Two brothers find forever home in San Antonio

27 de marzo de 2016
Celebra el Día de Pascua con
actividades para toda la familia
Por Christina Acosta
El domingo de Pascua es una
celebración familiar llena de
colores, juegos y actividades
para los más pequeños, ya sea
un “brunch,” ir a misa o la
deco­ración de huevos el sábado
previo y la búsqueda de ellos el
domingo por la mañana.
Este día es una de las celebra­
ciones más importantes para
la iglesia ya que se celebra la
resurrección de Cristo.
San Antonio tendrá una varie­
dad de eventos para quienes
buscan disfrutar de un día de
fiesta y buena comida, así como
celebrar el fin de la Cuaresma.
La Prensa te recomienda cinco
Celebra el Día de Pascua con eventos para toda la familia que eventos para que tengas un día
incluye una misa, huevos de pascua y una foto con el conejo de divertido a lado de tus seres
Pascua. (Foto, Roberto, J. Pérez)
queridos este domingo.
San Fernando Catedral
En el corazón del centro, la
Catedral de San Fernando ofre­
cerá misas durante el día.
El horario de las misas: 6 a.m.
en español, 8 a.m. en español,
10 a.m. en inglés, 12 p.m. en es­
pañol, 2 p.m. en inglés y la misa
de las 5 p.m. será bilingüe. La
misa también dará bendiciones
y distribuciones de las palmas
de las manos en frente de la
catedral en todas las misas. La
catedral está ubicada en 115 W.
Main Plaza.
Nao Latin Gastro Bar
El restaurante ofrecerá un
menú especial 10 a.m. hasta
las 4 p.m. El “especial” de $50
es suficiente para alimentar a
dos o tres personas e incluye
Sirloin, Chorizo, tocino, huevos
estrella­dos, vegetales, papas fri­
tas, arroz, frijoles negros, Chi­
michurri y Dijonnaise. El postre
cuesta $35 e incluye torrejas,
fruta tropical, yogurt de coco,
dulce de leche y nieve. Nao
Latin Gastro Bar está ubicado
en 312 Pearl Pkwy. Para más
informes pueden llamar al (210)
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
El Día de Pascua es uno del
más importante día para toda la
familia. Celebra este día espe­
cial con niños que disfrutarán
huevos de pascua, dulces, pre­
mios y mucho más en el parque
de diversión que abrirá a partir
de las 8 de la mañana. Los inte­
resados en asistir deberán tener
una entrada valida y recoger una
pulsera en la entrada del parque.
Six Flags Fiesta Texas está
ubicado en 17000 IH-10 West.
JW Marriott San Antonio
Hill Country Resort & Spa
El fin de semana de Pascua
traerá colores brillantes de
los bluebonnets y flores de la
primavera. El hotel ofrecerá un
buffet de comida deliciosa y
también una foto con el conejo
de Pascua. Para más infor­
mación o realizar reservaciones,
llamar al (210) 483-6622. El
resort está ubicado en 23808
Resort Pkwy.
Acampar en el Parque
Cada año, la gente de San
Antonio se reúne en parque en
el fin de semana de Pascua para
reclamar un espacio y tener una
carne asada y celebrar el día
con la naturaleza. Si estás en el
parque por un tiempo, puedes
usar una parrilla y hacer comida
deliciosa rodeado de familiares
y seres queridos.
Two brothers find forever home in San
Antonio after living apart in foster care
By Lucy Almanza
After living in foster care for
more than four years, two young
brothers found a forever home in
San Antonio.
It was in March of last year
when Margaret and her husband
David Garza first met Julius, 8,
and Aidan, 6, and felt an instant
connection with the boys.
“At first we thought, ‘Wow,
two boys together?’ Going from
zero kids to two kids was a little
scary at first, but then we met
them, and we realized these were
the boys – they were ours,” Mar­
garet told La Prensa.
After their first meeting, the
couple completed the adop­
tion process until the brothers
were officially adopted in Dec.
11, 2015. “We took a chance.
When we met them, we were
just in awe. I don’t know how to
describe it. We’re very grateful
and blessed,” said Margaret. “To
think about how last year at this
time, we had no kids and now we
have two. I feel as if they were
born to us. They were born in
our hearts.”
The boys’ story touched the
couple’s hearts and they knew
that they could change their lives
“They were in foster care for
so long. They were not given
a chance and did not have the
best luck in the homes that they
were in. So, we took a chance,”
Margaret said. “Julius connected
with David right away. So many
people had let him down. To see
the love that he has for him just
melts my heart.”
Julius and Aidan are aware that
what they went through was only
temporary, and now they can
be together in their new home.
“They’re happy,” Margaret said
with a smile.
Getting to this point was not
easy for the couple. Margaret,
a business coordinator at H-EB, and David, a dispatcher at a
local trucking company, began
a grueling adoption process two
years ago – a year before they
first met the boys.
After countless hours of pa­
perwork, interviews and classes,
the couple admits to feeling
frustrated at times; however,
their dream to become parents
gave them the strength needed
to keep going. They also feel
grateful for all of the support that
they received from their fam­
ily, friends and The Children’s
Shelter, a nonprofit that provides
a safe haven for children who are
abused, abandoned and neglected
in San Antonio.
“We got a little discouraged,
but once we decided what we
wanted to do, we just had to keep
going and finish the process.
The support system at The Chil­
David and Margaret Garza adopted the brothers Julius, 8, and Aidan, 6, after they were separated
and living in foster care for more than four years. (Courtesy photo)
dren’s Shelter was incredible. added. “The process was not finally be able to be a family.”
If it wasn’t for them, we would easy, but the outcome is awe­
Today, Margaret and David
not have proceeded,” Margaret some. We feel pure happiness to
See Two brothers on page 5-A
Main Plaza Farmers’ Market returns for healthier choices
By Christina Acosta
It is the season to open the
doors to fresh food with healthy
ingredients as downtown prepares
for a market that welcomes all
the community no matter what
socioeconomic status they carry.
The San Antonio Food Bank,
City of San Antonio and the Main
Plaza Conservancy have part­
nered once again to host the sixth
annual 2016 Main Plaza Farmers’
Market on Tuesday morning.
At hand for the celebration was
District 1 Councilman Roberto
Carlos Trevino, Eric Cooper,
president/CEO of San Antonio
Food Bank and Jane PauleyFlores, executive director of Main
Plaza Conservancy.
As they officially opened the
market, crowds witnessed yoga
in the plaza and enjoyed a perfor­
mance by Mariachi Corazón de
San Antonio. It was a big celebra­
tion to open this unique farmers’
market because it is the only one
located in the heart of downtown.
The market targets the commu­
nity including those who lack in
geographical access to nutritious
food because their local grocery
store does not carry a large variety
of produce. The market, however,
will have access for many to eat
and learn how to cook because
according to Cooper, downtown
needs to provide more healthy
“There is nothing better than
supporting our local economy
and famers that are working to
nourish our community,” Cooper
told La Prensa. “Often times, it’s
about getting that produce to the
market. When you can do it at an
incredible venue like Main Plaza
and allow those farmers to bring
their harvest and merchandise to
the community, I think it is a triple
win for all of us to get nourished
and a win for those farmers that
have a place to list and market
their produce.”
For the past six years, the win-
win situation has carried ample
success because consumers know
where their food comes from. The
shoppers begin a friendly relation­
ship with the farmer leading for
many of them to keep coming
back no matter what part of San
Antonio they come from.
The community will also have
the opportunity to purchase local,
seasonal produce, olive oil, arti­
san breads or even enjoy a healthy
lunch while listening to a local
band at an open-air, historical
setting – a shopping experience
unlike any other. It is a season for
many to absorb a healthy lifestyle
from the market to home.
“We hope to be able to bring a
variety of produce to the down­
town community; we are so ex­
cited to what has been happening
here for the past six years and
the creation of the new H-E-B
on South Flores,” stated Coo­
per. “It’s about bringing food to
Eric Cooper, president/CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, introduced the opening of the Main downtown and that is what the
Plaza Farmers’ Market Tuesday morning – the only farmers’ market in the heart of the city.
San Antonio Food Bank and Main
(Photo, Christina Acosta)
See Main Plaza on page 2-A
27 de marzo de 2016
‘Keys’ to the Alamo presented Main Plaza...
to the City of San Antonio
(continued from page 1-A)
Special to La Prensa
An iconic symbol of San Anto­
nio was presented to Mayor Ivy
R. Taylor this week as a gift to
the City from the Witte Museum.
Witte Museum President and
CEO Marise McDermott and
Witte Board of Trustee Member
Eddie Aldrete gave the mayor a
reproduction of the keys to The
Alamo during her United State
of the City address at the Henry
B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
“It is a great honor to share this
treasured artifact from the Witte
Museum collection with the great
City of San Antonio Mayor Ivy R.
Taylor,” said McDermott. “The
Witte has an important collection
of artifacts from the period of the
Alamo, including David Crock­
ett’s violin and the remnants of
the 1719 Acequia Madre which
fed the Mission San Antonio de
Valero, which eventually became
the Alamo.”
The mayor received a repro­
duction of the Alamo keys to
underscore her current leadership
as mayor and for her role in re­
visioning the Alamo experience.
The original Alamo keys in the
Witte collection were made to
secure locks on the doors and
gates of the Alamo after the fall of
the Texas shrine. The keys were
made in 1848 by John Conrad
Beckmann, a San Antonio black­
smith, when the U.S. government
took over the Alamo ruins and
The keys were gifted to the
Witte Museum collection by
Carolyn Beckmann Wells and
last put on display at the Mu­
seum in 2015. Witte Curator of
Mayor Ivy R. Taylor was gifted a reproduction of the keys to The Alamo during her United
State of the City address from the Witte Museum at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
earlier this week. (Courtesy photo)
Two brothers...
feel complete and look forward
to their future with their boys.
“We had wanting to have
kids for so long, now I just
feel blessed to be a mom. Even
though they are not my bio­
logical children, they are still my
kids in my heart and soul. To me,
that is what is truly important to
raise a child. We thank God for
giving us the patience and love.
We did it together,” concluded
Plaza are all about.”
The market will be open now
through December and will be
held each Tuesday from 10 a.m. to
Paleontology and Geology Dr. 1:30 p.m. and will feature special
Thomas Adams took the original demonstrations. The market will
set of the keys and worked up a
silicon mold. He then produced
a plastic resin cast of the keys,
which was sent to Absolute Ge­
ometries in Pflugerville, Texas
for 3-D scanning. The 3-D scan
of the keys was then forwarded
to Shapeways in New York City,
which produced a 3-D copy of the
original Alamo keys.
“It’s not every day that you
get to work with the keys of the
Alamo, and it was a tremendous
honor,” said Dr. Adams. “The
Witte did everything in its power
to maintain the integrity and care
of this precious artifact.”
“It is such a privilege to receive
this gift from the Witte Museum,”
said Mayor Taylor. “There is
nothing more sacred to San An­
tonio’s history than the Alamo,
and now I am the only person in
America –outside of the Witte
Museum- who can say I have the
keys to the Alamo.”
During its presentation, the
Witte offered Mayor Taylor and
future mayors additional replicas
of this treasured Alamo artifact to
present to distinguished citizens
as a “key to the city.”
Founded in 1926, the Witte
Museum is located on the banks
of the San Antonio River in
Brackenridge Park and is San
Antonio’s premier museum pro­
moting lifelong learning through
innovative exhibition, programs
and collections in natural history,
science and South Texas heritage.
also carry the benefits to accept
SNAP benefits via Lone Star
Cards and the Farmers’ Market
Nutrition Program Vouchers in
an effort to provide fresh local
produce to families in need.
(continued from page 1-A)
The brothers are currently
doing great at school and love
to draw dinosaurs. They have
been welcomed by a big, loving
family with grandparents, aunts,
La Prensa, raíces en la
cultura de San Antonio
uncles and many cousins. They
loved celebrating Thanksgiving,
Christmas and birthdays to­
gether, and today they will learn
a new tradition as they celebrate
Easter with their family.
Now Accepting Applications for Kinder-12th Grade
academics and character
Outstanding teachers
available for homework help
by cell phone
100% College
Elementary Schools
Open Access International
Baccalaureate High School
Free transportation in
select geographic areas
APPLY NOW! • 210.880.8080
27 de marzo de 2016
Methodist Healthcare celebrates Fiesta with
award-winning emergency room mobile app
Special to La Prensa
Methodist Healthcare is cel­
ebrating Fiesta 2016 with an
award-winning ER mobile app,
continued support of major
events and two new medals.
“Our commitment to Fiesta
San Antonio has always been
strong, and we consider our
sponsorships and involvement
to be an important aspect of our
community outreach since it
supports the work of many area
nonprofit organizations,” said
Palmira Arellano, vice president,
marketing and public relations,
Methodist Healthcare System
“We are the official healthcare
sponsor of Fiesta San Antonio,”
she said. “We are also sponsoring
the Respite Care of San Antonio
float in the Texas Cavaliers River
Parade as well as the Respite
Care medal, designed by Brother
Cletus. We are continuing a
long-standing tradition of hav­
ing employees from Methodist
Children’s Hospital escort one
of the huge balloon characters
in the Battle of Flowers Parade.
In addition, Methodist Stone Oak
Hospital is sponsoring Taste of
the Northside.”
“With facilities all over San
Antonio, Methodist Healthcare
is in the perfect position to pro­
vide emergency health services
to Fiesta-goers,” said Arellano.
“We want people to have a good
time, but should a medical emer­
gency arise at any Fiesta event,
we want our community to know
that our app will help them get
the help they need quickly and
Last year, Methodist Health­
care launched the app during
Fiesta San Antonio and recorded
more than 1,000 downloads
during the first six weeks it was
available. Methodist is featuring
the popular piñata icons from
last year’s campaign on its 2016
Fiesta medal—the first one for
the healthcare system.
The app lists the Methodist
Healthcare hospitals and emer­
gency centers throughout the
city with addresses, emergency
room wait times for all Meth­
odist facilities, and distance in
The app provides immediate access to emergency care information
for all your Fiesta emergencies. (Courtesy photo)
miles from the app user. Detailed
information is included on the
services for each hospital. CallA-Nurse for Children services
are also listed for parents who
need to reach specially-trained
pediatric nurses for immediate
medical advice on an ill child.
Fiesta safety tips also are part
of the app.
Methodist Healthcare earned
a national MarCom Platinum
Award for its regional campaign
that integrated the mobile app
Stop stalling and start overhauling broken foster care system
By Senator Carlos I. Uresti
How many children in foster
care have to be abused and retraumatized before the state finally
realizes it has a problem?
