St. Bartholomew Catholic Church and School

St. Bartholomew Catholic
Church and School
8005 Miramar Parkway • Miramar, FL 33025
Rectory: (954) 431-3600 • School: (954) 431-5253
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Twenty-eighth week - Year A (Gather 1061)
The mission of St Bartholomew Catholic Church
is to reflect God’s love to all whom we meet, to
strengthen our faith community through worship,
education, fellowship, stewardship, and acts of
love and charity, so that we may lead people
from all backgrounds to our Lord Jesus Christ.
October 12, 2014
I have prepared my banquet, and everything
is ready. Come to the Feast!
Matthew 22:1-14
The Women’s Club
(Council of Catholic Women)
cordially invites new and current
members to a “Get to know you”
social (delicious hors d’oeuvres, wine,
cheese & more) followed by the “Living Rosary”.
Thursday, October 16
at 7:15 PM in the
Parish Hall
For catering purposes, please call the office
if you plan to attend @ 954-431-3600
Knights of Columbus Western Hoedown
St Bartholomew’s Knights of Columbus invite you to a night of
Family Fun! A “Western Hoedown” with caller Scotty Sharrer.
Instructors will be present to teach you how to dance “western style”.
from 7 to 11 pm in the Parish Hall.
Enjoy delicious quality “chuck wagon” food (BBQ, southern casseroles, salad, beans, pies).
Admission: $17.00 for Dinner and dancing, there will also be a Cash Bar; Children get to
participate too, $7.00 only for children 12 years old & under.
For tickets call Charlie Fitch 954-993-9245 or Anthony Dyett 305-653-5426
Saddle up in your jeans and your western wear!
Celebrating God’s Love as a Community.
Hey y’aolnl. the
Join meefloor!
Rev. Andrew Chan-A-Sue
Rev. Jean Jadotte
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Paul Karenga
Priest in Residence
Deacon David Smith
Deacon Michel DuChaussée
Deacon Montas Onelien
Religious Education
Mrs. Mercedes Brown
School Principal
Mrs. Christine Gonzalez
Youth Minister/Licensed
Clinical Social Worker
Mr. Gerard John, LCSW
Music Ministry
Mrs. Betty Bunnell
Mrs. Monique Abraham
Mr. Ernesto Busigó
5:30 PM (Sat. Vigil)
7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM
12:30, 7:00 PM
French/Créole - 3:00 PM
Spanish - 5:00 PM
First Friday:
French/Créole - 8:00 PM
Please contact the Rectory at least six
months prior to the proposed date.
7:00, 8:30 AM
(7 PM - during Lent only)
8:30 AM
11:00 - 11:30 AM
4:30 - 5:00 PM
When priests are available.
Anytime by appointment
Wednesday, 7:30 PM, Church
Friday, 7:30 PM, School Rm B
Wednesday, 7:30 PM, Sacred Heart Center
Please contact the Rectory at least three
months ­before ­anticipated date to make
­arrangements. Baptisms in English are
on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
8:10 AM Weekdays
Monday, 6:30 PM, School
Pastoral Hispana
Misa en Español - Los Domingos - 5:00 PM
El Santo Rosario los Domingos a las 4:30 PM
Confesiones - Los Sábados, 11-11:30 AM; 4:30-5 PM
Bautismos - Para el curso pre-bautismal, llame con TRES MESES
de anticipación a la Rectoría. Los Bautismos en Español son los
4° Domingos del mes a las 1:30 PM
Matrimonio - Llame a la Rectoría lo menos seis meses antes de
la fecha p­ ropuesta.
Divina Misericordia - Los Viernes - 6:00 PM en la escuela.
Madeline Flores 954-805-1701
Circulo de Oración Carismática – Los M
­ iércoles, 7:30 PM,
Sacred Heart Center
We welcome new parishioners to our parish
family. Pick up a­ registration form at the
rectory or print one from the website; later
you will be invited to a r­ egistration p­ rogram
to learn more about our parish and our many
(In the Rectory Chapel)
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday:
9 AM to 7:30 PM
Monday to Friday - 9 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday - 9 AM to 7 PM
AVIS pour les Membres de la Communauté Haitienne
Messe en Créole / Français
3:00 PM chaque dimanche
8:00 PM chaque 1er vendredi du mois
avec Bénédiction du Très Saint
Confession: Samedi 11-11:30 AM, 4:30-5 PM
Visite des malades: Appelez le Père Jean au
Baptême: Chaque 2e dimanche du mois à 1:30
PM. Contactez le Père Jean Jadotte au 954-431-3600 trois mois
avant la date prévue.
