Benefits of the vampire facial (1)

Benefits of the vampire facial
Vampire facial is an aesthetic treatment that consists of covering the
face with what appears to be blood, a tendency that for some is
Vampire Facial Boston came from one that is done to athletes when
they hurt a ligament or joint. Plasma has been used for years because it
is rich in a lot of substances, such as growth factors. It has stem cells;
Not many, but it has. The younger you are the additional stem cell you
have. This helps you to regenerate, to remove inflammation and pain
faster where blood does not reach well, such as joints and ligaments.
 Human vanity seems to find new horizons every time, treatments
to improve our appearance and try to prolong youth are as varied
as the imagination allows. Massages, baths, vapors, creams and
lotions are part of the very long list of attempts to achieve the
"optimal" state of beauty.
 However, one of the most recent cosmetic treatments, and also
one of the most extreme, is the so-called Vampire Facial In
Boston, option only for those people willing to resist certain levels
of pain in search of the desired appearance.
 When a person has a face covered in blood, it is usually assumed
that an accident has happened to him or that he had a fight
recently, however, this image is about to change thanks to the
new techniques of modern cosmetics and, above all, with the
vampire facial.
 It is called "vampire" to this new cosmetic treatment because it is
a technique that uses blood as the main element, blood is usually
removed from the arm or even the leg of the person concerned,
then undergoes a process centrifuge in test tubes for several
minutes until elements such as platelets and plasma separate, the
blood is placed in a syringe and then injected into the face.
 It was within the multiple variables of the lifting that the idea of
injecting more and more natural substances to the body was
born, some patients presented allergic reactions and sought to
approach the least harmful within their cosmetic treatments and
eventually came to see blood as the option ideal. It was thus that
the patients' own blood was injected into the areas of eyes,
forehead and cheeks, that is, where the so-called expression lines
 The idea was not so popular because it involves needles, blood
and a cost of more than one thousand 200 dollars in its
application. The Microneedling Boston treatment was destined to
fail and be abandoned by surgeons and cosmetologists.
What are its benefits?
According to the Microneedling in Boston, it is ideal to eliminate
wrinkles and give shine to the skin. Doctors first harvest blood from the
body, centrifuge it to separate the plasma and platelets from the
erythrocytes, and then spread the platelet-rich plasma over the face.
The process takes between three and four sessions for a person with
normal skin and between six and ten for those who have acne.
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