February Kol - Beth El Synagogue

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We Thank Our Yad Squad
The following members read
Torah/ Haftarah in January:
• Yonatan Feldstern
• Michael Abramson
• Ben Shapiro
• Haftarah - Jim Fried
• Alan Potash
• Glen Fineman
• Marty Shukert
• Alan Shulewitz
• Ben Shapiro
• Haftarah - M’Lee Hasslinger
• Yonatan Feldstern
• Haftarah - Zev Krausman
• Yonatan Feldstern
• Ophir Palmon
• Zach Krausman
• Gary Nachman
• Jay Gordman
• Spencer Gordman
• Haftarah - Laurel Krausman
• Liz Feldstern
• Amy Nachman
• Laurel Krausman
• Linda Saltzman
• Heather Kelln
• Caryn Scheer
• Jane Murow
• Haftarah - Pam Friedlander,
Lisa Lieb and Nancy Rips
Bat Mitzvah
February 14, 2015
Rebecca Denenberg
Daughter of
Deborah Denenberg
Don’t Worry Be Happy!
“When Adar enters, joy is increased”-Talmud, Ta’anit 29a
Adar is one of the happiest months in the Jewish calendar. The fourteenth day of the last month of the year marks the
festive holiday of Purim; notorious for joyful overindulgence. Also, preparations begin for Pesach with all the food and
wine that accompany our observance.
To acknowledge the co-mingling of activities for both holidays, Beth El’s Rosh Chodesh group has planned a Passover
wine tasting hosted by Sherry Taxman.
Historically, it is symbolic to plan an evening with a theme that corresponds to the meaning of the month on the Hebrew
calendar, and this month is certainly no exception. Host Sherry Taxman has ordered a variety of Kosher for Passover
wines from kosherwine.com and in addition to the tasting, most of the choices will be available to order in time for the
Passover holiday.
Plan to join us for wine tasting, hamantaschen nibbling and general rejoicing at Beth El Synagogue on Thursday, February
19 at 7:00 p.m. The Rosh Hodesh group is also asking for donations of feminine hygiene products on behalf of Lydia House.
Join the revelry, donate badly needed items for Lydia House and begin your Passover preparations! For more information
and to RSVP, contact Sherry at taxman@cox.net or (402) 397-5816.
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
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We Need Your Vote in the World Zionist Congress Election
by Rabbi Steven Abraham
Over the past
few months
Israel has been
preparing itself
for one of the
most important
elections in its
short history.
Just as Israel is
preparing for its election, so is the
World Zionist Organization (WZO).
The first Zionist Congress was
convened by Theodor Herzl in 1897
in Basel, Switzerland. In his
memoirs Herzl wrote, “At Basel I
founded the Jewish State.”
“By casting a vote in this election
one becomes part of a great
historical continuum, and
personally participates in crafting
the future of the Jewish State,” said
Judge Abraham Gafni, chairman of
the US Area Election Committee,
which oversees the execution of the
elections in the United States. “This
is the very best opportunity to
express one’s vision of and
commitment to Israel’s future.”
As a member of the Conservative
Movement, our partner organization
is one that perhaps many of you
may have never even heard of.
Nevertheless, it is one of the most
important institutions in Jewish life,
and it needs you now. Here in the
United States, MERCAZ is the
Zionist organization of the
Conservative Movement. MERCAZ
promotes and supports Zionist
education, Israel programs and
aliyah within our movement.
MERCAZ is the advocate to enhance
the value of religious pluralism
within Jewish life in Israel. It is the
force that guarantees funding for
religious streams in Israel in general,
and for the Masorti/Conservative
movement in particular.
Here is how it works: The WZO
and the Jewish Agency divide the
money raised for Israel by local
Federations. The apportionment of
those monies is directly affected by
the relative sizes of delegations from
each Zionist organization. The more
delegates the Conservative Movement
has in these bodies, and particularly
within the World Zionist Congress,
the more money our movement
receives and the greater our voice is,
ensuring that the flow of money and
the guiding philosophy of the Jewish
Agency supports our concerns for
pluralism in Israeli society.
The size of the MERCAZ
delegation is a direct result of votes
in the World Zionist Congress
election. The more that Conservative
Jews vote, the more MERCAZ
delegates are elected and the more
representatives we have, the more
money we are allocated and the
more we can make a difference.