Mariage: Contactez le Père J­ ean, six mois avant la date prévue.
Prière Charismatique: Chaque Vendredi, de 7:30 à 10:00 PM (salle
B de l’école)
Cursillistas - Los Viernes, a las 8:00 PM en s­ alon “A” de la
escuela; Anibal Perez 786-300-9415
Légion De Marie: Chaque Jeudi, de 7:30 à 8:30 PM (à l’école)
Chaque Samedi à partir de 4:00 PM (à l’école)
Legión De María - Se reunen en Salón B en
la escuela los sábados a las 2:30 PM.
Anibal Perez 786-300-9415
Etude Biblique: Chaque Mercredi de 7:00 à 9:00 PM (salle B de l’école)
Coro Hispano - Ensayo los Domingos a las
4:00 PM en la escuela (salón de música)con
el Director Mr. Ernesto Busigó
Chorale: Répétition: Mardi de 8:00 à 9:30 PM et Samedi de 5:30
à 7:00PM (salle B de l’école)
Mouvement Eucharistique des Jeunes (MEJ): Chaque Samedi de
5:30 à 8:00 PM (à l’école)
La Sainte Famille: Chaque Lundi à 7:00 PM (à l’école)
Sunday, October 12
5:30 PM ✝ Michel Nerette
✝ Max & Hermione Nerette
7:30 AM ✝ Richard Kuhns
9:00 AM ✝ Agnes Lisandrillo
11:00 AM ✝ Frances Chan-A-Sue
✝ All Souls
12:30 PM ✝ Michele Nethersole
✝ Christopher Adedye Tunkuda
3:00 PM ✝ Aricie Dorvil
Marie Adrienne & Family (T)
5:00 PM Maria Alfonso (T)
✝ Renato Luaces
7:00 PM Judy Leacock (L)
Monday, October 13 - Weekday
7:00 AM ✝ Terline Mame
✝ Jean Ripert
8:30 AM ✝ Gerard Pierre Antoine
Denezard Family (T)
Saturday, October 18 - Saint Luke, Evangelist
8:30 AM Mercedes Brown (T) (Birthday)
Sunday, October 19
5:30 PM Fr. P ✝ Francois Fils Atenor Firmin
Abighail Mary (T)
7:30 AM Fr. A Ursula Domingue (L)
9:00 AM Fr. J ✝ Bernadette Auguste
✝ Agnes Lisandrillo
11:00 AM Fr. A ✝ Aline Darang
✝ Syble King
12:30 PM Fr. P Ginette Charles (T)
3:00 PM Fr. J Therese Auguste (T)
Richardson Family (T)
5:00 PM Fr. A ✝ Agnes Lisandrillo
7:00 PM Fr. A ✝ Rosalpina Guerrero
✝ Maria Del Carmen Parrales
Tuesday, October 14 - Weekday
7:00 AM Gloria Medina (T)
8:30 AM Richard Antoine (T)
✝ Agnes Lisandrillo
Wednesday, October 15 - Saint Teresa Of
Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the church
7:00 AM ✝ Reynold Dominique
✝ Filomena Villamor
8:30 AM Danny Pierre-Louis (T)
✝ Lauro Victor
Thursday, October 16 - Weekday
7:00 AM Terence Thom (L)
8:30 AM ✝ Blanca Crisostomo
✝ Hooku & Leon Wawa
Parochial School Registration
(on going)
Religious Education Registration
Sunday @ 9:15 AM in the School Library
Council of Catholic Women
Thursday, October 16 @ 7:15 PM
Knights of Columbus Square Dance
Friday, November 7 @ 7 PM
Meeting for leaders
and participants
Monday at 7:30 PM
in the Parish Hall
ABCD 2014
Friday, October 17- St Ignatius Of Antioch,
Bishop And Martyr
7:00 AM Brian Bouquio (L)
8:30 AM Charlie Fitch (L)
Herman Blease (L)
Ursula Domingue
Rege Owoc
Felisa Limos
Derek Wade
Brian Chan-A-Sue
Brian Bouquio
Judith Vasquez
Judy Leacock
Marito Maddatu
Eunice Everett
Candy Larsen
Jacinta Stirrup
Josephine Pascucci
Jane Morra
Danielle Jeanty Curry
Sunday 10/12: Is 25:6-10a; Ps 23:1-6; Phil 4:12-14, 19-20;
Mt 22:1-14 [1-10]
Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31 — 5:1; Ps 113:1b-5a, 6-7;
Lk 11:29-32
Gal 5:1-6; Ps 119:41, 43-45, 47-48; Lk 11:37-41
