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Calendar of Osaka
節 分
Setsubun ( 節分 )
(Tue) Ohatsu Tenjin Setsubun Festival
Feb. 1(Sun)‒7(Sat)
Setsubun Yakuyoke Daihoue
※What is Setsubun?
"Setsubun" is used to mark the
end of winter and summer,
and is derived from the old
lunar calendar. However,
"setsubun" has now come to
mean the day before the first
day of spring only. It usually
occurs around February 3rd.
On this day, in a custom called
mame-maki, people throw and
scatter roasted soy beans
inside and outside their houses
while saying, "Out with the
demon and in with fortune!"
During this event, the temple is crowded with
many visitors who come to ward off evil spirits,
and pray for good luck and fulfillment of various
wishes. A statue of Sho-kannon, the primary
object of devotion at the temple, is open to the
public during the period. Goma holy fire prayer
service for protection against misfortune will be
also held on the first 4 days.
P Abikoyama Taisei Kannon Temple(Abiko Diety
of Mercy) ¥Free
Feb. 3
The Mamemaki event involves
a demon g oing ar ound the
neighborhood and returning to
the shrine. Later various events
of the Setsubun festival are
held such as the Ohitaki hermit
ritual of burning homa wood
(18:30). Udon noodles, Zenzai
sweets and blessed sake are
served (16:30).
P Tsuyunoten Shrine (Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine) ¥Free
Feb. 3(Tue)
Setsubun Festival
More than 50
priests wearing samurai
including the
shrine's chief
priest, scatter
beans, peanuts and rice
cakes to ward
off evil.
Zenzai(sweet red-bean soup with a
piece of rice cake)are offered to the
first 4000 arrivals
T11:00 P Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine ¥Free
Dojima Yakushido, Setsubun
Omizukumi Festival
At the Yakushido, a Goma-kugenshu ceremony is
performed with a traditional Goma-daki ritual in which
people toss goma-gi, or prayer sticks, into the fire. In
the shops and
restaurants in the
Kita-Shinchi area,
customers and
shop staff throw
beans at the
demons to expel
Feb. 2
(Mon) Lucky Bean−
Throwing Festival
This is the unique event that celebrities are
invited to scatter peanuts from the rooftop
of Tsutenkaku which is an observation deck
100m above the ground.
T 10:00 - P Tsutenkaku ¥Adult 700 yen,
university student 500 yen, medium- and
high-levels student 400 yen, dwarf 300 yen
T ■Omizukumi:14:00- ■Demons extermination
parade :14:00 - /19:00- ■Parade with dragon dance
and masqueraders: from 18:30-
P Dojima Yakushido and Kita-Shinchi area ¥ Free
Ume (Japanese plum) Blossoms Viewing
Bonbai Exhibition & Plum
Viewing in Kotatsu
On this period,
Bonbai exhibition will be held
indoor. Bonbai
is the dwarf
ume trees
decollated like
Bonsai.Furthermore at the plum orchard, you can enjoy
the viewing of 130 species and about 300 Ume trees
while relaxing in Kotatsu.
【Bonbai Exhibition】Feb.3 (Tue) - Feb.15 (Sun) at Event hall
【Plum viewing in Kotatsu】Feb.14 (Sat) to Mid- Mar at
Early Feb to early Mar Osaka Castle Plum Orchard
Over 95 species and about 1,250 Japanese plum trees are planted in one of
Osaka's largest plum gardens. The trees
usually begin flowering early from the end
of January and are trimmed into short, wide
shapes so that visitors can enjoy them
easily without casting their eyes up.
P Osaka Castle Park ¥Free
Feb 13.
(Fri)-May 15
Tenma Tenjin Plum Festival
A venerable tree over 200 years old, over
50 pots of renowned trees, and treasures of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine are
displayed in Sanshuden. Also there will be
a café offers Ume light meal and souvenir
shop sells variety of plum products.
P Osaka Temmangu Shrine ¥Adults
/ Children
plum orchard ¥ Adult: 500 yen / High school
students: 300 yen Junior high school students or
younger: free
(Sun)‒ Mar.12(Sat)
Approx. 800 red and white plum
trees in 80 varieties planted
over an area of approx.
