Know Why need of Spine Specialist Near Me

Know Why need of Spine Specialist Near Me
Low back pain is the main cause of chronic pain. The lumbar spine is the final
segment of the spine and the area that supports more weight, that's why it's the part of
the back that hurts most often. It can be of mechanical origin, by alteration of the
different structures and joints that form the spine, such as ligaments, muscles,
vertebral discs and vertebrae; or degenerative inflammatory origin, due to
involvement of the vertebrae, tendons or proximal joints, such as facet joints. Back
And Spine Specialist Near Me can suggest you how to relieve your back pain.
Reasons for Lumbar Pain
Most of the time, lumbar pain is nonspecific, without a clear cause and without
irradiation. There are also a percentage of cases in which back pain is specific,
because the cause can be determined, and the pain radiates to a leg or even foot, and is
usually associated with spinal stenosis. Low back pain is called acute if it lasts less
than 4 weeks and chronic if it persists beyond 3 months. The treatment is different
according to this last classification.
Treatments of Acute Pain in the Back
For the treatment by Spine Surgeon Near Me of acute low back pain, the following
therapeutic strategies are usually used:
Physical therapies: Physical exercise, alternating cold / heat therapy.
Pharmacological therapy: analgesics and co-analgesics
Stimulation: TENS, acupuncture
Minimally invasive interventionist treatment
If low back pain does not improve within 2 to 4 weeks, more tests by Back and Spine
Specialist should be requested to assess the origin of the pain.
Chronic back pain
In cases of chronic low back pain, the treatment by Back And Spine Doctor is more
complex and multimodal. The fact that several options are needed to control chronic
low back pain is because there are different mechanisms involved in this pain.
The spine is a complex structure, which includes different structures and joints, which
supports a great weight due to the upright ambulation and which has a very rich and
profuse innervations. Because it is back pain can originate in different structures of the
spine, and therefore treatments by Back Spine Doctor can differ from one patient to
Types of Lumbar Pain
From a practical point of view, the pain can be classified according to its origin and
each one of them in:
Discogenic pain
It is one of the most frequent pains, constituting the origin of up to 40% of lumbago. It
represents a reason for frequent consultation and is one of the main causes of work
absenteeism, not only for the direct physical damage but also for the deterioration in
the quality of life of the patients and the greater frequency in them of disorders such as
major depression and anxiety.
Channel stenosis pain
Pain due to canal stenosis. It is a pathology that is defined by a narrowing of the spinal
canal and traps nerve, vascular structures ... If the canal of the spine narrows and
presses the nerves, it can cause pain in the legs or buttocks. Stenosis of the spine is
treated with various non-surgical methods by Back and Spine Doctors near Me,
including analgesics and other drugs, spinal injections, exercises, physiotherapy and
similar treatments.