6 Ways to Manage Pain Without Medication

6 Ways to Manage Pain without Medication
The only thing you think of when in pain is how to get rid of it through medication. You
are more likely to reach for medications, but there are other ways that you can use to
relieve the pain without medication. The medication will only give you temporary relief
and will not cure the cause of the problem. Here are some of the ways to get rid of pain
without using medications.
It is a method that is mostly associated with the Chinese. In acupuncture tiny needles are
placed on certain points along your body. The needles help alleviate the pain. Only do
acupuncture after a pain management consultation.
A good massage goes a long way in relieving chronic pain. There are therapeutic benefits
of massage. Deep tissue massage can relax your muscles and relieve your chronic pain.
Using massage can ease your lower back pain for six months or more. Make sure it is
done by a spine specialist NYC.
Physical therapy
Through physical therapy, you will learn how to move your muscles and make your
joints strong. Work with a New York spine specialist who will show you how to
exercise to get rid of the pain.
Hot and cold therapy
Heat therapy will increase blood flow to the areas where you feel pain. It also allows your
muscles to relax. You can use a heat wrap or a hot water bath which will soothe your
body. You can also opt for the cold therapy. The cold therapy works by slowing down the
blood flow to the joint with pain. As a result, nerves will be unable to send any messages
of pain. You can ease the pain using a cold wrap.
Therapy of the mind
There are certain things that can increase your chronic pain they are depression, stress
and anxiety. Therefore, if you want to alleviate pain, you need to ignore such problems.
You can go for pain management and rehabilitation where you will learn how to
manage your feelings. The other method that you can use is biofeedback. Biofeedback
teaches you ways to control the way your body reacts to pain. Hypnosis is also a therapy
of the mind that allows you to relax and thus manage your pain.
Tens management
You can alleviate pain by stimulating the painful area electrically. Transcutaneous
electrical nerve simulation (TENS) is a pain management technique that uses electrical
simulation to alleviate pain. The pain is treated by inserting a small device to the skin and
it sends electrical impulse to the area where you feel pain. It stimulates the nerves and
thus reduces pain. Make sure the procedure is done by a spine doctor NYC.
You should not be taking pills your whole life to relieve chronic pain when there are
many effective pain management you can use to reduce it. Make sure that you consult
your doctor to get a method that works for you. In case the pain does not go away after
using any of the Hove methods, then you should go to a NYC pain management to get
the issue checked.