10-11-14 WSNC Board Mtg Retreat Agenda - The City of Los Angeles

Nelson A. Castillo, Esq.
Michael R. Barnes
Randy Waller
P.O. Box 17688
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel. (323) 909-2939
Michael R. Barnes, CBO Stakeholder
Nelson A. Castillo, Business Stakeholder
Gustavo Flores, Resident Stakeholder
Manuel Flores, Jr., Resident Stakeholder
Jorge A. Garcia, Business Stakeholder
Kenneth Goodlett, Resident Stakeholder
James P. Harrell III, At-Large Stakeholder
Steve M. Kim, Business Stakeholder
Philip Laventure, CBO Stakeholder
Manuel Olmos, CBO Stakeholder
Anthony Tucker, CBO Stakeholder
Randy Waller, At-Large Stakeholder
Governing Board Meeting and Board Retreat Agenda
Agenda de la Reunión de la Mesa Directiva y Sesión de Planeación
Saturday/Sábado 10/11/2014
9:00 a.m.
1605 W. Olympic Blvd.
9th Floor Conference Room
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Welcoming remarks / Bienvenida (1 minute)
Call to order / Llamada al orden (1 minute)
Pledge of Allegiance (I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it
stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all). / Juramento de Lealtad (Yo prometo
lealtad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América, y a la República que representa, una Nación bajo Dios, entera,
con Libertad y Justicia para todos). (1 minute)
Review of the Westlake South Neighborhood Council (WSNC) Bylaws Article II (Mission and Policy) / Revisión del
Artículo II (Misión y Política) de los Estatutos del Concejo Vecinal de Westlake Sur (WSNC) (2 minutes)
Public Comments/Announcements on Non-Agenda Items within the Board’s jurisdiction (remarks limited to up to
3 minutes per speaker). / Comentarios del público/Anuncios sobre asuntos que no están en la agenda y los cuales están
dentro de la jurisdicción de la junta (comentarios se limitan a un máximo de 3 minutos por orador). (15 minutes)
Reports by Representatives of local Agency and Elected Officials. / Informes de los representantes de agencias locales
y oficiales electos. (15 minutes)
Review and possible approval of WSNC Board meetings minutes held on April 28, June 23, July 28, and September
22, 2014. / Revisión y posible aprobación del acta de las reuniones del WSNC celebradas el 28 de abril, 23 de junio, 28 de
julio y 22 de septiembre del 2014. (5 minutes)
10/11/2014 WSNC Board Meeting and Board Retreat Agenda / Agenda de la Reunión de la Mesa Directiva del WSNC y Sesión de Planeación
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Status of Ethics and Funding Training completion by WSNC Board Members. / Estatus sobre el cumplimiento del
Entrenamiento de Ética y Financiamiento por los miembros de la junta del WSNC. (3 minutes)
Discussion and possible action regarding the resignation of WSNC Treasurer James P. Harrell III and election of a
new WSNC Treasurer and second signatory per the WSNC Bylaws / Discusión y acción sobre la renuncia del
Tesorero del WSNC, James P. Harrell III, y la elección de un nuevo Tesorero del WSNC y segundo firmante según los
estatus del WSNC. (10 minutes)
10. Discussion and possible action regarding the approval of reimbursement to WSNC Board Member Nelson A.
Castillo of up to $50 for the printing of WSNC Board Member recruitment materials / Discusión y posible acción
sobre la aprobación del reembolso a Nelson A. Castillo, Miembro del WSNC, por hasta un máximo de $50 por la
impresión de materiales escritos para el reclutamiento de miembros de la junta directiva del WSNC. (5 minutes)
11. Discussion and possible action regarding the adoption of the WSNC Budget Request Package for the 2014-2015
fiscal year, including Assessment of Past Activities, Basic Strategic Plan, Outreach Survey, Budget, and Board Vote
Count Form; establishment of WSNC Budget Committee meeting Schedule; and appointment of WSNC Checking
Account signatories and P-Card/Bank Card holder / Discusión y posible acción acerca la adopción del Paquete de
Solicitud del Presupuesto del WSNC para el año fiscal 2014-2015, incluyendo Evaluación de Actividades del Pasado,
Plan Básico Estratégico, Encuesta de Esfuerzos de Acercamiento, Presupuesto, y Formulario de Conteo del Voto de la
Junta Directiva; establecimiento del calendario de reuniones del Comité de Presupuesto del WSNC; y nombramiento de
las personas autorizadas para firmar la Cuenta de Cheques del WSNC y el poseedor del P-Card/Tarjeta del Banco. (10
