Day 1

Math 1431
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2 Math 1432 Almus 14682 31 MWF 9‐10 TBA 14683 33 TBA TBA SEP 14684 34 MWF10‐11 SEC 202 Kayla Bicol 16997 40 MWF 12‐1 SEC 105 Da Zheng 18668 45 mwf 12‐1 f 154 Charles Mills 19645 50 MWF 9‐10 CBB 108 Bilge Kayasandik 19646 51 MWF 10‐11 CBB 108 Bilge Kayasandik 3 TESTS
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Respect your friends! Do not distract anyone by chatting with
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6 Chapter 7
Section 7.1 - Integration Review
x r dx 
x r 1
 C ; r  1
r 1
dx  ln x  C
 sin x dx   cos x  C
 cos x dx  sin x  C
 sec
 csc
x dx  tan x  C
x dx   cot x  C
 sec xtan x dx  sec x  C
 csc x cot x dx   csc x  C
e x dx  e x  C
 sinh x dx  cosh x  C
1  x2
dx  arcsin x  C
a x dx 
 C ; a  0, a  1 .
ln a
 cosh x dx  sinh x  C
 1  x2
dx  arctan x  C
The last two formulas with u-sub:
du  arcsin    C
a2  u2
 a2  u 2
dx 
arctan    C
7 Examples:
Ex 1:
Ex 2:
9  4 x2
2  ex
e2 x
dx 
dx 
8 Ex 3:
 tan
x sec 2 x dx 
9 Ex 4:
dx 
x 1
10 Ex 5:
x 1
 64  25 x2
dx 
11 1
Ex 6:
 x2  4
dx 
12 Ex 7:
 sin x
1  cos x dx 
13 Take practice test 1 and test 1 SOON!
•Definition of derivatives
•Mean Value Theorem
•Inverses and their derivatives
•Implicit differentiation
•Related rate word problems
•Optimization word problems
•Graphs of derivatives
•Extreme values and concavity
To see more examples: Read section 7.1 from your text book.
OR: click on the “Math 1431- online” link on my website and check the
notes for “Day 10”. You can also watch the video posted there.
Homework #1 is posted on my website; due in LAB on Monday.
EMCF#1 is posted on my website; due on Sunday.
Check my website regularly for announcements.