How much does your vote help? To
date, MERCAZ has been securing
annually on behalf of our movement
$1.7 million of direct allocations to
Masorti institutions in Israel,
including funding for Masorti
congregations, TALI (Masorti
Public Schools), USY’s Nativ Year
Program, the Conservative Yeshiva,
the Schechter Rabbinical School in
Jerusalem and programs to promote
outreach and pluralism. Most
importantly, MERCAZ has earned
appointments to various committees
and boards of the Jewish Agency
that allow us direct influence in the
decision-making process and in the
distribution of millions of dollars in
areas that are of direct concern to us.
You can achieve all of that with just
$10.00. Register now, and vote the
MERCAZ slate in the Zionist
Congress election.
Rabbi Steven Abraham
With 5-year Multiples
Devra Bram • Micah Brodsky
Karen Cohen • Elizabeth
Gallagher • Myrna Grumer
Roxanne Kahn • Harry Klein
Donald Nogg • Edward Schneider
Morton Steinberg • Garrett Taub
Steven Wees
With 5-Year Multiples
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Joodi & Norman Veitzer
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Sisterhood Scoop
Sisterhood Shabbat is always such a wonderful experience. It is inspiring to watch the women of our
community come together to lead, to participate in, and to celebrate Shabbat services at Beth El. Many
thanks go out to all of the women who participated this year. And a special thank you to M’Lee Hasslinger
and Lisa Lieb for organizing everything. There were so many who helped with the baking for Sisterhood
Shabbat as well: Darice Bailer, Wendy Berenson, Karla Cohen, Hanna DeBruin, Liz Feldstern, Linda
Fischer, Helen Kay, Laurel Krausman, Lisa Lieb, Karen Pollak, Caryn Rifkin, Linda Saltzman, Sherry
Shapiro, Dora Shefren, Jill Sideris, and Iris Varkony. Their contributions were truly enjoyed and appreciated
by all.
We are so fortunate to have a community of women who work to make our Sisterhood their own. By offering their ideas
and organizing events, these women leave their mark on all of us. In December, Gabby Blair and Wendy Furst hosted
Rosh Hodesh at Old World Olive Oil and Vinegar. Caryn Rifkin and M’Lee Hasslinger hosted Rosh Hodesh Sh’vat in
January, when we came together to learn from Rabbi Abraham about the mitzvot of Tallit and Tefillin.
Recently, a women’s book group was organized by Darice Bailer and Alice Weiss. The first meeting of this group had a
very nice turn out. If you are interested in joining, please contact Darice at Bailer.darice@gmail.com or Alice at
Can you believe that Purim is just around the corner? Linda Fischer will chair our annual Bake-a-Palooza to bake
hamantashen for Purim on Sunday, February 15, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Beth El kichen. The hamantashen will be
used for events at Beth El as well as to provide Mishloach Manot to the residents of the Blumkin Home, Remington
Heights, and other retirement communities. Everyone who bakes will receive a half dozen freshly baked hamantashen to
take home. If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact Linda at ljlaz0609@gmail.com.
These women, and many others, have stepped forward to lead our Sisterhood. If you have a desire to lead, if you have an
idea for a program or activity, or if you simply want to get involved, this is your moment. Be a part of Beth El Sisterhood.
Make the experience your own.
Hea!er Kelln
President, Beth El Sisterhood
The Beth El
Support Staff
(from left) Melissa
Massey - Comptroller;
Cait Leff - Office
Manager; Judy Tully Administrative
Assistant; Tamara Forte Executive Secretary
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
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The New Year of Trees
BESTT Calendar
Fe br ua ry 2 0 15
By Eadie Tsabari,
Director of Congregational Learning
A brand new Trimester has started at BESTT! We hope
that the year 2015 brings you nothing but joy, happiness
and good health.
In the Jewish world we have four different New Year
celebrations. One of these celebrations is right around the corner; Tu B’Shevat,
the New Year of the trees. This is the time of year when the new fruits begin to
form, and for our family and friends in Israel, this is when Spring has
“Sprung.” It is the time of year when children all over Israel begin to plant
trees. In Omaha, it’s still a little too cold for that - so we plant indoors and
bring Tzedakah to plant trees in Israel. Tu B’Shevat reminds us that it is our
responsibility to take care of the earth.