Wednesday: Gal 5:18-25; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 11:42-46
Thursday: Eph 1:1-10; Ps 98:1-6; Lk 11:47-54
Eph 1:11-14; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 12-13; Lk 12:1-7
2 Tm 4:10-17b; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18; Lk 10:1-9
Sunday 10/19: Is 45:1, 4-6; Ps 96:1, 3-5, 7-10; 1 Thes 1:1-5b;
Mt 22:15-21
* Denotes Celebrant for that Mass:
Fr. A = Fr. Andrew; Fr. J = Fr. Jean;
Fr. P = Fr. Paul
(T)= In Thanksgiving (L)= Living ✝= Deceased
for the
Glenda McCumber
Emmanuel Alexander
Josette Paul
Edouard Simonise
Guirlene Gordon
Eric Herr
Christie Owens
Veemala Klous
Jill Louise Norton
Esther Sharpe
Johnny Cadet
Angela Espy
Elena Miranda
Kelly Tymecki
Serge St Eloi
André Grégoire
Collection Goal
Pledges Goal
Howard Lee
Sylvie Casale
Carl Junior Jeanty
Kaitlin Warf
Jean Claude Laborde
Everett Buckridge
Demetrio Davis
Sheila Stone
Yvrose Pierre-Pierre
Marina Reyes
Trammel Family
George Harris
Marguerite Edouard
Esperanza Tavarez
Myrna Jeanniton
Joseph Michel
Accilien Elsie
Jeanniton Archer
Jean Theus
Nicole Miles
Patricia Carstons
Conrado Maguddatu
Harry & Mary Bishop
Rosa & Rafael
Velasquez Flor Elis
Names will only stay on the sick list for 2 months at a time. Please
contact the Parish Office if you would like to add or remove a name.
Remember the Departed
Victims of natural disasters
Victims of war and terrorism
Please use your envelopes. They are the principal source of parish support.
at St. B artholomew
Sunday, October 12
9 AM-12:30 PM Religious Education Registration - Library
10:15 AM Religious Education (CCD) - School
11:45 AM Junior Youth Group - Sacred Heart Center
1:30 PM Fr/Creole Baptism - Church
8:00 PM Senior Youth Group - Sacred Heart Center
Monday, October 13
6:30 PM English Legion of Mary - School
8:00 PM Al Anon-Spanish - School
Tuesday, October 14
9 AM-7:30 PM Adoration in Rectory Chapel
7:00 PM Religious Education - School
7:30 PM RCIA
Wednesday, October 15
9 AM-7:30 PM Adoration in Rectory Chapel
7:30 PM Fr/Cr Bible Study - School
7:30 PM Prayer Meeting English - Church
7:30 PM Prayer Meeting Spanish - SHC
8:00 PM AA - School Room A
Thursday, October 16
9 AM-7:30 PM Adoration in Rectory Chapel
7:15 PM Women’s Club Social - Parish Hall
7:30 PM 7:30 PM
Nueva Vida - Library
Choir Rehearsal - Church
Friday, October 17
9 AM-7:30 PM Adoration in Rectory Chapel
6:00 PM Divina Misericordia - School
7:30 PM Fr/Cr Charismatic Prayer - School
8:00 PM English Cursillo - School
8:00 PM Spanish Cursillo - School
Saturday, October 18
10:30 AM NA - School
3:00 PM Spanish Legion of Mary - School
4:00 PM Fr/Cr Legion of Mary - School
6:00 PM Haitian Choir - School
5:30 PM MEJ - Haitian Youth Group - School
7:30 PM NA - School
Sunday, October 19
9 AM-12:30 PM Religious Education Registration - Library
10:15 AM Religious Education (CCD) - School
11:45 AM Junior Youth Group - Sacred Heart Center
1:30 PM Baptism - Church
8:00 PM Senior Youth Group - Sacred Heart Center
“On this mountain, the Lord of hosts / will provide for all
peoples / a feast of rich food and choice wines” (Isaiah 25:6).
