nandanam) conducts free
Veda and Suktham classes ISKCON
from 9 a.m to 10 a.m on Monprograms in the
days, Wednesdays and Frineighbourhood
More details can be had in By Our Staff Reporter
phone 98406 40705.
International Society for
(ISKCON) conducts its regular programs in the following
centers in the neighbourhood:
1075, Munuswamy Naidu
Salai, K. K. Nagar: Srimad
Bhagavatam classes from
Mondays to Fridays from 8.30
a.m to 9.30 a.m, Bhakti
Vriksha classes on Mondays
from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. Contact
Priya (94440 63643)
A-6, Ashok Vihar Apartments, 21/20, 11th Avenue,
Ashok Nagar: Bhakti Vriksha
classes on Tuesdays from 7
p.m to 9 p.m. Contact S.
Mala said that calls for assis- Sowjanya (94452 12281)
tance regarding women related
D-1, Mangala Flats, 1st Floor,
problems can be made to 1091 5, 43rd Street, Ashok Nagar:
and for children’s issues to 1098. Bhakti Vriksha classes on
Thursdays from 7 p.m to 9
p.m. Contact Venkataraman
(96770 97338)
All are welcome.
‘Women’s awareness meet’ conducted
By Our Staff Reporter
Apoorva Women’s Association (T. Nagar) and All-Woman
Mambalam Police Station
(Madley Road, T. Nagar)
conducted a ‘Women’s awareness meet’ in Noon Meal
Canter, Muthurangan Salai,
T. Nagar on Jan. 29.
Radha Krishnamoorthy
(President, Apoorva Women’s
Association) said that C. Mala
(Inspector, All-Woman Mambalam Police Station) and
Krishnaveni (Social Worker)
spoke on free legal guidance,
solving women related prob- for guidance.
Participants interacted with
lems, marital discord, family
problems, adolescent issues social workers and police
and how to approach the police personnel during the program.
Book of
Annamayya songs
to be released
on Sunday
If anything interesting is happening in your
neighbourhood please inform Mambalam Times.
February 1 - 7, 2015
February 1 - 7, 2015
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K.Nagar Edition
By Our Staff Reporter
Actor Raghavan passes away
Tamil film
actor V. S.
passed away
in his sleep in
a hospital in
T. Nagar on
Jan. 24. He
was 89 and is
survived by his sons Srinivasan and Krishna, and a
A veteran of more than 1,000
films, Raghavan was seen
recently in ‘Oru Kanniyum
Moonu Kalavaanikalum’
(2014) and TV serials ‘Valli’,
‘En Iniya Thozhi’ and ‘Uyirmei’.
He began his career as a subeditor in Maalathi magazine
500 students of GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya (Ashok Nagar) conducted a “Helmet Awareness Rally” from the school to R3 Police Station (Ashok Nagar) on Jan. 29.
By Our Staff Reporter
They carried placards with slogans and distributed pamphlets to the passersby.
Saidapet Sanmaarga SanSathya Sai bhajans
gam (Saidapet) will organize
Vallalar Thai Poosa Pervizha
on Fridays
from 5.45 a.m to 8 p.m on
By Our Staff Reporter
both outpatient Sunday, Feb. 8 in Saidapet
By Our Staff
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organiand inpatient Sengunthakootam SubramaReporter
zation (Metro South) Brindaservice and also niyaswamy Temple.
Dr. Republica
van Samithi conducts Sathya
extends home
Sridhar (FounThe following are details:
Sai Bhajans from 6.15 p.m to
care for patients
der, RMD Pain
12 noon: Thiruvarutpa bha7.15p.m on Fridays in Sri Kriwho cannot be rathanatyam by Sisters Sivaand Palliative
shnan Temple, Thanikachataken to the trust. swathy & Sivasruthy.
Care Trust, 13,
lam Road. T. Nagar.
Family support
12.30 p.m: Thiruvarutpa
Bala Vikas classes are also
and counselling flute concert by N. RavisanRoad, T. Nagar)
are also given.
and her team
For more details conDr. Republica,
were presented
1 p.m: Annampaalipu.
tact 91764 48706 or 98416
a general pracan award by
2 p.m: Thiruvarutpa –
Nursing Directorate (Global titioner, was drawn to the field
Program in
ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS Health City, Chennai) during 8 years ago.
She has a post-graduate
the recent 4th International
Ramana Bhaktha
meets at 7 p.m
Nursing Conference on ‘End of degree in Palliative Care from
on Fridays & Sundays:
Life Care: Emerging Role of a Flinders University.
Kesari School,
The Trust also runs hospice on Sundays
Nurse’ for their outstanding
service and social commitment service centers in Porur and By Our Staff Reporter
Dr. Giriappa Road
towards cancer and palliative Madurai, where patients are
Sri Ramana Baktha Sama(near Teynampet Signal).
provided food, shelter and end- jam, West Mambalam (BVSN
The award was presented by of-life care. Community-based Moorthy School, Thambiah
Dr. Ravindranath (Founder palliative care is also under- Road, West Mambalam) conand Chairman Managing taken, where a team of doctor ducts the following program on
Director of Global Hospitals and nurses treat patients in Sundays:
their homes.
5 p.m: Veda paarayanam
The Trust, which has so far
RMD Pain and Palliative
5.30 p.m: Ramana MahaCare Trust is a registered non- helped over 5,000 patients, is rishi’s Aksharamanamalai.
profitable organization which run on donations from
6 p.m: Discourse.
provides pain relief and philanthropists and corporate
All are welcome.
palliative care to terminally ill companies.
More details can be had in
More details can be had phone 94441 72623.
patients and their families
through medical care and in 2815 7373/ 93810 16588 or
Special pooja is conducted
w w w . r m d p a i n p a l l i a t i v e . and prasadam distributed
The organization provides com.
among special children at
11.30 a.m on Ramana
Maharishi’s birth star day
and went on to
act in stage plays.
After acting in
a play ‘Vairamaalai’, Raghavan made his
film debut in the
screen adaptation of the play in 1954. Former
Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa
paid tributes to the veteran
artiste in a press release. “He
treated everybody with love
and affection. His death is a
great loss to the film industry.
