Fix your teeth with Braces

Fix your teeth with Braces
Think of braces and the picture of a smile of a kid with silver wire fittings flashes our
mind. But gone are the days when we had to hide our smile to avoid showing the
very prominent metallic braces. Today, there have been revolutionary changes in the
material of braces. Many kinds of braces have been introduced in dentistry to
straighten the teeth secretively.These are now preferred by most to avoid a mouth
full of metal.
There are numerous treatments to straighten the crooked teeth. Some of them are:
1. Conventional crooked teeth braces:The conventional braces are costly and
time consuming but are very effective in treating crooked teeth. These
traditional braces need to be worn for a period of two years and can result in
pain also. Sometimes, to fit these conventional crooked teeth braces, the
orthodontist may recommend extraction of some tooth also. The crooked
teeth braces work very well for those who have extremely crooked teeth. It
also helps to correct the bite alignment. Bite correction is extremely necessary
not only from the dental health point of view but also that it helps to reduce
headache and TMJ.
2. Invisalign Braces: A substitute for the traditional braces are the Invisalign
braces which are also known “aligners”. These are also crooked teeth braces
and can also be used for wisdom teeth braces. They help to straighten the
teeth without the use of wires. Instead, these orthodontist uses clear trays as
crooked teeth braces which ae transparent and are not visible. Such wisdom
teeth braces are removable and have the risk of getting lost. Also, every time
different set of braces needs to be created to give proper movement of the
teeth into its desired place. People having extremely crooked teeth are not
eligible for the Invisalign Braces.
3. Six-month Smiles: Another option for teeth correction apart from the
traditional and Invisalign braces is the six-month Smiles. In this kind of
crooked teeth braces, special clear brackets are used along with nickel
titanium wires which are of the same colour as the teeth. They work like the
traditional braces and retains the beauty of the person. In terms of cost, it is a
little inexpensive than the Invisalign. These braces have become popular
among adults due to its effectiveness and affordability. It is called so because
it takes six months’ time for correction of teeth.
4. Crowns or Caps: Crowns which are also called caps are used to be placed over
the tooth to correct its shape or make it appear straight. This method is used
to straighten the tooth which have been weakened due to decay or other
problems. But sometimes, to use a crown, a healthy tooth must be removed
to make place for the placement of the crown. First temporary crowns are
used, and then permanent crowns are fixed. This is an ideal method for teeth
correction when the teeth are excessively stained or has lost enamel.
A good orthodontist will do a detailed check-up and analysis and will suggest the best
method of teeth correction.