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Holy Ghost Catholic Church
Fr. Robert Merced, O.P., Pastor
Fr. Cayet Mangiaracina, O.P., Associate Pastor
Rev. Bro. Mauricio Salazar, O.P., Deacon
Lea Smith, Parish Secretary
Peggy Powell, Data Secretary
Carla Richmond, Bookkeeper
Trisha Labbe, Director of Religious Education
Marli Freas, Youth Minister
Cheryl Brothers, Music Director
601 North Oak Street • Hammond, LA 70401
Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Telephone: 985-345-3360 • Fax: 985-542-4191
Parish Website:
Tangee Daugereaux, Holy Ghost School Principal
Holy Ghost School Telephone: 985-345-0977
School Website:
Saturday Vigil: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am
Youth Mass: 5:00 pm
Children’s Church: during 9:30 am Mass
Spanish Mass: 1:30 pm Sunday
Daily: 7:00 am Monday thru Friday
(in the Daily Chapel)
Holy Days: 7:00 am, 12:15 pm, 6:00 pm
Saturday 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Contact Trisha Labbe at 985-345-3360 ext 28 or email at at least 6 weeks in advance.
Contact the Parish Office at 985-345-3360 ext 21 to schedule a
marriage at least 6 months in advance.
If you have not yet had an opportunity to register, please
call the parish office during office hours. We are very
happy to have you here in our midst.
October 26, 2014 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Holy Ghost Parish Fair Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
In an ar cle on “successful aging” (New Theology Review, November, 2010), Dr. Lawrence M. Lenoir proposes that the art of giving and receiving love is at the heart of growing old gracefully. Research shows that being in a loving rela onship quiets the demons of depression and despair. So, if you want to be healthy, be loving. Jesus would agree. The rabbis of Jesus’ day argued about which was the greatest commandment of the six hundred thirteen in the Torah. When the Pharisees asked Jesus, he answered that what God wanted most from the chosen people who had been liberated from slavery and called to live in a covenantal rela onship was a return of the love God showed to them. This love has two faces: loving God totally and loving one another as one loves oneself. Loving is a contagious ac vity. If you are loved, you tend to be loving. Paul is sounding this note when he writes to the Thessalonians about how they became imitators of him and his fellow evangelizers Timothy and Silvanus, and of the Lord himself, receiving the word and living in faith, joy, and love for each other, because they believed in God’s love for them, revealed in Christ. Our love must flow outward in compassionate generosity. The Lord called on Israel to show its love by not oppressing aliens, not wronging weak orphans and defenseless widows, and not extor ng the poor by demanding interest on loans. No less is asked of those who have received the Holy Spirit and live in community with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s us. Love one another.—James A. Wallace, C.Ss.R. Welcome to Holy Ghost Church. Should you like to become a member of our parish, please visit our website at where you can find a registra on form that you can place in the Sunday Collec on or bring to the parish office. We also have registra on forms in the pamphlet racks in the gathering area. If you have any ques ons, please feel free to contact us at 985‐345‐3360. May God pour out his blessings upon you! BLESSING OF THE GRAVES NOVEMBER 1ST AT 10:00 AM The Board of Directors of Rose Memorial Cemetery Association invite all to attend the blessing of the graves at the mausoleum at Rose Memorial Park. Deacon Nat Garofalo will preside over the blessing at 10 am on Saturday, November 1st. Holy Ghost Parish Fair:
Lots of new and exciting attractions,
food, entertainment and more are coming to
The Holy Ghost Parish Fair!
October 23, 24, and 25 It will be a Fair to remember!
Bingo will return this year to the Fair!!!
Join the Catholic Daughters to play BINGO on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm ll 4pm in the School Cafeteria. Eucharistic Adoration
Eucharistic Adoration is the adoration of Jesus
Christ present in the Holy Eucharist. In the many
Churches that have this adoration, the Eucharist is
displayed in a special holder called a monstrance,
and people come to pray and worship Jesus
continually throughout the day. This a great way to
spend some quiet time in prayer and reflection. End
your week with some time in Adoration.
