Non-surgical treatments of back pain

Non-surgical treatments of back pain
Chronic back pain is on that has lasted for more than three months. It is age related but
there are some common causes which include arthritis, spinal stenosis, disc problems and
muscle pain and tenderness. In case your doctor is unable to determine the cause of the
problem, you need to use non-surgical methods to manage the problem. Here are some of
the non-surgical treatment methods at your disposal.
Physical therapy
The physical therapy is one of the treatment options that you can use to relieve pain.
However, make sure that you do it under the guidance of your back specialist NYC. The
exercises should be tailored to suit your condition. Some of the physical therapies that
you can use are aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises and core strengthening.
Back pain is not only straining physically but emotionally as well. You can go to a
rehabilitation psychologist to help manage your depression and frustration. Theneck pain
NYC is in a better position to recommend the relaxation strategies that will keep your
mind off the pain. Lumbar pain management can be done easily through meditation.
The diet is equally important in treating back pain. There are some diets that contribute
to back pain. Highly inflammatory foods are refined sugars, processed foods and trans
fats. Ask your doctor for the right diet to prevent lower back pain. Maintaining a proper
diet will reduce pressure on your spine. Make sure that you follow the diet plan to get the
best results.
Lifestyle changes
Unknown to you, your lifestyle may be a contributing factor to your back pain. If you
notice that there are activities that are putting strain on your back, you should avoid them.
By doing so, you will prevent the condition from becoming advanced. The other lifestyle
change is to quit smoking. Smoking can be harmful and if you have trouble quitting, you
should go to a rehabilitation centre to get help.
Injection based treatments
There are injection methods that can be used to treat lumbar spine pain. The method is
used when pain source is known. The injection will reduce the lumbar back pain for
some time. It should be used with other methods for it to be effective.
Alternative treatments
There are several alternative pain treatment NYC you can use Massage, acupuncture,
laser therapy, biofeedback therapy, and electrical nerve stimulation. You visit a chronic
pain treatment centerto determine the alternative treatment method suitable for you.
Pharmacologic treatments
Treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and muscle relaxants can help
relieve the pain. However, you should not use them for a long time.
The above are just some of the non-surgical treatment methods that you can use. If you
were wondering what is interventional pain management? Now you know the
neuropathic pain management options that you can choose. Lower back pain should
not prevent you from living your life as you want to. All you have to do is get it checked
and treated on time before it becomes advanced.