33,000m² to comfort the soul
of Sugawara no Michizane, are
open to public worshippers. You
can enjoy rituals and outdoor
tea ceremony during this period.
Plum Festival
T 9:00‒17:00 P Domyoji Tenmangu Shrine ¥Adult 300yen
Junior high school students or younger :free
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Feb. 21
to Mar.22
Expo Park Ume Festival
There are 124 species, about 600 plum
trees at natural culture park, and 37 species, about 80 plum trees are at Japanese garden.
The shop for Ume products such as plum
jam, Umeboshi will be open during the
festival. You also have the opportunity to
have a look Japanese tea room in Japanese Garden where usually not open for
public. P E xpo P ar k ¥ ※A dmission f ee t o E xpo P ar k is r equir ed.
(Adult :250yen / Primary and secondary student 70yen)
Monthly Event Calendar of Osaka
Notable Events
∼Mar. 2(Mon)
Art Aquarium Exhibition
Art Aquarium Exhibition is a unique form of art, which
brings countless goldfish on display in aquariums decorated with colorful lighting, projection mapping, music.
The night Aquarium is held after 6pm and allow visitors
walk around with colorful cocktails in romantic lighting.
T Art Aquarium: 10:00−18:00 Night Aquarium: 18:00−20:00
※DJ night is held on every Friday, Saturday night and Feb 10th (Tue) open till 22:00
P Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F
¥ Adult 1000yen Elementary and junior high school student 800 yen Younger: Free
Feb. 27
The World of Tim Burton
After great success in Tokyo,
long-awaited exhibition is now here
Osaka! One of most popular director / artist Tim Burton. - The exhibition allows fans to experience his
imagery and aesthetic "world"
portrayed in his movies through
the years.
Including the original picture and
art object of character, they
display treasured picture and photograph, approximately 500 points
of works.
T 11:00 ∼19:00(Open till 21:00 on Fri and Sat) P Knowledge Capital, Grand Front
Osaka (North Building) ¥Adult :1,800 yen High school and college student :1,300 yen
4 years old to junior high school student :800 yen
Feb. 8th
World Hobby Fair
'15 Winter in Osaka
Feb 21
- Mar 22(Sun)
The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition "Nitten"
Japan s largest comprehensive public juried exhibition,
the Nitten,-The exhibition is divided into five fields,
Japanese-style painting (nihonga), Western-style painting
(yoga), sculpture, industrial arts and crafts and calligraphy. An approximate 584 pieces will be displayed for a
P Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts T 9:30 ‒ 17:00
※Entry permitted till 16:30 ¥Adult :1,000 yen / High
school and university student : 700 yen / * Free for junior
high school students and younger and people with disability handbook, etc. (ID required)
This is the biggest game and hobby
event in Japan and you will be able to
do a lot of things such as playing the
latest games, buying limited-sale
items or new items before they arrive
in stores, and join fun events like an
autograph session.
P Kyocera Dome Osaka
T 9:00 ∼ 16:00 ¥Free
February 14th
(Sun)13:00-17:00 February 15th
(Sun)13:00 -
Without a dialogue, but through rhythmic
banging of knives, pots and pans, NANTA
tells the story of four crazy chefs who
have been set the impossible task of
making a wedding banquet in just one
h o u r . W h a t f o ll o w s i s p u r e m u s i c a l
mayhem, and they even manage to fit in a
love story! It can be enjoyed by audiences
of all ages and nationalities since this is
nonverbal performance.
P Morinomiya Piloti Hall ¥7,560yen
8 Sun)
Snow Festival
For this 2days 170
tons of natural snow
ar e br ought all the
way from Shisou city
where 100 kilometers
away. Make snowman,
go tobogganing, play
with snow as much as
you want! Also some
stage performances
and some festival
stalls will be there.
P Expo Park T 10:00 ∼16:00 ¥※Admission fee to Expo Park is required. (Adult :250yen / Primary and
secondary student 70yen)
Feb. 22nd
Gourmet Running
Gourmet running
events surge of
popularity that
exquisite gourmet
food stalls and the
marathon was
All runners get tickets for tasting local
popular gourmet.
T h e r unnin g f un,
happy to eat. The
audience can also
enjoy the food while cheering the runners.
P Osaka Castle Park ¥Free