That’s what Isaiah tells us today. God is putting together a huge
party for “all peoples,” to “wipe away / the tears from every face”
(Isaiah 25:8).
And what does Jesus tell us? The reign of God, he says,
“may be likened to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son”
(Matthew 22:2). When the guests didn’t come, the king had
his servants go out “into the main roads and invite to the feast
whomever you find” (Matthew 22:9). We are called to deliver
that invitation.
One of the themes woven into today’s liturgy is that of
divine generosity. Asleep to reality, people often think they have
“earned” what they have. In our better moments, though, we
know that all our gifts—even the spiritual gifts—come through
God’s generosity. Our vocation is to invite people, to remind
them the tickets aren’t for sale. We can only show up and say
thank you. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Today’s Readings
First Reading — On this mountain the LORD will make for all
peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines (Isaiah 25:6-10a).
Psalm — I shall live in the house of the Lord all the days of my
life (Psalm 23).
Second Reading — God will supply whatever you need (Philippians
4:12-14, 19-20).
Gospel — I have prepared my banquet, and everything is ready.
Come to the feast! (Matthew 22:1-14 [1-10]).
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997,
International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
Please USE YOUR ENVELOPES or write
your envelope n
­ umber on your check
YOUR DONATION or use one of our
new temporary donation envelopes Collection for:
available in front of the Church.
Twenty Seventh Sunday - Ordinary Time
If you are new or visiting...
Stop by the Rectory Office to fill
out a registration form, if you
want to register or use one of our
blue temporary donation
envelopes available
in front of the
Church or if you
just want to let us
know who you are.
PLEASE NOTIFY the Rectory Office
of any changes in your address or
phone number. Use envelopes or
put your envelope number on your
check to ensure proper recording
of your donation.
** “Office” includes electronic payments and
those envelopes dropped off at the Rectory.
Sat. 5:30 PM
Sun. 7:30 AM
Sun. 9:00 AM
Sun. 11:00 AM
Sun. 12:30 PM
Sun. 3:00 PM
Sun. 5:00 PM
Sun. 7:00 PM
Loose Coins
First Friday
Children’s Mass
Respect Life
Annually, World Mission Sunday is celebrated on the
next-to-last Sunday in October. As described by Pope
John Paul II, World Mission Sunday is “an important
day in the life of the Church because it teaches how
to give: as an offering made to God, in the Eucharistic
celebration and for all the missions of the world” (see
Redemptoris Missio 81).
Pope John Paul II has also spoken of the Propagation
of the Faith’s General Fund of support, calling this
a “central fund of solidarity.” In a message delivered
recently, Pope Francis said: “The offerings that will be
collected [on World Mission Sunday] are destined for
a common fund of solidarity distributed, in the Pope’s
name, by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith
among the missions and missionaries of the entire
Every year the needs of the Catholic Church in the Missions grow - as new dioceses are formed, as new seminaries
are opened because of the growing number of young men hearing Christ’s call to follow Him as priests, as areas
devastated by war or natural disaster are rebuilt, and as other areas, long suppressed, are opening up to hear
the message of Christ and His Church. That is why the involvement and commitment of Catholics from around
the world is so urgently needed. Offerings from Catholics in the United States, on World Mission Sunday and
throughout the year, are combined with offerings to the Propagation of the Faith worldwide.
Your ongoing support of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith is vital to the missionaries serving in 1,150
dioceses throughout Asia, Africa, parts of Latin America and Europe, and on the Islands of the Pacific. Your
generosity makes it possible for local priests, religious, and catechists to reach out to communities, families
and children in desperate need, bringing the light of Christ to the darkest of circumstances. These needs are
matched with the funds gathered in each year. The world’s national directors of the Propagation of the Faith
vote on these requests, matching the funds available with the greatest needs. These funds are then distributed,
in their entirety, to mission dioceses throughout the world.
For this year’s World Mission Sunday celebration, we are focusing on the words from St. Matthew’s Gospel,
“I Will Build My Church” (Matthew 16:18), highlighting the outreach of local churches through priests, religious
and laity among the poor and marginalized half a world away.
World Mission Sunday, organized by the Propagation of the Faith, is a day set aside for Catholics
worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church’s missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice.
In 2014, World Mission Sunday will be celebrated this year on October 19th.
SVDP Pantry Shopping List (Please cut out this list and take with you when you shop)
OUR St. Vincent de Paul Society is seeking your help to replenish the parish food pantry!