I convey my heartfelt condolences to his family and his
friends in the film fraternitym,”
she said.
Thai Poosa Pervizha next Sunday
Award for Pain & Palliative
Care Trust
Chorus by Saratha Venkatraman & party.
3.30 p.m: Thiruvarutpa
5.30 p.m: Thiruvarutpa
music concert by Valli Umapathy & party.
8 p.m: Jyothi darshan.
All are welcome.
500 students participate in helmet
awareness rally
Page 5
Page 6
îñ£û£ õKèœ
è™è¤ò¤¡ ⿈¶‚èœ
°¼ ñý£ó£x (ªê¡ø Þîö¤¡ ªî£ì˜„ê¤)
ÿ ó£ñA¼wíK¡ Üõ
î£ó ô†Cò‹, võ£I M«õ
è£ù‰îK¡ Íôñ£èŠ ðK
̘íñ£JŸÁ â¡Á ªê£™ô
ô£‹. ‘CƒèˆF¡ °¬è‚°œ
«÷«ò ªê¡Á Üî¡ î£®
¬òŠ H®ˆ¶‚ °½‚Aù£˜’
võ£IT! «ñù£†´ ï£èK
èˆF™ î¬ôCø‰î ܪñK‚
裾‚° ªê¡Á ܃«è
úï£îù î˜ñˆF¡ ªð¼¬ñ
¬ò â´ˆ¶‚ ÃPù£˜. ðíŠ
«ðŒ Üó² ¹K‰î ܉î
®Ÿ° Þõ˜ ¬èJ™ î‹ð®
Þ™ô£ñ™ ªê¡Á Fò£è õ£›
M¡ ñA¬ñ¬ò M÷‚Aù£˜.
àôè£òî‹ î¬ô MKˆî£®ò
܉î ®™ võ£Ièœ, ‘àô
è‹ ÜGˆFò‹; è쾫÷ êˆF
ò‹’ â¡Á è˜ü¬ù ¹K‰î£˜.
Þîù£™ â™ô£‹ «ñù£†
죘 ãî£õ¶ ðò¡ ªðŸø£˜
è«÷£ â¡ù«õ£ ò£‹ ÜP
«ò£‹; Ýù£™ Þ‰Fò˜èœ
ðò¡ªðŸø¶ à‡¬ñ. îƒèœ
î˜ñˆF¡ ªð¼¬ñ¬ò Üõ˜
èœ ï¡°í˜‰î£˜èœ. ÜŠ
«ð£¶ «ñù£†´ ï£èKè
ªõœ÷ˆ¬î Ü¬í «ð£†´ˆ
î´ˆî£AM†ì¶; U‰¶
êñòˆ¶‚°‹, U‰¶ êÍèˆ
¶‚°‹ ÞQ ÝðˆF™¬ô â¡
ð¶ G„êòñ£JŸÁ. ÿ
ó£ñA¼wí˜, M«õè£ù‰î˜
«ð£†ì Ü®Šð¬ìJ¡
«ñ«ô Þ‰î ËŸø£‡®™
ñý£ˆñ£ 裉F êˆFò£‚óý
Þò‚èñ£Aò è†ì숬î
â¿Š¹î™ ꣈Fòñ£JŸÁ
â¡Á ªê£™ôô£‹.
ðóñý‹ú˜ ïñ¶ «îYò
õ£›M¡ «ð£‚¬è ñ£ŸPò
¬ñˆî¶ «ð£ô«õ îQ ñQ
î˜èœ âˆî¬ù«ò£ «ðK¡
õ£›‚¬è»‹ ñ£ŸPò¬ñˆF
¼‚Aø£˜. Üõ˜ Ìî à심ð
cˆî H¡ù¼‹ Üõ¼¬ìò
ê‚F Þ‰î ®™ ÞòƒA
Ü«ï輬ìò õ£›¬õ ñ£ŸP
ò¬ñˆ¶ õ¼Aø¶. â¡Â
¬ìò ð£™ò ï‡ð˜ võ£I
¼ˆó£ù‰î¬óŠ «ð£™ ܉î
ê‚FJ™ ̘íñ£Œ‚ °Oˆ¶
õ£›M™ º¿ ñ£Áî™ ãŸ
ð†ìõ˜èœ ÝJó‚èí‚è£ù
õ˜èœ. ñŸÁ‹ ð™ô£Jó‚
èí‚è£ùõ˜èœ æó÷«õ‹
îƒèœ õ£›M™ ðóñý‹
úK¡ ê‚FJù£™ ñ£Áî™
«õQŸè£ô‹ õ‰¶M†ì¶.
ÞQ«ñ™ C«ïAî˜èœ ê‰F‚
°‹«ð£¶ «ð²õ Mûò‹
Þ™ô£ñ™ MN‚è «õ‡®ò
‘â¡ù, ú£˜! Þ‰î õ¼û‹
ªõJ™ âŠð®?’
‘ªõJô£õ¶ ªõJ™;
õÁˆ¶ â´‚Aø¶, ú£˜!’
‘õÁˆ¶ â´‚Aøî£? ªð£
²‚°Aø¶ â¡Á ªê£™½ƒ
‘«ð£ù õ¼û«ñ ü£vF
â¡ø£™ Þ‰î õ¼û‹ ܬî
Mì ü£vF.’
ÞŠð® õ¼û£õ¼û‹
C«ïAî˜èO¡ ê‹ð£û¬í
J™ ÜFèñ£A‚ ªè£‡´
õ¼‹ ªõJ™ ÞŠ«ð£¶‹
ªè£…ê‹Ãì êA‚è º®ò£
ñ™ Þ¼‚°‹ â¡ðF™ ꉫîè
«ñJ™¬ô. Ýè«õ «è£
¬ì‚° âƒ«è «ð£Aøªî¡
‹ Mûòˆ¬îŠ ðŸPˆî£¡
Ü´ˆîð® Ý«ô£C‚è «õ‡
ê£î£óíñ£è «õ¬ô ªêŒ
Aøõ˜èÀ‚° ªõJ™ ÜFè‹
裶 â¡ð¶ ܬùõ¼‹
効‚ªè£‡ì Mûò‹. Þ¬î
â¡Â¬ìò Aó£ñŠ Hó
ò£íƒèO¡«ð£¶ Hóˆò†ê
ñ£Œ‚ è‡ìP‰F¼‚A«ø¡.