On March 9, a group of dedi­
cated employees from the Texas
Department of Family and Protec­
tive Services stopped by my office
to ask for help. They asked: Why
is the state paying for an appeal of
the Dec. 17 ruling by U.S. District
Judge Janis Jack of Corpus Christi
rather than paying to fix the prob­
lems raised during the court case?
In her ruling against the state,
Judge Jack concluded that the
poor management of casework­
ers leads to consistent abuse of
children in Texas’ foster care
system — therefore violating their
“Fourteenth Amendment right to
be free from an unreasonable risk
of harm.” Later, she says “DFPS
is deliberately indifferent toward
caseload levels.”
When would the state real­
ize that caseworkers have been
stretched too thin to do their jobs
well, that its foster care system
relies on inappropriate and un­
safe placements? Despite being
a member of the Texas Senate,
I didn’t have a good answer for
them. The overwhelming case­
loads they and many of their
coworkers are required to juggle
on a daily basis are burning out
experienced employees and lead­
ing to dangerous situations for
I have thought about this meet­
ing, and I still don’t have good
answers for them. The issues
raised in Judge Jack’s ruling and
the DFPS employees are not new,
they are not unfounded, and they
are not going to fix themselves.
In 2015, the Texas Legislature
passed SB 206, a law that fixed
Pet of the week
Lovey is a friendly and happy Shepherd mix! At 9 1/2-years-old, she’s
one of our most eligible seniors. Despite her age, she’s still a playful
girl who enjoys a good ball chase across the yard. She’s good on her
leash and knows the “sit,” “down,” and “stay” command, especially
if you’ve got a few treats on hand! Lovey is so ready to go home to
her new forever family. Although she can be good with kids, being
mindful of her age, we would prefer that she go to a home with no
children under 12 years of age. Lovey is looking for a companion
who will allow her to get comfy in her new home. Come by the San
Antonio Humane Society for a visit!
Please remember to spay/neuter your pets to help ensure every dog and cat born has a home
waiting for them. San Antonio Humane Society: Connecting Friends for Life.
Adoption fees for Cats:
Less than 5 Months - $65
Over 5 months of age - $30
*Adoption fees may vary
This adoption fee includes: spay/neuter surgery, first set of vaccinations, microchip, de-wormer,
flea and heartworm prevention, collar, tag, complimentary wellness exam within the first 5 days
of adoption, 14 day complimentary follow up care at any VCA animal hospital, 30 days 24Pet­
Watch Pet Insurance, and a starter bag of Hill’s Science Diet pet food. For more information,
visit the San Antonio Humane Society at 4804 Fredericksburg Rd., visit, or call
(210) 226-7461.
some of the contributing factors
to high employee turnover and
poor caseworker retention, but
Judge Jack’s ruling on Dec. 17
stated that those efforts were
Judge Jack ruled clearly and
decisively against the state after
hearing from 28 fact witnesses
(including 14 current DFPS em­
ployees and five youths in the
Texas foster care system), reading
through 20 case files (with over
350,000 pages of documentation),
examining 400 individual exhibits
and breaking down six in-depth
See Foster care system
on page 4-A
with digital marketing and tra­
ditional advertising to increase
awareness of all emergency room
(ER) locations and the wait times
at its South Texas facilities.
The ER app is part of the Fiesta
San Antonio app, and it also can
be accessed by clicking on the
App Store icon on your iPhone
and searching for “Methodist
ER.” If you don’t have time
to download the app, just text
MHS-ER to 23000 to find out
the average ER wait times of the
closest Methodist ERs.
Methodist Healthcare offers
these tips for having a fun, safe
• Drink plenty of water.
Soda and alcohol have water in
them, but these beverages are not
enough to keep you hydrated.
• Dress for the heat. For many
of us, Fiesta activities will be the
first time we are out in the heat
of the day. Choose lightweight,
loose-fitting clothes in light col­
ors . Wearing a hat helps, too.
•Feast on Fiesta foods with
care. Fiesta is a great time to
sample new foods. If you are
unaccustomed to eating spicy
foods, choose your Fiesta foods
with care. Also, be mindful of
food allergies.
• Show us your shoes. This
popular Fiesta greeting reminds
everyone that the right shoes
are important for walking long
distances over terrain that can
be rocky and uneven or the hot
asphalt of the streets. Don’t let a
sprain or fall end your fun.
• Bring your sunscreen. Reapply frequently to avoid your
first sunburn of the season.
• Remember bugs and plants.
Many Fiesta activities are in
beautiful outdoor settings with
flowering plants and trees. Take
action quickly if you are allergic
to bee or wasp bites. Also watch
for fire ants. Spring allergy
season usually is in full bloom
for Fiesta, so if a severe allergic
reaction occurs, seek help.
• Listen to your body. If you
start experiencing headache,
muscle spasm, nausea, fatigue,
dizziness or fever, seek help
For more information the
Methodist ER app, visit www.
Third annual ‘Shavano
Health & Home Fair’
invites S.A. community
Special to La Prensa
led to adding family attractions
including a moon bounce and pet­
ting zoo, to name a few activities.
This year’s event also includes
home improvement ideas and home
safety information.
Participants for the 2016 fair
include H-E-B, Costco and Christus
Santa Rosa. Be sure to save the date
as your ticket to free health screen­
ings. The event is not restricted to
Shavano Park residents. The gener­
al public is encouraged to attend to
learn more about health and fitness
as well have some family fun while
getting home improvement ideas.
N2 Publishing Area Director
Terry Kemmy is hosting the Third
Annual Shavano Community
Health & Home Fair on April 2
from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the
Bexar County Medical Society
headquarters, located at 4334 North
Loop 1604 W, near the intersection
of NW Military.
The event is free and open to the
public. The Shavano Community
Health & Home Fair started as a
localized event by “Shavano Liv­
ing Magazine” for their area doc­
tor, clinic and hospital clients to
increase the awareness and benefits
of a healthy and active lifestyle.
The fair includes health exams,
free screenings, nutrition and meal
planning information, fitness infor­
mation and elder care information.
This year there will be over 200
vendors including physicians’
offices and health care providers The fair includes health exams, free screenings, nutrition and meal
planning information, fitness information and elder care information.
The popularity of the event has (Courtesy photo)
Foster care system...
reports by both government agen­
cies and experienced entities unaf­
filiated with the Texas system.
While the Texas Attorney Gen­
eral’s Office is trying to paint
this ruling as an example of “a
misguided federal takeover,” I
can’t help but feel that the state
is fighting because this may be a
case where fighting is easier than
The stories told on the stand
by the youths in foster care, the
case files Judge Jack read and
the testimony provided by DFPS
employees were words provided
by Texans about the Texas sys­
tem. Judge Jack’s ruling isn’t
a faraway Federal Government
overreaching, it’s a wakeup call
from those utilizing and admin­
istering the system firsthand right
here in Texas.
Texans should insist our state
stop fighting the ruling; we have
complex problems to attend to,
and we need to get started. Fixing
the structural weaknesses within
the foster care system, reducing
the number of cases assigned to
(continued from page 3-A)
our caseworkers, and improving
the permanency process for our
families are steps two, three and
four. Together, let’s take step one
and admit we have a problem.
Only then can we get to work on
the solutions.
Sen. Carlos I. Uresti represents
District 19 in the Texas Senate
where he serves on the Finance,
Natural Resources & Economic
Development, Health & Human
Services, and Administration
Committees; and the Legislative
Budget Board.
27 de marzo de 2016
Moving a person
with Alzheimer’s
When an individual with Al­
zheimer’s disease can no longer
live alone, alternative care ar­
rangements must be made to en­
sure the individual’s safety.
• The time when an individual
with dementia can no longer live
alone represents a turning point in
the lives of both the individuals
and their loved ones.
• After considering emotional
and financial issues, some families
decide that moving the person
with Alzheimer’s disease into a
loved one’s home offers the best
Strategies for caregiver to
cope with moving issues: acknowledging the impact on the
• If the person with Alzheimer’s
is moving into a family situation,
the adults and children should have
open discussions about why the
move is necessary and the impact
of having a person with confusion
and memory problems living in
their home.
• The noise and activity level of
young children or teenagers may
cause increased stimulation and
confusion in the individual with
• Certain behaviors of a person
with Alzheimer’s may puzzle or
alarm young children.
• Caregiving can take time
away from family and leisure
activities and increase stress in
the caregiver’s relationship with a
significant other.
Discussing the move with the
person who has dementia
• Try to include the individual
with Alzheimer’s in the decisionmaking process, but avoid pro­
viding an overwhelming number
of details. Manageable kinds of
involvement could include letting
the person choose which favored
items—such as pictures, blankets,
pillows, and sports or craft items—
to take to the new home.
• Despite the caregiver’s best
efforts, dementia may limit the
affected individual’s ability to
participate in the decision. Im­
paired judgment and reasoning
may prevent an understanding of
why the move is necessary.
• The person with Alzheimer’s
may agree to the move in one
conversation then refuse to move
during the next discussion.
• The caregiver must proceed
with plans to move regardless of
whether the person is willing or
able to participate in the decision.
Once safety concerns about the
person’s remaining alone have
been identified, the caregiver must
take responsibility for ensuring
that the affected individual moves
to a safer environment.
• The person’s physician may be
willing to write down the need to
move as a “prescription” on a pre­
scription form, communicating the
idea that the move is the medically
responsible and necessary thing to
do at this time.
The impact of moving on the
person with dementia
Moving is a stressful and diffi­
cult decision for anyone to make—
dementia complicates a process
that is already acknowledged as
one of life’s most challenging
events. The person with dementia
may experience a profound sense
of loss when having to move out
of his or her home.
• The move forces the person
to confront the diagnosis of Al­
zheimer’s and its implications for
health and independence.
• The person has to give up a
place that may hold many memo­
• The person loses the sense of
safety and familiarity of being in
a place where he or she knows all
the rooms and landmarks.
Helping the person adjust to
the new living arrangement
• Stress the positive aspects of
the move — tell the person with
dementia that you are glad that
he or she will be living with you
because you can spend more time
together. Whenever possible, place
less emphasis on the person’s men­
tal state and safety issues.
• The unfamiliarity of the new
environment may make the person
with Alzheimer’s more confused
and may benefit from increased
assistance and patience.
• Try to spend extra time with
the person to help him or her adjust
to the new environment.
• Label the main rooms —
such as the bathroom, bedroom
and kitchen — with large-print,
brightly colored signs to help the
person become oriented to the
new layout.
• Never threaten to move a per­
son with dementia in an attempt to
change his or her behavior, as in,
“I’m going to put you in a nursing
home if you don’t behave better.”
About the Alzheimer’s Association
The Alzheimer’s Association
is the world’s leading voluntary
health organization in Alzheimer’s
care, support and research. Our
mission is to eliminate Alzheim­
er’s disease through the advance­
ment of research; to provide and
enhance care and support for all
affected; and to reduce the risk
of dementia through the promo­
tion of brain health. Our vision
is a world without Alzheimer’s.
For more information, call 800272-3900 or visit
PLEASE NOTE: The local San
Antonio office has moved. Their
new address is: 10223 McAllister
Freeway, Suite 100, San Antonio,
Texas 78216.
27 de marzo de 2016
Comentarios... El error de ningunear a Trump
Hay cosas
que, cuando
no se hacen
a tiempo,
pierden su
Este es el
Jorge Ramos
caso de la res­
puesta del gobierno de Enrique
Peña Nieto contra los ataques de
Donald Trump.
El presidente mexicano se tardó
265 días en dar una respuesta
oficial. Sí, 265. Dijo que México
no pagaría por el muro que quiere
construir Trump, y que el tono
estridente del candidato se ase­
mejaba al de Hitler y Mussolini.
El problema es que sus tardías
declaraciones fueron en español
y a medios mexicanos. Este mes,
Peña Nieto, finalmente, salió en
defensa de los inmigrantes de
México en Estados Unidos que
Trump calificó de violadores,
criminales y narcotraficantes en
junio. Pero ¿qué efecto tuvieron
las declaraciones del gobernante
mexicano? Ninguno. Dos se­
manas después, Trump sigue
diciendo sus barbaridades contra
México como si nada hubiera
Peña Nieto, en septiembre
pasado, se había negado a criticar
a Trump creyendo (equivocada­
mente) que no tendría posibili­
dades de llegar a la Casa Blanca.
“No quiero contribuir a hacerle el
caldo gordo (a Trump)”, dijo Peña
Nieto en una entrevista, utilizando
una frase muy mexicana. Es decir,
que la política de su gobierno iba
a ser ningunear a Trump.
Una de las maneras más co­
munes de ofender de los mexi­
canos es el ninguneo. No te res­
ponden, te ignoran, hacen como
que no existes. Eso lo aprende­
mos desde pequeños. Bueno, esa
misma ley del hielo es la que Peña
Nieto trató de aplicar a Trump con
terribles resultados.
La respuesta fue típica. Ante
los grandes retos de su presiden­
cia la desaparición de 43 estudian­
tes en Ayotzinapa; el escape de
El Chapo; alegatos de corrupción
en torno a la adquisición de una
residencia de lujo de su esposa
a un contratista gubernamental;
52,000 muertes violentas en
México; y ahora los ataques de
Trump Peña Nieto se esconde
y no responde. El avestruz es la
imagen de su presidencia. Pero
negar la realidad no puede con­
vertirse en la política exterior de
Ante la falta de liderazgo del
gobierno de México, muchos
mexicanos reaccionaron con
indignación. Fueron nuestros
artistas, escritores y periodistas
quienes le respondieron a Trump,
fuerte y tupido.
Aquí tengo dos ejemplos dis­
pares. El ex canciller, Jorge
Castañeda, sacó una campaña en
las redes sociales asegurando que
los mexicanos no somos agacha­
dos, ni calladitos nos vemos más
bonitos; es tiempo de hacerle
frente a quien es un desgraciado”.
Y el actor y comediante, Eu­
genio Derbez quien acaba de
recibir una estrella en el paseo
de la fama en Hollywood asumió
una actitud similar. Yo creo que
no hay que quedarse callados, me
dijo en una entrevista desde Los
Ángeles. Yo creo que sí hay que
abrir la boca; yo creo que sí hay
que contestarle (a Trump). (Aquí
está mi entrevista con Derbez: bit.
Derbez y Castañeda son solo
dos de los cientos de mexicanos
influyentes que le contestaron a
Trump mientras la presidencia
de México seguía con su fallida
estrategia de ninguneo.
Además, los mexicanos nunca
estuvimos solos. Horas después
de las primeras estupideces que
dijo Trump en junio, el actor
chileno Cristian de la Fuente, la
actriz puertorriqueña Roselyn
Sánchez y el cantante colombiano
J Balvin renunciaron a participar
en el concurso Señorita EUA,
propiedad de Trump. Mientras
Peña Nieto seguía calladito,
artistas de todo el mundo nos
dieron maravillosas muestras de
¿Qué obligó a Peña Nieto a
El asunto reventó cuando los
ex presidentes mexicanos, Felipe
Calderón y Vicente Fox, salieron
a denunciar en inglés el estúpido
muro que Trump quiere que
México pague. Así, acorralado,
el gobierno de Peña Nieto por fin
decidió responder.
