Lower back pain Risk factors and Prevention

Lower back pain: Risk factors and Prevention
Lower back pain can prevent you from doing your normal activities. There are many
causes of low back pain some of which you can avoid. The pain can come when you least
expect it. You can go for a lower back pain diagnosis to be sure. The best doctor for
lower back pain NYC will treat the problem effectively.
Some of the conditions that are associated with back pain include ligament strain. Spinal
ligaments are caused by lifting heavy items repeatedly. Carrying items in the wrong
position can cause back pain. The other condition is ruptured disks, osteoarthritis, skeletal
irregularities and osteoporosis but a lower back pain specialist near me will help you
with such conditions.
Risk factors
Age is one of the risk factors and the chances of getting lower back pain increases with
age. Lack of exercise is yet another risk factor. Having unused muscles on your back can
lead to the lower back pain. Diseases like arthritis and cancer can also increase your
chance of getting lower back pain. Having excess weight can put too much pressure on
the lower back. Improper lifting and smoking will also increase your chances of
developing lower back pain. You can visit a lower back pain doctor specialist to help
with the problem.
There are ways that you can use to prevent lower back pain from recurring. One of the
ways is by doing regular exercises. The exercises should not strain your back, but should
increase strength in your back. Exercises also make your muscles to function better. You
can ask the doctor of physical therapy on the best exercises that you should do.
You can also prevent back pain by building muscle strength. Doing abdominal muscle
exercises will ensure that will strengthen your core. Your cancer pain management
doctor will tell you the appropriate exercise for your muscles.
Maintaining a healthy weight is an ideal way to keep lower back pain at bay. In case you
are overweight, you should consider shedding off a few pounds.
Smoking is one of the risk factors of back pain. Therefore, you should quit smoking if
you want to prevent back pain.
The standing position has a great effect on your back; you should not slouch. It is
necessary that you always maintain a neutral pelvic position. In case you are standing for
long periods, then you should rest one foot on a low footstool and then alternate them.
You should also sit smart by sitting on a chair that has lower back support. Make sure
that your hips and knees are level. You should also change your position every half-hour.
You can also prevent back pain by lifting smart. You should stay away from heavy
lifting. In case you have to, then you should keep your back straight and only bend your
knees. The load should also be close to your body.
Before you go to a spine surgery New York, you can prevent back pain by doing one or
all of the above. If the problem persists, you should go for spine surgery NYC.