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St. John Vianney
1920 Skyview Drive • Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Phone/Telefono (770) 941-2807
Fax (770) 941-5821 • Friary (770) 941-2817
Este sacramento puede recibirlo cualquier
persona que sufra una enfermedad crónica, o
que necesita ser hospitalizada para someterse
a cirugía o por causa de edad. Para recibir el
sacramento lo único es llamar a la oficina, en
caso de emergencia puede llamar a cualquier
Fr. George Sabol OFM Conv.
Pastoral Administrator
Fr. Reto Davatz OFM Conv.
In Residence
Rev. Mr. Frank Przybylek
Rev. Mr. Johnny Rentas
Rev. Mr. Carlos Garcia
Mrs. Sharon Loiselle
Director Faith Formation
Mr. Karl Kuhlken
Youth Minister
Karla Zelaya
Hispanic Secretary
Rev. Mr. Carlos Garcia
Confirmation Coordinator
Ms. Judy Sheridan
Parish Secretary
Maria Laboy
Pastoral Council Facilitator
Mr. Paul Bleess
Finance Council President
Saturday Vigil Mass 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. (Contemporary)
10:30 a.m. (Choir), 12:00 Noon,
Spanish Masses 7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Monday & Thursday 7:00 p.m. (Lyke Chapel)
Tuesday 8:00 a.m. (Lyke Chapel)
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Spanish)
Friday 8:00 a.m. (Lyke Chapel)
First Friday Adoration 8:30 a.m. –7 p.m.
Holy Days and Holidays Consult Bulletin
9:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m., evenings by appointment.
Saturday: 4:00 - 4:45 p.m. Any other time by
Anointing may be conferred on anyone who
suffers from a chronic illness, entering the hospital, facing surgery or the infirmities of age. Arrangements must be made by calling the parish
office. In case of emergency, call anytime.
Preparations for the Reception of these Sacraments have special criteria and instructions.
Call the Parish Office for further details.
Para recibir estos Sacramentos se requiere
ciertos requisitos especiales. Se sugiere consultar la oficina parroquial para más detalles.
Familia, matrimonio, casos personales, abuso de
drogas etc. Si hay alguna necesidad de conserjería profesional, el Servicio de Conserjería Católica de la Arquidiócesis esta disponible con dos
Consejeros en nuestra área.
Nosotros, Pueblo de Dios de St.. John
Vianney, como comunidad de Fe, estamos llamados por Cristo a vivir el Evangelio por medio de nuestros actos de fe,
esperanza y caridad. Vivimos unidos como una familia en la fe, compartiendo
nuestra diversidad de culturas, nuestros
dones y carismas y nos esforzamos para
convertirnos en una verdadera comunidad
iluminada y guiada por el Espíritu. Guiada
por El, queremos acercarnos a todos los
hermanos para compartir la Buena Noticia
del Evangelio, nuestra Tradición Católica
Romana y llegar con nuestra presencia
hasta a los hermanos mas alejados físicaespiritualmente de nuestra comunidad,
para que participen en la vida y tareas de
la iglesia.
We, the people of St. John Vianney, as a Catholic community of faith, are called and challenged to be Christ like by living out the
gospel through acts of faith, hope and love. We live united as a faith family sharing our diversity of culture, gifts, ministry and leadership as we move to become a true community of faith. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, as a warm and caring community, our desire is
share the Gospel and Roman Catholic traditions. We reach out to those in spiritual or physical need and encourage full
to live and
and active participation in the life and works of the church.
