Types of precious and semi-precious stones according to their colour

Types of precious and semi-precious stones
according to their colour
The precious stones are a benchmark in jewellery at the highest level. Its beauty and
its characteristics of resistance and colour make them very coveted items when it
comes to making unique pieces. To these gems of mineral origin, except some like the
amber that are of organic origin, are attributed to them even healing powers and a
supernatural mysticism due to their scarcity and properties. We are an online
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Characteristics of precious and semiprecious gems
It should be clarified that, although the terms gemstone and gemstone are often used
as synonyms, in reality there are differences between them. Gems are a larger group
that is divided into two large groups: precious stones and semiprecious stones. We
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The gems are formed in nature through very specific processes, reason why some are
so rare. They can be volcanic stones from eruptions and sources of magma. They can
also be formed metamorphic ally by undergoing structural changes over time due to
pressure or heat conditions. Finally, they can be created through sand sediments. You
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According to the properties, only the ruby, the emerald and the blue sapphire, which
unite of course to the diamond, are found in the category of precious stones. We have
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Types of gems
When choosing a type of gem, you can take into account many of its specific
characteristics, but one of the most relevant is the colour or tonality. Some of the gems
such as Natural Swiss blue topaz can appear in various colours, but there is always
one that predominates more than the rest.
Types of precious stones
The Diamond is the hardest natural substance found on Earth and incredibly is the
only precious stone made of a single element: carbon. Although we think of diamonds
as a transparent mineral, they actually come in a wide spectrum of colours. Coloured
diamonds are called "fantasies". Blue and pink diamonds are among the rarest, while
yellow and brown diamonds are the most common.
The emerald is one of the most fascinating and beautiful gemstones we can find. Its
name derives from the Greek 'Smaragdos', which literally means 'Green Stone'. Its
beautiful green colour, combined with durability and rarity, makes it one of the most
valued gemstones, with a special position in many cultures and religions.
The ruby is the red variety of corundum mineral, one of the hardest minerals on Earth.
Its red colour is the result of a small mixture of chromic oxide. Only red corundum
has the right to be called a ruby, and all other colours are classified as sapphires. The
most appreciated dye is blood or crimson red known in commerce as "pigeon blood"
Sapphire is also a variety of mineral Corundum and includes all colours except Red
Corundum, which as we said is exclusive to the ruby. Blue is the main colour of the
sapphire, although it is also found in colours such as green, orange, pink, gray,
colourless, black, brown and purple and Lab created pink sapphire. The word
'Sapphire' refers only to the blue sapphire; unless a prefix colour is specified.