Natural tips to recover from the removal of wisdom teeth

Natural tips to recover from the removal of
wisdom teeth
Although the Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston (also known as wisdom tooth
extraction) is one of the most common procedures in dental, it is true that it is not
without risks, while at the same time it can cause some complications and discomfort
during the first days. Sometimes you have to go for Wisdom Teeth Removal
Surgery to remove wisdom teeth.
The wisdom teeth are the third molars , which tend to appear between 16 to 25 years
hence received the name of wisdom teeth , because it is the age at which it is
presumed the person has a judgment more developed.
Although it is also possible that the wisdom teeth have not developed, they do it
partially or they are retained. Since, they can cause problems in the other teeth to
develop, because they push or because they come out partially or crooked, can cause
dental crowding. While when they are retained or included, they can be a potential
cause of cysts and other related problems.
Besides recommending following the different medical advice that the specialist has
indicated, and taking the prescribed medicines we can also perform at home some
useful natural care after the Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston.
Natural remedies to recover better after Wisdom Teeth Removal near Me
Sterile gauze to reduce bleeding
Use a sterile gauze and apply it in the area, keeping it bite with your mouth closed will
help reduce bleeding. It is recommended to always do it with your mouth closed, 15 to
30 minutes and repeating the action until the wound stops bleeding.
Compresses or ice cloths to reduce inflammation
After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, using cold compresses or ice cloths will help reduce
inflammation and pain. You should avoid doing it directly on the skin since you could
burn it, and use a napkin or towel to wrap the ice or the ice pack. It is recommended to
apply it for 5 minutes, then rest 15 minutes, and do it successively for 2 hours.
Soft and simple exercises
It is normal that during the first days, in addition to the jaw may be sore; you will have
trouble opening your mouth.
To help you in your recovery, you can close and open your mouth with great care and
little by little. This will help you restore normal movement and function of the jaw.
How to relieve pain after extraction?
There is nothing more annoying and painful, if I may be redundant, than the pain after
the extraction of a tooth, especially after the effect of the analgesics has disappeared.
In addition to the tips indicated above, we also propose some simple tricks that will be
of great help in case of Wisdom Tooth Extraction:
Make rinses with infusions made with sage and chamomile.
The essence of geranium can be useful in cases of very strong pains. In case
the pain is in the hollow of the tooth, moisten a cotton ball with this
A piece of raw onion pressed little by little with the tooth that bothers us
can be useful, so that it releases its juice.
Avoid very cold or very hot foods.