NOVEMBER 9, 2014
NOVEMBER 10, THROUGH November 16, 2014
Mass Intentions for the Week of
November 10, 2014 November 16, 2014
Monday, November 10
7:00 PM All Souls Novena Mass
Tuesday, November 11
8:00 AM +Sara Maier: K. of C. Council 12580
Wednesday, November 12
8:00 AM +Louis Parr: the Parr Family
7:00 PM Rosary Hour
Thursday, November 13
7:00 PM +Sara Maier: K. of C. Council 12580
Friday, November 14
8:00 AM +Louis Parr: the Parr Family
Saturday, November 15
5:00 PM +Emma J. Douglas: Luella Chambers
Sunday, November 16
7:00 AM All Parishioners, living and deceased
9:00 AM +Lucille Harbuck: Jack & Pat Clower
10:30 AM + Sara Maier: Her Family
12:00 PM +Erin Calabrese: Terry & Dave
1:30 PM +Catalino Garcia: His Family
Ti 1:1-9; Ps 24:1b-4ab, 5-6; Lk 17:1-6
Ti 2:1-8, 11-14; Ps 37:3-4, 18, 23, 27, 29;
Lk 17:7-10
Wednesday: Ti 3:1-7; Ps 23:1b-6; Lk 17:11-19
Phlm 7-20; Ps 146:7-10; Lk 17:20-25
2 Jn 4-9; Ps 119:1-2, 10-11, 17-18;
Lk 17:26-37
3 Jn 5-8; Ps 112:1-6; Lk 18:1-8
Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31; Ps 128:1-5;
Administración de Tesoro
As disciples we are called to be faithful stewards of
Ɵme, talent and treasure.
November 2, 2014 $ 14,426.42
Budget Shortfall $ 1,911.65
Thank you for your conƟnued generosity!
Please remember SJV in your will and
estate planning!
¡Gracias por su conƟnua
7:30 PM
Knights of Columbus
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Bible Study
Hispanic Bible Study
Traditional Choir
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Contemporary Choir
Hispanic Choir
7:30 PM
Hispanic Charismatic Prayer Group Core
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Hispanic Prayer Group
Hispanic Charismatic Prayer Group
St. Francis Table - Team #8
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Hispanic Choir
Hispanic Baptism Class
In your prayers: Barb Dormer, Arnold
Flores, Terry Brown, Carolyn West, Frances
Breski, Oneida Chapple, Gwen Miller, Angelica Hernandez-Ortiz, John Deane, Crystal Lash,
Rina Rosa Reyes, Dave Philipp, Beverlee Leo,
Fred Leo, Cooper Hayes, Carlos Handal, Jack
Krueger, Frank Carollo
Por favor recuerden a SJV en su plani-
Saturday, November 15 - Team #4— Benedict Cadore,
Will Adamovich, Steve Havasy and Mark Wolfe
Pro-Life Notes
“To defend and promote life, to show reverence and love
for it, is a task which God entrusts to every man… .”
—-Pope John Paul II, Evangelium vitae, 42
November 9, 2014
In today’s Gospel Jesus challenges us to
“stay awake” by taking time to seriously
look at ourselves, the priorities of our
lives, and how we are growing spiritually.
Dedication of the
Lateran Basilica
Genesis 28:11-18
Psalm 84
1 Corinthians 3:9c-13, 16-17
Luke 19:1-10
St. John Lateran Basilica is the oldest of Rome’s major
basilicas and is the cathedral church of the pope, the
bishop of Rome. Originally a mansion of a wealthy Roman family, it was acquired by Constantine and gifted to
the church, becoming the residence of the pope. In the
fourth century it was dedicated to the Savior, and later
popes dedicated it to John the Baptist (10th century) and
John the Evangelist (12th century).
Jacob’s dream at Luz reveals to him that he is in
“the house of God” (Gn 28:17), “Bethel” in Hebrew.
The Lord renews the promises made to Abraham by
promising Jacob land, descendants, and blessings. A
new promise is also offered in light of Jacob’s fleeing to
another land: protection from his enemies. His vision of
a “stairway” (v 12) with “messengers [angels] … going
up and down” reminds him of God’s presence among the
Paul writes that as people of faith, each of us is a
“temple of God,? … that the Spirit of God dwells in” (v
16). God dwells not just in buildings of brick and mortar
but also in our hearts. As members of God’s household,
we are called to be living stones building up the body of
Christ, the church.
In Luke’s Gospel, Zacchaeus seeks out Jesus,
whose response to Zacchaeus’ initiative is to invite himself to stay at the tax collectors house. He who “has
come to seek / and to save what was lost” (v 10) has
found one of the lost in Zacchaeus. The grumbling of
the bystanders shows that they do not understand Jesus’
mission. God desires to dwell with all people, not just
the righteous. Zacchaeus’s response to Jesus illustrates
that “salvation has come to this house” (v 9).
For reflection: Is my image of church more about
buildings or people? Has my understanding of the church
as the body of Christ changed over the years?
