How Shipping Companies Decide Parcel Post Charges in Australia

How Shipping Companies Decide Parcel Post Charges in Australia
Many business organizations especially E-commerce companies require to
send out parcels and documents on a daily basis. If you are a business owner
and constantly send parcel posts overseas and within the country’ s
boundary, it is very important for you to be familiar with factors that
affect parcel post charges. Racking up with shipping constantly is quite
expensive in Australia, knowing the factors that affect parcel post charges
will help you to select the most cost-effective shipping company. Here are
some factors that a shipping company takes into account to decide your
parcel post charges.
What Kind of Shipping Company are you selecting?
First of all, you need to select a suitable shipping company that will be the
best fit for your requirements. Suppose, you are sending a parcel post from
Brisbane to Gold Coast then selecting a priority mail or local shipping
service that ships items from Brisbane to Gold Coast would be beneficial for
you rather than choosing a shipping company that ships parcel posts
nationally or internationally.
In this scenario, selecting a national or international shipping company is not a
cost effective decision. They may charge higher than the local or domestic
shipping company. Here you must look for shipping company within Brisbane that
ships parcels to Gold Coast. Choosing an appropriate shipping company
according to your shipping requirements can cut down your shipping cost.
2. What Method of Shipping are you selecting to send your Parcel
Shipping companies charge according to the various methods of shipping and the
speed of the delivery of the parcel. There are generally five shipping methods;
courier, express, standard, economy air and Economy Sea method. Faster shipping
services are relatively costly than the sluggish ones. A shipping company will
charge high if any manpower is take in by a shipping company to deliver your
parcel post. Choosing a faster shipping method is one of the important factors
that a shipping company considers to count on your overall shipping cost.
3. What Kind of Parcel are you sending?
What kind of parcel you want to send and where you are sending it are the
factors that can affect the rates.
If your parcel post is an emergency parcel then a shipping company will charge
higher than the normal rates because that parcel post would be put as priority.
So if you want to save on parcel rates send them ahead of time.
4. Distance covered by the parcel is an important factor
Distance is a most critical factor that a shipping company considers to decide on
parcel post charges. If your parcel needs to travel long distances, then your parcel
post rates will definitely be high. Where a parcel covers a shorter distance to
reach its destination, the parcel post rates will considerably be lower. Whether
you are sending your parcel overseas or sending it to a nearby city, a distance of
the destination is an important factor that a shipping company counts to decide
on your parcel post charges. The postal charges are much cheaper compared to a
parcel that is being sent across national borders.
5. Size and weight are important factors that affect shipping cost
Size and weight of a parcel are important factors that a shipping company
considers to decide on parcel post charges. Parcels are measured in terms of
grams or pounds. Parcels that are heavier will have high rates as compared to
parcels that are light in weight.
Volume and size of the parcel is also considered. Parcels that occupy a lot of
space are more expensive to send compared to parcels that occupy a little
space. How you have packed your items can also affect your parcel post
charges. Packing adds weight to your parcel post. So it is very important to
keep your packing small and light weighted.
6. Additional charges and Insurance Coverage services affect parcel
post overall charges
Additional or hidden charges also affect overall shipping cost. Ensure that
you have read all terms and condition to avoid any extra fees. If you have
bought an insurance coverage along with your shipping contract, then it will
affect your parcel post overall cost.
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