Which is the best method to fix overbite or underbite

Which is the best method to fix overbite or
A research has proved that more than 70% of children suffer from dental disorders.
Among these are Overbites and Under bites which are very common. Hence, there
are several treatments which are available for correcting overbites and underbites.
What is overbites?
There are mainly two types of overbites, horizontal overbite and vertical overbite.
When teeth protrude out in front of the bottom teeth then it is called horizontal
overbite. Whereas when the top teeth covers the bottom teeth significantly, it is
called vertical overbite. Both the types of overbites are common, and it is caused due
to skeletal and dental problems. When teeth are the root cause of the problem then
it is called dental problem while if the jaw leads to the overbite, it is called skeletal
over bite.
There are several physical issues which erupt with Overbite. Many times, there are
also psychological troubles related to self-consciousness. The orthodontist evaluates
the seriousness of the overbite and advices the best treatment procedures. The main
physical issues caused due to overbite are:
Many speech related impediments such as lisps.
Chewing and eating related troubles.
Pain in jaw due to overused or strained jaw and muscles.
Scrapping of tooth enamel resulting in cavities and many other gum diseases.
Risk of front tooth damage as it is very prominent position in the mouth.
Tissue damage in the bottom teeth.
Treatment options for Overbites
There are a number of treatment options for overbites. They are:
1. Invisalign
The latest treatment option is Invisalign. This kind of treatment uses
transparent aligners to bring the teeth into desired position. These aligners
are used for 22 hours per day and require change of set once in every two
weeks with a new pair. Treatment with these aligners generally takes nine
months to a year to straighten the teeth. It is also seen that many
orthodontists recommend Invisalign to treat Overbites. It is a completely
customised treatment plan to shift teeth or jawline or both to fix Overbite.
Many times, elastic bands are also used with the Invisalign to treat more
serious bite problems. These elastic bands are attached to top and bottom
aligners to meet the bite issues. Though elastic bands have been proven very
effective, it has been ineffective in extreme bite cases.
2. Other treatments:
For extreme cases the following treatments can be used:
 Braces: This is a two-stage process and very common method for
treating overbites. In the first stage the teeth are aligned by
connecting to metal wire. In the next stage rubber bands, cold
and springs are attached for treating overbites and shift the
 Surgery: When in rare cases the overbite is skeletal surgery may
be required. This is up to the orthodontist to decide. Surgery is
done in case of adults as children are treated in their developing
 Tooth extraction: In some cases, shifting of tooth requires some
space and hence tooth extraction is recommended.