We are still accepting registrations from students
currently in 8th grade through 12th grade to attend our
Catholic Heart WorkCamp mission. The mission trip
will take place June 21st—June 27th. The mission trip
will be to Hardeeville, SC. You can obtain the
registration form from our website
(www.sjvpar.net/faith_formation/lifeteen.php) . A
deposit of $85.00 is required to hold your student’s place.
We are limited to the first 21 students.
To learn more about this camp: www.heartworkcamp.com
Ask yourself “What would Jesus Christ
do?” and then put your gift in the St.
Vincent de Paul envelope so that those who are suffering
will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Our St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry needs the following items: toiletries, paper products, (toilet tissue and
paper towels). If you can donate any of these items,
please deposit them in the bins provided in the gath-
ering area..
Volunteers are needed to help handle the numerous requests for
assistance that come into the St. Vincent de Paul Society. If
you can donate some time to assist in this ministry, please call
the parish office at 770-941-2807.
We were very pleased with the overall
Blood Drive held at St. John Vianney on
September 28, 2014, and with the willingness of the donors to share this life
saving gift.
The efforts of St. John Vianney Church
have always been greatly appreciated and their support of the
community blood program will go a long way toward replenishing blood supplies and ultimately saving lives.
The were 50 donors registered and 53 units were collected.
There were 8 first time donors.
Again, thank you for your continued support.
Julie Bergstrom
American Red Cross
As the Franciscan Friars Conventual continue to
“make all things new” with the creation of the new
Our Lady of the Angels Province, we have new ways
to stay in touch with us. Please visit our website at
www.olaprovince.org>, Like us on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/OLAProvince>, and Follow us
on Twitter at www.twitter.com/
El horario para las misas en español es el siguiente:
Miércoles 7:00 PM
Domingo 7:00 AM
Domingo 1:30 PM
9 de noviembre
Fiesta de la Dedicación de la Basílica de
San Juan de Letrán en Roma
Por quienes lloran la pérdida de un hijo:
para que encuentren en nuestro Dios amoroso fortaleza, refugio y ayuda en este tiempo de angustia;
Roguemos al Señor:
“Defender y promover, respetar y amar la vida es
una tarea que Dios confía a cada hombre…”.
Papa Juan Pablo II, Evangelium vitae, 42
Por favor,
NO dejen bolsas
de ropa para donación en el
área frente a la
cocina. Tales
donaciones deben ser llevadas a la misión de
Sweetwater en Austell o a la tienda
de SVDP en Dallas, GA.
Estamos aceptando inscripciones de estudiantes actualmente en 8vo grado hasta el grado 12 para asisƟr a nuestra misión católica corazón WorkCamp. El viaje de la misión será el 21 de junio – 27 de junio. El viaje de misión
será a Hardeeville, SC. Usted puede obtener el formulario
de registro en nuestro siƟo web:
Un depósito de $85,00 es necesario para reservar el lugar
de su estudiante. Estamos limitados a los primeros 21 estudiantes.
Para comunicarte con el Padre José a la Parroquia Ɵenen que hacer
lo siguiente:
Marcar el Número 770-941-2807, después
Presionar el # 1 (Inglés), en el momento que escuchen la grabación,
presionar el # 5, al volver a escuchar la grabación
presionar el # 3, es la extensión del Padre.
Horario de oĮcina para servicios en español:
Lunes a Jueves de 9:00am a 1:30pm
Horario de oficina para servicios
en español únicamente los:
Lunes, Martes y Jueves de
9:00am - 1:30pm
10:00am - 1:30pm
Rezar con los 5 dedos - La oración que
enseñó el Papa Francisco
1.El pulgar es el más cercano a ti. Así que empieza orando por
quienes estan más cerca de ti. Son las personas más fáciles de
recordar. Orar por nuestros seres queridos es "una dulce obligación"
2. El siguiente dedo es el índice. Ora por quienes enseñan, instruyen y sanan. Esto incluye a los maestros, profesores, médicos y
sacerdotes. Ellos necesitan apoyo y sabiduría para indicar la dirección correcta a los demás. Tenlos siempre presentes en tus
3. El siguiente dedo es el más alto. Nos recuerda a nuestros líderes. Ora por el presidente, los congresistas, los empresarios, y los
gerentes. Estas personas dirigen los destinos de nuestra patria y
guían a la opinión pública. Necesitan la guía de Dios.