In Judaism, there is an ethical law, “do not waste or destroy.” In Hebrew this is
referred to as Bal Tashchit. It applies to every aspect of our lives, charging us not
to use more than we need, not to needlessly destroy anything, not to use
something of greater value when something of lesser value will suffice, and not
to use something in a way it was not meant to be used (which increases the
likelihood the item will be broken or destroyed). Reduce, reuse and recycle are three ways of practicing Bal Tashchit. Every time
a single act of Bal Tashchit is manifested, the world becomes a better place.
Every day we are given opportunities to reduce the amount of waste we
produce and the amount of resources that we waste or needlessly destroy.
As this Jewish New Year approaches, The New Year of the Trees, let’s all try to
do something “Jewish”:
Practice the 3-R’s - reduce, reuse & recycle
Bring Tzedakah and help us plant trees in Israel
Have a Tu B’Shevat seder at home
Plant parsley seeds in preparation for Pesach
BESTT Hebrew School
9:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
BESTT Hebrew School
4:15 - 6:15 p.m.
High School Dinner & Classes
6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Jr. Congregation
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
BESTT Hebrew School
9:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Torah Tots
10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
BESTT Hebrew School
4:15 - 6:15 p.m.
BESTT High School
6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Denenberg
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
14-15 No Jr. Congregation or BESTT
Presidents Weekend
Babies, Bigger Kids & Bagels
9:45 - 10:30 a.m.
BESTT Hebrew School
4:15 - 6:15 p.m.
BESTT High School
6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
21 Shabbat’s Cool - Grades 3-7
10:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Read this Midrash to your student – you may be surprised by their commentary!
22 BESTT Hebrew School
9:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Midrash Rabbah, commentary on Ecclesiastes 7:13 Torah Tots
"When God created the first human beings, God led them around the Garden
10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
of Eden and said: Look at my works! See how beautiful they are, how excellent!
25 BESTT Hebrew School
Take care not to spoil or destroy My world, for if you do, there will be no one
4:15 - 6:15 p.m.
to repair it after you."
BESTT High School
6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
Happy Birthday, Trees!
28 Jr. Congregation
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Eadie Tsabari
USY & Kadima Shabbat USY & Kadima Purim Carnival Preparations
Saturday, February 7
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Join us as members of USY and Kadima
lead Shabbat morning services.
• Wednesday, February 11, 6:00 p.m. - Meeting & Purim Calls
• Thursday, February 19, 5:00 p.m. - Purim Lounge Night
• Sunday, February 22, 12:30 p.m. - Lunch & Purim Prep Party
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
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Life & Legacy Program Continues
to Build our Future
The Life and Legacy program lead by past president Lloyd
Roitstein and Larry DeBruin, our Executive Director, has
allowed our Beth El family and the Omaha community to
realize the importance of committing now to help our
congregation in the future. We are thrilled with the
responses we have received so far and look forward to
continuing to encourage others to help Beth El in the future.
Lloyd Roitstein considers it a privilege to serve as Chair for
the Life and Legacy initiative, to help assure its continued
success for generations to come. He shared his thoughts,
“Thank you to so many who helped our efforts. Our clergy,
Rabbi Steven Abraham and Hazzan Michael Krausman,
and Executive Director Larry DeBruin have been invaluable
to our success. Beth El’s Staff, Marketing Committee, and
Board President Joel Rich, have all been very helpful every
step of the way. Howard and Gloria Kaslow’s dedication
and their Congregational Appeal Letter is much
appreciated. Key Life and Legacy Committee Members,
Howard Epstein and Margo Parsow, have been wonderful to
work with, as have the Federation Foundation Staff.”
Roitstein continued with praise for our anonymous
matching grant donor, “Our matching grant donor deserves
a big THANK YOU for stepping forward with the challenge
and gift to our congregation, and for challenging us to
another matching goal of an additional $500,000 for 2015.”
Coupled with that, Lloyd goes on to say, “Todah Rabah and
Hol HaKavod to our supportive, caring congregants who
have pledged to sustain Beth El for future generations!”