It is important that all time-slots be filled and
committed to, as Jesus cannot be exposed without
anyone present.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be Friday,
November 7 beginning at 7:30 am and ending with
Benediction at 6:00 pm.
The schedule is:
Mass 7:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.
Friday Morning Prayers 7:30 a.m. - 7:50 a.m.
Exposition 7:50 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Adoration: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Benediction 6:00 p.m.
Monday morning Mass on October 27 will be celebrated at 8:00 am. The Church Business Office will be closed that day. Cross Catholic Outreach Father Robert Hazel will be visi ng our parish next weekend to speak at all the Masses on behalf of Cross Catholic Outreach which was founded to create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Youth Ministry The Youth Schedule of Events Sunday, October 26th ALL youth are invited to a end World Youth Day in Baton Rouge For more informa on, contact Marli Freas at or 345‐3360 ext. 26. Confirma on A special “Thank you” to those who took the me to help prepare our young adults of the parish for the Sacrament of Confirma on; especially, our Adult volunteers. Thanks to all the parents, godparents, catechists, and sponsors who have taken part in this special me of prepara on. By your efforts and examples of service, you have le an indelible mark on these young adults who are the future of our community. The following received the Sacrament of Confirma on: Ryan Amerson Gabrielle Dufrene Emily Peco Bryce Ferrara Alyssa Anders Hayes Perrilloux Joseph Baiamonte Aaron Flores Blake Piediscalzo HOLY GHOST LIVING ROSARY SOCIETY Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter Morgan Fontenot Zachary Reid Beau Balado Abby Gaudet Betsy Balado Austin Roy Our commitment is for the re‐establishment of the family unit including your own personal inten ons. Reagan Greer Samantha Barrera Vincent Rusciano A team consists of 20 members who by their individual daily Tania Barrera Estefania Harvey Cailin Sampey par cipa on help to complete a Living Rosary. Krystal Hux Brett Bass Channing Sampey The me period began on October7, 2014‐October 2015. Jarrett Jordan Bates Olivia David Smith The commitment is to pray daily at your leisure one decade Dylan Kirk Brady Becerra Hunter Stanley of the rosary while reflec ng on an individually assigned Madeline Bolton Labbé Haileigh Gabriel Stant mystery and medita on for the event. Sydney Lavigne Regan Bolton Frank Tallia, III Prayer Really Changes Things Jason Bolton Martinez Jimmy Taylor Reed For more informa on call Mary Martinez Alexis Theriot Alexis Borne Pauline Dvornak at 902‐8300 Jacques Brechtel Madelyne Miley Derik Tran Mason Miller Catherine Turner Cassidy Bryant Sydney Milton Claire Turner Morgan Busch Holy Ghost School
Chloe Chauvin Hannah Mollere Alberto Valenzuela Holy Ghost Catholic School is currently par cipa ng in Aaron O'Neill Blake Vampran Bailey Dupré a 5‐year evalua on for accredita on by the Southern Luke Orlando Emily Waddell Megan Davis Associa on of Colleges and Schools. To meet the Emily Owens Morgan Watts Courtney Dawsey accredita on requirements for stakeholder survey Anna Parker DePaula Cole Wolfe Scott data, the Program Effec veness Stakeholder survey is available for community members who ARE NOT parents of current students and who ARE NOT Parish School of Religion employees of the school. The survey will be open through October 31, PSR 2014 Fall Schedule 2014. Please take a few moments to complete the Oct. 26 OFF (Parish Fair) survey. The survey can be accessed through the Nov. 2 PSR Session 5 Catholic Schools Office website at h p://
9 PSR Session 6 Dec. Advent/Christmas Event TBA Thank you for your help in comple ng this To register go to accredita on requirement.—Tangee Daugereaux, READINGS FOR NEXT WEEK First Reading…...................................Wisdom 3:1-9
Second Reading.……………………..Romans 5:5-11
Gospel Reading……….........................John 6:37-40
STEWARDSHIP OF FINANCE 1st Collection……………………....$20,315.62
No Second Collection next week—
FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR The Flowers on the Altar are donated In Loving Memory of
Roger Stromeyer, Jr.