El primer ataque de Trump
a México vino el 16 de junio
del 2015, y las declaraciones
del presidente contestándole se
publicaron hasta el 7 de marzo
del 2016. Eso se llama acción
Trump, hoy, ya está consoli­
dado y sus burlas a México son
parte de casi todos sus discursos.
¿Quién va a pagar por el muro?
le pregunta a sus seguidores.
¡México! le responden entre gri­
tos y risas.
Desde que Trump anunció
su candidatura hemos andado
peleados. Busqué una entrevista
con él y, en lugar de responderme,
publicó en internet el número de
mi celular. Luego me expulsó de
una conferencia de prensa. Su
actitud, desde un principio, me
pareció peligrosa y contagiosa.
Estábamos, claramente, ante la
presencia de un bully. Y a los bu­
llys hay que enfrentarlos rápida y
contundentemente. De nada sirve
Pero, Peña Nieto ni siquiera
se movió. Durante ocho meses
no hubo un solo mensaje oficial
del presidente que contrarrestara
lo que decía Trump. Los resulta­
dos de esta fallida estrategia se
pueden ver todos los días en la
televisión y en las redes sociales.
(¿Tiene algún comentario o
pregunta para Jorge Ramos?
Envíe un correo electrónico a Por
favor incluya su nombre, ciudad
y país).
Just a Thought: Vets tribute to Cesar E. Chavez
turned out in
the West Side
for the 20th
anniversary of
the annual Ce­
Steve Walker sar E. Chavez
Those that didn’t march lined
Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard from
Avenida Guadalupe Cultural
Center to the Alamo, encourag­
ing the marchers on their trek.
It took local civil rights activ­
ist Jaime Martinez and longtime
Chavez ally seven years of
lobbying the San Antonio City
Council to rename Durango
Boulevard to Cesar E. Chavez
Boulevard in 2011. To this day,
Martinez still spearheads the
annual Chavez March as well as
other Chavez related activities.
The 20 year celebration of the
legacy of the civil rights activ­
ist who with Dolores Huerta
co-founded the National Farm
Workers Association, later
known as the United Farm Work­
ers Union, continues.
His famous expression, “Si
Se Puede,” has become syn­
onymous with the struggle of
all workers to receive better
working conditions as well as
increased wages.
His birthday, March 31 is of­
ficially a Texas state holiday.
This year, for the first time, his
actual birthday will be celebrated
at Fort Sam Houston at the As­
sembly area where Veterans Day
celebrations take place. This
event will be a tribute to his
military service.
Chavez served in the Navy
for two years during WWII. As
a Vietnam veteran, I am hon­
ored to be the keynote speaker
at that tribute to veterans and
Cesar Chavez along with other
Since I have already written
my speech, I thought it would
be appropriate to share just a few
of those thoughts today for those
who will not be able to attend the
tribute this coming Thursday.
• Eighty-nine years ago today,
Civil Rights Activist and Navy
Veteran Cesar E. Chavez was
born near Yuma, Arizona.
• Chavez dedicated his life to
improving the treatment, pay
and working conditions for farm
• In 1942, Chavez quit school
in the seventh grade. It would be
his final year of formal schooling
because he told others he didn’t
want his mother to have to work
in the fields.
• Chavez enlisted for two years
in the Navy at the age of 17.
• In 1973, Chavez received
the Jefferson Award for Greatest
Public Service Benefitting the
• In 1992, Chavez was awarded
the Catholic Church’s Pacem in
Terris award, named after a 1963
encyclical by Pope John XXIII
calling all people of good will
to secure peace among nations.
• In Sept. 8, 1994, Chavez
was presented posthumously
the President Medal of Freedom
by President Bill Clinton. His
widow Helen Chavez accepted
the award.
• In Dec. 6, 2006, California
Governor Arnold Schwarzeneg­
ger and First Lady Maria Shriver
inducted Chavez into the Califor­
nia Hall of Fame
• In Aug. 9, 2011, Durango
Boulevard in San Antonio of­
ficially became Cesar E. Chavez
• Cesar E. Chavez died in April
23, 1993.
Join us for the March 31 Vet­
erans Tribute and celebrate the
contributions of Cesar E. Chavez
to the struggle for worker’s
rights. “Si Se Puede.”
Anyway, as always, what I
write is “Just a Thought.”
Steve Walker is a Vietnam
Veteran, former Journalist and
Justice of the Peace.
Solidaridad cubana y libertad estadounidense
Por Humberto Caspa
En un periodo de sequías, el
que trae lluvia definitivamente
trae suerte. Así sucedió el día
lunes, cuando el presidente
Barack Obama arribó a La Ha­
bana, Cuba. Los vientos fuertes
que lo acompañaron trajeron la
ilusión de la democracia. Esos
mismos vientos devolverán la
solidaridad y la justicia social
cubana a los Estados Unidos.
El viaje histórico del presi­
dente Obama no solo beneficia
a los cubanos sino también a los
estadounidenses. Muchos sabe­
mos que la visita de Obama es
uno de los primeros pasos para
debilitar la centralidad política
del sistema socialista cubano.
No es necesario una invasión
armada para llevar a cabo eso
cambios, sino se requiere un
poquito de tino económico.
Como manifesté en otras opor­
tunidades, el régimen cubano se
doblará desde adentro, pero es
sumamente importante estimu­
lar a la población cubana desde
afuera. El presidente Obama
tiene en mente esta estrategia.
Google, por ejemplo, ya pre­
sentó un proyecto al gobierno
cubano para modernizar las
plantas de Internet e incremen­
tar los usuarios en Cuba. Uno
simplemente se puede imaginar
el tremendo impacto de las redes
sociales y los medios de comuni­
cación en la mente del ciudadano
cubano en términos de libertades
Antes, los estadounidenses
que querían viajar y visitar la isla
del encanto tenían que hacerlo en
forma subrepticia por México o
por otro país latinoamericano.
Hoy ya no es necesario de­
pender de la ilegalidad. Muchos
norteamericanos, especialmente
cubanos-americanos, pueden
viajar a La Habana o a cualquier
ciudad cubana sin necesidad de
sufrir una reprimenda por parte
del gobierno norteamericano.
Por otra parte, los cubanos
también piensan destruir algunas
malas costumbres de la sociedad
norteamericana con la visita
de Obama. Reconozcamos o
no, Cuba es cuna de la revolu­
ción latinoamericana y también
bastión de la solidaridad de la
En una conferencia de prensa,
muchos periodistas increparon
a Raúl Castro por la falta de
derechos políticos, libertad de
expresión y derechos civiles en
Cuba. El líder cubano les con­
testó que los derechos humanos
también incluyen el derecho a
la salud, a la educación y a la
igualdad de los sexos.
Es verdad, Cuba, a diferencia
de Estados Unidos, está muy
adelantado en estos rubros so­
ciales. Años atrás, unos amigos
médicos cubanos que ofrecían
su servicio en Bolivia a través
de un convenio con el gobierno
cubano, me comentaban que
todos los cubanos tienen un
seguro médico extremadamente
incluyente. “Allá nadie se muere
por falta de medicamentos o
por negligencia del sistema de
salud”, manifestaron.
Del mismo modo, los roces so­
ciales que normalmente visuali­
zamos en las ciudades norteame­
ricanas, en Cuba estos proble­
mas son totalmente aislados. El
racismo se ha intensificado en
Estados Unidos y es muy difícil
ignorarlo, especialmente en un
proceso electoral dominado por
un candidato extremadamente
intolerante. Nuestra sociedad
está más dividida en base a la
“raza” y etnicidad que en otros
En Cuba sucede lo contrario.
La convivencia social entre afro­
cubanos y personas cubana de
ascendencia española-europea
es una de las más armónicas
del continente. Ayer, cuando el
presidente Obama se paseaba por
los recintos gubernamentales de
Cuba, se pudo observar a muchos
afrocubanos en posiciones de
poder. Eso es muy raro en Es­
tados Unidos.
Así, la nueva relación
diplomática de Estados Unidos
y Cuba no solo favorece al se­
gundo, sino también al primero.
Obama llevó la esperanza de la
democracia a Cuba, a su regreso
nos traerá la justicia social de
este país.
Humberto Caspa, Ph.D. es
profesor e investigador de Economics On The Move.
Calendario de la comunidad
the community-wide effort for the San Pedro Creek public
improvements, the San Antonio River Authority has commis­
sioned the creation of a new River Improvement Overlay zon­
ing district to ensure compatible and high-quality development
along the creek and its adjacent corridors. Call (210) -302-3257
or visit Admission is free and open to the
public. The event will take place until March 29 from 5 to 6
p.m. at 1901 S. Alamo St., 2nd floor training rooms.
CIA POP-UP BAKERY CAFÉ— The Culinary Institute of
America at San Antonio’s pop-up café at Pearl has returned.
The café is open through April 14 will offer a continuously
revolving menu with items like cakes, tarts, scones, empanadas,
cookies, bagels, salads and aguas frescas every weekday. The
pop-up venture serves as a capstone course for CIA baking
and pastry arts majors, and the café allows them to learn the
daily operations of running a bakery before they graduate in
April. Stop by and support the graduates before it is too late.
The café will open until April 14 between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
CIA Bakery Café, 312 Pearl Parkway Ste. 2102
Mexico City” questions the cultural context of our time and
the history of painting itself with a critical construction of
identity set forth in a pictorial practice. Organized by guest
curator Octavio Avendaño Trujillo, guest artists Eugenia Mar­
tínez, Kanako Namura, Manuel Solano and Rafael Uriegas are
selected from Galería Karen Huber’s roster. Come join us for
the opening reception at the Ruiz-Healy art to examine at an
unforgettable exhibition. The exhibition will go until April
23. Thursday, March 24 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ruiz-Healy Art,
201A E. Olmos Dr.
cast of “Reasons to Be Pretty” while sipping cocktails at The
Playhouse San Antonio during this special event. The interac­
tive evening will give theatergoers the chance to learn about
the romantic comedy (on stage March 18-April 3), and enjoy
craft beverages. The play reflects on how “communication is
key” in this hard-hitting comedy of Neil LaBute. When Greg
accidentally insults his girlfriend about her looks, it sets off a
chain reaction in their lives and their neighbors’ with no guar­
antee that the lovers who started together will stay together.
Tickets are on sale now at Saturday,
March 26 from 10 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. at The Playhouse, 800
W Ashby Pl.
ANTHONY— Give your regards to Broadway and “Put On a
Happy Face” as the glitz and glamour of the “Great White Way”
light up The St. Anthony’s famous Peacock Alley every Mon­
day night. With Broadway show tunes filling the air thanks to
the beautiful ivories of the hotel’s beloved Hamburg Steinway
and the golden voices of some of San Antonio’s finest musical
performers, Woodlawn Theater’s “Broadway Nights” comes to
life for you. Paired with happy hour specials, complimentary
hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to showcase your own
golden pipes, Broadway Nights at The St. Anthony are the
perfect way to start your week. Every Monday until April 25
from 5:45 until 7:45 p.m. at the St. Anthony, 300 E. Travis St.
AN EVENING IN TRAVIS PARK— Travis Park is kicking
off spring with an evening of painting with Pinot’s Palette in
honor of Van Gogh’s birthday. Grab your friends for Down­
town Tuesday and sign up to paint Van Gogh’s sunflower at: Tuesday,
March 29, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Travis Park, 301 E. Travis St.
RUN FREE: THE TRUE STORY OF CABALLO BLANCO— A feature documentary, directed by Sterling Noren,
chronicles the life of American ultra-running legend Micah
True (Caballo Blanco, or the White Horse) and his quest
to create an ultra-marathon in Mexico’s Copper Canyon to
promote and preserve the Tarahumara running tradition. True
was a main character in Christopher McDougall’s best-selling
book “Born to Run – A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes and the
Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.” Tickets are $12 in
advance at or $15 at the
door if tickets remain. Tuesday, March 29 at 7 p.m. at Santikos
Bijou Bistro and Cinema, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd.
looking for a fun way to shake up your fitness routine and get
social at the same time? Windflower – The Hill Country Spa has
the perfect blend of fitness and relaxation called “UnWINEd”
Yoga Happy Hour. The happy hour is returning for another
season with outdoor yoga classes served alongside a terrific
selection of Texas wines and a fabulous view of the setting
sun over the rolling hills. Come out to join us for a peaceful,
love and mingling time. Thursday, March 31 from 6 p.m. to 8
p.m. at Windflower – The Hill Country Spa at Hyatt Regency,
9800 Hyatt Resort Dr.
FASHION FIESTA 2016— Get ready for Fiesta at Fashion
Fiesta 2016, the 4th Annual Brunch and Style Show presented
by The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court of Our Lady
of the Holy Trinity # 2661. A vendor’s market with exquisite
and unique items begins at 9 a.m. Brunch with a cash bar is
at 10:30 a.m. The style show begins at 11:30 a.m., followed
by a raffle and live and silent auctions. Tickets are $45 per
person and can be purchased by contacting Patty Miketinac,, 210-479-9261, or Laura Hansbrough,, (210) 479-7561. Saturday, April 2
at 9 a.m. at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 20523 Huebner Rd.
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cializing in Mexi­
can bread & cook­
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reparación, sheetrock, carpintería,
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Jesús Villa. Llame a
(210) 254-4502.
Miraculous Prayer
Dear Heart of jesus, in
the past I have asked
for many favours, this
time I ask for a special
one (mention favour).
Take it dear Heart
of Jesus and place
it within your own
broken heart where
your Father sees it.
Then in his merciful
eyes it will become
your favour not mine.
Say this prayer for
3 days and promise
publication and your
favour will be granted
no matter how impo­
Novena To
St. Jude
Most holy Apostle,
St. Jude, faithful ser­
vant and friend of
Jesus, the Church
honors and invokes
you universally, as
the patron of diffi­
cult cases, of things
almost despaired of,
Pray for me, I am so
helpless and alone.
Intercede with God
for me that He brings
visible and speedy
help where help is
almost despaired of.
Come to my assis­
tance in this great
need that I may re­
ceive the consolation
and help of heaven
in all my necessities,
tribulations, and suf­
ferings, particularly
- (make your request
here) - and that I may
praise God with you
and all the saints
forever. I promise,
O Blessed St. Jude,
to be ever mindful
of this great favor
granted me by God
and to always honor
you as my special
and powerful patron,
and to gratefully en­
courage devotion to
you. Amen.