You can help us achieve our new match challenge and more
importantly, ensure the future of Beth El Synagogue with
your own life and legacy gift. If you are interested in
learning more about how you can participate in Beth El
Synagogue’s Life & Legacy campaign, please contact either
Campaign Chairman Lloyd Roitstein at
lloyd.roitstein@gmail.com or executive director Larry
DeBruin at exec@bethel-omaha.org. You may also visit
www.bethel-omaha.org for more information, to complete a
letter of intent online and to see the donor list.
Sunday learning has always been well received at Beth El. We
have experts in our city and from around the world who are
willing to share their knowledge on a variety of topics connected
with the Jewish world. Join us as we continue to learn together.
Eliad Eliyahu - Omaha Community Shaliach
"Who Said What and What Was True? How the International
and Israeli Media Covered Operation Protective Edge"
Annette van de Kamp-Wright - Editor, Omaha
Jewish Press
"How to Tell a Story"
Liz Feldstern - Executive Director, Institute for
Holocaust Education (IHE)
“Return to Life: Displaced Persons Camps in Germany,
Rabbi Ari Dembitzer - Beth Israel Synagogue,
Interim Rabbi
“Purim: Why Does One Drink on Purim?”
Alan Potash - Federation Interim Chief Executive Office
and Regional Director of the ADL Plains States Region
“The Paris Situation”
Dr. Rami Arav - Associate Professor UNO & Director
of the Beth-Saida Project
“The Origin of the People of Israel Through Ancient
Historical Texts, Archaeology and a Model from Social
Dr.Burton Visotzky - Professor, Talmud & Rabbinics JTS
“How to Have a Successful Seder”
Dr. Leonard Greenspoon - Klutznick Chair in Jewish
Civilization & Professor of Classical & Near
Eastern Studies
“’Marching as to War’: Writing a Commentary on the
Book of Joshua for the Jewish Publication Society”
Beth El Cemetery Campaign Needs your Support
Our cemetery expansion still needs your support, even as construction is
progressing. Major improvements to the existing cemetery will make the facility
more comfortable to visit and use. These important features represent opportunities
that enable you to contribute to this important project and honor your own family.
We still have many sponsorship opportunities remaining. Remember, your support
and generosity is the key to bringing our new concept for the cemetery to reality.
For additional information, or to make a donation, contact Larry DeBruin at
Beth El extends profound
sympathy to the families of:
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
Muriel (Mickey) Greenberg
Ruth Isler
Joan Rips
May the All-Merciful comfort and
sustain them in their sorrow.
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We Want You to Know
by Joel Rich, President of the Board of Trustees
There is so much going on at Beth El that it is difficult to make sure that everyone knows what's
happening. I want to provide you with a summary of ways we can let you know about activities and
events occurring in our synagogue. While we can get the information to you quicker by electronic
means, we also still use the mail to let you know about upcoming events.
There are two mailings that you will find in your mail box each month. The first is this newsletter, the
KOL. We use it to inform you about events of interest to our entire congregation. It also includes a calendar of events
and you should receive it around the first of the month. We occasionally combine issues due to holiday schedules.
A smaller mailing, what we call our ‘mid-month mailer’, covers events scheduled from the 19th of the current month
through the following month. You should receive this around the 15th of the month. Both the KOL and the mid-month
mailer also include information about how to sign up to attend our great events.
Every Shabbat, the Bat KOL is handed out at services and gives highlights of the events planned for the next two weeks.
It also lists upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.
We also are using a variety of electronic means including emails, Facebook, and twitter to communicate to congregants
who prefer to access information that way. ChaverWeb, introduced last year, is our online congregational membership
database. It also enables you to register for events as well as pay dues and make donations online. For those who don't use
a computer, smartphone or tablet, we are happy to mail a copy of the current membership list to you.
Every week the Beth El News email is sent to more than 500 individuals who want to keep up to date with what's coming
up. This email includes links for more information and to sign up to attend events. Lists of birthdays and Yahrzeits, and
links to staff members’ Facebook accounts are also listed. We also send “In Memoriam Barukh Dayan haEmet” death
notifications. To receive either of these newsletters, there is a link to subscribe on the homepage of our website.
