Insuring your goods while shipping them buys you peace of mind

Insuring your goods while shipping them via courier lets you sit back and relax
while your courier company ships your goods to the desired location. Shipping
items is quite a daunting task even for the experts since products of all kinds are
transported in the same vessel or truck headed to a similar destination especially in
the case of courier companies. Although utmost care is taken by courier companies
while shipping goods to ensure a safe delivery of your goods still human error
cannot be ruled out completely. There are instances of fragile items breaking, your
packages going missing and a host of other problems that may intrigue and trouble
the sender and the receiver both. Thus insurance in many cases while shipping
items becomes necessary.
Problems while shipping goods
Many times courier companies have to rely on third parties to transport material to
their collection hubs situated in different parts of the country. The third party
transporter may not handle the packages as the courier company would have thus
raising the possibility of breakage and misplacement of packages on the way.
Weather conditions may play spoil sport if the packages are transported in open
trucks or vehicles that do not have anything to cover the material that is being
transported. Storage, shifting and rough handling of the material cannot be ruled
out even at the collection hubs of courier companies especially at a time when they
have a heavy flow of packages with limited staff to cater to those packages. Thus
proper packaging of your material is a must to save it from breakage. Insurance will
come into play in by getting back you some money in case of a lost or damaged
Courier companies can’t see inside the package
Courier companies do not look into the package while they transport it. Unless
mentioned on the package what exactly it contains the courier company does not
have an idea if the package they are delivering is fragile or robust. It is imperative
to label the package as fragile or handle with care if it contains something
breakable. This will ensure that the courier company handles your package with
tender hands. It is your prerogative and the level of trust and the professionalism a
courier company exhibits - you should label your package when sending out
important paperwork. A professional company like will be the best
bet while sending out important papers to any part of Australia.
Insurance of goods needs to be made sure by the sender
Insurance in itself is not going to pay you any returns if everything goes smoothly
in terms of monetary gains. However one thing that is important as compared to
monetary gains is peace of mind and that is what insurance on your shipment will
provide you. However is something goes wrong on the way like your package is
damaged or it is lost you will be getting money that will cover for the loss you have
gone through although it will not be able to subdue the mental agony of having
lost your shipment in transition. The amount of money you are going to get for a
lost or damaged shipment may not be equal to the value of your package - it will
depend upon the agreement you have had with your insurance provider or the
courier company which has provided you with that insurance.
Check local legislations before sending valuable Items
As a general rule customer, courier companies and insurance companies are not
going to insure each and every shipment you are going to send out. There are a few
items that you need to insure before sending them owing to their commercial
value or the price tag they are pegged at.
These products can be Coins, Travellers cheques, Securities of any kind payable to
bearer, Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or otherwise, Jewels, Other articles
of high intrinsic value, Precious stones (all valuable natural mineral stone, silica
or substances extracted from the group, whether in its natural state or refined,
processed, set or treated). However you need to be very sure about the state
legislations if they really approve of transporting such material via courier
services. Within Australia you are free to send these items via a good shipping
company offering flat rate shipping like but for international
locations it is imperative to check for international shipping norms and
regulations of that particular country. Insurance in case of sending these items is
very important since they command a high commercial value and a loss of such
items may mean a loss of fortune for the sender and the receiver.
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