Care and cure of Wisdom tooth

Care and cure of Wisdom tooth
The procedure performed by dentists in Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston, because the
third molars, also known as the teeth of wisdom, are the cause of numerous problems.
They usually appear between the ages of 16 and 26, and their main task is to chew and
crush food.
Some people do not appear at all, in others the process of erupting is stopped (eights are
not visible at the time, though they are in the gum), often also grow at the wrong angle,
pressing on the roots of other molars and causing orthodontic abnormalities of the whole
jaw. Due to the location, favoring food in their vicinity and obstructing the access of e.g.
toothbrushes, they are also the most exposed to decay.
Wisdom Teeth Surgery
The extraction of figure eight, a tooth unfit for human use, was once recommended by
most dentists. Today, the removal of third molars is usually only performed in specific
cases when:
• They cause orthodontic or occlusion problems (they make it difficult for the jaw to
move properly in relation to the jaw)
They cause frequent inflammation of the gums
• Their position is incorrect, which may damage the roots of other molars and cause
their crowding
• They cause nonspecific symptoms, eg migraine headaches (frequent in the case of
detained teeth of wisdom).
Before the surgical removal of eights, it is necessary to perform a pantomogram, or X-ray
(X-ray) of the jaw, Wisdom Teeth Removal In Houston lot of information about the
growth and development of these teeth, and also facilitates the assessment of the potential
difficulty of surgery and the risk of possible complications.
Extraction of eights - what it is about
Extraction of eights should be carried out in young people who are easier to perform and
tolerate - faster healing of their periodontium, easier to complete bone regeneration and
the process of gingival tissues regrowth to neighboring teeth. For the removal of third
molars, especially those retained, the best period is between 16 and 18 years of age when
the roots are formed more or less in the middle.
Surgical removal of eights, also known as chiseling of eights, is carried out under local
anesthesia, thanks to which the patient does not feel pain, but the only discomfort
associated with a feeling of pressure or distraction. The procedure starts with an incision
and exposing the gums around the tooth, and then removing the bone plate with the
surgical drill, which allows access to the figure eight. Usually, it is divided into smaller
fragments and torn out in stages.
After tearing the eights
Wisdom Teeth Removal Near Me formed after extracting the figure eight should close
within a week. During this time, it is worth using cold compresses and sucking ice cubes,
which will reduce pain and reduce possible swelling. Do not eat hard foods that require
chewing, and also exclude products containing caffeine, alcoholic beverages, and
cigarettes that interfere with the proper healing of the post-extraction wound.
It is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene with a limited alveolar space, so as not to
rinse or remove the clot - a natural dressing. If necessary, you can take painkillers. In the
case of prolonged bleeding or the appearance of disturbing symptoms, contact with the
dentist is necessary.