ªõJ™ «õ¬÷J™ â™ô£‹
ͬ÷ «õ¬ôJ™ Cø‰î
Ü‰îŠ Hó£Eèœ å¡Á Gö
L™ 𴈶 ܬê«ð£†´‚
ªè£‡®¼‚°‹; Ü™ô¶
°†¬ìJ™ è‡è¬÷ Í®‚
ªè£‡®¼‚°‹. ÜŠ«ð£ªî™
ô£‹ ܬõ Üð£óñ£ù ͬ÷
«õ¬ôJ™ ß´ð†®¼‚A¡øù
â¡ð¬îŠ ðŸP ò£ªî£¼ ݆
«êð¬í»‹ Þ¼‚è º®ò£¶.
ݬèJù£™î£¡ «è£¬ì
è£ô‹ ªï¼ƒAò¶‹ ªðKò
ªðKò õ‚W™èœ, ꘂ裘 ñ‰
FKèœ, G˜õ£è ê¬ð ªñ‹ð˜
èœ, ªú‚ó«ìKò† àˆF«ò£
èvî˜èœ, èô£ê£¬ô ÝCK
ò˜èœ, ðˆFKè£CKò˜èœ
ºîL«ò£˜ ‘膴 ͆¬ì¬ò,
A÷‹¹ ñ¬ô‚°!’ â¡Á «è£û
I†´‚ ªè£‡´ ¹øŠð´Aø£˜
èœ. «îêˆ î¬ôõ˜èÀ‚°‚
Ãì Þ‰î êðô‹  õ¶‡´.
ފ𮂠«è£¬ì è£ôˆF™
ͬ÷¬ò‚ °OóŠ ð‡E‚
ªè£œõF™ ï‹H‚¬èJ™ô£î
å«ó å¼ «îêˆ î¬ôõ¬ó
âù‚°ˆ ªîK»‹. Üõ¼‚°
ªõJ™ â¡ø£™ ðóñ Ýù‰
î‹. ï™ô ¬õè£C ñ£îˆF™
èœO‚«è£†¬ì 憴‚
è®J™ à†è£˜‰¶ «õ¬ô
ªêŒ»‹«ð£¶î£¡ Üõ¼‚°Š
Ìóí àŸê£è‹.
‘ä«ò£! Þ‰î ªõJL™ à†
裘‰¶ âŠð®ˆî£¡ «õ¬ô
ªêŒAl˜è«÷£!’ â¡Á «è†
죙, ‘ªõJô£? â‰î ªõJ™?
ï‹Í˜ ªõJ¬ôˆî£«ù
ªê£™Al˜èœ? ²ˆî ²«îC
ªõJ™ Ü™ôõ£? à싹‚°
ªó£‹ð ï™ôî£JŸ«ø’ â¡
ð£˜. ޡ‹ ãî£õ¶ ªê£™
ôŠ «ð£ù£™, ‘â¡ù? â¡ù?
 Þ‰î ᘠªõJL™î£¡
Hø‰«î£‹. Þ‰î ᘠªõJ
L™î£¡ õ÷˜‰«î£‹. ïñ¶
Íîò˜ â™ô£¼‹ Þ‰î
ªõJL™î£¡ õ£›‰î£˜èœ.
F¼õœÀõ¼‹, è‹ð¼‹ Þ‰î
èM¬î â¿Fù£˜èœ. ÜŠ
ð®Šð†ì ªõJ¬ô‚ °¬ø
ªê£™Al˜è«÷?’ â¡Á ༂è
ñ£è‚ «è†ð£˜.
Ýù£™ º¡ù«ñ ªê£¡
ù¶ «ð£™ Þõ˜ å¼ MF
Mô‚°. MFMô‚¬è ï‹H
ªõJL™ ªð£²ƒ°õ
 îò£ó£J™¬ô. Ýè«õ
Þ‰î‚ «è£¬ì‚° ⃫è
«ð£Aøªî¡Á bMóñ£è
Ý«ô£C‚èˆ ªî£ìƒA«ù£‹.
ïèóƒèO™ âƒ«è «ð£ù£
½‹ Þ‰î ñ£îªñ™ô£‹ Þ«î
«ð„²ˆî£¡. «ïŸÁ å¼ ‘𣘆
®’‚°Š «ð£J¼‰î«ð£¶
H¡õ¼‹ ê‹ð£û¬í è£F™
«è£¬ì‚° ᆮ‚°ˆî£«ù
‘Þ™¬ô.  ᆮ‚°Š
‘弫õ¬÷ «è£¬ì‚è£ù
½‚°Š «ð£Al˜è÷£‚°‹?’
‘Þ™¬ô, ܃«è»‹ «ð£è
‘â¡ù «è£¬ì‚è£ù½‚
°‹ «ð£èM™¬ôò£? êK,
ðƒèÙ¼‚°Š «ð£Al˜èœ
‘ܶ¾‹ Þ™¬ô.’
‘å¼ «õ¬÷ °ˆî£ô«ñ£?
°ˆî£ôˆF™ ‘nú¡’ ü¨¬ô
ñ£î‹ Ü™ôõ£? ܶõ¬ó
â¡ù ªêŒi˜èœ?’
‘Þ™¬ô ú£˜! Þ‰î õ¼û‹
 æK숶‚°‹ «ð£è
‘⡬ùŠ 𣘈¶ ªê£™
½ƒèœ. æK숶‚°‹ «ð£è
M™¬ôò£? H¡ «è£¬ì‚°
⃫è i˜èœ?’
‘ý£ ý£ ý£! ú£˜, ÜŠð®
Ü®»ƒ«è£ å¼ ¹À¬è!
Ý󣌄C ÜP¾¬ìò
嚪õ£¼õ¼‚°‹ Cô êñò‹
èì¾O¡ à‡¬ñ¬¬òŠ
ðŸP ꉫîè‹ à‡ì£õ¶
Þò™«ðò£°‹. ‘è쾜 å¼
õ˜ Þ¼‰î£™ àôA™ ã¡
¶¡ðƒèœ Þ¼‚A¡øù!’