There are also "targeted" emails that are sent out to specific demographic groups to keep them up-to-date on information
of interest to them. Our school sends emails to parents of high school and BESTT students. We also send a “Young
Family Newsletter” on a monthly basis.
The Beth El website, www.bethel-omaha.org, is a wealth of information. The synagogue Google calendar, with the dates
for all our events; registration links for events; the ability to sign up for our email newsletters; service schedules; and our
e-business directory are all found here. If you want to know what's going on at Beth El, this is where to go.
Beth El is Social Media savvy and we are using it to reach
everyone who wants to be connected. Facebook is the leading site
and Beth El has a presence there. In addition to our staff having
accounts, there are a number "group" pages and accounts:
Beth El Synagogue Omaha
Beth El Sisterhood
Beth El Omaha-Men's Club
Search for these Facebook pages; like or join the page; and
you'll start seeing the posts about what is going on at the
synagogue. Our Twitter account is @BethElOmaha.
As you can see, we want you to know what is happening at Beth
El! Whether it's through the mail, by email, on Facebook or
Twitter, or on our Website, there is so much information available;
it’s hard NOT to stay informed, if you just know where to look!
Stay connected so you can be ‘in the know’ and can take
advantage of our many activities.
Join the Jewish Community for a havdallah reception
and guided tour of Fabric of Survival: The Art of
Esther Nisenthal Krinitz.
Saturday, February 21, 7:30 p.m.
KANEKO - 1111 Jones Street
(in the Old Market)
In collaboration with Omaha's synagogues, enjoy an
evening of light refreshments and experience this
stunning exhibit, guided by local docents.
Joel Rich
President, Board of Trustees
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
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Boys vs. Girls
Minute 2 Win It
Sunday, February 1
12:30-2:30 p.m.
Beth El
What is this program all about?
You have to come to find out!
Visit our website: www.bethel-omaha.org
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Men’s Club Corner Shalom Aleichem,
The first order of business is to give a big Todah Rabah to all of the volunteers who assisted with the
World Wide Wrap. Without your help and support, this event would not be possible. We are very
fortunate to have such giving members in our community, and it is always nice to link ourselves to one
another with our traditions. Also, a Todah Rabah to Ari Kohen for organizing the whiskey tasting
event. Thank you for all you do!
Please join us on Saturday, March 7 for our Annual Men’s Club Shabbat. Men's Club Shabbat is a way for us to honor
members of the club, as well as the congregation, with the responsibility of leading the services as a team. I encourage all
men of the congregation to be a part of this experience, and there are numerous roles to fill. There will be opportunities
to lead from behind the scenes or to stand on the Bimah and address the congregation in either Hebrew or English. Emails
will be sent out soon asking for your participation at this event, or you can sign up online. A light Kiddush lunch,
sponsored by Men’s Club, will follow services. Please contact me at theblairs@rocketmail.com if you have any questions
or if you want to reserve a role.
Soon the Men’s Club will be setting up a display table for the Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle Project. In the past, candles
were mailed out, but this year, we will be trying a new format. Candles and information about the program will be on
display in the synagogue courtyard starting in early March. Please take a candle or a few and take time to remember on
April 16, 2015 - 27 Nisan 5775. If you prefer to have a candle mailed or delivered before the event, please contact me at
theblairs@rocketmail.com or call the synagogue office at 402-492-8550. The community Yom HaShoah observance will
be hosted by Beth El this year on evening of April 15.
Thank you and have a great month!
