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ulgación ccientífica
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aboraciónn con la FFundación Ramónn Areces Ciclo H
Hablemoss de Físicaa, Faculta
ad de Cien
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a Haig
gh CBEE FRS Proffessor of A
Atmospherric Physicss at Imperiial Collegee London Co‐D
Director off the Gran
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Climate Ch
hange andd the Envirronment ex‐Presiident of thhe Royal M
gical Socieety JUEV
VES 13 d
de octubrre 2016, 1
12.30 h. Salón
n de Acto
os Julio Re
ey Pastorr, Faculta
ad de Cien
ncias Mattemática
as (UCM), Pla
aza de lass Cienciass, 3 28040‐Madridd Absstract Over th
he industriial period the surfac e temperaature of the Earth haas increase
ed by abou
ut 1C. O
Overwhelmingly scien
ntists are oof the opinion that th
his is largelly due to the effect o
of gases rreleased into the atm
mosphere bby human activities. How can w
we be sure
e that this is the casse? Does itt matter? What can we say ab
bout the fu
uture? Thiis talk will outline th
he evidencce for clim
mate change, in tem
mperature and othe
er measurees, both globally g
nd regionaally. These will be se
et in the coontext of natural variations in climate, what w
is weell known and what less certaiin. The clim
mate refleccts a delica
ate balancee between
n the energgy comingg in from th
he Sun and
d the heat energy leaaving the planet for s pace, and the talk will describ
be how this can be d
disrupted bby increasing concentrations off “greenho
ouse gases””, especiaally carbon
n dioxide (CO2). It w
will be shown how basic phyysics can be used to t
uct computer models of the cclimate wh
hich can th
hen be em
mployed to investigatte climatee processess and what increasinng CO2 leve
els may mean for th e future. T
The talk will conclud
de with a discussion around d ifferent ap
pproaches to tacklingg climate change an
nd where the world is headingg followingg the Unite
ed Nationss climate c hange neggotiations iin Paris in
n Nov/Dec 2015.