â¡ø «èœM‚°ˆ ªîOõ£ù
M¬ì¬ò Þ¶õ¬ó ò£¼‹
ªê£¡ùF™¬ô. ܶ ñQî
ÜPMù£™ ÜPò º®ò£î
óèCòñ£°‹. Þšõ£Á ïñ¶
ÜPM¡ °¬ø𣆬ì 効‚
ªè£œõ¶ èwì«ñ Ü™ôõ£?
ÞŠð®Šð†ì Ý󣌄C
J™ ñù‹ ªê™½‹«ð£ªî™
ô£‹  ÿ ó£ñA¼wí¬ó
G¬ùˆ¶‚ ªè£œ«õ¡.
‘Þ«î£ è쾬÷ «ï¼‚°«ï˜
è‡ìõ˜ å¼õ˜ êeð è£ôˆ
F™ Þ¼‰F¼‚Aø£˜. Üõ˜
 è쾬÷‚ 裇ìî™
ô£ñ™ ޡ‹ ðô¬ó»‹
è£í„ ªêŒF¼‚Aø£˜. è™M
òPM™ ñMì âšõ÷
«õ£ «î˜‰î «ñî£Mèœ ðô˜
Üõ¬ó «ïK™ 致 õNð†´
ÜõKì‹ è쾜 ꣉Gˆò‹
Þ¼Šð¬î à혉F¼‚Aø£˜
èœ. Ýè«õ è쾜 å¼õ˜
Þ¼‚èˆî£¡ «õ‡´‹. Üõ
¼¬ìò ªêò™è¬÷ Cô êñ
òƒèœ  ÜPò º®ò
M™¬ô â¡ø£™ Ü ï‹
º¬ìò ÜPM¡ °¬øð£«ì
è£óí‹’ â¡Á â‡Eˆ
ÿ ó£ñA¼wí ñ숬î
«ê˜‰îõ˜èœ â™ô£¼‹ ÿ
ðóñý‹ú¬ó ‘°¼ ñý£ó£x’
â¡Á °PŠH´õ¶ õö‚°‹.
«ïK™ ÜõKì‹ àð«îê‹
ªðÁ‹ ð£‚Aò‹ ªðŸøõ˜èœ
ÞŠ«ð£¶ Þó‡ªì£¼õ«ó
Þ¼‚Aø£˜èœ. âQ‹ Üõ
¼¬ìò Yì˜èO¡ Yì˜èÀ‹
Üõ˜èÀ¬ìò Yì˜èÀ‹
ÃìŠ ðóñý‹ú¬ó ‘°¼
ñý£ó£x’ â¡«ø °PŠH´A
Þ‰î º¬øJ™ ðóñý‹
úK¡ àð«îêƒèOù£™
CP«î‹ îƒèœ õ£›‚¬è
¬ò ªêŠðQìŠð†ìõ˜èœ
â™ô£¼‚°‹ Üõ˜ ‘°¼ ñý£
ó£x’ Ýõ£˜. àƒèÀ‚°‹
âù‚°‹ Üõ˜ ‘°¼ ñý£
°¼ ñý£ó£x õ£›è!
(Ýù‰î Mèì¡, 1.3.1936)
膴 ͆¬ì¬ò!
âù‚è£ è£¶ °ˆîŠ 𣘂Al˜
Ýè«õ «è£¬ì‚ è£ôˆF™
ªê¡¬ùJ™ õCŠð¶ Üš
õ÷¾ ïñðˆîè£î Mûòñ£J
¼Šð âƒ«è «ð£õ¶ â¡
ð¬îŠ ðŸP‚ îò Y‚Aó‹
cƒèœ b˜ñ£QŠð¶ ÜõC
ò‹. Þ™ô£M®™ cƒèœ «ò£
Cˆ¶ º®Šðœ «è£¬ì
õ‰¶M†´Š «ð£ù£½‹
«ð£ŒM´‹. Þ‰î Mûòñ£è
cƒèœ º®¾ ªêŒõ¶ ²ôð
ñ£°‹ ªð£¼†´ ²è õ£êv
îôƒèO™ â¡Â¬ìò ÜÂ
ðõƒèœ CôõŸ¬ø ªê£™ôô£
ªñ¡Á G¬ù‚A«ø¡.
ºîô£õ¶ «è£òºˆÉ˜.
Þƒ«è å¼ êñò‹ 
ÿñ£¡ M.«ü. ð«ì™ Üõ˜
èÀì¡ å«ó ü£¬èJ™ ²è
õ£ê‹ ªêŒ»‹ð® «ïK†ì¶.
«è£òºˆÉ¬ó ã«î£
ñ†ìñ£è G¬ù‚è «õ‡
죋, ܉î ïèó‹ «îêð‚F‚
°‹ «îè Ý«ó£Aòˆ¶‚°‹
«è£¬ì è£ô‚ °O˜„C‚°‹
ªðò˜ «ð£ù‹.
îI› ®½œ÷ ñŸø T™
ô£‚è£ó˜èÀ‚°‚ «è£òºˆ
ɘ ²èõ£êˆ¶‚°Kò Þì‹
. ïñ¶ ªê¡¬ù ꘂ裘
Ãì Þ¬î 効‚ ªè£‡´
ºˆF¬ó ¬õˆF¼‚Aø£˜èœ.
º¡ªù£¼ îì¬õ 죂ì˜
ªðú¡† Ü‹¬ñ, ÿñ£¡èœ
ܼ‡«ì™, õ£®ò£ Þõ˜
è¬÷ ܉î ïèK™ ²èõ£ê‹
ªêŒò ÜŠHù£˜èœ. ÜŠ
¹ø‹ êeð è£ôˆF™ Þ‰Fò
ê†ì ê¬ðJ™ ñ£T Ü‚ó£ê
ù˜ ÿñ£¡ M.«ü. ð«ì™,
õì Þ‰Fò£M¡ ªõJL™
îñ¶ Ý«ó£‚ò‹ ªè†´ õ¼
Aø¶ â¡Á ¹è£˜ ªêŒîî¡
«ñ™ Üõ¬ó»‹ «è£òºˆÉ
¼‚«è ÜŠH ¬õˆî£˜èœ.