12. Discussion and possible action regarding the creation and hosting of the WSNC website using Nationbuilder.com.
The WSNC previously authorized expenditures up to $5,000 for the project. / Discusión y posible acción acerca la
creación y alojamiento del sitio web del WSNC por medio de Nationbuilder.com. El WSNC previamente autorizó gastos
hasta un máximo de $5.000 para el proyecto. (10 minutes)
13. Update from the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (NCBA) and the WSNC Budget
Representatives for fiscal year 2014-2015. / Informe de los Defensores del Presupuesto del Concejo Vecinal de la
Ciudad de Los Angeles (NCBA, siglas en inglés) y los Representantes del Presupuesto del WSNC para el año fiscal 20142015. (5 minutes)
14. Report and discussion regarding street vendors on Alvarado and 6th Streets / Informe y discusión acerca los
vendedores ambulantes en la Calles Alvarado y Sexta (10 minutes)
15. WSNC Board Retreat and Planning Session to undertake strategic planning and discussion and possible action of
WSNC goals and priorities, including the adoption of the “WSNC Development Principles, Criteria & Guidelines
for the Evaluation of Proposed Projects” and the “WSNC Position on CUB Applications in Westlake South,”
attendance of board meetings, Committee assignments for the new Board term and filling vacant seats in the
WSNC Governing Board / Sesión de Planeación de la Junta Directiva del WSNC para hacer planeación stratégica y
discusión y posible acción acerca las metas y prioridades, incluyendo adopción del “WSNC Development Principles,
Criteria & Guidelines for the Evaluation of Proposed Projects” y el “WSNC Position on CUB Applications in Westlake
South”, participación en las reuniones de la junta directiva, nombramientos a los Comités del WSNC para el nuevo
termino de la Mesa Directiva y llenar la plazas en la Mesa Directiva del WSNC. (90 minutes)
16. Discussion and possible action regarding future agenda items and location and dates of WSNC meetings. / Discusión
y posible acción acerca asuntos futuros para la agenda y lugares y fechas de las reuniones del WSNC. (5 minutes)
17. Adjournment / Cierre
10/11/2014 WSNC Board Meeting and Board Retreat Agenda / Agenda de la Reunión de la Mesa Directiva del WSNC y Sesión de Planeación
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October 11, 2014 AT 3:00 PM
The Westlake South Neighborhood Council Agenda is posted for public review at the following locations:
• City of Los Angeles Early Notification System (ENS)
• Westlake Plumbing & Hardware - 1818 James Wood Blvd.
• 7 & 8 Market - 747 South Westlake Avenue
• Immaculate Conception Church - 1483 James Wood Blvd.
• Esperanza Elementary School - 680 Little Street
• Curacao Business Center - 1605 West Olympic Blvd.
PUBLIC INPUT AT NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL MEETINGS -- The public is requested to fill out a
"Speaker Card" to address the Board on any item on the Agenda PRIOR to the Board taking action on an item.
Comments from the public on Agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered.
Comments on other matters, not appearing on the Agenda that are within the Board's subject matter jurisdiction,
will be heard during the Public Comment On Non-Agenda Items period. Time allocations for agenda items are
approximate and may be shortened or lengthened at the discretion of the Board.
THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT -- As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with
Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will
provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services and activities. Sign language
interpreters, assistive listening devices and other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To
ensure availability of services, please make your request at least three (3) business days (72 hours) prior to the
meeting you wish to attend by contacting WSNC President Nelson A. Castillo via e-mail at nelson@wsncla.org or
telephone 323-909-2939.
RECONSIDERATION PROCESS -- Board member(s) that voted on the prevailing side of the decision may call
Reconsideration of a vote by the Board as a motion.
GRIEVANCE PROCESS -- A stakeholder, or a group of stakeholders, may present a grievance concerning the
legality of actions by the Board during public comment. A panel set by the Board will examine substantive
grievances, and the decisions may be appealed to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.
PUBLIC ACCESS OF RECORDS -- In compliance with Government Code Section 54957.5, non-exempt
writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the Board in advance of a meeting, may be reviewed at a
scheduled meeting. In addition, if you would like a copy of any record related to an item on the Agenda, please
contact WSNC President Nelson A. Castillo at nelson@wsncla.org or telephone NC Support at 213-978-1551 or
via e-mail at: NCsupport@lacity.org.
WSNC BYLAWS -- Please be advised that the Bylaws of the Westlake South Neighborhood Council provide a
process for reconsideration of actions as well as a grievance procedure. For your convenience, the WSNC Bylaws
are available during every meeting.
RECORDING MEETINGS -- Note that Board meetings may be sound and/or video recorded for backup to
We look forward to seeing you!
10/11/2014 WSNC Board Meeting and Board Retreat Agenda / Agenda de la Reunión de la Mesa Directiva del WSNC y Sesión de Planeación
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