4. El cuarto dedo es nuestro dedo anular. Aunque a muchos les
sorprenda, es nuestro dedo más débil, como te lo puede decir
cualquier profesor de piano. Debe recordarnos orar por los más
débiles, con muchos problemas o postrados por las enfermedades. Necesitan tus oraciones de día y de noche. Nunca será demasiado lo que ores por ellos. También debe invitarnos a orar por
los matrimonios.
5.Y por último está nuestro dedo meñique, el más pequeño de
todos los dedos, que es como debemos vernos ante Dios y los
demás. Como dice la Biblia "los últimos serán los primeros". Tu
meñique debe recordarte orar por tí. Cuando ya hayas orado por
los otros cuatro grupos verás tus propias necesidades en la perspectiva correcta, y podrás orar mejor por las tuyas.
Para comunicarte directamente a la oĮcina en español, debes hacer lo siguiente:
Marcar el Número 770-941-2807, después
Presionar el # 1 (Inglés), en el momento que escuchen la grabación: Presionar el #2, al volver a escuchar nuevamente la grabación, Presionar el #6,
en cuanto contesten solo pidan hablar con Karla.
St. Theresa Catholic Church in Douglasville has an
immediate opening for a part-time youth minister.
The youth minister will work with the Director of
Religious Education and a team of volunteers to run
the total youth ministry program including social
events, prayer and worship, service projects and retreats. Applicants should be proficient in English and
have prior experience working with youth in a Catholic environment. This position includes evenings and
Mail or e-mail resume to:
Sue Kauffman, Business Manager at:
4401 Prestley Mill Road
Douglasville, GA 30135
The Archbishops Appeal pledges for this
year are less than 50%
paid off, we certainly
appreciate your pledges
and just want you to
keep this expense in mind when you are
doing your budgets. Also, to those good
folks who pledged to our new windows,
as you can see, little by little they are
coming into view and we have about
$40,000 pledged that needs to be paid.
As always, your attention to these matters is a blessing!
Christ the King Catholic School, a K-8 Archdiocesan parish school, located in the Buckhead community of Atlanta,
is seeking to fill a FOURTH GRADE TEACHING POSITION. Experienced candidates should possess a valid
teaching certificate and either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Elementary Education. Professional educator application is available via website at www.christking.org.
Please fax resume and application to 404-266-0608 or email
Please do not leave bags of clothing for donation in the gathering area. Such donations must be taken to Sweetwater
Mission in Austell or SVDP Thrift Store in Dallas.
Our heartfelt prayers are
ex-tended to the following HighSchool students
who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on
Saturday, November 1st.
May the Holy Spirit continue to Guide them on
their faith journey.
Jonathan Almazan
Kelechi Anyanwu
Sarah Baird
Jazmin Blancas
Andrew Calderara
Mariela Camacho
Thania De La Rosa
Suzette DeSantiago
Kyrill Delaunay
Ashley Escobedo
Onyedikachi Eze
Charlene Gachoya
Ethan Garcia
Ray Giangiacomo, Jr.
Maciej Glod
Amy Godoy-Gamino
Somtochukwu Godwin-Offor Roberto Gonzalez
Esteysi Gutierrez
Liana Ha
Sabrina Harding
Gabriel Hernandez
MaxAnn Hilliard
Matthew Jones
Luke Jourden
Njambi Karobia
Harold Lomax II
David Aquinas Macias
Gianni Marte
Jason Martinez
Miguel Melendez
David Metellus
Annie Mukundi
Maria Ortiz
Natalia Pierre-Paul
Eva Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez
Andrea Tully
Adriana Vasquez
Erik Villa
Dana Waters
Special thanks to Archbishop Wilton Gregory and
Carlos Garcia our Confirmation Coordinator and to
everyone who in any way helped to make this a memorable occasion.
The Way for Men Retreat
This is a 3-day retreat for adult male survivors of
abuse offered by the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s Victim Assistance Program on December 5-7, 2014 at
Carmel Retreat Center in Hoschton, Georgia. The
deadline for registration is November 25, 2014.
Please contact Sue Stubbs at 404-920-7554 or
sstubbs@archatl.com for an application or for more
PRAYING PACEM IN TERRIS: Moreover, a ruling authority is indispensable to civil society. That is a fact
which follows from the moral order itself. Such authority,
therefore, cannot be misdirected against the moral order.