Jason Blair
President, Beth El Men’s Club
Thanks to these members of Beth El who attended at least one daily service between December 11 and January 9:
Michael Abramson • Rabbi Steven Abraham • Alvin Abramson • Joyce Ashley • Brandy Bailey King • Diane Axler Baum
Donald N. Baum • Jill Belmont • Wendy Berenson • Gabby Blair • Jason Blair • Sharon Brodkey • William Cohen • David
Cooper • Judy Cooper • Sarita Cooper • Hanna DeBruin • Larry DeBruin • Cheryl Diamond • Richard Diamond • Bill
Dreyfus • Jane Dreyfus • Jay Durmaskin • Stanley Edelstein • Leigh Emas • Harriet Epstein • Ronald Epstein • Ronald
Feldman • Liz Feldstern • Yonatan Feldstern • Beverly Fellman • Richard Fellman • Glen H. Fineman • Hollie Fineman
David Finkelstein • Bruce Friedlander • Pam Friedlander • Morris Friedman • Sandy Friedman • Michael Gerson • Donald
Goldstein • Dolores Goodman • Michael Goodman • Jay Gordman • Jerry Gordman • Miriam Gottlieb • Andrew Greenberg
Jerry Grunkin • Lea Grunkin • Bruce Gutnik • Margie Gutnik • M'Lee Hasslinger • David Herzog • Jon Jabenis • Joanie
Jacobson • Fred Kader • Ilse Kahn • Marcel Kahn • Howard Kaiman • Howard Kaplan • Howard Kaslow • Jerry Katskee
Judy Katskee • Milton Katskee • Sindie Katskee • Betsy Katz • Helen Kay • Leslie Kay • Steve King • Janet Klein • Ari
Kohen • Lori Kooper-Schwarz • David Kotok • Shane Kotok • Laurel Krausman • Hazzan Michael Krausman • Zach
Krausman • Zev Krausman • Larry Kronick • Bruce Kutler • Carole Lainof • Wayne Lainof • Joan Latchaw • Steven Levy
Lisa Lieb • Sam Lieb • Scott Lustgarten • Joan Marcus • Myron Marko • Lynda Mirvish • Allen Morris • Anna Mosenkis
Igor Mosenkis • Andy Nathan • Carol Nathan • Patty Nogg • Steve Nogg • Marcy Noodell • Dennis Paley • Karen Pollak
Oliver Pollak • Merle Potash • Ruth Potash • Roni Reiter-Palmon • Amy Reynolds • Joel Rich • Mary Rich • Steven Riekes
Caryn Rifkin • Gary Rifkin • Helen Rifkin • Nancy Rips • Debra Roitstein • Lloyd Roitstein • Toni Rosen • Sidney Rosenblatt
Dottie Rosenblum • Ed Schneider • Wayne Schwarz • Howard Shandell • Ben Shapiro • Stanley Silverman • Michelle
Shkolnick • Tootie Simon • Nancy Skid • Jacob Spivak • Mort Steinberg • Cynthia Shafer Stern • John Stern • Jeffrey
Taxman • Marilyn Tipp • Steven Tipp • Judy Tully • Stewart Tully • Phyllis Wasserman • Esther Wax • James Wax • Steven
Wees • Audrey Wiener • Jim Zipursky
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This Kol lists contributions
received by January 12, 2014.
Donations received after that
date will be listed in the
March edition of the Kol.
Contributions to Named
Endowment Funds
21st Century Endowment Fund Happy Chanukah to Howard and
Sharon Epstein • In Memory of: Joan
Rips, Eugene Step
Jacob & Ida Bernstein Endowment Fund In Memory of: Cynthia Schneider
Lorri Anne & Saul Z. Davis
Endowment Fund In Memory of: Leon Wintroub • Yahrzeit
of: Isadore Milstein
of: Sylvia Kaiman • Recovery of: Rabbi
Aryeh Azriel