27 de marzo de 2016
las puertas que se
me deben de abrir
en mi camino, sea
tu Brazo Poderoso
el que las abra para
darme la tranquilidad
que ansío (tres peti­
ciones difíciles). Sú­
plica que te hace un
corazón afligido por
los duros golpes del
cruel destino que lo
han vencido siempre
en la lucha humana,
ya que sin tu poder
divino no intercede
en mi favor sucumbi­
ré por falta de ayu­
da. Brazo poderoso,
asísteme, ampárame
y condúceme a la
gloria celestial.
Gracias dulce Jesús
(rezar quince días
empezando viernes).
Publicar antes de los
ocho. Confío en Dios
Padre y en su miseri­
cordia divina, por
eso pido a Él que
ilumine mi camino y
me otorgue la gracia
que tanto deseo. Gra­
cias Padre por oírme.
Para los casos más Mande publicar y ob­
serve lo que ocurrirá
Ante ti vengo con el cuarto día.
la fe de mi alma, a D.M.
buscar tu sagrado
c o n s u e l o e n m i Prayer to the Sadifícil situación, no cred Heart of Jesus
me desampares de O most holy heart of
Jesus, fountain of ev­
ery blessing, I adore
you, I love you, and
with lively sorrow
for my sins I offer
you this poor heart
of mine. Make me
humble, patient, pure
and wholly obedient
to your will. Grant,
Good Jesus, that I
may live in you and
for you. Protect me in
the midst of danger.
Comfort me in my
afflictions. Give me
health of body, assis­
tance in my temporal
needs, your blessing
on all that I do, and
the grace of a holy
death. Amen.
Saint Expedite
Prayer of Urgent
Needs in Thanksgiving for a Quick
Saint Expedite you
lay in rest I come
to you and ask that
this wish be granted
Saint Expedite now
what I ask of you
Saint Expedite now
what I want of you,
this very second
Don’t wait another
day, Grant me what
I ask for I know
your power I know
you because of your
work I know you can
help me. Do this for
me and I will spread
Your name with love
and honor so that
it will be invoked
again and again. Ex­
pedite the wish with
speed, love, honor
and goodness. Glory
to you, Saint Expe­
J3 Company, LLC
Requesting sub-bids and material
quotations for
Bid Deadline FRI APRIL 8th, 2016 @
We encourage all certified ABE/
bidders to submit bids 24 hours prior
with certifications.
Please fax or email quotes to
Fax: (830) 995-5199
It is the policy of J3 Company, LLC
that minority business enterprises
(“MBE”) as defined 49 C.F.R. Part 23,
Subpart D shall have the maximum
opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts by the City of San
Antonio, and J3 Company will take
all necessary and reasonable steps
to aide MBE’s or otherwise qualifying
companies to maximum this policy.
Please contact us for assistance in
this regard. (830) 995-5100
El Espíritu Santo
Ven, Espíritu Santo,
llena los corazones
de tus fieles y enci­
ende en ellos el fuego
de tu amor. Envía,
Señor, tu Espíritu y
todo será creado. Y
renuevas la faz de la
Oremos. Oh Dios,
que ha enseñado a
los corazones de los
fieles con la luz del
Espíritu Santo, con­
cédenos el don del
mismo Espíritu sea­
mos siempre siempre
del bien y gozar.
Thank You-M.M.C
La sombra de
El Espíritu Santo
Ven, Espíritu Santo,
llena los corazones
de tus fieles y enci­
ende en ellos el fuego
de tu amor. Envía,
Señor, tu Espíritu y
todo será creado. Y
renuevas la faz de la
Oremos. Oh Dios,
que ha enseñado a
los corazones de los
fieles con la luz del
Espíritu Santo, con­
cédenos el don del
mismo Espíritu sea­
mos siempre siem­
pre del bien y gozar
de su consuelo. Por
Cristo nuestro Señor.
Novena Los tres
Novena Los tres
ángeles Protectores:
San Gabriel, San
Miguel, y San Rafael.
Prenda 3 velas blan­
cas en un plato con
agua y azúcar y haga
su petición. A los tres
días publique esta
oración. Aunque no
crea mire que pasa el
cuarto día.
San Miguel Arcángel,
San Miguel Arcán­
gel, defiéndenos en
la lucha. Sé nuestro
amparo contra la per­
versidad y acechan­
zas del demonio. Que
Dios manifieste sobre
él su poder, humilde­
mente te lo pedimos.
Y tú, oh Príncipe de la
Milicia Celestial, con
el poder que Dios te
ha conferido, arroja al
infierno a Satanás, y
a los demás espíritus
malignos que vagan
por el mundo para
la perdición de las
almas. Amén.
¿Le gustaría empezar una amistad interesante? ¿Está cansado de buscar por donde quiera a una persona especial con quien compartir su vida y sigue sin encontrarla? La Prensa de San Antonio le ofrece una mejor alternativa. Envíenos su anuncio personal, mencione su nombre, edad, peso, estatura, sus gustos. Envíe su carta acompañada de $5. Su aviso se publicará durante dos semanas. Mande $15 si quiere que se publique durante
cuatro semanas. Conteste todas las cartas aunque no esté interesado. Una nota de “No gracias, tal vez la próxima ocasión” es muy importante para la persona que le escriba. ¿Desea contestar un anuncio? 1.- Envíe su
carta dentro de un sobre en blanco, con timbre postal de .44 cts. y con el número clave que le haya interesado (aparece abajo, a la derecha). Incluya $5. 2. No olvide incluir su número de teléfono, escriba con letra clara
es muy importante. La Prensa de San Antonio, P.O. Box 830768, San Antonio, Texas 78283
Me gustaría conocer a un hombre que sea
detallista que crea en Dios, que le guste
vivir una vida sana sin problemas familiares
ni económicos, que sea trabajador, fiel,
amoroso, cariñoso, divorciado, soltero
o viudo, que quiera una relación sana
y estable. Soy ciudadana, pero nací en
México. Me gusta leer, viajar, soy fiel,
muy cariñosa, me gusta caminar. Me
gustaría que nos entendiéramos. Yo estaré
esperando tu amor. Llámame, escríbeme.
Te espero. Manda tu foto y número de
teléfono. Te espero con mucho amor.
----------------------------¡Hola! Me llamo H. Soy algo alto, cuerpo
normal, un poco blanco, trabajador, sin
vicios. Me gusta divertirme sanamente,
vivo solo. Tengo dos hijos que viven
en mi país. Busco una mujer seria,
trabajadora, noble y con deseos de amar y
ser amada. Interesada mandar su número
para empezar a conocernos sin juegos, ni
mentiras. Te espero.
Caballero jubilado sin vicios, de buen
carácter, de mente moral y espiritual de
EUA, en busca de una damita que sea
seria, de carácter humilde, hogareña, sin
vicios, que sea de estatura y peso regular.
Que sea cariñosa, sin problemas familiares,
que sea honesta. Para una amistad seria, no
importa origen ni estado migratorio. Con
fines matrimoniales.
----------------------------Dama de 46 años desea conocer un gran
caballero que sea fiel, amable, detallista,
romántico, trabajador, sin problemas
económicos ni familiares. Soy divorciada.
Me gusta una vida sana, no tomo, no
fumo, no tengo vicios, me considero que
soy muy romántica y quiero una relación
seria para fines serios y estable. Quiero
que nos conozcamos y si se llega a un
compromiso está bien. Espero tu llamada,
foto y dirección. Tengo una hija y un hijo
grandes, viven aparte.
----------------------------Deseo conocer un gran caballero que
sea trabajador, detallista, amoroso,
cariñoso, que no tenga vicios, de buen
carácter, humilde de corazón, estabilidad
económica, que sea muy romántico. Me
considero ser una dama romántica, fiel,
soy divorciada, amorosa y cariñosa, me
gusta la estabilidad y ser fiel. Quiero
una relación estable para fines serios, sin
problemas familiares. Hay que conocernos
y te aseguro no te arrepentirás. Espero tu
llamada, dirección y foto. Te espero con
mucho amor.
----------------------------¡Hola! Soy un hombre soltero. Tengo 56
años. 5’10’’, 220, ojos azules y calvo.
Me gustan los libros, música, películas
y ejercicio. He aprendido español. Estoy
buscando una mujer simpática, de 45 a 60
años. Bonita, fiel, con intereses similares.
----------------------------Soy puertorriqueña. Mido 5’6’’. Peso
195. Tengo 62 años, soy viuda y busco
un amigo con quien compartir un buen
rato. Soy hogareña, me gusta la cocina,
me gusta hacer chistes. Soy muy alegre.
Si hay alguien de 62 a 68 años que quiera
ser amigo o algo más, estoy libre y en
Texas. Llámame.
----------------------------Señor retirado. En mis sesenta años, joven
bien parecido, bien vestido. Busco una
muchacha o señora joven, de los 30 a 60
años de edad, que no tenga compromisos,
sea cristiana y que no sea mentirosa, que
sea trabajadora, limpia y romántica. Seria
con otra gente, pero alegre conmigo.
----------------------------Soy un hombre católico, divorciado,
de buen corazón. Soy de San Antonio,
vivo en un rancho. Estoy de buena salud,
gracias a nuestro Dios. Estoy en mis 70´s,
pero no los muestro. Me gusta la música
norteña. Toco guitarra. Voy a San Antonio
cada año al Conjunto Festival. Busco una
mujer sincera, hogareña, que le guste el
rancho, los animales, caballos. Que no sepa
mentir ni jugar juegos. Para una relación
seria. De 35 a 55 años, piel blanca, ojos
claros o de color, no más de 5’7 y 135
-140 libras. Yo tengo 5´7. Peso 170 libras.
¡También tengo una Harley Davison! Me
gustaría que toque el acordeón o que quiera
aprender. También que no fume, pero en
todo Cristo es el primero, porque sin él no
tenemos nada! Llámame para platicar y si
no se puede podemos ser amigos, porque
todos necesitamos una linda amistad.
----------------------------Hello to whoever reads this serious mes­
sage. I need a man that has a clean pure
heart and is not ashamed to be a child of
God like me. I am hoping to meet the man
that has a strong foundation to stand on
with faith and believes in God and has a
relationship with Jesus. A friend that I can
have a conversation with that has to do
with all goodness and will say to me that
everything will be alright. I ask to please
speak clear English. Age 55-60, ht. 5’10
-5’12, weight average. Hope to hear from
someone that is a Christian Brother. God
Bless and God be with you.
----------------------------Hola, soy viudo mexicano-americano,
militar retirado de 82 años, de 5’4” de
altura, 139 lbs. (delgado). Me gusta el
baile, ir de paseo a pueblos cercanos, ir a
las pulgas, parques, salir a comer y más.
Sin vicios, educado. Busco señora/amiga
que tenga tiempo para salir de casa. Pre­
fiero señora sola de 55 a 65 años, de 4’5”,
de no más de 135 libras. (delgada). Me
gustaría conocerla y hablar socialmente
con usted. Vivo en San Antonio. Disculpe
mi español, si gusta, llámeme para hablar.
----------------------------Hola, soy un caballero de 57 años. Soy
alto, buena onda, pelo negro, no gordo,
guapo, muy decente, muy cariñoso, me
gusta el cine. Busco una dama de 45 a 55
años sin niños, por favor. Que sea cariñosa
y romántica y se valore. Quiero lo mejor
para ti. Señora de México, físico mediano
o regular, buen cuerpo. Que sea confiable,
para una relación seria. Amén. Sin bromas.
27 de marzo de 2016
Six things that raise
your blood pressure
NAPSI—Keeping blood pres­
sure under control can mean
adding things to your life, such
as exercise, that help lower it.
But you may not realize that it
also means avoiding things that
raise it.
If you or someone you care
about is among the one in three
U.S. adults—about 80 million
people—with high blood pres­
sure, you need to be aware of
these six things that can raise
blood pressure and thwart your ef­
forts to keep it in a healthy range.
1. Salt. The American Heart
Association (AHA) recommends
people aim to eat no more than
1,500 mg of sodium per day. That
level is associated with lower
blood pressure, which reduces the
risk of heart disease and stroke.
Because the average American’s
sodium intake is so excessive,
even cutting back to no more
than 2,400 mg a day can improve
blood pressure and heart health.
2. Decongestants. People with
high blood pressure should be
aware that the use of deconges­
tants may raise blood pressure.
Many over-the-counter (OTC)
cold and flu preparations contain
decongestants. Always read the
labels on all OTC medications.
Look for warnings to those with
high blood pressure and to those
who take blood pressure medica­
3. Alcohol. Drinking too much
alcohol can raise your blood pres­
sure. Your doctor may advise you
to reduce the amount of alcohol
you drink. If cutting back on
alcohol is hard for you to do on
your own, ask your health care
provider about getting help. The
AHA recommends that if you
drink, limit it to no more than
two drinks per day for men and
no more than one drink per day
for women.
4. Hot tubs and saunas. People
with high blood pressure should
not move back and forth between
cold water and hot tubs or saunas.
This could cause an increase in
blood pressure.
5. Weight gain. Maintaining a
healthy weight has many health
benefits. People who are slowly
gaining weight can either gradu­
ally increase the level of physical
activity (toward the equivalent of
300 minutes a week of moderateintensity aerobic activity) or re­
duce caloric intake, or both, until
their weight is stable. If you are
overweight, losing as little as five
to 10 pounds may help lower your
blood pressure.
6. Sitting. New research shows
that just a few minutes of light
activity for people who sit most
of the day can lower blood pres­
sure in those with Type 2 diabe­
tes. Taking three-minute walk
breaks during an eight-hour day
was linked to a 10-point drop in
systolic blood pressure.
Learn More
For more information about
blood pressure management,
visit the American Heart As­
sociation at
Bayer’s Consumer Health Divi­
sion, maker of Coricidin HBP, is
a sponsor of the American Heart
Association’s High Blood Pres­
sure website.
E-cig batteries presenting
a new kind of smoking risk
Special to La Prensa
The popularity of e-cigarettes
— vaping — continues to rise.
And while some say they’re a
safer alternative to smoking, a new
hazard is coming to light that may
disprove that idea, doctors say.
The hazard? In a handful of
cases — including at least one in
San Antonio — the batteries that
run the devices have been known
to explode, injuring the user.
A video that has circulated
widely in recent weeks shows a
man’s pants igniting in a Kentucky
convenience store. Multiple cases
of burns involving the battery
explosion have been reported
across the country. Dr. Lilian
Liao, pediatric trauma and burn
director at University Hospital,
said she’s seen this type of injury
in San Antonio and hopes not to
see more.
“These are lithium ion batter­
ies, like the ones in hoverboards
reported over the holidays that
also have been catching on fire,”
Dr. Liao said.