It would immediately cease to exit, being deprived of its
whole raison d'être. God Himself warns us of this: "Hear,
therefore, ye kings, and understand: learn, ye that are
judges of the ends of the earth. Give ear, you that rule the
people, and that please yourselves in multitudes of nations. For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by
the Most High, who will examine your works, and search
out your thoughts."
And lastly one must bear in mind that, even when it regulates the relations between States, authority must be exercised for the promotion of the common good. That is the
primary reason for its existence. (83-84)
Excerpt of Saint John XXIII’s
Pacem in Terris
Provided by Justice & Peace
Ministries, Archdiocese of Atlanta
This week at Edge, we will spend time learning
about the biblical character of Ruth and her example of friendship. We will talk about the importance of being a good friend and ways that we
can honor God by being a good friend to those
around us. If there are qualities of a good friend
that you recognize in your middle school youth,
this would be a great opportunity to affirm them.
Here are some questions to ask your child after
Why is Ruth one on the great women of the
Bible? What does her story teach us?
What do you think is the most important trait
to have in a best friend?
Who do you consider your best friend? What
is something you appreciate about them?
Who is someone that you have a hard time
being a good friend to? Why is that? What is
one thing you could do to be an example of
Christ-like love to them this week?
Did you know that some children in
our community go home from
school on weekends with very little
food at home? A Gift of Love Services , through the BACKPACK FOOD PROGRAM, furnishes approximately 100 needy children
two meals a day, plus snacks for the weekend (or for
the holidays when they are out of school). Through
your donations, 3 children will be sponsored.
Items needed on continual basis:
Pop tarts
Canned chicken or tuna
Hot & Cold single servings of cereal
Fruit cups
Beanie Weenies
Juice boxes Pudding snacks Applesauce
Mac & Cheese Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers
Milk Boxes (non refrigerated)
Items that children can prepare themselves
Donations can be left in a labeled container
in the lobby.
We have multiple ways to
find out what is happening
at St. John Vianney:
Our website has been updated
with a new calendar.
We have a link on the website
where you can signup for email
Keep checking back—our website will be updated
You can also “LIKE” us on Facebook
Do you have suggesƟons or quesƟons?
Email Chris Butler at cbutler@sjvpar.net
SJV Spotlight
What Are You Doing Two Saturdays During The Year?
St. Francis Table Needs You!
St. Francis Table was started in response to the fact that there was a need for food for the hungry on
Saturday. While various churches oīered food during the week, there was no food program running on
St. Francis Table began operaƟon on Holy Saturday, April 10, 1982 during the period when Franciscans Friars
staīed the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate ConcepƟon in Atlanta. The name, St. Francis Table originated with
the Franciscans who live their lives in imitaƟon of St. Francis of Assisi.
Currently, St. Francis Table feeds 300 to over 500 people every Saturday. The only requirement for the people to be fed, is
that they are hungry.
Currently, St. John Vianney has seven groups that volunteer one Saturday each month to work at the St. Francis Table.
You can volunteer with one group and it will work out that you support the St. Francis Table twice each year. You can join
more teams and volunteer more oŌen… your call. When you join a team, the team leader will contact you with the
meeƟng Ɵme at SJV, usually it is around 5:30AM. You will travel to the Shrine of the Immaculate ConcepƟon in Atlanta.
You will make sandwiches and make soup with donaƟons that have been provided by local restaurants. The guests are
invited in at 10AM. They enter through the door located on the MarƟn Luther King Boulevard side of the Shrine. They each
receive a meat and cheese sandwich, bowl, cup, spoon and napkin. AŌer they are seated, the volunteers serve the soup
from large pitchers. Each person is fed unƟl they have their Įll, they leave through the door on the parking lot side of the
church and as they leave through the parking lot door they are given desserts. AŌer each group leaves, the next group is
let in. The kitchen stays open and serves soup and sandwiches unƟl 12:00 noon when clean up begins. We help with
clean up and then travel back to SJV. We usually arrive by 1:30PM.
Volunteers can be teen through adult!
Interested in volunteering:
Contact Sharon Loiselle
to join a team.
sloiselle@sjvpar.net or call SJV
oĸce at 770-941-2807
The Catholic Shrine of the
Immaculate ConcepƟon
48 MarƟn Luther King Jr. Drive, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303