2014 Bishop’s Annual Appeal Campaign For twenty‐nine years, generous Catholic parishioners in our diocese have given to support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, helping to fund essen al ministries and programs, and extending assistance and encouragement to many thousands of our neighbors in our 12 civil parish diocese. Every contribu on is invested to meet the needs of those around us. Each one makes a difference. St. Paul stressed the importance of caring for others and their needs, indica ng our response honors the example of Jesus Christ. “Bear one another’s burdens,” he wrote, “and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gala ans 6:2). We commend the BAA as an ongoing response to that call, and invite any who have not yet par cipated in the appeal this year to do so now. Consider the concerns of others, for God knows our needs. As children of a loving and gracious God, we extend life’s blessings to others. For an in depth look at the ministries or programs supported through the BAA, visit Thank you in advance for your commitment to our diocese. From Roger Stromeyer, Sr. Family
Baptism Seminar
Deceased in the Parish
clease remember in your prayers all of our Holy Ghost Parish family and f iends who mour the loss of a loved one especially, Phyllis Fanara Book Blessings for October With An Everlas ng Love: How To Develop An In mate Rela onship With God by William A. Barry, SJ Baptism seminars are held the First Tuesday of the
month, November 4 at 6:30pm in the Daily Mass Chapel.
The seminars are a "standing" meeting, so no
registration is needed and they are open to people from
other church parishes who need to attend a baptism
seminar. Baptisms are celebrated the third weekend of
the month following the masses. Information for
registering your child for baptism and obtaining
godparent forms can be accessed on the church website:, under the red Religious Education
tab, under Baptism. For further assistance, please
contact Trisha Labbe at (985) 345-3360, ext. 28 or
Happy Birthday and Congratulations to
Lillie Giacone who celebrates her 95th Birthday on
October 25th. May God continue to bless you.
Walking on Water:
sponsored by Healing the Peter Within Us
with Father Matt Linn, S.J.
A Ministry to Catholic Women West St. Tammany Chapter Tuesday, November 11, 2014 BENEDICT’SPLANTATION
Our Speaker: Cookie Read
October 31 -November 2, 2014 Fr. Matthew Linn, SJ has focused on integrating
physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. He is a
member of the Association of Christian Therapists with
advanced graduate degrees in sociology,
anthropology, spirituality, and theology. Ordained in
l973 he currently lives in a Jesuit community in
Minneapolis where he trains spiritual directors.