ÿñ£¡ M.«ü.ð«ì™ ꘂ
è£K¡ ‘ã’ õ°Š¹ M¼‰Fù
ó£Œ Þ¼‰î£˜. Ýè«õ ªüJ™
Üó‡ñ¬ù‚°œ Üõ˜ å¼
îQŠ ð°FJ™ ¬õ‚èŠð†®
¼‰î£˜. ‘R’ õ°Š¹ M¼‰î£O
èœ Üõ¬ó‚ 致 «ð²õ
 Üšõ÷¾ õêF A¬ì
ò£¶. Ýù£™ ªüJ™ Ýd
ú§‚°Š «ð£°‹ ð£¬î‚°
ܼA™ Üõ¼¬ìò ܬø
Þ¼‰îð®ò£™ Ü®‚è®
ãî£õ¶ è£óíˆ¬î‚ èŸHˆ
¶‚ªè£‡´ ï£ƒèœ ªüJ™
Ýdú§‚°Š «ð£«õ£‹.
«ð£°‹«ð£¶ âƒèœ è‡èœ
ÜõK¼‰î F‚¬è«ò «ï£‚°‹.
Cô êñòƒèœ Üõ¼¬ìò
February 1 - 7, 2015
Ìóí îKêù‹ A¬ì‚°‹;
Cô êñòƒèœ Üõ¼¬ìò
 ñ†´‹î£¡ è‡E™
ð´‹. Üšõ÷¾ ªðKò «îê
ð‚î¬ó ‘Þ¡v죙ªñ¡´’
º¬øJ™ îKêù‹ ªêŒ¶
F¼ŠF ܬìò¾‹ èœ
îò£ó£Œˆî£¡ Þ¼‰«î£‹.
ÞŠð®J¼‚¬èJ™ å¼
 F´‚Aìˆ î‚èî£ù å¼
ªêŒF õ‰î¶. ÿñ£¡
ð«ì¬ô ¬õˆFò ðK«ê£î
¬ù‚è£è Ýð«óû¡ «ñ¬ü
J¡ «ñ™ ð´‚è ¬õˆî£˜èœ
â¡Á‹, «ñ¬ü êKò£ŒŠ
ªð£¼ˆîŠðì£î ð®ò£™
W«ö M¿‰¶M†ì£ªó¡Á‹
å¼ õ£Œˆ î‰F & õî‰F & êŠ
ð†¬ì 膮‚ªè£‡´ ðø‰
î¶. Cô˜ Þ¬î ï‹Hù£˜èœ;
Cô˜ ‘âƒè«ò£õ¶ à‡ì£?
ï‹ð º®ò£¶’ â¡ø£˜èœ.
Þî¡ à‡¬ñ¬ò‚ 致
H®‚°‹ ÝõLù£™ ªüJ™
Ýdú§‚°Š «ð£è å¼ ªð£Œ‚
è£óíˆ¬î‚ è‡´H®ˆ¶‚
ªè£‡´ Cô˜ A÷‹H«ù£‹.
õNJ™ ÿñ£¡ ð«ì™ Þ¼‰î
ð°F‚° êeð‹ ªê¡ø¶‹
Aó£F‚° ܼA™ °‹ðô£Œ
G¡«ø£‹. ÿñ£¡ ð«ì™ âƒ
è¬÷‚ è‡ì¶‹ 膮LL
¼‰¶ ⿉¶ îœ÷£®ˆ îœ
÷£® ï쉶 õ‰î£˜. ‘ã«î£
ê‹ðõ‹ ïì‰îî£è‚ «èœMŠ
ð†«ì£«ñ? ܶ õ£vîõñ£?’
â¡Á âƒèO™ å¼õ˜ «è†
죘. ‘Ý‹ õ£vîõ‹î£¡.
Þ‰Fò ê†ì ê¬ðJ¡ ñ£T
Ü‚Aó£êù˜ Þˆî¬ù «ïó‹
ªêˆ¶Š «ð£J¼‚è «õ‡®
ò¶; ðèõ£¡ 裊ð£ŸPù£˜’
â¡ø£˜. àì«ù F¼‹H„ ªê¡
ø£˜. Üõ˜ ÃPò ªêŒF¬òMì
Ü‰î‚ °ó™î£¡ âƒèœ Þ¼
îòˆ¬î ÜFèñ£è ༂Aò¶.
ÜF™ Üšõ÷¾ «ê£èº‹ Fù
¾‹ èô‰F¼‰îù.
‘Ü«ì! ªðò˜ ªðŸø HK†
®w ÜFè£ó õ˜‚èˆ¬î‚ è‡
E™ Mó™ ªè£´ˆ¶ ݆®ò
Þ‰î bó¹¼û¬ó, 裃Aóv
«ñ¬ìJ™ «ð£ô«õ Þ‰Fò
ê†ìê¬ð Ü‚Aó£êù dìˆF
L¼‰¶‹ «îYò è˜ü¬ù ¹K‰î
Þ‰î ió C‹ñˆ¬î, ÞŠð®Š
ð†ì G¬ô¬ñ‚°‚ ªè£‡´
õ‰¶ M†ì£˜è«÷!’ â¡Á âƒ
èÀ‚° å¼ ð‚è‹ ÝˆFóº‹,
å¼ ð‚è‹ ¶‚躋 ªð£ƒAù.
Ýù£™ ªüJ½‚°œ ݈Fó
º‹ ¶‚躋 ‘裡†ó£ð£‡´’
ê£ñ£¡è÷£îô£™ ÜõŸ¬ø
ªõO‚ 裆ì£ñ™ F¼‹H
«ü. âv. ó£èõ¡
ªè£…ê‹ ªè…ê™ ªè£…ê‹ F†ì™
ìHœÎ&ìHœÎ&âçŠ °ˆ¶„ ꇬìJ™ Ü®Šð¶
«ð£ô â¿‹¹‹ Þ¼‹¹ õ£íLJ¡ ®ƒ&®ƒ&®ƒ êˆîˆ¶ì¡
õ¼‹ îœÀ õ‡®JL¼‰¶ õ£ƒAù ²ì„²ì õÁˆî
èì¬ô¬ò 嚪õ£¡ø£è óCˆ¶ˆ F¡øH¡, ˹
õ®õˆ¬îˆ ªî£¬ôˆî «ðŠð¬ó„ ²¼†® ͬôJ™ àœ÷
°Š¬ð‚ ì산œ °P 𣘈¶ âP‰î£™ ðˆ¶‚° å¡ð¶
îì¬õèœ ªõOJ™î£¡ ªê£ˆªî¡Á M¿‹. Möµ‹.