They are having to purchase much of the food they distribute. Your donations would be greatly
appreciated. Please place items in the St. Vincent de Paul Box in the Church entrance or at the Rectory.
Thank you for your continued generosity and support.
❑ Cereals (hot or cold) ❑ Jam/Jelly
❑ Pasta ❑ Canned tuna, chicken or turkey
❑ Spaghetti sauce ❑ Saltines ❑ Pop Tarts ❑ Canned and boxed juices
❑ Canned soups ❑ Vienna sausages ❑ Canned vegetables
❑ Peanut butter
❑ Mixed veggies ❑ Beans ❑ Shelf stable milk (liquid or powdered)
❑ Baby formula, food & diapers
❑ Jell-O/Pudding
❑ Beef stew ❑ Mac & Cheese Grow i n
the Fait h
Growin ends!
CCD Registration
Sunday mornings
School Library
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
1 Child
2 Children
3 Children
4 - 20
4 or more $290
Registra s Educatio
Library tion in the Sch
on Sund
9:30 AM
- 12:30 from
CCD Classes Began
Grades Pre-K4 through 8
(in session)
10:15-11:30 AM in the school
Pre K-4 must be at least 4 years old
High School Pre-Confirmation and
Confirmation Class
(in session)
7:00-8:30 PM in the school
Non-baptized children are welcome to register. Children already baptized will not be admitted unless they
have a baptismal certificate and birth certificate on file with their registration.
What is Religious Education (aka CCD)?
Classes for students - mainly public school children-who wish to deepen their faith through
understanding and appreciation of Catholicism and the Sacraments. Religious Education strengthens
the child’s relationship with Christ.
The Religious Education Program here at St. Bartholomew Parish counts with an enrollment of
approximately 300 students on a yearly bases ranging from Pk 4 through 12th grade. This program
also serves adults through the RCIA programs in the diverse languages. In addition, we have a
volunteer staff of 45 adults and teens working as catechists and assistants in the classrooms. We will
train and assist those who would like to help in this ministry. Please call Mercedes Brown at the rectory.
Classes are on Sundays from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM; and Tuesdays 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Children’s Sunday Liturgy is offered at the Parish Hall at 9:00 AM
Our Sacramental Programs are a two to three year process, beginning as early as First Grade.
Besides instruction in the Catholic faith, spiritual growth it is nurtured through: The Sacrament of
Reconciliation, Mass, Respect Life Drive, Advent and Lenten Food Drives for St Vincent de Paul,
Christmas Children’s Mass and Toy drive as well as many other activities. VBS (Vacation Bible School)
is our annual week-long camp in June.
Our program and the teachers do their best with the help of Our Lord’s grace
to make your child a well-rounded individual in all aspects of life.
Nueva Vida Retreat
October 18-19
Drugs-alcohol-addiction are destroying
our families, our community our world.
Have you, your family or someone you love been affected
by alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography or any type
of addiction and co-dependency? Are you seeking help,
information for yourself or someone else? We will also
discuss prevention for the whole family. We invite you &
your family to our Retreat next weekend at:
5859 NW 37 St., Virginia Gardens, FL 33166
Doors Open 8 AM Saturday for registration.
The retreat ends on Sunday afternoon at 4 PM
To register, contact Lucrecia at 305-764-9160
College Preparatory Open House
Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory
is hosting an Open House for all prospective
students and families on Sunday, October 26th
2014, in the school’s gymnasium from 1:00 P.M.
to 3:30 P.M.
Come and discover how a Catholic and Marianist
education at our Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
will shape your mind, heart, body and soul. Take a tour of our beautiful
campus, academic classrooms, athletic facilities, media center, and chapel.
Meet our teachers, coaches, administrators and current students.
For more information, please visit or contact
Mrs. Carol Manzella, Director of Admissions at
954-989-5150 ext. 136 or
Long Sleeve
Shirt Drive
Our shirt drive continues. We still
need to collect more long sleeve
shirts for the farm workers
assisted by St Ann’s Mission
in Homestead. We encourage
flannel, they are thicker and
hold up better against the
pesticides used in the fields.
Please drop the shirts in the box
at the main entrance of church for the next
couple of weeks until the collection drive ends
on Sunday October 26.
“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the
Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17
8th through 12th graders
Sundays 8:00 - 9:30 pm
Sacred Heart Center
(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
Do You Wish To Become Catholic?