Lithium ion batteries are also
in laptops and cell phones, but
are more prone to overheating in
e-cigarettes. A report by the U.S.
Fire Administration notes that
“the shape and construction of
e-cigarettes can make them more
likely than other products with
lithium-ion batteries to behave
like ‘flaming rockets’ when a bat­
tery fails.”
The 2014 report notes that,
compared to the millions of users,
explosions are rare, but Dr. Liao
is concerned about the severe
damage that those malfunctions
can cause.
“Burns can injure the face,
mouth, hands and legs,” Dr. Liao
said. “Burn injuries can be serious
and may require major surgery.
They can also result in a lifetime
of complications.”
“Our main goal with this an­
nouncement is that our community
be aware of potential issues with
this device,” she said, “and if they
choose to use them, learn to do so
• 25 separate incidents of explosion and fire involving an
e-cigarette were reported in the
United States media between 2009
and August 2014.
• Nine injuries and no deaths
were associated with these 25
incidents. Two of the injuries were
serious burns.
E-cigarettes use Lithium ion batteries, also use in laptops and cell phones, but are more prone to
overheating in e-cigarettes. (Courtesy photo)
The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends people aim to eat no more than 1,500 mg of
sodium per day. (Courtesy photo)
Beginning at Age 50, men and women at average risk for developing
colorectal cancer should have a colonoscopy every 10 years.
Make sure you stay healthy for your Valentine.
Schedule your colonoscopy today!
Other Services:
Breast Cancer
Breast Reduction
Fistula Removal
Gallbladder Removal
Genetic Testing Consultation
Hernia Repair
Port Placement
Skin Tag Removal
Wound Debridement
Dr. Maria Palafox is dedicated to serving surgery patients on San
Antonio’s South Side. If you have any general surgical need, call her
today. Dr. Palafox graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and went on to pursue both her
medical degree and a post-residency fellowship in critical care. She
is a highly skilled professional trained in the most advanced
laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques, has extensive breast
surgery experience, and is adroit with the latest advances in genetic
Dr. Palafox habla español con elocuencia.
8019 S. New Braunfels Ave, Ste. 101
San Antonio, TX 78235
Week In
LeBron James wants to create NBA
That group, known as “The Brotherhood,” includes LeBron,
Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. According to
a recent interview with Bleacher Report, it’s something James
would absolutely love to see happen before their careers are over.
“I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play to­
gether,” James said. “At least one, maybe one or two seasons…
we can get a year in. I would actually take a pay cut to do that.”
27 de marzo de 2016
Alex Rodriguez plans retirement after
2017 season
Alex Rodriguez said he will retire after his contract
with the New York Yankees ends following the
2017 season, according to ESPN. “I won’t play after
next year,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve really enjoyed my
time. For me, it is time for me to go home and be
Dad.” The veteran slugger, who turns 41 on July
27, is signed through next season -- the final year
of his 10-year, $275 million contract.
Los Spurs a la par contra rivales de gran categoría
Por Sendero Deportivo
Danny Green (14), guardia estelar de los Spurs, escoltado por
Stephen Curry (30), guardia astro del campeón Warriors de
Golden State, que fue limitado a 1 de 12 disparos triples que son
su especialidad en el mejor baloncesto del mundo. (Foto, Franco)
A nueve partidos de que con­
cluya la temporada 2015-16 NBA,
el pentacampeón Spurs de San
Antonio se encuentran en el se­
gundo lugar de la Conferencia del
Oeste gracias a sus consistentes
esfuerzos jugando gran ofensiva
y defensiva contra los mejores
rivales del mejor circuito en el
baloncesto mundial.
Spurs, bajo la dirección del
entrenador en jefe Gregg Popo­
vich (quien tiene marca personal
de 1,080 partidos ganados en un
lapso de 20 temporadas), lograron
emparejar los cartones contra
equipos rivales de las conferencias
este y oeste.
Los Spurs derrotaron en casa
(AT&T Center) a los Cavaliers
de Cleveland 99-95, Bulls de
Chicago 109-101, Clippers de
Los Ángeles 108-87, Thunder
de Oklahoma City 93-85. Trail
Blazers de Portland 118-110 (ex
equipo del guardia Patty Mills y el
alero tejano LaMarcus Aldridge).
Y recientemente también al
campeón Warriors de Golden
State 87-79, encuentro en el que
la estrategia de Popovich superó
a la del ex Spur Steve Kerr, entre­
nador monarca, quien nada pudo
hacer para contener la ofensiva
y defensiva emprendida por la
quinteta estelar de Kawhi Leo­
nard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Danny
Green, Tony Parker y el alero
francés Boris Diaw, quien entró al
centro por el capitán Tim Duncan.
El partido Spurs vs. Warriors
despejó dudas entre la afición lo­
cal sobre el potencial de quien es
quien en el oeste.
Warriors con marca de 62 vic­
torias por 7 derrotas se encuentra
adueñado del primer lugar en la
Conferencia del Oeste, seguido
por San Antonio con 59-11, que
se encuentra a 4 partidos de dis­
Spurs están por hacer historia
en su propia franquicia con más
de 60 victorias en temporada regu­
lar, lo que les dará un récord más
sumando la sexta campaña en la
que ha ganado más de 60 cotejos.
Popovich destacó ante Warriors
que sus triunfos han sido única­
mente partidos que se tienen que
jugar sin fijarse en el calibre del ri­
val. Para él jugar consistentemente
en la defensiva es lo primordial en
cada partido.
“Les comenté a nuestros ju­
gadores que estaba contento con
ellos porque ejecutaron una gran
competencia en la defensiva que
fue absolutamente sobresalientes,
lo cual es algo en lo que tenemos
que depender en cada partido,
noche tras noche. Uno nunca sabe
si se van a concretar los disparos
al aro, pero si se es consistente en
la defensiva entonces estaremos
dentro del partido. Pienso que
nuestros jugadores hicieron gran
trabajo en equipo, sus esfuerzos
redituaron la victoria. Se combinó
el balón debidamente, con espec­
taculares ejecuciones, que es parte
de nuestras estrategias a seguir
por lo que resta de la temporada”,
apuntó Popovich.
De acuerdo al guardia estelar
neoyorquino Danny Green, los
partidos que se han ganado con­
secutivamente en casa (AT&T
Center) se ha debido al factor
unión. “Pienso que en el me­
dio tiempo contra Warriors fue
bueno porque jugamos una buena
defensiva, aunque aceptamos
varios importantes encestes de
los rivales. En la parte comple­
mentaria se volvió a jugar con
intensidad; hicimos mejor trabajo
en la defensiva y ofensiva. Creo
que pudimos haber anotado más
puntos, que nos hubieran apoyado
para ganarle holgadamente a un
gran rival con una pizarra alta.
Cabe anotar que todos trabajamos
consistentemente escoltando a
los guardias rivales, cerrándoles
espacios en ambos perímetros,
especialmente en el área de los
tres puntos. Le doy crédito de
nuestra victoria ante Golden
States a nuestros compañeros de
alta estatura quienes se destacaron
bloqueando a los veloces contrin­
cantes”, apuntó Danny, Green,
quien en 31:52 minutos de acción
no cometió faltas personales en­
cestando 4 de 10 tiros al aro, con
1 de 5 disparos triples, 1 de 2 tiros
libres, 3 rebotes defensivos y 1
ofensivo, con 2 asistencias, 1 robo,
1 balón perdido y 10 unidades
anotadas en la victoria de 87-79.
“Fue divertido este partido. Co­
mencé recio, pero tuve que frenar
para retomar mi plan de juego.
Pop me dijo que jugara con liber­
tad, sin presiones, que fuera yo
mismo quien decidiera hacer mis
disparos a la canasta y defender
el perímetro. Se logró ganarle a
un equipo joven, que jugó con
velocidad por las bandas y por el
centro de la cancha; sin embargo,
nuestra ofensiva los aniquiló en
sus acercamientos al tablero”,
comentó Aldridge.
Spurs cerrarán la campaña
2016 contra Thunder en el AT&T
Center el martes 12 de abril, que
será dedicado a la afición durante
la promoción Spurs Fan Appre­
ciation Night. Y en calidad de
visitante el miércoles 13 contra
Mavericks de Dallas en el Ameri­
can Airlines Center en el horario
de las 7 p.m.
SAFC se entrena a lo máximo ‘G’day Mate!’ Patty Mills greets
Por José I. Franco
Durante el Media Day (Día con
los Medios), el entrenador Juan
Lamadrid (ex arquero profesional),
quien a la edad de 17 años se forjó
en la cantera del club Chivas de Gua­
dalajara y jugó por 12 temporadas
en el balompié de paga con diversos
equipos, entre ellos Coras de Nayarit
(su estado natal) y Chivas USA en el
circuito de la Major League Soccer
(MLS), concedió breve entrevista
con La Prensa de San Antonio.
El entrenador Lamadrid hizo su
nicho futbolero en Estados Unidos
con Chivas USA y dirigiendo fuer­
zas básicas de la misma franquicia.
Obtuvo posteriormente creden­
ciales de la United States Soccer
Federation (USSF) B Licence, con
lo que se abrió paso para trabajar a
nivel colegial con el equipo de Los
Angeles Valley College.
En su momento oportuno, por
sugerencia de su esposa, decidió
establecerse en San Antonio, aco­
modándose en el selecto equipo co­
legial de Trinity University, siendo
luego invitado a participar con el ex
equipo Scorpions de San Antonio,
donde se destacó al lado del director
técnico Alen Marcina.
Por su pasión en el balompié
infantil y juvenil, Lamadrid se
mantiene aportando sus experiencias
en la Elite Academy con sede en la
localidad. Y ahora como asistente de
entrenador con San Antonio FC ha
tenido todo el respaldo del entrena­
dor técnico Darren Powell.
San Antonio FC (SAFC), que
está a punto de hacer su debut el 9
de abril en el circuito United Soc­
cer League (USL), es un club que
es propiedad de la empresa Spurs
Sports & Entertainment y ha tenido
duras sesiones en su campo de en­
trenamiento y en partidos amistosos
de pretemporada.
La Prensa cuestionó a Lamadrid
sobre a qué promedio de nivel de
juego se encuentra SAFC para cuan­
do haga su debut.
“Estamos en un setenta por ciento.
Todo ha sido constructivo, traba­
jando en la dirección táctica al lado
de los entrenadores Powell, Andy
Thomson y Nick Evans”, apunto
Entre los puntos más importantes
durante los entrenamientos Lama­
drid dijo que él lleva un control de
los minutos, volumen, control e
intensidad de juego.
“Queremos jugadores frescos
y no agotados para tener un buen
comienzo de temporada”, añadió
Su meta es que el equipo con
sus arqueros juegue calidad en vez
de cantidad. Además ha venido
realizando análisis de cada portero,
quienes a la par vienen a ser los más
importantes en cada partido.
“Los porteros pasan 90 minutos
de tensión cubriendo su posición.
Con acciones explosivas en un pro­
medio de 10 meses de acción (al año
en el calendario de cada temporada).
Lo que hago es que se administren
en cada partido, ya que su trabajo
es el más cansado. Ellos sufren de
diversas emociones, lo que no les
sucede a sus compañeros, porque
de acuerdo a las estrategias yo les
sugiero menos desgaste sobre la
cancha. Les llevo la cuenta en caídas
y voladas para atajar el balón”, dijo
A la vez indicó que existen téc­
nicas que se ponen en la práctica
en cada encuentro, sobre todo re­
alizando técnicas de agilidad para
evitarse lesiones.
“Cada partido tiene diferente
condición y estilo, lo cual le he ex­
plicado al arquero Josh Ford, quien
tiene cinco años de experiencia y
claro que ello no basta, ya que como
encargado del sector más vital (la
portería) él y los demás porteros
tienen que seguir aprendiendo
como proteger la defensa”, explicó
Por su lado el mediocampista
angelino Carlos Álvarez, quien en
partidos de preparación ha portado
el gafete de capitán, en su presen­
tación ante los medios se mostró
contento porque estará jugando con
una franquicia nueva propiedad de
la empresa SS&E.
“Los entrenamientos han sido
duros, nos hemos entrenado a lo
máximo. Nuestros entrenadores son
duros y exigentes, ya que les im­
porta que estemos en buen estilo de
juego para llevar a efecto en equipo
el plan de juego que ellos nos irán
a imponer en cuanto comience la
temporada”, dio Álvarez.
SAFC marcará su debut en la
USL el próximo sábado 9 de abril
contra el rival visitante Swope Park
Rangers (Toyota Field), que está
afiliado al equipo Sporting Kansas
City de la MLS.
Los fans que deseen asistir a
los 15 partidos que compone el
rol regular local pueden obtener
información para la compra de
boletos de admisión llamando a un
representante de ventas al teléfono
(210) 444-5657 y online SanAnto­
fans at local BBVA signing
By Kyle Spishock
In front of the teller’s desk at
a local BBVA Compass bank,
Patty Mills sipped from a bottle
of Topo Chico at a table bran­
dished with the company’s logo
-- a stack of photographs bearing
his likeliness were piled near an
array of various Sharpies.
A BBVA employee opened
the bank’s doors, and fans -most waiting several hours to
meet the Spurs reserve -- began
filing in. The reactions were
varied: some expressed their
adoration of his accent, other’s
produced strange memorabilia
for the Australian native to
sign (one woman brought a
boomerang; another, a gigantic
cardboard cut-out of his head).
Mills autographed each with
dignified poise and greeted ev­
ery fan warmly.
“It’s a pretty special experi­
ence I think, to be able to see
the fans and to see the smiles
we put on their face,” Mills said.
“It’s one of those things that
for a small moment, it can last
a lifetime.”
Kids were given extra atten­
tion from Mills, in which he
offered various words of advice
and encouragement, appearing
genuinely interested in the in­
teractions with the young Spurs
“Once you have kids looking
up to people within the organi­
zation, I think it’s very impor­
tant to show if you pursue your
dream, they can come through
as well,” Mills said. “Just a few
words of advice, and maybe they
will remember it forever.”
The devoted fan base is a big
reason why the Spurs are unde­
feated at home and accelerating
towards the best record in fran­
chise history.
“It’s no question the support
from the community and beyond
is why we are so successful this
season,” Mills said. “It’s not just
in San Antonio, it’s on the road
as well...It’s really cool to see.”
Juan Lamadrid, asistente de
The Aussie professed his love for the Spurs fan base at a local San Antonio autograph session.
entrenador de SAFC.