ܶ àôè GòF. è¬ìC «õ˜‚èì¬ô ªê£ˆ¬îò£è¾‹
ܬñ‰¶ ºèˆ¬î Þ…C F¡ø «è£¹ó õv¶õ£è ñ£ŸP
Üö° 𣘈 ªõÁŠ¹ì¡ å¼ ñQî¡ àð«ò£A‚°‹
õ£˜ˆ¬î Ü«ïèñ£è Ü„C™ ãŸø º®ò£îî£è ܬñ‰¶M´‹.
Þšõ£ø£ù î¼íƒèO™ ÜçP¬íè¬÷‚ «è£ðˆ¶ì¡
F†ì ¬îKò‹ A¬ìŠð¶ ܬõè÷£™ ðF½‚°ˆ FI¼ì¡
F†ìº®ò£¶ â¡Aø ¬îKòˆFù£™ . â¡ù
õ½õ£ù âç°‚ è‹Hò£è º¶ªè½‹¹ ܬñ‰F¼‰î£½‹
å¼ èíõù£™ ñ¬ùM¬ò Üšõ£Á ꆪì¡Á è„Cîñ£ù
õê¾ õ£˜ˆ¬îò£™ ð…„«ê£´ F†ì º®»ñ£? F†®
M†´ˆî£¡ °Š¬ð ªè£†ì º®»ñ£?
ÝE Ü®‚°‹ «ð£¶ ²ˆFò£™ 膬ì Mó¬ô ðê‚
ªè¡Á ðôñ£èŠ ðî‹ ð£˜ˆî£½‹, vÌù£™ A÷Pò «ð™
ÌK °MòL™ c‡ì î¬ôº® c÷ õ£‚A™ ÌñˆFò«ó¬è
ò£èŠ ðœO ªè£‡®¼‰î£½‹, Üõêóñ£è ÜŠð «õ‡
®ò 죂°ªñ¡´è¬÷ Þ¬í‚è Ü¿ˆFù v«ìŠ÷˜ å¼
H¡ Ãì Þ™ô£ñ™ AO‚ â¡Á ªõ†®ò£è êˆî‹ ñ£ˆ
Fó‹ â¿ŠH ªõÁŠ«ðŸPù£½‹ ªõOŠð´‹ õê¾ õ£˜ˆ
¬îèO¡ iKò‹ Üõóõ˜ õ÷˜‰î Mîˆ¬îŠ ªð£Áˆî¶.
ªï´ «ïó‹ ô£òˆF™ ɃA‚ ªè£‡®¼‚°‹ ð¬öò
裘è¬÷»‹ ¬ð‚°è¬÷»‹ 裬ôJ™ ªõO«ò àô£ õó
«õ‡® â¿Š¹‹«ð£¶ ꇮ ªêŒ»‹ Mî‹ õ‡®‚°
õ‡® ÜŠ«ð£¬îò Í¬ìŠ ªð£Áˆ¶ ñ£Áð†ì£½‹
õ‡®èO¡ âüñ£ù˜èœ ̘õ£ƒèñ£è ܬõè«÷£´
«ð„²‚ ªè£´ˆ¶ ªè£…C»‹ ñCò£ñ™ Þ¼‰î£™ õ£˜ˆ¬î
èœ î®ˆ¶ ªõ®‚è «ïKìô£‹. ‘Ü®ò£î ñ£´ ð®ò£¶’
â¡Aø ç𣘺ô£ âKªð£¼÷£™ à‰îŠ ð´‹ Þó‡´/
° ê‚èó õ‡®èÀ‚°‹ ªð£¼‰¶‹ â¡ð ªõÁŠ
H¡ à„êˆF™ ↮ å¼ à¬î M†ì£™î£¡ «ó£ûˆ¶ì¡
õ£èùƒèœ A÷‹ðˆ îò£ó£°‹.
«ñ¬ü ñŸÁ‹ ñ®‚ èEQèÀ‹ õ£èùƒèO¡
«è£ˆFó‹î£¡. «ïó‹ êKò£è ܬñ‰¶ Þ¼‰î£™ ïõcî‹
âùŠð´‹ ¹¶ ªõ‡¬í «ð£ô «õ¬ô ªêŒ¶ W «ð£˜®¡
º¡ù£™ à†è£˜‰F¼Š«ð£¬ó °SŠ 𴈶‹ Ýù£™
Üšõ£Á ꉫî£ûñ¬ì‰îõK¡ è‡«í ªè£œO‚ 膬ì
ò£è ð†ì¶ «ð£ô, âF˜ð£ó£î º‚Aòñ£ù î¼íƒèO™
ºó‡´ ªêŒ¶ ‘ªî£ƒA’M´‹. ÞŠ«ð£¶î£«ù ¬õóú§‚
è£èˆ î´ŠÌC «ð£†«ì£‹ â¡Aø Ýîƒèˆ¶ì¡ ‘èñ£¡
«ðH, èñ£¡, Y‚Aó‹, «ïóñ£„² â¡Á YM„ Cƒè£K‚è
èî¬õ„ ꣈F‚ ªè£‡´ è£‚è ¬õ‚°‹ ñ¬ùM¬ò
«õ‡´õ¶ «ð£ô «õ‡®»‹ ªî£ì˜‰¶ èî¾ Fø‚è£î
ªõÁŠð¬ì‰¶ ‹Î† «ñ£®™ Åì£èˆ F†®ˆ b˜Šð¬îŠ
«ð£ôˆ F†®‚ ªè£‡®¼‚°‹ «ð£¶ ªð£ê‚ªè¡Á F¬ó
àJ˜ ªðŸø¾ì¡ °ÉèLˆ¶ ݘŠðKŠð¶ ñQî‚°‹
Þò‰FóƒèÀ‚°‹ Þ¬ì«ò Gô¾‹ è£î™«ñ£î™ àøM¡
â‰îŠÌM½‹ õ£ê‹ à‡´ â¡ð¬îŠ «ð£ô, â‰îŠ
̆´‚°‹ ê£M à‡´. ê£Mè¬÷Š ªð£¼ˆF ¬ô†ì£èˆ
F¼ŠHù£™ Ìõ£èˆ Fø‰¶ ªè£œÀ‹. Ýù£™ ܉î ê£M
èœ ªî£¬ô‰¶ M†ì£™ 埬øˆ î¬ôõL. ªî£¬ô‰î
ê£M‚° àôè÷£Mò ñ£Ÿø£è ܬñ‰¶M´‹ «ý˜ H¡
âùŠð´‹ ªè£‡¬ì áC¬ò ô£õèñ£èŠ Hó«ò£A‚°‹
«ð£¶, ¶¼ˆFò °ì¡ ̆«ì£´ «ð„² õ£˜ˆ¬î
ï숶‹«ð£¶î£¡ ‘êñˆî£ Fø‰¶´‹ñ£. â¡ù¶? Fø‚è
ñ£†®ò£? Ü® M¿‹. ªè£…ê‹ îò¾ ð‡µ‹ ñ£. Þ™
ô£†® à¬ì…ê °¬ì‚ è‹H¬ò ¬èJ«ô â´ˆ¶´«õ¡’
«ð£¡ø ªè…ê™èœ, «õ‡´î™èœ, Ió†ì™èœ ªõOŠð´‹.
