Get to know about stones before buying

Get to know about stones before buying
Are you going to buy a stone like black star ruby first time? Then there are lots of things
to be considered while purchasing the same. Here are lots of things that must be followed
and understood by first time buyers so that they cannot get cheated and they get the right
stone of their choice. Almost all retailers have some kind of identical proof to examine
the purity of valuable stones and valuable metals. There are some vendors who only think
about getting the profit from selling the low quality created ruby jewelry pieces. You
will find the comparable or same designs of jewelry but in different prices at different
stores. Hence it is important to get to know some real facts before buying any kind of
Things to remember before buying stone
Let’s have a look on some basic points that you should remember at the time of buying
dark ruby stone.
 Prices of stone vary as per its carat credence hence, if your budget is low but you
are planning to go for 1 carat stone then we suggest you to go with 0.9-0.96 carat
because they also have the same quality like clarity, color and cut.
 Some dealers of ethiopian opal properties put the prong over the stone to cover
the little flaws in it and they hide the fact that they actually covered up some extra
flaws so that they can make more money. That’s why you should keep in mind to
buy loose and certified stones and if you want to mount it then you can do it later
so that you can be able to see complete stone.
 Due to cut in the stone it seems brilliant and sparkling that can be viewed with the
naked eye. Do not consider it as high quality just because of its clear vision instead
pay attention to its cut.
 If you are going to purchase higher carat weight gray moonstone gemstones then
you have to make sure about its quality because inclusions and flaws can be easily
viewed in big size of stones.
How jewelers make profit?
Most people think that jewelers can easily make profit with the selling of london blue
stones but the fact is different. They cannot do the same in this competitive world. The
current market is very volatile and it is tough to beat the challenge. It is also said that the
stone vender can easily make profit on big sized stone however this belief is wrong.
Jewelers generally make profit on medium sized or smaller stones as compared to big
sized stones. This is because big sized stones are pretty costly and difficult to start with
hence jewelers are not capable of making profit out of these sorts of stones. As well as
there are very small market of big-sized stones and this is the reason why they are
expensive. Hence it is a myth that jewelers can make profit out of large stones.