Have you received all your Sacraments?
Married To A Catholic, but have not yet made a religious commitment of your own?
Involved in the Parish but are not in full communion with the Church?
BAPTIZED, but not active in church, or find yourself wanting more?
Meetings started a few weeks ago but you can still join, please contact Steve Lee for details at 305-915-5048
St. Bartholomew Catholic School
8003 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, Florida 33025
...for men
, women a
nd childr
“Sharing, Learning and Growing in Christ”
We have selected our first Community Service Learning project for the school year.
The students have been and will continue learning about the Seven Themes of Catholic
Social Justice Issues. The issue we are addressing right now is the Dignity of Work
and the Rights of Workers.
As you may be aware, many immigrants are currently the ones who are harvesting
crops, tending the grounds and doing other forms of farm work. These men, women
and children are out in extreme weather and exposed to harmful chemicals that are
found in the pesticides used on these farms. There is a great need to provide them
with proper attire to protect them from these harmful chemicals.
We have teamed up with our parish groups and St. Ann’s Mission to address this need.
We are collecting long sleeve shirts in all sizes for men, women and children.
This collection will continue until the end of the month. Please participate and support
this great cause that is affecting the lives of many.
“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and He will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17
Where quality Catholic Education can make a difference:
Regular Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Refer a
new stud
and earn
Religious and moral formation
Florida Catholic Conference (FCC) re-accredited in 2013
Dedicated, caring faculty certified by State of Florida
“Accelerated Reader”
s not in
“Accelerated Math”
, paid t
uition r
Technology integrated curriculum
Creative Arts and Music
A variety of extra curricular clubs and activities
Competing Sports Teams (5th-8th grade)
Before and after school care programs
Accepting “Step Up for Students” Scholarships
for students
Please note: If you contribute $800 or more to the church in a calendar year,
your child will be eligible for a tuition discount at our school and any Catholic High School.
12 Octobre 2014 - 28ème Dimanche du Temps Ordinaire - Année A
Venez à la fête
“Ce jour-là, le Seigneur, Dieu de l’univers, préparera pour
tous les peuples, sur sa montagne, un festin de viandes grasses
et de vins capiteux, un festin de viandes succulentes et de vins
décantés” (Ésaïe 25:6). C’est ce qu’Ésaïe nous dit aujourd’hui.
“Le Seigneur essuiera les larmes sur tous les visages, et par toute
la terre il effacera l’humiliation de son peuple ; c’est lui qui l’a
promis.” (Ésaïe 25:8).
Et que nous dit Jésus? Le règne de Dieu, dit-il, “peut être
comparé à un roi qui célèbre les noces de son fils.” (Matthieu
22:2). Lorsque les invités ne sont pas venus, le roi fit appeler
ses serviteurs et leur dit: “Allez donc dans les carrefours et invitez
aux noces tous ceux que vous trouverez.” (Matthieu 22:9). Nous
sommes aussi appelés à partager cette invitation.
L’un des thèmes tissé dans la liturgie d’aujourd’hui est la
générosité divine. Endormi à la réalité, les gens pensent souvent
qu’ils ont “gagné” ce qu’ils ont. Dans nos meilleurs moments,
même si nous savons que tous nos cadeaux, même les dons
spirituels de Dieu nout viennent grâce à sa générosité. Notre
vocation est d’inviter les gens, et leur rappeler que les billets ne sont
pas en vente. Nous ne pouvons que nous présenter et dire merci.
Et mon Dieu
à tous vos
(Ph 4, 12-14.19-20)
1ère Lecture — Le Seigneur, Dieu de l’univers, préparera
pour tous les peuples, sur sa montagne, un festin de viandes
succulentes et de vins décantés. (Is 25: 6-9)
Psaume — Près de toi, Seigneur, sans fin nous vivrons.
Psaume 22: 1-6
2ème Lecture — Et mon Dieu subviendra magnifiquement
à tous vos besoins. (Ph 4, 12-14.19-20)
Evangile — ‘Voilà: j’ai préparé mon festin. Tout est prêt.
Venez à la fête!’ (Mt 22, 1-14)
Nou remèsye tout moun ki
remèt fòm enskripsyon yo deja.
Ti gwoup yo ap fòme epi yo
pral komanse reyini. Nap envite tout lidè, tout
moun ki enskri deja, ak tout moun ki enterese
gen plis enfòmasyon nan yon reyinion demen
swa a 7:30 PM nan sal pawasyal la.
Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31 — 5:1; Ps 113 (112):1b-5a, 6-7; Lc 11:29-32
Gal 5:1-6; Ps 119 (118):41, 43-45, 47-48; Lc 11:37-41
Gal 5:18-25; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lc 11:42-46
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Sware Kòboy...
Gwoup mesye “Chevaliers de Colomb”
(Knights of Columbus) yo ap envite nou tout nan yon sware
dansant stil kòboy. Yo mande pou nou mete bot kòboy, chapo
nou ak pantalon ou jip jeans epi vin patisipe
ak tout fanmyi nou nan bèl sware sa a.
Samdi, 7 Novanm de
7è a 11è pm nan sal pawasyal la.
Ap gen mizik, manje, yon dansè pwofesyonèl
kap aprann nou fè kèk ti pa kòboy.
Tikè yo an vant deja: $17 pou adilt,
$7 pou timoun jiska douz an.
12 de Octubre de 2014 - Vigésimo Octavo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
“El Señor de los Ejércitos preparará para todos los
pueblos en este cerro, una comida con jugosos asados y
buenos vinos” (Isaías 25:6). Esto es lo que Isaías nos dice
hoy. Dios está organizando una inmensa fiesta para “todos
los pueblos”, para “enjugar las lágrimas de todos los rostros”.
¿Y qué es lo que Jesús nos dice? “El reino de Dios”, él dice,
es como “lo que le sucedió a un rey que celebró las bodas de
su hijo” (Mateo 22:2). Cuando los invitados no acudieron, el
rey mandó a sus sirvientes a que fueran “a las esquinas de las
calles y conviden a la boda a todos los que encuentren” (Mateo
22:9). Nosotros somos llamados a distribuir esta invitación.
Uno de los temas entrelazado con la liturgia de hoy
es el referente a la generosidad divina. Ausente de la realidad,
la gente a menudo asume que ha “ganado” lo que tiene. En
nuestros mejores momentos, sin embargo, somos conscientes
de que todos nuestros dones, incluyendo los espirituales,
provienen de la generosidad de Dios. Nuestra misión es invitar
a la gente, recordarles que las entradas no están a la venta.
Lo único que podemos hacer es acudir y dar las gracias.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
“La misión en la Iglesia Católica de San
Bartolomé es reflejar el amor de Dios a
todos quienes nos reunimos, para fortalecer
nuestra comunidad de fe a través de la
adoración, educación, compañerismo,
corresponsabilidad y actos de amor y
caridad, de modo que podamos dirigir
a personas de todas las procedencias
a nuestro Señor Jesucristo”.
Gál 4:22-24, 26-27, 31 — 5:1; Sal 113 (112):1b-5a, 6-7; Lc 11:29-32
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Mt 22:15-21
Nueva Evangelización de la Cultura
El Papa Francisco ha dicho: “¡Es inútil preguntarle a una persona gravemente herida, si tiene
el colesterol alto o cuál es su nivel de su azúcar en la sangre!”. Hay que curarle las heridas.
Entonces podemos hablar de todo lo demás. Sanar las heridas, sanar las heridas. … Y hay que
empezar desde cero”.
La herida más profunda en la vida moderna es la herida causada por la pérdida de Dios.
De esta herida vienen todas las demás heridas que experimentamos, inclusive las cuestiones
morales graves y la confusión espiritual que vemos en todas partes.
Entonces, el reto para la Iglesia es sanar estas heridas. Y como bien sabemos, sólo Jesús puede sanar verdaderamente. Así que
nuestra prioridad en la Iglesia y en todo lo que hacemos debe ser Jesucristo. Tenemos que anunciarle a nuestros prójimos la buena
noticia de que Jesús los ha salvado. Tenemos que mostrarles, con el testimonio gozoso de nuestras propias vidas, lo que significa
la salvación: la hermosura de vivir como hijos de Dios en su familia, que es la Iglesia.
Una vez que las personas conozcan a Jesús, una vez que conozcan su amor y su ternura hacia ellas, podrán apreciar las hermosas
enseñanzas de la Iglesia acerca de la moralidad y el significado de la vida.
Esta es la visión de nuestro Papa acerca de la nueva evangelización de la cultura.
@ copyright 2014 - Mons. José Gomez, Arzobispo de Los Angeles y el distribuidor (ACI Prensa)