̆´ «ðêõ£ «ð£Aø¶? ܶ õ£Œ‚°Š ̆´Š
«ð£†´‚ ªè£‡®¼‚°«ñ.
ªè…꽋, F†ì½‹ ÜçP¬í‚° ñ†´‹ â¡Á Þ™¬ô.
õ£J™ô£î ðø¬õèÀ‚°‹, I¼èƒèÀ‚°‹î£¡. Þó‡´
ð‚躋 ñóƒèœ G¬ø‰î GöŸê£¬ôJ¡ W«ö ïì‚°‹
«ð£¶ å¼ A¬÷JL¼‰¶ ñŸªø£¼ A¬÷‚° ã«î£
º‚Aòñ£ù «õ¬ô GIˆî‹ ðøŠð¶ «ð£ô M¬ó»‹ å¼
裂裌 «ð£Aø «ð£‚A™ ÝC˜õFŠð¶ «ð£ô ï‹ î¬ôJ™
ªè£ö ªè£ö «è£‰¶ «ð£ô ‘«õ¬ô’ ð‡EM†´Š «ð£ù£™
²‹ñ£õ£ Þ¼Š«ð£‹? è£èƒèœ «õÁ ò£¼I™¬ô. ñÁHøŠ
H™ àô¾‹ ï‹ º¡«ù£˜èœ â¡Á ꣈Fóƒèœ ªê£¡
ù£½‹, ܬî ñø‰¶ ðø¬õ¬òˆ «î˜‰ªî´ˆî õ£˜ˆ¬î
è÷£™ F†ì£ñ™ ï輫õ£ñ£?
õ£™ °PŠ¹: ªê£™ô‚ Ãì£î õ£˜ˆ¬îè¬÷ Þì‹
ªð£¼œ ãõ™ Þ™ô£ñ™ àð«ò£AŠðF™ õ™½ù˜è÷£ù
°´‹ðˆ î¬ôõ˜èO™ å¼õ˜ ðóEL¼‰¶ ܼõ£¬÷
â´‚è «õ‡® «ï£…ê£ù£ù ãEJ¡ à„CJ™ Þ¼‚°‹
«ð£¶ ãE ºP‰î ÜCƒèñ£è M¿‰î£˜.
‘W«ö M¿‰î ÜŠð£ â¡ùì£ ªê£¡ù£˜?’ â¡Á
Ü‹ñ£ ¬ðò¬ù‚ «è†ì£œ.
‘ªè†ì õ£˜ˆ¬îè¬÷ M†´†´ eF¬ò ªê£™ô†´
Ü‹ñ£ ªð¼¬ñ»ì¡ î¬ô¬ò ܬêˆî£œ.
«ñ£õ£¬ò ªê¡ú£ó£èˆ îìM «ò£C„²M†´ ¬ðò¡
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MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar Edition
February 1 - 7, 2015
Page 7
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K. Nagar Edition
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300 attend Vidyodaya Reunion Dinner
R. Kamala (resident of Asian Park
Apartment, 1/686,
Valayapathi Salai,
East Mogappair)
passed away on Jan.
She was 82 and had been a resident
of Mogappair for more than 2 years.
She was the wife of late Ra. Ki.
Rangarajan (renowned Tamil novelist and Mambalam Times columnist).
She is survived by two sons, three
By Our Staff Reporter
daughters, grandchildren and great
Vidyodaya Schools Reunion Dinner, organized on Jan. 26, was attended by grandchildren.
over 300 old students.
It was a wonderful trip down memory lane for the girls who peeped into their
S. Sivakami
old classrooms and also met their old teachers who were honoured that evening.
(resident of Flat
The Poorva Vidyarthini Samaj (Vidyodaya Alumni Association) also gave
G, Kris Apartaway scholarships to 12 meritorious students amounting to over Rs. 1.2 lakhs.
ments, 42, KripaThe present students entertained the gathering with a few dances and this
sankari Street
was followed by dinner. This being the 90th year of the school, key chains were
presented as mementos to the old students.
passed away on
SUV rams goods
Jan. 24. She was
A speeding SUV (TN 19 C- 89. She was the wife of late A. SubraBy Our Staff Reporter
6489) hit a mini goods carrier monia Iyer of Trivan-drum.