(Photo, Kyle Spishock)
(Foto, Franco)
27 de marzo de 2016
Johnson powers past Harvick Tex-Mex IBL estrenó directiva
for Sprint Cup win at Fontana
Por José I. Franco
By Reid Spencer
Nascar Wire Service
Jimmie Johnson won the battle
between hometown heroes, outdu­
eling Kevin Harvick in overtime
at Auto Club Speedway (Fontana,
“Awesome teamwork boys,”
Johnson shouted on his radio after
taking the 77th checkered flag of
his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
career, breaking a tie with the late
Dale Earnhardt for seventh on the
all-time victory list. “There’s noth­
ing like winning at home.”
The six-time series champion
from El Cajon (California) got the
chance that he needed when Kyle
Busch blew a tire and hit the Turn
3 wall on Lap 198 of a scheduled
200 to cause the sixth and final
caution of the afternoon. With
the race destined for overtime,
the lead-lap cars came to pit road
for new tires, with Denny Hamlin
leading Harvick and Johnson back
onto the track.
Hamlin chose the outside lane
for a restart on Lap 204, leaving
Johnson behind Harvick in the in­
side lane. Johnson pushed Harvick
clear of Hamlin into Turn 1 and
dived to the inside of the race’s
dominant driver, who had led 142
laps to that point.
Johnson stayed in the gas off
Turn 2, ultimately clearing Har­
vick and pulling away to win by
.772 seconds. The victory was
Johnson’s second of the 2016
season and his sixth in 22 starts at
the two-mile track.
“I got a great run off the Turn
2, and I thought, ‘Man I’ve got a
shot at this thing,’” Johnson said of
the opening lap of the final restart.
“Which I’ didn’t expect to have.
Harvick has been so fast. I cleared
him and kind of got away.”
“We saved our best for last, for
sure. I told everybody Superman
kicked Batman’s butt and it hap­
pened (teammate Dale Earnhardt
Jr. was driving the Batman car and
finished 11th).”
Driving a No. 48 Hendrick
Motorsports Chevrolet adorned
with a “Superman” logo to plug
the movie “Batman v. Superman:
Dawn of Justice,” Johnson led 25
laps, but his rival from Bakersfield
had dominated the event until the
final restart.
“That sucks,” said Harvick, who
has finished second 20 times in 77
events since joining Stewart-Haas
Racing in 2014, his championship
season. “Just way too tight right
there, couldn’t put the throttle
down, wouldn’t turn.”
Harvick described the late-race
caution as a “worst-case scenario.”
“We weren’t very good on restarts
for four or five laps, unless we
were all by ourselves,” said Har­
vick, who nevertheless retained
the series lead by 11 points over
“The No. 48 was able to hang
with us, and we just weren’t able
to drive it in like I needed to, just
didn’t have the front tires turning
and the back wouldn’t grip. Still
this was a good day for us. We’ll
keep at it”.
Hamlin ran third, overcoming
radio problems that left him mired
in traffic early in the race. Joey
Logano ran fourth, followed by
Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who notched
his first top five since last year’s
spring race at Bristol.
Rookie Chase Elliott, Carl Ed­
wards, AJ Allmendinger, Brad
Keselowski and Jamie McMurray
completed the top 10. Polesitter
Austin Dillon finished 24th, after
a loose wheel forced him to return
to pit road after stops under caution
on Lap 110.
Ty Miles earns first POTW honor
By Brian Magloyoan
For the first time in his career, Ty
Miles is the Heartland Conference
Pitcher of the Week (POTW) as an­
nounced by the league. Miles was
sensational against No. 13 Lubbock
Christian as he dealt the Chaps their
first scoreless game of the season.
Tossing 8 1/3 innings, allow­
ing only six hits and posting nine
strikeouts, Miles collected his third
victory of the season, his second in
five days.
The outing was the junior’s best
rada Verano 2016, la señora Ro­
dríguez lanzó la primera bola. En
el bate estuvo su esposo Gilberto.
En la receptoría el nuevo presi­
dente (Eddy Rodríguez) y Cárde­
nas cantó el primer strike.
En la premiación el coach Gus­
tavo Torres (Tecolotes) recibió
trofeo de campeón de verano.
Los jugadores Arnod Ponce
(campo corto) fue el campeón
bateador y su compañero (ambos
de Tecolotes) Keith Vázquez
se adjudicó título de campeón
pícher. Ambos recibieron anillos.
El equipo Indios de Nava
recibió el trofeo de campeón de
invierno. Su propietario y mana­
ger Juan “Pachín” Martínez,
su coach Rudy Barrientez y su
jugador estelar y coach Gonzalo
(Chalo) Castro estrenaron anillos
de monarcas.
Resultados: Bobcats derrotaron
13 a 5 carreras a Juggernauts.
Tecolotes 7 Neighbors 5. High
Sox 4 Tigers 3. “Agradecemos
el honor de ser los padrinos de
la temporada de verano. Ahora
la responsabilidad de dirigir la
liga pasará a dos grandes beis­
bolistas: Eddy y Gabriel, quienes
sabrán llevar por buen camino el
destino de Tex-Mex IBL”, dijo
Rodríguez Sr.
Este domingo de Pascua las
acciones se cancelan.
El domingo 3 de abril jugarán
(Capitol Park): Neighbors y High
Desperados y Juggernauts.
Tigers vs. Tecolotes.
Los esposos Elvia y Gilberto
Rodríguez Sr., luego de haber
creado y dirigido la liga inde­
pendiente Tex-Mex Independent
Baseball League, con su equipo
Tecolotes lograron la captura de
campeonatos en las campañas de
verano e invierno.
Desde el 2010 los esposos
Rodríguez, con el respaldo de
sus hijos Génesis y Gilberto Jr.
dueños de equipos, beisbolistas y
aficionados, lograron darle popu­
laridad al circuito celebrando y
participando en diversos torneos
de gran calibre en el beisbol cate­
goría abierta.
Por el éxito alcanzado, los es­
posos Rodríguez y sus herederos
fueron honrados por la nueva
directiva que ahora estarán pre­
sidiendo los beisbolistas Eddy
Rodríguez (presidente, sin rela­
ción con los esposos Gilberto y
Elvia), que además es manager
y jugador del equipo High Sox
que ostenta un campeonato de
invierno y de Gabriel Cárdenas
(vicepresidente), manejador y
jugador del club Juggernauts,
que ha disputado tres campeona­
tos quedándose con el trofeo de
Elvia Rodríguez lanzó la primera bola en Tex-Mex IBL.
En la inauguración de la tempo­ (Fotos, Franco)
performance of the season as his
ERA improved to a team best, 2.66.
Miles is currently tied for most
wins on the Rattlers’ pitching staff
with three, second on the team in
innings pitched with 40 2/3 innings
thrown and second in strikeouts
with 29 Ks.
Red Sox derrotó a Colt 45
En la última jornada de la liga
invernal, el equipo Broncos de
Reynosa, de Linda y Roberto
Garza, se coronaron campeones
de temporada 2015-16.
Su rival Cachorros de Nava
se quedó corto en su alineación
cediéndole el partido a Broncos,
que en el playoff tiene de rival
al duro rival O’s.
Red Sox con su manager Pe­
dro Espinoza, que tuvo que jugar
en la intermedia con su lanzador
derecho Calixto Moreno, en
siete episodios dejaron en el
terreno al ex monarca Colt 45
de Jaime Guerrero.
La derrota fue para el pícher
campeón Chris Lee.
Red Sox se salvó en la aper­
tura del séptimo capítulo cuando
Espinoza hizo atrapada para
doble play.
En el cierre Red Sox, con
pizarra de 2-1 carreras, empató
2-2 en los ganchos del corredor
Jay Mora, que fue impulsado
por Espinoza que hizo doblete
de piernas.
El campo corto Mario Ibarra
se vistió de héroe tras conectar
imparable al jardín izquier­d o
impulsando a Espinoza con
la carrera del gane. 3-2 fue
la pizarra final. “Calixto me
sorprendió, encontrándose las­
timado del brazo derecho se
fajó dominando a Colt 45. Es­
tamos listos para el playoff y
de antemano agradezco el apoyo
de jugadores, familiares y se­
guidores”, comentó Espinoza.
La serie del playoff es a ganar
2 de 3 partidos.
En el rol regular Colt 45 ganó
el primero a Red Sox con pizarra
de 3-1.
Red Sox se vengó 3-2, ambos
se empataron en segundo lugar
en el standing con marca de 8-4.
Ahora se enfrentarán por su pase
a la final del playoff (12 p.m.).
Broncos vs. O’s se miden a
las 3 p.m.
Gabriel Cárdenas, vicepresidente, Eddy Rodríguez, presidente, y Gilberto Rodríguez Sr. captados
en espera del primer lanzamiento para declarar inaugurado el circuito de Verano 2016.
Calixto Moreno hizo el gran
sacrificio (con su brazo derecho
lastimado) de la temporada
para guiar a Red Sox a la
importante victoria de 3-2
contra el ex campeón Colt 45.
(Foto, Franco)
Freddy Rodríguez salvó a Rieleros
Juan Sánchez, coordinador
general de Torneo Liga Domini­
cal Potranco III, por este con­
ducto desea unas felices Pascuas
a directivos de equipos partici­
pantes, beisbolistas, sus familias
y seguidores.
En el primer partido de la serie
del playoff a ganar 2 de 3 parti­
dos, el estadio Arthur Bain fue
insuficientes para acomodar a se­
guidores de los equipos Rieleros,
que dirigen Paco Cano y JP Reza
y su coach José Luis “Pichón”
Alarcón, y Piratas de Sabina del
coordinador Daniel Guerrero y el
timonel Sergio De Luna.
Rieleros tuvo de lanzador a
Miguel García. Por los del ojo
parchado lanzaron Víctor “Picho”
Velázquez, José Gómez (Josesillo
El Peligroso) y Brayan Aguilar.
Piratas con pizarra adversa de
4-0 en la séptima entrada pusie­
ron en la registradora al padrino
Brayan Guerrero (4-1).
En el octavo episodio anotaron
la segunda carrera (4-2).
En la última entrada con dos
outs y dos corredores en bases, el
bateador Brayan Aguilar tuvo la
oportunidad de ser el héroe, tras
haber conectado profundo ele­
vado al jardín central que estaba
cubierto por Alfredo (Freddy) Ro­
dríguez, quien con vista de lince
se apoderó de la esférica dando
peligroso giro sobre su espalda,
incorporándose de inmediato para
enseñarle al ampáyer de bases que
tenía la pelota en su posesión.
Rodríguez resultó elegido el
MVP del cerrado cotejo.
Las acciones del playoff con­
tinuarán el domingo 3 de abril.
Freddy Rodríguez (Rieleros) con su espectacular atrapada fue nombrado el héroe del partido
contra Piratas. (Foto, Franco)
27 de marzo de 2016
La tienda cerrará a su horario
regular el sábado 26 de marzo.
Reanudaremos nuestras operaciones
el lunes 28 de marzo al horario
regular de esta tienda.
©2016 HEB, 16-0636
27 de marzo de 2016
Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2016
por Texas Talent Musicians Association (TTMA), los incontables
aficionados a este género musical
disfrutaron de 4 días de música conMientras llega la premiación a tinua en El Mercado (del 17 al 20
los intérpretes de la música tejana de marzo) en ocasión del festival Teen noviembre, certamen organizado jano Music Awards Fan Fair 2016.
Texto y fotos
por Roberto J. Pérez
Flaco Jiménez, Juan Manuel González, Isabel Marie Sánchez, Velia Miranda y Robert
Arellano, presidente de Texas Talent Musicians Association.
The Latin Tones.
Isabel Marie Sánchez con una interpretación excelente del Himno
Nacional en la inauguración del Festival.
E. V. Yama, vocalist.
Liberty Band.
Ric Acosta durante una entrevista con
reportero de una cadena de radio de
Cindy Ramos, de Laredo.
Aspecto de El Mercado durante el festival.
Familia visitante de Houston en el festival de música tejana.
Revo Live Band.
Tejano Rose, de Corpus Cristi.
27 de marzo de 2016
En la sesión anual fotográfica del equipo Spurs de San Antonio 2016, celebrada en la cancha del AT&T Center, entrenadores, jugadores, ejecutivos de miembros de la mesa directiva siguieron instrucciones para acomodarse en sus respectivos lugares. En la primera foto superior aparecen Jordan Howenstine (empleado del departamento de Media Services) y Tom James (de camiseta roja), quien es
el director de Spurs Media Services, enviando señales a coordinadores para checar que todo estuviera conforme a lo planeado por el fotógrafo oficial D Clarke Evans (D Clarke Evans Photography).
El equipo Spurs 2016 lo encabezó R.C. Buford, gerente general, y Gregg Popovich, entrenador en jefe (sentados de izquierda a derecha, respectivamente). Al finalizar la sesión, la gerencia general
de la empresa Spurs Sports & Entertainment invitó a empleados que estuvieron presentes para que se unieran al selecto grupo por ser parte de la Familia de los Spurs. Con estos jugadores los Spurs
participarán en el playoff del oeste y, de ser posible, hasta la gran final por la conquista del sexto título en la NBA. (Fotos, Franco)
Súper Fans de los Spurs captados en el partido contra Trail Blazers.
Las chicas de la porra Silver Dancers animaron partido Spurs vs. Portland.
Durante el medio tiempo del partido Spurs vs. Trail Blazers participó con éxito el grupo de baile El Marichi Mujer Internacional de Los Spurs animó el ambiente teniendo de “compañero” a la
Taft High School High Steppers, el cual recibió emotiva ovación.
mascota The Coyote, que vistió de Charro, durante la Noche Internacional presentada por USAA.
En el partido Spurs vs. Trail Blazers de Portland, celebrado en St.
Patrick’s Day, el estadio AT&T Center lució colores alusivos con
camisetas donadas por Kickapoo Casino-Hotel, copatrocinador
de los Spurs. Una pareja fue captada enviando textos y fotos a
sus respectivas cuentas de Facebook.
Jugadores de los Spurs captados en su práctica previa al partido
contra el visitante equipo de los Trail Blazers de Portland. Al
fondo de la cancha del renovado estadio AT&T Center se pueden
captar las butacas, que fueron decoradas con camisetas alusivas al
St. Patrick’s Day, las cuales fueron obsequiadas a fans con boleto
de admisión pagado.
Gilberto Rodríguez, dueño de asientos de temporada de los Spurs,
acompañado por su hija Génesis, celebró la 34 victoria consecutiva
local durante St. Patrick’s Day. Génesis cursa estudios en Gallaudet University (Washington DC), donde juega softbol colegial
como receptora y tercera base titular con el equipo The Bisons
para orgullo de su mamá Elvia y su hermano Gilberto Jr. quien
es beisbolista colegial en Northland Community and Technical
College con sede en Thief River Falls, Minnesota.