Ruth & David Platt Endowment Fund
Yahrzeit of: Ruth Platt
David & Ida Potash Endowment Fund
Yahrzeit of: Edith Cherwitz, Max
Kaplan, Ida Potash, Yale Lawrence
Potash, Chaya Devorah Potashnick,
Harlan Rosenblatt, Grayce Slavin
David S. & Esther Zorinsky Rice
Endowment Fund
Yahrzeit of: Rose Rice, Sonia Zorinsky
Jerold I. Rosen Endowment Fund
Yahrzeit of: Monet Wintroub
Celia & Ben Schwartz Transportation
Endowment Fund
Drazen Family Summer Experience
Endowment Fund In Memory of: Dr. Gabriel Elias
Yahrzeit of: Annie Green, Helen
Jacobs, Abe Levine, Hyman Levine,
Rachel Levine, Ruth Levine, Yosef
Levine, Chava Miller, Hyman Miller,
Nathan Miller, Sam Miller
Willis Epstein Endowment Fund Stephen R. Skid Endowment Fund
Memory of: Leon Wintroub • Yahrzeit
of: Sarah Epstein, William Epstein
Barbara & Dean Frankel Endowment Fund Yahrzeit of: Benjamin Segall
Yahrzeit of: Joseph Goldstein, William
Arnold Stern Endowment Fund
Isaac H. & Ruth S. Friedman
Endowment Fund
Yahrzeit of: Ruth Friedman
In Honor of: Charney Rosinsky
becoming a Great-Grandmother • In
Memory of: Ethel Mogil • Recovery
of: Joanne Freeman • Yahrzeit of:
Stuart Rochman
General Endowment Fund
Selwyn Roffman Endowment Fund
Ann Goldstein Endowment Fund
Contributions to Named
Synagogue Funds
Birth of: Gabriel James Gerson
Recovery of: Beverly Fellman
Yahrzeit of: Theodore Gershun, Leonard
Jessica Goldstein Endowment Fund
Birthday of: Sheryn Joffe
Happy Chanukah to Andrew and
Carole Greenberg • In Memory of:
Phyllis Angrisane
Ilse and Marcel Kahn Endowment Fund
Caring Committee Fund
Alan S. Kulakofsky Endowment Fund
Memory of: Phyllis Angrisane, Ethel
Mogil • Yahrzeit of: Frances Fox
Life & Legacy Endowment Fund
In Honor of: Sylvia Jess
Milton Marcus Instrumental Music
Endowment Fund
Birthday of: Howard Needelman • Happy
Chanukah to Judy Feigin • In Memory
Yahrzeit of: David Gordon, David Itkin,
Idell Itkin, Leonard Lewis, Alvin Nogg
Music Fund
In Memory of: Ruth Isler, Harold
Wolfson • Retirement of: Jeanne
Shechet • Yahrzeit of: Reva Goldstein
Prayer Book Fund
Birthday of: Audrey Epstein
Programming Fund
Birth of: Michael Dillon Sherman
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
In Appreciation of: Rabbi Steven
Abraham • Birth of: Michael Dillon
Sherman • In Honor of: Phil & Jan
Wayne • In Memory of: Ethel Mogil
Yahrzeit of: Ida Frost, Louis Frost,
Tibor Jaeger, Ann Phillips, Frieda
Weintraub, May Weintraub, Norma
Wucker, Paul Wucker
Bert Render Memorial Fund
Birth of: Zev Katz-Lyda
Scholarship Fund
Birthday of: Sarita Cooper, Hazzan
Michael Krausman • In Memory of:
Reva Chapman, Ethel Mogil, Joan
Rips • Recovery of: Judy Tully • Yahrzeit
of: Sophia Kaslow, Ruth Sweet
Youth Education Fund
Birthday of: Sarita Cooper • In Honor
of: New Home of Steven and Marilyn
Tipp • In Memory of: Joan Rips, Ida
Schaer • Recovery of: Beverly
Fellman, Marcel Kahn • Yahrzeit of:
Marjorie Weiss
Building Fund - Unrestricted
In Memory of: Evelyn Cutler, Dr.