To register call Rosaryville @ 225-294-5039
Tickets: $15.00 Available at Most Holy Trinity Church St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Tickets on sale October 31 thru November 7 No tickets sold at the door. MASS INTENTIONS PRAYERS FOR THE SICK Goldie Krafft, Susan Robichaux, Peggy Gennardo, Deb
Hill, Raymond Bergeron, Mike Guzzardo, Cindy
Costanza, Phyllis Fanara, Cheryl Bergeron-Bonie, John
Ferrara, Melia Franks, Mary Ann Huebinger, Anne
Raphael, Elise Angelette, Vita Demarco, Jody Ratliff, Jr.,
Carl Fletcher, Sr., Hunter Hoffman, Brentley Hoffman,
Fred Trapp, Audrey Martinez, Johnny Carlton, Susan
Spring, Arthur Daussat, Morris Bankston, Monette Garon,
Richard Seale, Emerson Bean, Audrey Nuccio, Steven
Bourque, Torrey Harris, Robert Carlisle, Donna Skinner,
Thelma Brettillo, Beverly Basha, Adolf Schilling, James
Christina, Johnnie Santangelo,III, Janice Breuhl, Ken
Yeomans, Bryan Estopinal, Anna Bass, Linda Freire,
Ricky Lips, Alena Governale, Freddie Dubois, Claire
Villien Bohn, Vicki Rogers, Elise Boyle, Anthony Prescia,
Jr., Eddie Paul Bearb, Macy Gueldner, Joseph Diecidue,
John Marlbrough, Lynette Edwards, Joe Tickle, Joseph
Jette, Josh Wendell, Leon V. Latino, Sr., Jeanette Ernst,
Patricia Manzella, Rosalie Miller, Bonnie Shettles, Gracie
Anzalone, Daisy Arvello, Jay Burchfield, Isabella Pena,
Johnny Domiano, Robert Goodwin, Dru Frederick, Frank
Schiro, Thomas Bourgeois Jr, Mary Cashio, Audrey
Costanza, Carlo Bentivegna, Gregg Mader, Sarah Marie
Caldorera, Joseph Lacara, Lillie Giacone, Pete J. Arnone,
David Hebert, Melissa Madere, Crosby Gallinaro, Gail
Gorman, Christine McTopy, Mary Fardella, Robert Egan,
Jo Ellen Marten, Albert Niquiporo, Amy Sutton, Frank
David DePaula, Hazel Sam, Carl and Cynthia Boucher,
Mary and John Hanks, Leon V. Latino, Jr.
If you seek intentions for someone who is sick, please call
the Holy Ghost Office so we can include them in our
prayer list.
Please keep in mind that we pray for all the sick in the
prayers of the faithful at every Mass.
Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri 8:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM OCT. 27 ‐ NOV. 2 Nick Domiano+ Peggy Bandouin+ Jimmy Williams+ Tom Hufste ler+ Edward Mire, Sr.+ Sat 4:00 PM PURGATORIAL Paul Arvello+ Wife & Children Brandon Mayeaux+ Mom, Dad & Brother Deceased Parents+ Geri & Ken Mayeaux Mr. & Mrs. Leon Vullo+ Family Phillip Notariano+ Daughters & Family Lena Legoria+ Daughter, Virginia & Family Josie Albano+ Sal & JoAnn Prescia Anthony Lamonte+ Lena Lamonte Ann & Sam Annina+ Family Patricia A. Lee+ Sister, Gaynell Lee Sun Sun 7:30 AM 9:30 AM Joseph Barcia+ Jimmy Collura+ Robert Owens+ Rosalie Barcia Family & Friends Margaret & Darrell Amar Allen Dugas+ Wife & Children Joe Demarco+ Wife, Nancy Dr. Albert Douce e+ Wife & Family Anna Distefano+ Family Lena Legoria+ Brother, Tony Schillage Tony & Jennie Scalia+ Daughters & Family Hunter Thompson+ Holy Ghost School Ida & Joseph Alfonso, Sr.+ Cathy Alfonso Sun 11:30 AM Joseph Alfonso, Jr.+ Tony & Rosalie Pecoraro+ Cathy Alfonso Family Sun Sun 1:30 PM 5:00 PM People of the Parish Joseph Liuzza+ REQUESTED BY: Harold & Anna Amerson Roger Stromeyer, Sr. Family Harold & Anna Amerson Family Roger Stromeyer, Sr. Family Joe & Gay Abene The KC’s Raffle CORRECTION St. Vincent de Paul For the year ending September 30, 2014, St. Vincent de Paul Society ( Holy Ghost Conference) provided the following to the poor in our area. Families helped: 410 Individuals helped: 902 Value of Services Provided Food $ 3, 141 Lodging $ 316 U li es assistance $13, 455 Rent $ 2, 526 SVDP Store Requisi on $ 4, 006 Gas $ 1, 739 Prescrip ons $ 3, 284 Misc. (Christmas families) $ 4, 837 Total $33, 305 The winner of the Black and Gold Rosary raffled by the Knights of Columbus is Kenny Mayeaux. Congratula ons Kenny! St. Vincent de Paul Society thanks all Holy Ghost parishioners who contributed their me and dollars in our ministry to the poor. The Bulletin deadline is Monday at 1:00 PM. This
information will be published in the next Sundays bulletin.