27 de marzo de 2016
Folk Dance Fest: diversidad de música y atuendos
Texto y fotos
por Roberto J. Pérez
El sábado en el Thiry Auditorium
de Our Lady of The Lake una
complacida audiencia aplaudió
la actuación de diez academias
de danza en el 68 Aniversario de
San Antonio Folk Dance Festival,
instituido por Nelda Drury, quien,
acompañada de su familia, asistió al
concierto del festival al que dedicó
incansables años de trabajo en pos
de una noble idea.
Los grupos participantes inter-
pretaron bailes de Guinea, Perú,
México, Brasil, Rusia, España,
Turquía, Alemania, Hungría y
Entre otros se presentaron las
academias de baile Mestizo con
bailes de México y Tusuy Cusum
con música peruana. También
Houston International Folk Dances
interpretando el folklor de Alemania.
La coordinación estuvo a cargo
de Monalisa Montgomery y personal de Parks and Recreation de la
Ciudad de San Antonio. Elizabeth
Ruiz condujo el programa como
maestra de ceremonia.
Bailes de Nuevo León a cargo de Mestizo.
Leyvia C. García, directora de Mestizo.
Danza rusa celebrando el verano.
Teresa Champion, precursora del baile flamenco en San Antonio,
recibió el Texas Dance Award.
Baile de Guinea.
Baile peruano.
La nueva generación del grupo Mestizo.
Danza africana a cargo de la academia Lannaya Drum and Dance. Tusuy Kusum, folklor de Perú.
Trajes típicos de Turquía.
Jóvenes con tambores japoneses por un
grupo de Maui.
Academia Uzori, que dirige Yelena Kochourova.
27 de marzo de 2016
Chef Geronimo Lopez brings Peruvian-Asian inspired restaurant to S.A.
By Christina Acosta
Price Range: $
A new Peruvian-Asian inspired
restaurant will add a new spice to the
rising culinary scene in San Antonio.
The Pearl recently announced
that Botika will open this summer
where Chef Geronimo Lopez will
bring “Chifa” and “Nikkei” cuisine,
as well as inventive takes on classic
dishes from Asia and Latin America.
As a former executive chef and
instructor of Culinary Arts at The
Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
in San Antonio, Chef Lopez led
the opening of the school’s NAO
restaurant (now named Nao Latin
Gastro Bar). Over the past 20 years,
he has commanded kitchens at top
restaurants and resorts in six countries, including his home country of
Chef Lopez recently spoke with
La Prensa where he shared his inspiration behind the culinary menu
of Botika and why he wanted to
offer San Antonio a different flair
of cuisine that included dishes from
his native Latin America.
“Being a chef has brought me
to different places all over South
America. I am originally from Venezuela and also living several years
in the pacific (Hawaii), I was always
interested in the Latin American
scene,” said Chef Lopez. “For us, in
Venezuela and Peru, Asian cuisine
is a part of our everyday life. It was
only natural that I was given the opportunity to open a restaurant that I
could call my own.”
Chef Lopez plans to open Botika, a new Peruvian-Asian restaurant, at the Pearl this summer.
The restaurant will feature an
(Courtesy photo)
open kitchen and a sushi-ceviche
bar with counter seating, plus an
inviting cocktail lounge area with
vibrant ambience and a wide variety
of rums, piscos and cachaças. One
of the best qualities the restaurant
will carry is their late night dining
service with ample outdoor gathering space and indoor seating for over
100 guests.
For Botika, the process to create
the menu went slowly, but surely.
Chef Lopez explains that when he
moved to San Antonio four years
ago, it was difficult to find the ingredients necessary for the restaurant
to come alive. Today, the process
to create the menu has been easier
thanks to the great Asian and Latin
supermarkets available and a community that enjoys trying new food.
Now that ingredients are not an issue, conquering the finish product is
the next step to make the consumer
savor what the restaurant wants to
offer. One of the most important
dishes that the chef would like his
clientele to try is the ceviche because
cutting the fish and finding the
unique flavor was something Lopez
worked hard for.
However, all dishes must be
considered equal as the restaurant is
prepared to open this summer. This
is a dream come true for the chef,
as he is aware that now is the time
to display unique dishes that are not
in the market.
“I think that we are in the right
time and in the right place. Latin
cuisine has been growing for quite
some time; there are a lot of chefs
doing great work. This is a cuisine
that people are going to find familiar,” concluded Chef Lopez.
For more information on Botika,
27 de marzo de 2016
‘Behind The Lens’ is coming to San Antonio
By Christina Acosta
Two legends that were around
the same circles of Beatlemania
and other rock titans are ready to
tell their story of their bohemian experiences behind their vintage lens.
Morrison Hotel Gallery’s
co-founder Peter Blachley is
proud to share the era-defining
photographers with the world
that include successful 60s and
70s Vogue model Pattie Boyd
and Rock n’ Roll photographer
Henry Diltz on Saturday, April
9, at 4 p.m. at the Tobin Center.
To blossom the new brand, the
gallery is taking both Boyd and
Diltz on the road to bring their
legendary images directly to the
“The process of creating the
show involves a short film at the
beginning about both legends. It
features Henry Diltz and Pattie
Boyd’s shows, giving the audience a preview of who these
people are…The main part of the
show is beautiful imagery we all
have seen before but with stories
about those times that will be
new to us,” said Blachley, who
is also the executive producer
and director of the “Behind The
Lens” tour.
Although Blachley is the creator of the show, Boyd and Diltz
shine as they highlight the importance to preserve a time where
real music and culture were alive.
The facts about both of them are
crucial to know upon entering
the show.
Henry Diltz is considered one
of the greatest music photographers of the last century. His
oeuvre spans over 400,000 images, including over 400 album
covers, featuring such luminaries
as The Doors, Crosby, Still and
Nash and James Taylor, to name
a few.
Pattie Boyd, the “Queen of
the Sixties” is a drop-dead gorgeous model, the inspiration for
the timeless love songs “Something,” “Layla” and “Wonderful
Tonight,” and an acclaimed
photographer. Her intimate and
revealing body of work includes
photographs of George Harrison,
the Beatles and Eric Clapton,
among others.
This innovative touring gallery is presented by Morrison
Hotel Gallery, in association
with Monterey International
booking agency, produced and
directed by gallery co-owner
and founder Peter Blachley and
executive produced by gallery
co-owners Rich Horowitz and
Timothy White.
“The audience will be highly
entertained because we are giving them a deeper look into the
lives of two people who were
very involved and very close to
their subjects, who also happened
to be the greatest musicians of
our time. Pattie and Henry will be
offering and hand-signing photographs for the audience after the
show,” concluded Blachley.
The “Behind The Lens” tour
will feature a live presentation
of still and moving images along
with the stories told by each
photographer and Boyd and Diltz
will be offering special, handsigned prints after the show. For
more information about the show
and ticket prices, visit www.
“Behind The Lens” is coming to San Antonio and one of the shows stars is Pattie Boyd (left) in a Another star of the show is Henry Diltz who took this picture of The Doors at the Morrison Hotel
Rose Garden with former husband George Harrison in Surrey, England in 1968. (Courtesy photo) in Los Angeles in 1969, who will be in San Antonio April 9. (Courtesy photo)
Guadalupe Pineda hace suyas canciones
Volaron los cometas en el Kite
Festival de H-E-B en parque McAllister de Café Tacuba y Maná en nuevo disco
Por Roberto J. Pérez
Los niños echaron a volar
su imaginación y los adultos a
lucir sus cometas y demostrar
su habilidades para manejarlos
en el décimo “Fest of Tails Kite
Festival and Dog Fair” patrocinado por H-E-B el domingo 19
en McAllister Park.
Profesionales en el vuelo de
cometas, o en su construcción,
desafiaron un clima frío con
vientos más fuertes de lo propicio para esta festividad anual
que, por cuatro horas, llenó el
espacio con estos artefactos –
siempre novedosos – construidos modernamente de plástico y
diseñados en una gran variedad
de figuras y colores.
Como es habitual en los eventos que presenta H-E-B, a pesar
del clima frío, el festival tuvo
una asistencia familiar numerosa
y los niños y adultos compartieron con los profesionales
esta actividad milenaria que de
acuerdo con algunas fuentes
nació en China mucho antes del
nacimiento de Cristo.
Este evento de fin de semana
tiene un atractivo más porque al
mismo tiempo se invita a todas
las personas y familias que tengan una mascota a que salgan a
disfrutar un día de campo con
el “mejor amigo del hombre”.
Al igual que en todo el mundo, desde tiempo inmemorial en
Hispanoamérica la afición por
volar cometas es popular y se
conocen con el nombre generalizado de cometas. Aunque
su nombre cambia en diferentes
países: cometa en España, papagayo en Venezuela, volantín
en Chile, chiringa en Puerto
Rico, barrilete en Argentina,
papalote en México (posiblemente derivado de un vocablo
en lengua Nahuatl), chichihuas
en República Dominicana, piscuchas en El Salvador, entre
otros nombres.
Festival de cometas el sábado 19 de marzo en el McAllister Park. (Foto, R. J. Pérez)
Por Adda Montalvo
Para hacer más romántica
“Eres”, una de las canciones más
románticas de Café Tacuba, la
cantante mexicana Guadalupe
Pineda decidió grabarla en género
bossa nova para incluirse en su
nuevo disco “Tiempo de Amar”.
Y “quedó deliciosa”, afirma ella
Y si “Eres” logra otra vibra en
la voz de la mexicana, también lo
hace “Vivir sin aire”, una canción
ya clásica de Maná de los 90´s,
que la cantante quería cantar
desde hace mucho y que la hace
comenzar muy lánguida con un
chelo para estallar en salsa, cuenta.
Así la baladista mexicana pone
una vez más su toque romántico
a cada una de las once canciones
de su más reciente producción
titulada “Tiempo de Amar”.
Producido por ella misma
“Tiempo de Amar” es un disco
que le tomó cuatro años crear, en
seleccionar las canciones. Además
porque ella misma, contó a La
Prensa de San Antonio Texas, es
un persona que se mete en todo,
desde corregir las faltas de ortografía, seleccionar las fotografías,
los arreglos musicales y hacer
todos los cambios necesarios.
Y el resultado es la producción
número 30 de su carrera.
“El disco arranca con una bachata que se llama ‘Cómo voy a
decirte’, que es una bachata que
es prácticamente desconocida y
nueva, e hicimos uno video muy
lindo en Acapulco, muy colorido
y fresco como el tema. Arranco el
disco con ese tema y luego paso
por bachata, rumba, salsa, por
bolero, por huapango mexicano
con el tema ‘Qué bonita es la vida’
y cierro el disco con este tema de
Joan Manuel Serrat que se llama
‘Aquellas pequeñas cosas’, que es
un tema de piano y voz nada más,
porque yo considero que las cosas
más importantes de la vida radican
en los pequeños detalles, las cosas
cotidianas”, afirmó la intérprete.
El disco también incluye temas
como “Bésame”, un bolero contemporáneo –como ella dice– de
Ricardo Montaner. También “No
tengo más patria que tu corazón”,
“Si me tenías”, “Abrázame” y
un clásico de los años 80’s “Esta
La baladista mexicana cuenta con más de 30 años en los escenarios
y se mantiene fiel al género romántico en su nuevo disco “Tiempo
de Amar”. (Foto, cortesía)
“Es un puente generacional en
mi disco, porque estoy uniendo canciones como esa ‘Esa cobardía’, que tiene muchísimos
años. Creo que soy la primera mujer que interpreta esa tema, que es
masculino, y las mujeres tenemos
derecho a decir ‘estoy enamorada
de ti y eres un amor prácticamente
amor prohibido”.
La romántica
Guadalupe Pineda ha sido una
artista que ha incursionado en
diversos géneros musicales, desde
la trova, balada, bolero, tango,
canción mexicana, ópera, pasillo
ecuatoriano, samba argentina,
milongas uruguayas y le gustaría
probar otro como el vallenato,
La mexicana ha compartido
escenario con otros famosos artistas como la argentina Mercedes
Sosa, el español Plácido Domingo, el cubano Pablo Milanés,
la norteamericana Joan Baez, y los
mexicanos Armando Manzanero,
Natalie LaFourcade, el Mariachi
de Tecalitlán, entre muchos otros.
Fiel al género romántico que
la ha caracterizado, la cantante
cuenta que eligió el título del
disco (Tiempo de Amar) porque
considera que actualmente el
mundo está pasando tiempos muy
“De alguna manera se sintiera
como una sociedad desechable,
pero y dices ‘por qué esta inmediatez, algo que antes tardaba tanto
ahora es rapidísimo, pareciera que
las cosas son desechables”.
“Y es importante darte tiempo
para amar y no posponer los aspectos, no permitir que el tiempo pase
y no decirle a una buena amiga que
la quieres o a un amigo que lo quieres, porque los tiempos que están
pasando no son fáciles”, sostiene
la cantante mexicana.
“Tiempo de Amar” ya se encuentra disponible en formato
físico y digital.
27 de marzo de 2016 será primera firma de EEUU San Antonio Symphony to finish season in style
with classics and free simulcast viewings
en Cuba para reservar hotel en línea
EFE - La compañía, del grupo Priceline,
firmó un acuerdo con Cuba por
el que será la primera empresa
estadounidense de reservas de
hoteles en línea que opera en
la isla, un anuncio que llegó
después de la histórica visita
del presidente Barack Obama
a La Habana.
Los hoteles cubanos comenzarán a estar disponibles
en abril solo para los ciudadanos estadounidenses con
autorización de viaje a Cuba,
y no para turistas del resto del
mundo, según explicó a Efe un
portavoz de la empresa.
Los primeros hoteles que
estarán disponibles para hacer
reservas en línea serán de la
capital, La Habana, pero la
firma planea expandir su oferta
a otros puntos turísticos de la
“Después de que el Gobierno
de Estados Unidos suavizó las
restricciones de viaje (a la isla),
comenzamos a trabajar inmediatamente con el Gobierno cubano, las autoridades de turismo
y nuestros socios locales para
ser la primera plataforma que
permite a viajeros reservar y
confirmar con solo apretar una
tecla”, explicó en un comuni-
Special to La Prensa
La compañía, del grupo Priceline, firmó un acuerdo
con Cuba por el que será la primera empresa estadounidense de
reservas de hoteles en línea que opera en la isla, un anuncio que
llega después de la histórica visita del presidente Barack Obama
a La Habana.(EFE)
cado el director para América,
Todd Dunlap.
Este anuncio se suma al que
hizo la empresa estadounidense
de alquiler de viviendas particulares Airbnb, que informó
de una ampliación de su licencia por la que turistas de todo
el mundo, y no solo de EEUU,
podrán alojarse en las 4.000
residencias que tiene en Cuba.