Sivakami is survived by 4 sons
Under the auspices of Vallalar Sanmar- vehicle from behind and
gasangam (V.O.C Street, MGR Nagar, Ph: mounted the median at the Sankaranara-yanan, Krishnamoor94453 43706), Prof. Aranga Ramalingam will junction of 11th Avenue and 1st thy, Sundaram and Padmanabhan.
give a discourse on ‘Thiru Arutpa – ‘Saaga Avenue in Ashok Nagar at 11.30 She had been a resident of West
Kalai’ at 6 p.m on Tuesday, Feb. 3 in Sakthi a.m on Jan. 25. None was but Mambalam for more than 25 years.
Vinayagar Temple (P.T. Rajan Salai, K. K. traffic was disrupted for a short As per her wishes her eyes were donated to Rajan Eye Care.
Nagar). All are welcome.
Talk on ‘Thiru Arutpa’
on Tuesday
MAMBALAM TIMES: Ashok Nagar - K.K.Nagar Edition
Page 8
CA-CPT coaching classes for
poor students
By Our Staff Reporter
By Our Staff Reporter
Dr. Suneel (Founder, Ungalukagha Charitable Trust,1,
Vijayaraghava Road, T. Nagar) felicitated 100-year-old
Raja Muthu (T. Nagar), a Freedom Fighter who had worked
with Mahatma Gandhi, and 94year-old Rukmani Ammal (K.
K. Nagar) who rendered hundreds of patriotic songs during
the freedom movement, in a
Republic Day program organized in Kakkum Karangal (an
orphanage for aged destitutes
and children, Pallavakkam) on
Jan. 25.
K. Shailaja Subba Reddy
(Managing Director, Pallava
Group of Companies, Chennai), chief guest, presented
mementos to Raja Muthu and
Rukmani Ammal.
Dr. Sunneel said that the
trust presented bedsheets,
towels, biscuit packets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, medicines, soap and stationery
items to the inmates.
Breakfast and lunch were
served and competitions and
an entertainment program,
ACT Academy, a unit of
Aanandam Charitable Trust
(Rangan Street, T. Nagar), will
commence its first batch of
CA-CPT coaching classes for
bright students from poor economic background on April 1 in
Ramakrishna Mission Sarada
Vidyalaya Girls Higher Secondary School, opposite
Panagal Park, Usman Road,
A nominal fee of Rs. 1,000
will be charged to make the
coaching classes affordable for
needy students. ACT Academy
students who pass the CA-CPT
exam to be conducted by ICAI
which included a magic in June 2015 will be eligible for
show, were conducted for the a cash award of Rs. 1,000. ACT
214 inmates of Kaakum Ka- Academy is also arranging to
supply reading material free of
The trust has been conducting health check-up camps and ‘Theppa Utsavam’
eye and blood donation aware- in K. R. Temple tank
ness programs all over
By Our Staff Reporter
Chennai. It also provides mediThere will be ‘Theppa Utsacal and educational assistance
vam’ in the temple tank of
for needy persons.
Arulmigu Kothandaramar
Dr. M. Maran (Surgical Temple (K. R. Koil Street, West
Gastro Enterology Surge- Mambalam) at 7 p.m from
on) and Gnanaraj (Founder of Feb. 2 to Feb.6.
Kaakum Karangal) were
The following are details of
the program:
Student felicitated
By Our Staff Reporter
A. Sonali (Std. 8 student of
Government Girls High School,
Usman Road, T. Nagar) was
felicitated by Bank of Baroda
(West Mambalam Branch)
and Daasya (NGO, Ashok
Nagar) on Jan. 26 as part of
Republic Day celebrations.
She recites inspirational
quotes of Swami Vivekananda
for school students, parents
and youth at social cultural
events and other gatherings.
P. Padma (Headmistress)
said that special attention is
being given to Sonali and other cise because they motivate and be contacted in 74026 02435
students involved in the exer- encourage students. She can and 98408 18732.
22,000 copies of
this edition are
delivered FREE
every Sunday!
cost. Continuous assessment
tests will be conducted.
Experienced faculty will
handle the classes.
For details and application
forms contact Aanandam
Charitable Trust in 99404
74212 or 96009 97627
Free Narayaneeyam
By Our Staff Reporter
Bhamakrishnan will
conduct free Narayaneeyam
classes from 10 a.m to 1 p.m
for two weeks starting from
Feb. 16 in West Mambalam.
All 1036 slokas will be taught
with Tamil meaning
Those interested may register their names Bhamakrishnan in 97909 44800.
The venue will be announced
Feb. 2 and 3: Sri Kothandaramar Theppam; Feb. 4: Sri
Hanumar Theppam; Feb. 5:
Sri Ranganathar, Sri Thayyar
and Sri Andal Theppam; Feb.
6: Sri Yoga Narasimhar and
Sri Krishnanar Theppam.
All are welcome.
Thai Pournami
Special abhishekam will be
performed for the presiding
deity of Sri Nagathamman
Temple (S. V. Lingam SalaiP.T. Rajan Salai-S.V.Lingam
Salai junction, K. K. Nagar) at
8 a.m on Tuesday, Feb. 3 (Thai
All are welcome.
Cars lying for months outside library
By Our Staff Reporter
Vehicles parked outside the
Ashok Nagar Circle Library
(11th Avenue, Ashok Nagar)
have been lying in a dilapidated
condition for months and are
being used as a public convenience by passersby. The area has
also become a health hazard for nearby residents.
Book on Vivekachoodamani to
be released on Sunday
By Our Staff Reporter
T. S. Krishnamurti (former
Chief Election Commissioner)
will release K. Sriram’s ‘Commentary on Vivekachoodamani & Drig Drisya Vivekam’
in Tamil in a function at 5 p.m
on Sunday, Feb. 1 in Meenakshi
College for Women Auditorium,
Swami Thyageshanandaji
will inaugurate the function.
M .Murali (Sri Krishna
Sweets) will receive the first
R. Veezhinathan (Editor,
Voice of Sankara) will deliver
the keynote address.
More details can be had from
Sriram in 98417 39090.
Edited & Published by K.S. Ramakrishnan. Office: 7/3, Madley Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 17. Ph: 2434 9236, 2431 39 37. Printed by Ramesh Adityan at Powerfull Printers, 74, Kannappan Street, Aminijikarai, Chennai 29.
Freedom Fighters felicitated
February 1 - 7, 2015