Some of our bulletin deadlines change during the holiday
season. Please e-mail all bulletin articles to No articles will be accepted over
the phone.
By Calling Them First. If you would like to be one of our bulle n adver sers please contact our new representa ve Sco Kaplan at 513‐405‐
9945. Trigésimo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario Oficina de Holy Ghost: 985-345-3360
Preparación para Bautizos:
Rosa Robichaux, teléfono 985-542-9479
Preparacion para Primera Comunion:
Rosa Robichaux, teléfono 985-542-9479
Preparación de Ministros de la Eucaristia:
Rene Abadie, teléfono 985-542-7859
Preparación de Lectores:
Coco Sandino, teléfono 504-228-9398
Coro y Quinceañeras:
Veronica Holt, teléfono 985-320-1707
Preparación de Acólitos o monaguillos:
Rene Abadie, teléfono 985-542-7859
Confesiones Todos los Sábados de 3:00 p.m. a 3:45 p.m. Durante los días de semana llamar para hacer una cita con el sacerdote al 985‐345‐3360 Anuncio La oficina de la Iglesia estará cerrada el día lunes 27 de Octubre (después de la feria parraquial) Preparación religiosa y catecismo “Kindergarden” y Octavo grado Horario del año 2014 Horario del mes de Octubre LECTURAS DE HOY Primera lectura Éxodo 22:20‐26. Segunda lectura 1 Tesalonicenses 1:5c‐10. Evangelio Meditación sobre las lecturas de hoy Las primeras dos lecturas de hoy nos ayudan a contestar la pregunta que pudiera surgir al leer el Evangelio. Jesús, en el Evangelio de hoy, resume toda la ley judía y de los profetas en dos mandamientos: Amarás al Señor, tu Dios, con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma y con toda tu mente, y amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. Si alguien pregunta: “¿Cómo debo amar a Dios y a mi prójimo?” no hay que buscar la respuesta en otro lado que en las dos primeras lecturas. El libro del Éxodo da directrices en cuanto a un comportamiento justo con los demás. San Pablo nos dice sencillamenteque seamos imitadores del Señor. El amor que profesamos tener a Dios y a los demás debe estar igualado a nuestrasacciones. Estamos llamados a poner las necesidades de los demás antes que las nuestras. Esto obviamente está al centro de nuestra vida cristiana. Al proclamarse la palabra sagrada de hoy oremos para que se nos conceda la Fortaleza de amar a Dios y al prójimo más profundamente. Octubre 26, No hay clases (Feria parroquial) Horario del mes de Noviembre ¿Te está llamando Dios a ser un fraile Dominico? Noviembre 2, Sesión # 5 Si alguna vez has pensado o has Noviembre 9, Sesión # 6 sentido curiosidad por la vida religiosa, ya sea como un hermano Inscripción y cuotas Todos los niños del “Kindergarden” al quinto grado cooperador o sacerdote, puedes comunicarte con nuestro director deben completar un formulario de inscripción que vocacional fray Charlie Johnson OP incluye una cuota de $ 35.00 dólares por un niño y al (504) 837‐2129 Ext. 6. También puedes vistar nuestro $15.00 dólares por cada niño adicional. sitio web, Todos los estudiantes de los grados 6 al 11 deben completar un formulario de inscripción y pagar una Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe cuota de inscripción de $ 35.00 dólares. Ruega por nosotros INFORMATION SHEET
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601 N. Oak Street
Hammond, LA 70401
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