ISN Latin American School of Advanced Neurochemistry

rd ISN Latin American School of
Advanced Neurochemistry
November 24th to December 4th, 2014.
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable.
Montevideo, URUGUAY.
School AIM
The purpose of the School is to give an update on neurochemical experimental
approaches used for the study of central nervous system pathologies within the
framework of their current theoretical background.
• Federico Dajas (URU)
• Francisco Barrantes (ARG)
Organizing Committee
• Cecilia Scorza (URU)
• Giselle Prunell (URU)
• Patricia Lagos (URU)
• José Fuentealba (CHL)
• Carla Dalmaz (BRA)
• Mario Herrera-Marschitz (CHL)
• Samia Joca (BRA)
• Federico Dajas-Bailador (UK)
• Carla Dalmaz (BRA)
• José Fuentealba (CHL)
• Mario Herrera-Marschitz (CHL)
• Trinidad Herrero (ES)
• Samia Joca (BRA)
• Valentina Valentini (ITA)
Foreign Faculty
• Francisco Barrantes (ARG)
• Ramón Bernabeu (ARG)
• Analía Bortolozzi (ES)
• John P. Bruno (USA)
School Application
To apply send the following information in Spanish or English to:
- Motivation letter
- Curriculum Vitae (up to 4 pages)
- Letter of support from your supervisor
- Brief description of your current research (up to 250 words)
Application deadline: October 10th, 2014
For further information visit the website: Latin American.htm
For further inquires contact:
Find us on Facebook: 3rd ISN Latin American School of Advanced Neurochemistry