Gabriel Elias
Birthday of: William Cohen • In
Memory of: Eugene Step • Recovery
of: Sol Friedman
Mitzvah Meals Fund
In Memory of: Leon Wintroub
Cemetery Improvement Fund
Yahrzeit of: Sylvia Moskovitz
General Fund
Birth of: Zev Katz-Lyda • Birthday of:
William Cohen • Graduation of: Talia
Tene • In Memory of: Ethel Mogil
Yahrzeit of: Mayer Bercovici, Russell
Blumenthal, Aaron Bojman, Celia
Bronstein, Anne Cohen, Frank Katz,
Phillip Ostravich, Mae Ostrow, Dorothy
Peltz, Rebecca Segal, Morris Stein,
David Tully, Marjorie Weiss
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We Share Your Joy
On the Birth of:
• Jacob Thomas Bryan
Grandson of Gary & Caryn Rifkin,
great-grandson of Helen Rifkin
• Zev Maurice Vail Katz-Lyda
Grandson of Evy Katz & Jon Los
• Mycah Elliot Roitstein
Grandson of Lloyd & Debbie Roitstein
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9:00 am - Shacharit Service
9:45 am - BESTT
10:00 am - Torah Study
10:15 am - Torah Tots
11:00 am - Sunday Scholars Series
11:00 am - Adult B’nai Mitzvah
12:30 pm - USY/Kadima Purim
Prep Party
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
9:00 am - Hamantaschen
9:00 am - Shacharit Service
9:45 am - Babies, Bigger Kids &
10:00 am - Torah Study
11:00 am - Adult B’nai Mitzvah
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
9:00 am - Shacharit Service
9:45 am - BESTT
10:00 am - Torah Study
10:15 am - Torah Tots
11:00 am - Sunday Scholars Series
11:00 am - Adult B’nai Mitzvah
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
8:45 am - World Wide Wrap
9:00 am - Shacharit Service
9:45 am - BESTT
10:00 am - Torah Study
11:00 am - Sunday Scholars Series
11:00 am - Adult B’nai Mitzvah
12:30 pm - USY Minute 2 Win It
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
4:15 pm - BESTT
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
6:45 pm - Hebrew High
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
10:00 am - Wrestling with
the Rabbis
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
1:00 pm - Shanghai
5:00 pm - USY/Kadima
Lounge Night
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 pm - Rosh Hodesh
Adar Wine Tasting
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
4:15 pm - BESTT
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
6:45 pm - Hebrew High
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
9:30 am - Shabbat Services
10:45 am - Mini Minyannaires
10:00 am - Jr. Congregation
6:00 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:30 pm - YAC Game Night
7:00 am - Morning Service
11:30 am - Nebraska AIDs
6:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat
9:30 am - Shabbat Services
10:00 am - Shabbat’s Cool
10:45 am - Mini Minyannaires
5:45 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:30 pm - Fabric of
Survival at KANEKO
9:30 am - Shabbat Services
10:00 am - Bat Mitzvah of
Rebecca Denenberg
10:45 am - Mini Minyannaires
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
1:30 pm - Chef’s Demo at
the Blumkin Home
6:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat
Evening - Our Shabbat Tables
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
6:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat
9:30 am - USY Shabbat
10:45 am - Mini Minyannaires
12:00 pm - Cholent Challenge
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
6:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat
9:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 pm - Cholent
Challenge Prep Night
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 pm - Board of Trustees
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
4:15 pm - BESTT
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
6:00 pm - USY/Kadima
Meeting & Purim Calls
6:45 pm - Hebrew High
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
10:00 am - Wrestling with
the Rabbis
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:30 pm - BESTT
Committee Meeting
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
4:15 pm - BESTT
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
6:00 pm - Hebrew High
Dinner & Classes
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
11:00 am - Wonderful World
of Jewish Music
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
7:00 am - Shacharit Service
5:30 pm - Mincha/Ma’ariv
February 2015
Beth El Staff
Steven Abraham ................................Rabbi
Michael Krausman ..........................Hazzan
Larry DeBruin ................Executive Director
Eadie Tsabari..............................Director of
Congregational Learning
Margie Gutnik ..................Program Director
Betsy Goodman ...................Youth Director
Melissa Massey .......................Comptroller
Laura Bair ........................Kitchen Manager
Cait Leff ..............................Office Manager
Judy Tully ............Administrative Assistant
Tamara Forte ..............Executive Secretary
Joel Rich .........................Beth El President
Jon Jabenis .........................Vice President
Ari Riekes ............................Vice President
Jim Zipursky ........................Vice President
Jay Gordman ...............................Treasurer
Caryn Scheer ...............................Secretary
Lloyd Roitstein.....................Past President
Lisa Lieb .................................BESTT Chair
Jason Blair ...............Men’s Club President
Heather Kelln ............Sisterhood President
Elissa Wiener ...................U.S.Y. President
Friday Evening
Candle Lighting Times:
Service Schedule:
February 6 .........5:29 p.m.
February 7 .......5:30 p.m.
February 13 ........5:38 p.m.
February 14 .......5:30 p.m.
February 20 ........5:47 p.m.
February 21.......5:45 p.m.
February 27 ........5:55 p.m.
February 28.......6:00 p.m.
Weekday Services at 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Sunday Services at 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
The KOL is Sponsored by
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Gift Certificates Available
Judaica Shop Hours: Wed. 2:30 - 5:00 p.m. & Sun. 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
(when BESTT is in session)