El anuncio de Airbnb llegó un
día después de que el grupo estadounidense Starwood firmara
con Cuba un acuerdo para operar dos hoteles en La Habana,
el primer acuerdo bilateral con
una empresa de EEUU desde
Se trata en ambos casos de
licencias especiales emitidas
por el Gobierno de Estados
Unidos ante su imposibilidad de
levantar unilateralmente el embargo comercial y económico
con Cuba, algo que solo puede
hacer el Congreso.
Obama, que realizó su histórico viaje a Cuba, es el primer
presidente de Estados Unidos
en ejercicio que visita la isla
en casi 90 años y el único que
lo ha hecho desde el triunfo de
la revolución castrista en 1959.
Following a successful “Las
Américas” winter festival, the
San Antonio Symphony continues to excite all audiences with
an enthralling series of musical
The remainder of the season
includes the ever-popular H-EB Pops concert series, which
features a Fiesta performance
highlighting the music and dance
of Mexico and Latin America and
a patriotic performance honoring our veterans and armed service members, while the Valero
Classics series brings audiences
breathtaking music from Mozart
to Mahler.
There will also be three free
Friday evening simulcasts on the
following dates: March 25, April
15 and June 3. Simulcasts will be
featured on a 30-foot video wall
at the Tobin Center’s River Walk
Plaza sponsored by our friends at
H-E-B. The public is invited to
bring lawn chairs and blankets
to these free outdoor evening
events. No outside food, drinks
or pets will be permitted in the
viewing area.
“We are excited to close out
the season with classical con-
certs from ‘Rachmaninoff’ to
‘Mahler’s Titan’ and inviting
OPERA San Antonio to join us
on our Classics Series for ‘Il
trovatore.’ We also look forward
to bringing back two of our most
popular POPS series concerts,
Fiesta Pops and Patriotic Pops,”
said David Gross, San Antonio Symphony president. “The
unique capability to simulcast
our concerts at the Tobin Center
allows us a special community
engagement opportunity. We are
delighted to provide downtown
tourists and families an outdoor
option to watch some of these
concerts at the Plaza overlooking the city’s River Walk. The
San Antonio Symphony is grateful to H-E-B for sponsoring our
The season’s upcoming concerts are listed here:
Valero Classics Series presents: Rachmaninoff
March 25 and 26 at 8 p.m. at
H-E-B Performance Hall at The
Tobin Center
Free simulcast at Tobin Center
River Walk Plaza, March 25 at 8
p.m. (entrance at 7 p.m.)
Romanticism and the romantic
spirit abound in this program
featuring music by several of
our most beloved composers.
Two major orchestral showpieces— “Le Corsaire” Overture by
Berlioz and the “Manfred Symphony” by Tchaikovsky—are
suggested by works of the great
English Romantic poet Lord Byron and share Byron’s dramatic
intensity. The Boston Herald
claims that glamorous Russian
pianist Olga Kern “shoots off
rockets” with her reading of
Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody on a
Theme of Paganini.”
Valero Classics Series presents: Il Trovatore
March 31 and April 2 at 8 p.m.
at H-E-B Performance Hall at
The Tobin Center
The power of the human voice
to convey emotion reached an
apotheosis in the operas of Giuseppe Verdi, particularly in “Il
Trovatore.” You’ll recognize not
just the famous “Anvil Chorus”
but many of the soaring melodies
from this perennial audience favorite. Legendary Metropolitan
Opera mezzo-soprano Dolora
Zajick leads an outstanding cast
of American singers in this concert performance, co-sponsored
by OPERA San Antonio, which is
guaranteed to win new fans to the
timeless glories of Italian opera.
See S.A. Symphony
on page 7-D
27 de marzo de 2016
S.A. Symphony...
‘Run Free’ of filler, all substance
By Christina Acosta
Not all distance races are for
medals. Some are for more much
simpler rewards like fellowship
and common understanding.
“Run Free – The True Story
of Caballo Blanco,” directed by
Sterling Noren, tells the story of
an extraordinary race in Copper
Canyon on the interior of Mexico
through mountainous terrain and
a patchwork of Tarahumara Indian villages.
Unlike his previous film, “Beyond the Border – Riding Solo
in Mexico,” which won a Sir
Edmond Hillary Award in the Action Sports Film Competition at
the 2011 Mountain Film Festival,
Noren directed a clear and direct
story, which unravels in front of
his camera.
The documentary profiles the
founder of the race, an enigmatic
but charming ultra-marathoner
named Micah “Caballo Blanco”
True. Viewers are introduced to
a man that lived numerous lives
as a martial artist, boxer and now
a distance runner. Stripped of all
pomp and pretense, True discovered a community that gave him
a new purpose.
In his case, it was among an
impoverished native Indian tribe,
who has made a mountainous region their home and has taken up
running — a skill at which they
have become legendary and even
admired by other elite athletes
across the world.
Before long, “Caballo Blanco”
builds a network of fellow runners, organizers and participants
in a 50-mile race based in Urique,
Chihuahua. The winners are those
who are able to finish the race
and their prize is 500 pounds of
corn. Perhaps the most astounding thing about the development
of the annual event is the cast of
characters behind its success.
Noren skillfully tells a story
of dreamers, wanderers and elite
runners from across the world
who simply want to push themselves to new heights physically
and psychologically.
“Caballo Blanco” takes this
mish-mash of personalities and
synthesizes a vision of a race
with profound and poignant implications.
Even before then, it became a
legend in print in the book, “Born
to Run – A Hidden Tribe, Super
Athletes and the Greatest Race
the World Has Never Seen,” written by Christopher McDougall.
A-lister Matthew McConaughey
has already signed on to play
“Caballo Blanco” in an adaptation
of the book.
“Caballo Blanco” is a magnetic
protagonist without trying to be,
and the audience feels invested
in a race in a location that most
people have probably never heard
of. While it intermixes a variety
of interviews, the central storyteller is True himself. Running
becomes a meditation rather than
an athletic pursuit. While the pace
of the story may prove trying at
some points, it is entirely worth
the personal investment.
Documentaries offer a rare,
unvarnished glimpse into a story
that would usually fall by the
wayside. In the case of “Run
Free,” there is little to distract
you from the beautiful simplicity
of running as a means of finding
a personal purpose in life. Unlike
other competitions, distance running is more an individual pursuit.
In many cases, the concept of a
race is almost incidental and the
goal quickly becomes finishing
for its own sake. Noren’s captivating look at “Caballo Blanco”
is more proof that amid a film
industry that is sorrowfully lacking original ideas for features, the
best are where you least expect.
“Run Free – The True Story
of Caballo Blanco” is slated to
screen at the Bijou Cinema on
Tuesday, March 29.
H-E-B Pops Series presents:
Fiesta Pops
April 15 and 16 at 8 p.m.
and April 17 at 2 p.m. at H-E-B
Performance Hall at The Tobin
Free simulcast at Tobin Center
River Walk Plaza, April 15 at 8
p.m. (entrance at 7 p.m.)
Our annual Fiesta Pops concert
features the music, dance and culture of Mexico and Latin America
with local talents of San Antonio.
Enjoy the beautiful sounds of
Campanas de America, a colorful
corps of dancers with the Guadalupe Dance Company, and a
guest appearance by 13-year-old
singing sensation Isabel Marie
Sanchez. This program is sure
to get you into the Fiesta spirit!
Valero Classics Series presents: Mozart for Flute and Harp
April 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. at
H-E-B Performance Hall at The
Tobin Center.
Guest conductor Jacques Lacombe is joined by two of the San
Antonio Symphony’s own principal musicians, flautist Martha
Long and harpist Rachel Ferris,
for Mozart’s popular Concerto
for Flute and Harp—Mozart’s
only composition that includes
the harp. Bedrich Smetana’s
“Šárka” depicts an ancient Czech
legend while Leoš Janáček’s
“Cunning Little Vixen” is based
on a 20th-century Czech cartoon,
but both stories celebrate the
power women have over men!
Dvořák’s “Scherzo capriccioso”
completes the program with
(continued from page 6-D)
Valero Classics Series presents: Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto
May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m. at H-E-B
Performance Hall at The Tobin
Piano marvel Martina Filjak
returns to the San Antonio Symphony following her sensational
2012 debut; she’s joined by conductor Akiko Fujimoto. They
team up in this French-influenced
program focused on passion and
vivacious energy, featuring the
Piano Concerto No. 2 by Camille
Saint-Saëns, César Franck’s
thrilling, seldom-performed tone
poem “Le Chasseur maudit,”
Delius’s “A Walk to the Paradise
Garden,” and Georges Bizet’s
charming Symphony in C, composed when he was just 17.
H-E-B Pops Series presents:
Born in the USA: Patriotic Pops
May 13 and 14 at 8 p.m. and
May 15 at 2 p.m. at H-E-B Performance Hall at The Tobin Center
Don’t miss our final Pops concert of the season as we honor
our veterans and armed service
members with a tribute featuring
some of your favorite patriotic
selections including music from
John Williams, Aaron Copland,
Bernstein, Sousa and some great
radio hits from the 50s.
Valero Classics Series presents: Sarah Chang – Bruch
Violin Concerto
May 20 and 21 at 8 p.m. at
H-E-B Performance Hall at The
Tobin Center
Violin superstar Sarah Chang
made her New York Philharmonic debut at age eight; her performance of Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 displays why she has
been an international audience
favorite ever since. Like many
great works, Rachmaninoff’s
Symphony No. 1 was famously
disastrous at its premiere, but was
eventually regarded as a genuine
masterpiece; its composition
was influenced by Tchaikovsky,
whose dramatic Shakespearean
tone poem The Tempest begins
this compelling program.
Valero Classics Series presents: Mahler’s Titan
June 3 and 4 at 8 p.m.; June 5
at 2 p.m. at H-E-B Performance
Hall at The Tobin Center
Free simulcast at Tobin Center
River Walk Plaza, June 3 at 8
p.m. (entrance at 7 p.m.)
2016 Grammy winner, German-born, American-trained
violinist Augustin Hadelich
brings both “fast-fingered virtuosity” and “musicality and
free-wheeling fantasy that cannot
be taught” (The New Yorker) to
the immortal Beethoven Violin
Concerto. The season’s closing
program also features Music Director Sebastian Lang-Lessing,
summoning expanded forces
of the San Antonio Symphony
in one of his signature works,
Gustav Mahler’s elemental Symphony No. 1, “Titan,” which
Mahler called “music in search
of a victory!”
For more information, visit
Micah “Caballo Blanco” True sets out on a journey, along with others, to run through Copper
Canyon to win 500 pounds of corn. (Courtesy photo)
Instant Classic
From Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky to Bernstein and Sousa, the spring season brings an eclecticism of music bound to excite all audiences. (Courtesy photo)
Diego Torres promueve aceptar las
diferencias en canción “Iguales”
Por La Prensa
“Yo soy igual a ti, tú eres igual
a mí” es solo una de las positivas
frases que Diego Torres canta en
su más reciente sencillo titulado
Recuperando el sonido festivo de la batucada, el cantante
argentino promueve abrazar las
diferencias de color de piel, sexo
y demás en una canción que
recuerda a su gran éxito “Color
El single “Iguales” está acompañado de un video filmado en
Ciudad de México en una sola
toma utilizando perspectivas de
360 grados. El video fue dirigido
por Alberto García.
Y para apoyar esta canción
se ha dado a conocer un video
“Behind the Scenes” (Detrás de
Cámaras). Este contenido, revela
Sony Music Latin, cómo fue filmado el video de “Iguales”.
“Iguales” es el tercer sencillo de
“Buena Vida”, el octavo álbum
de estudio de Diego Torres, quién
es miembro del Salón de la Fama
de los Compositores Latinos.
Del mismo disco también se
han desprendido los éxitos “Hoy
es domingo” con Rubén Blades,
el cual obtuvo una nominación al
Latin Grammy en la categoría de
Canción del Año, además de “La
vida es un vals”.
Diego Torres, artista de Sony
Un momento del nuevo video del cantante argentino Diego Torres
de su canción “Iguales”, tercer single de su disco “Buena Vida”.
(Foto, cortesía Sony Music)
Music, se encuentra promocionando “Iguales,” y recientemente
actuó en The Fillmore Miami
Beach en un concierto benéfico
Animated biopic of Michael Jackson to
be made from viewpoint of pet chimp
EFE - A new biographic film
will be produced about the life
of Michael Jackson, told from
the perspective of his pet chimp
Bubbles, the Guardian reported.
The animated movie will be
based on an original screenplay
by Isaac Adamson, which topped
the 2015 Black List of the most
promising screenplays circulating in Hollywood.
The film will be co-produced
by End Cue and Starburns Industries, the Guardian quoted the
Hollywood Reporter.
Bubbles was one of many
chimpanzees that the King of
Pop owned over the years and
was adopted by him during the
According to some accounts,
Bubbles was treated like a human
View of a gold sculpture by U.S. artist Paul McCarthy, entitled
“Michael Jackson and Bubbles” at the Hamburger Bahnhof museum in Berlin, Germany, last May 2013. (EFE / File)
companion by the music star.
He was allowed to sit at the
same dining table and to use
the same toilet, though it was
reported that Jackson, who died
in 2009, was physically abusive
to the chimp on a number of occasions.
por el Little Dreams Foundation
de Phil Collins, que proporciona
capacitación musical a niños de
bajos recursos.
Apple launches new iPhone
with smaller screen, lower price
EFE - Apple Inc. unveiled
Monday its new iPhone SE,
smaller than the last generation
of the iPhone 6 but just as powerful and much less expensive.
This is the “most powerful
4-inch phone ever,” said Apple
Vice President Greg Joswiak at
the presentation Monday at company headquarters in Cupertino.
The executive noted that the
device has the same functions as
the iPhone 6 launched in 2014
and is equipped with a 64-bit A9
processor and a 12-megapixel
iSight camera...but is consider-
ably less expensive, starting at
$399 for the simplest models.
He also announced Monday an
update for the iPhone and iPad
operating systems - the iOS 9.3
- which is available immediately.
The last generation of iPhones,
the iPhone 6, has 4.7- and 5.5inch screens.
The new phone, released on
Thursday in the United States, is
a renovated version of the iPhone
5 launched in 2012 but with the
power boost of an iPhone 6.
Apple had record-setting U.S.
corporation profits in the United
States following the launch
of telephones with the largest
screens in 2014, but now faces
sagging sales for the first time
since the iPhone debuted in 2007.
Apple announced in January
that iPhone sales, which represent around two-thirds of its revenues, had the most significant
slowdown in its history during
the last quarter of 2015, with
74.77 million units sold.
The company also launched
Monday the smaller, lighter
iPad Pro tablet, with a 9.7-inch
The digital technology company Apple Inc. unveiled its new iPhone SE, smaller than the last generation of the iPhone 6 but just as powerful and much less expensive. (EFE/File)
27 de marzo de 2016