Tips to Recover after Removing the Wisdom Wheel

Tips to Recover after Removing the Wisdom
Extracting the Wisdom Teeth is perhaps very frightening and painful. Although the
extraction of any dental piece , however simple it may seem, is still annoying ,
perhaps this tooth in particular can be considered the worst.
If you could not postpone it and you are going to do TX Wisdom Teeth Extraction,
here are some tips to make it more bearable:
1. Rest after Removing the Wisdom Wheel
All recovery process of the body deserves rest, this is because you allow your brain,
your cells and your body in general to get down working in order to regenerate and
alleviate what is wrong.
It is necessary that you take into account a relative rest the first 48 hours after TX
Wisdom Tooth Extraction. With relative rest I mean not to make physical efforts,
like lifting heavy things, running, doing physical exercise, even suspending domestic
chores will help.
2. Take your medications as directed by your prescription
As a general rule, it is common for your surgeon to prescribe an analgesic, an
antibiotic and a desinflammatory. The type, dose and brand of medications will be
evaluated by your surgeon based on the complexity of your surgery. Your age and
your health conditions, that's why you should not self-medicate. The antibiotic will
help you prevent an infection; usually you should take it 5 days.
The desinflamante as its name indicates it helps to diminish the inflammation, perhaps
you should take it from 5 to 7 days and sometimes you can tell it to take it before the
An analgesic, this is more than necessary to help control pain. You will only take it
while you are in pain and it is highly recommended to take it immediately after
leaving the surgery, before the anaesthesia effects pass or you will have a very bad
3. The ice
It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of the area, besides numbing, believes
me, it will give you great well-being. An extra tip, when you apply ice on the skin
does not do it directly, as it burns, use a cloth or a thin towel to line the ice. To avoid
getting wet and dirty while the ice melts, put it first in a bag and then use a cloth or
towel to cover it.
You can place a day or two of water sachets tied as a pen or frozen in the fridge, so
they are ready when you need them. Unless the discomfort is unbearable, at nightfall
interrupts the ice to try to rest.
4. Heat Compresses
Heat pads in the outer area of the wheel will help reduce pain. The heat after an
extraction of wisdom teeth helps to reduce inflammation. That is why it considerably
eases the discomfort.
Additional tip, in a bag of blanket or some cotton cloth you can put a cup of rice, tie it
without using any metal. Put the sachet into the microwave oven for 1 to 2 minutes.
This works like a warm compress, but it is more practical and the heat is preserved for
about 10 minutes.
Also the bags that sell in pharmacies to which you can put cold or hot water are