Results of Breast Augmentation before And After

Results of Breast Augmentation before And
Within the operations of aesthetic surgery that are currently performed, the Breast
Lift Surgery in Houston is, without any doubt, the most performed globally. The
number of women who decide to have an Breast Augmentation Houston to increase
their self-esteem and feel finally satisfied with themselves, among them breast cancer
patients, is growing more and more.
We always advise all patients to go to a professional centre and with a specialized and
experienced doctor who can advise us what kind of operation, implants or size we
should choose. Currently one of the Breast Lift Surgery Houston techniques that are
being followed is the lipoimplant or autologous fat transfer.
Why? Here are some of the advantages:
Appearance and form
One of the biggest concerns is what will be the final aspect of my chest? Using fat the
result is much more natural. The fat sits in the right place avoiding unnatural forms.
Results Breast Lift Surgery Before And after image is good decision to check
before any decision.
How it behaves to the touch
As with the form, when settling naturally and being created with body fat does not
have a different texture to the rest of our body. That is, you cannot tell the difference
between the normal breast and the enlarged part.
Coupled with this, we must mention that the entire chest will naturally age as it is fat,
so you will not need touch-ups to acquire a shape or texture that attracts attention with
the passage of time.
The scar that remains after a mammoplasty using a prosthesis is usually about 4
centimetres and can be in three different areas: periareolar (around the areola, nipple),
axillary or submammary (in the lower part of the chest, hidden in the breast fold).
However, the scar using autogenously grease is only 3mm. In turn, the same scar is
what you will have in the area where the fat is extracted, that is, they are scars
practically undetectable. The difference is very large and if you worry about the marks
after the postoperative period this is definitely your best option.
Possible complications?
The only problem with Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX with own fat is that we
need to take the fat from one area of the body and put it in another, so in the
postoperative period we will have to recover from two areas.
However, one of the risks we will avoid is to suffer rejections. Sometimes the body
can reject the prosthesis to be something artificial and not own the body can try to
eliminate it and react against it. It is not usual, but when we do the increase with own
fat this does not happen since the body recognizes the cells as their own at all times.
Always remember to expose all your doubts in front of a professional so that you can
clarify any of the advantages that we have highlighted and to make you the tests and
really confirm that you are suitable for this type of plastic surgery. Do not hesitate to
take the step to feel better with yourself in the safest way possible.